Thursday, 16 March 2017

March rhymes with Overwatch?

Happy belated White Day~~~ <3
I'm so glad that my March is as busy as my January and February XD
I did mention in my End of Year video? That one of my resolutions is to have a year where I can say 'being busy is a good thing' :D
And I'm very very blessed that I'm still thinking so, until now >w<

Alright~! So what has happened to V during the last 2 weeks :D :D

For the first time, I've decided to cosplay a game character xD beside Love Live and even though I have another character that I haven't really realize TwT
It won't be right to say that it's my first non-Japanese character cosplay, since I did Disney princesses and Harley Quinn before >D
Anyway, yes, I was tempted and couldn't stand the urge to cosplay as D.Va <3
I love bunnies so yea >////<

If my real hair is longer, I wouldn't need to put on wig xD

Ahhh I was having a White Day giveaway event~ my very first giveaway for 2017~!

The giveaway was to answer some questions from my FIRST PROJECT series videos~ winners would get my printed photos :D

Due to other cosplan, my real D.Va cosplay costume is not with me yet; means I only will truly cosplay as D.Va in May/June~ so I only like the home version~ I don't even have a gun 😂

I decided the theme to be 'Sleepover with D.Va' <3
Look at that smile as I was opening the packet of chips 😂

Managed to get enough photos for an album >////<

Photos were taken at home with my own camera and self editing by me ><
After I printed out the photos, I realize the colors were a bit lacking of contrast ;w;

Thank you Andrew~~~~

Andrew here is the guy behind the camera and the headphone xD I mean the headphone is his :x I'm waiting for when I'll order mine from him 😂
Without him, I wouldn't have much photos as D.Va, as I'll be taking pictures by tripod 😂

And I'm giving out polaroid prints along with the printed photos~

I had everything planned out in February? That's why I posted polaroid sample photos in my last post XD hehe
I gave out not only D.Va prints but also Hanamaru and Chii~

These were self taken xD I've posted Chii's as well~! I managed to take all 3 characters + announcement video in one day 😂
Of course I can never thank enough everyone who participated!! Best White Day gift ever <3

HAHA I became D.Va for 2 days straight :x

Beside wig, the hardship of D.Va? Is the pink marks XD
I use lipstick + eyeshadow instead of face paint; therefore it's actually harder to remove~ marks still there even after I wiped off my makeup XD

I did D.Va -> Chii -> Hanamaru... so my main editing point for Chii & Hanamaru pics were the pink marks 😂

Thennnnnn what else did I do beside being busy with the Giveaway in March XD
Oh~! I did private photoshoot too; while playing with make-up XD

Ziggy Stardust makeup~

Raise your hand is you know who started this makeup style :D :D

Actually, 'make-up tutorial video' is in my 'to-do-video' list but I'm not sure what make-up will everyone be interested in O_O should I do half-face make-up or what I'm still having a lot of thoughts ;;

At last I got the chance to wear this mask 😂😂😂😂

My videos (and of course, WHITE DAY GIVEAWAY photos) were taken at my home, mostly in my here's a sneak peak how my room looks like when I'm doing a shoot 😂😂

No mum, I'm honestly telling you that there wasn't any hurricane 😂😂

Teehee XD

My house isn't a 'castle' with 50+ rooms; I don't even have a guest room but I love my house as it's where all my things are + it's where I'm being myself the most!
I did have some photoshoots and videos taken here before but I'm trying to make my room even more like a studio? Like I've decided to add white curtain on the wall (since my wallpaper is all pink~) and got myself tripod..ok I still have a lot to learn until I think I'm capable to use proper lighting XD

That was one weekend...the other weekend; I had a short getaway to Singapore~!

Went to watch SAO--------

I'm sorry I'm not a pure SAO fan, as in I only rate SAO as 7/10 and like only remember 3/5 of the whole story line and in my head SAO is just kiritoasunakiritoasuna so this movie wasn't really in my 'to-watc'- list but OMG IT WAS AWESOME---------
My feels to cosplay SAO came back ;-----;
I did cosplay as Asuna before but I don't think I suit her 😂 that's why I actually sold my Asuna cosplay~
But I've fallen for another character instead ;; but I don't know whether I will really cosplay her or not one day ;;
I honestly like it as the movie is more related to the first season of the series, instead of the second one.. To me, the second series didn't give much impression to me; Sinon is all I remember when someone talks about the second series :x 
I really don't mind watching the movie again when it's available in Medan, it's that good to me ;w;

I also went to watch Shape of Voice; Koe no Katachi~
I cried when I read the manga, so I was 150% sure I'd cry when I watch the anime..because the trailer was enough to crack me up..
But frankly, I had higher expectation for Koe no Katachi that I ended up not being as touched as when I watched SAO >< I thought i'd cry for more than half of the show (like when I watched Orange :x) but I didn't ;w;

Went to my favorite cafe; Hoshino <3

Had haircut and hair treatment at Number76~

And right away went for a night shoot >D

It was my first time working with John Himura and Vinc Chua :D :D thank you for the fun night~

Been wanting to meet them since December last year but due to time, we only got to work together in March ;;
Due to personal reason, most of the time I visit Singapore during weekday >-<

But I had a day time shoot as well that day, with Zwei <3

Last shoot as Mumei XD I sold off my gear already >< I still do want to Cosplay as Mumei but different versions ^^~
That was my 4th time cosing as Mumei; 3rd photoshoot. Nope, I never mind cosing same character a few times; for event or photoshoot request because I feel happy and really honoured that I suit the character to the point of being demanded an encore? XD hehe and of course; 8 out of 10 characters that I cosplay are characters that I love~!

I baked after 3-4 years of not 😂

I found ABC Cooking Studio late last year when I was walking around Takashimaya. I've always been interested in baking, but never really get the chance to do it in Medan as 
1. I don't own an oven 
2. There are only 5 people in my house including me 😂
I've also thought of doing fun baking video but yeah I don't have the space to /cries

Anyway, I've decided to join a trial class at ABC Cooking Studio~!

Reasons why I decided to try cooking class:
1. IT was my mum's birthday XD my family is quite strict with healthy food = lesser option for birthday cake = my mum likes chocolate cake = diy is always healthier >////<
2. ABC Cooking Studio is originally from Japan😂 nah this is random reason, since this recipe is not really Japanese related 😂 ABC Studio does offer Japanese sweets (wagashi) making course though :D
3. It's in town~ I mean the place is very accessible :D :D

The class was really fun! Since it was Friday afternoon, only 2 students (including me) joined~ the class was open for 4 people :D :D small class = better control <3

Before icing~

My mum graded the cake with 8/10~~ 1. no oily no creamy 2. not too sweet XD
I asked my mum whether she wants candle or not she said no need 😂😂
This cake is also very suitable as no icing means no need to put in fridge, so it was very convenient <3

Went to Meidiya at Liang Court to get my favorite shampoo <3

Went to support my friend's Idol Cafe event <3

I'm such a weeb in March 😂 1. Korean weeb (as D.Va HAHA) 2. Game weeb (I-i'm sorry I don't play Overwatch :x Google Wikipedia YouTube Facebook are my best friends :x) 3. Idol-rhythm-game weeb 😂😂

The Idol Cafe event was made up with Ensemble Stars Cosplayers on Saturday and Idolish7 Cosplayers on Sunday~
Saturday was my last day in Singapore ;; I didn't even get to really attend my friend's shift ;; I know I'm rude but I only know the character that my friend was cosing, so whenever the active staffs ask me 'who is your bias', I'd answer my friend </3

The cafe was at Coffeemin, with brownies from P.Osh <3

Otsukare Tora <3

My bias HAHA well, I just happened to like red hair characters too <3
Her turn was in the second shift, but I always disturb her during the first shift ;w;

Bishies from first shift <3 I missed a chance to get selfie with Leo >///<

I ended up buying a lot of prints XD

Not only from Ensemble Stars but also from Idolish7~
I really look forward to Ensemble Stars anime >////< I hope it'll be poisonous (?) like how I ended up being a Touken Ranbu fan after watching the anime XD

I really wish to make a cosplay cafe event one day ><

Loots from Forever21~

I don't really shop at fast-fashion stores lately, but I couldn't stop myself from getting accessories from Forever21 because of pastel colorsssssss
I love pastel colors, because they look good with black >D like how tainted my pure soul is (?)

March 8th was International Woman day~ thank you Coffeenatics <3

Then after came back from Singapore, it was time for my White Day Giveaway Winners Announcement video~

Okie, my new haircut isn't really visible since the length doesn't change much 😂

It's only visible when I use straightening iron to curl in the ends?
My new haircut is thinner with hmmmm what do you call it....with level? 😂😂😂😂 like the front till the back the length is different~
I'm really happy I got this haircut, cause it gave me inspiration to try out cosing as another character from Overwatch 😂😂

From Korean weeb to Chinese weeb 😂 well, it's easier to speak out Mei's lines 😂😂😂
I tried cosing as Mei for the announcement video~

It was hard to record video with specs on, cause of reflection from the glass :x

Same goes with when I take selfie, cause I don't have glass-less glasses 😂 I'm sorry I always find glass-less specs as silly, until I learn that it's actually good for photoshoot 😂
Mei was easier since I don't need to draw pink lines + no wig plus it's easier to look Chinese :x I'm really happy and thankful that everyone like my Mei costest too TTvTT xie xie da jia~

Congrats to the 3 winners <3

As a surprise, I gave out 6 extra sets to people who correctly answered all my questions or honestly saying that their comment is a copied answer or apologizing for not understanding my video ;w;
I-i'm honestly quite shocked that everyone made mistake with the second question ;; I was referring to Platina, the third opening of CCS by Maaya Sakamoto >< it's the song that gave me a dream to become an Anisong singer as well ;w;

I had fun decorating the polaroid prints XD I hope I didn't do too much :x

Printed photos~

Once again, I'm really really really HONTOUNI thankful to everyone who participated!
Those who didn't win are entitled to a spot for my next Fansign or Giveaway events though I don't know when will I plan for one ><
Oh~! I'd also like to thank everyone who commented on my blog post! Feel free to comment any idea or request for me too :D :D

I'll be away from Medan next week, to a place I have been in 2 years, or more like 5 years; Tokyo, Japan!!

2 years ago at Okinawa; didn't feel like Japan 😂😂😂

5 years ago at Tokyo 😂😂😂 OMG 😂😂😂

Another resolution this year is to be able to attend anime-related-event outside Singapore and Medan and Jakarta and I really can't believe it's coming true next week, and at the GOLDEN COUNTRY; Japan!! I'm heading to Anime Japan 2017 ><
It'll be cold; 10 degrees!? But I hope my excitement will..umm....make me feel THE COLD DOESn't BOTHER ME ANYWAY 😂😂😂 because the cosplan I have is with sleeveless dress ;;

But before my trip, I'll be preparing 2 videos (1 song cover, 1 make-up related) and 1 costest~
I do have a list of songs to cover~ and another video idea but sometime I feel kind of empty, as I don't really have deadline like during FIRST LOVE Series or deadline for my Giveaway photos 😂😂
Sometime it feels like I'm back to walking on an unstable bridge, but I shall take all the love and support I've been getting from everyone as courage to strengthen myself! <3

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hello March~!

Hello March~~~~~
OMG been a month since I last blogged O_O
Time really pass sooooo fast when we are busy >.<
But because I was packed with things to do, February this year has been a great one >w<
Of course it's thanks to everyone's love as well~! So much love <3 <3

Alright, this post serves as a major throwback of what has happened to me in February XD
I've been seeing posts of 'January was a trial month, new year new me starts in February' and I guess that works for me XD
Not that I'm changing HAHA just that a lot of 'first in 2017' happened in February~!

What took my time most in February would be my FIRST LOVE project videos~!

As I said in the video, I've decided to make videos where I talk about my First Love
- Anime Crush: how I started being a Fujoshi without even knowing that I was starting a Fujoshi life XD)
- Favorite Mangaka: it's awesome how manga -> anime -> soundtrack actually gave me a dream to be an Anisong Singer~!
- Favorite JPOP artist: also started from anime, but until now they are the ones who influence me when I create music~!
- First Visual Kei Love: yeah rock on man I have Visual Kei as my roots <3 and picked up my violin after 3 years of not HAHA

I got to try various color for my video, sound effect, even visual effect XD and of course covered parts of a number of songs~! This project is a lot of nostalgia for me! <3

Thank you everyone for looking forward to and watching my videos~! I hope everyone had fun knowing more about me :B
May be i shall think about what other FIRST LOVE I can talk about for February 2018 (?)

Oh! I did my first cover song with guitar 😂 ok I was just picking some notes so it's not leggit 'guitar cover' though XD the song is Himawari no Yakusoku from Doraemon Stand By Me~! Check it out XD

I did a number of Costest this month~!!

Sakura Kinomoto~! Mainly for my FIRST MANGAKA LOVE video >w< but i-i don't think I suit her ;; howtobealoli

Chii <3 Also for my FIRST MANGAKA LOVE video XD I hope I really get to wear her full costume this year ;;

I'm going anyeonghaseo and chagiya here and there soon (?) XD like I said, I love cosing as my favorite girl character, or the girlfriend/bestfriend/partner/wive/pairing of my favorite guy character ☺️ now I want LucielZenJumin beside me (?)
This can be said as the costest I like the most eyes?! XD

Zuraaaaaa I mean Hanamaru >w<

My second favorite character from LLS~! YES HAHA the exactly same wig I wore for FIRST JPOP ARTIST LOVE xD so it was an impromptu costest, thus I didn't change my contact lens....I actually photoshopped my eyes in the pictures I posted to FB and IG XD

I actually did a few more costest, but I haven't publish them in FB nor IG so I'm keeping them for scheduled post 🌚 actually a lot of pictures I'm posting here haven't been posted in both pages either HAHA
like for example Yohane XD your little devil >D

It was cat day in 2.22 ^w^ nyaaa~

ok if you notice it, i took these pictures after i finished becoming a persocom HAHA

I did my very first FS event for 2017 as Ruby Rin and Yuno, all my twintail waifus as twintail day is in February 02.02~! Thank you everyone for joining!!! So much love <3

I don't plan to cosplay as Yuno anymore though ;; another character that I don't think I suit her ;-;

Thank you for the cute Fansign semechan <3

My dear Remy was having Q&A event in February~! The FS is to everyone who participated~! She has also started her own blog, so check out her pages to not miss any updates from her too! I miss her so much >///<

I did my very first very impromptu Facebook Live, since this shut-in girl was home on 02.14 
HAHA I can rarely do Fb live, due to personal if I really wanna do one, I can only do it at 11pm (it's 12am in Singapore ;;) therefore, I'm so happy that there were people watching and commenting my live that day XD totally unplanned, thus very relaxing live~! 

Thank you to all my Valentines, oops those who watched I mean >w<

Actually I was costesting as someone who i wanna cos as this year, i wonder if it's recognizable ;;

Attended my very first Cosplay event in my hometown; CLAS:H Medan 2017~!

Cosplayed as Athena from Saint Seiya~!

Everyone sure was waiting for this event, since this is the biggest event in Medan :> 

For the first time ever, I joined Single Cosplay Competition~!
Thank you Ci Tara for the photo <3

Thank you to the judges who chose me as one of their favourites~! 
Picture credit to official CLAS:H page~!

CLAS:H was awesome as I get to meet friends, bought doujin stuff and I prepared limited to 20 people V day sweet XD nothing much but I'm glad there are people willing to accept it ;w;

Ikhwan and Evant who caught me at the photobooth area XD

Thanks for the candid shoot <3

oh, it was hard to move around with Athena staff, as I didn't have enough hands to take picture with anyone  😂 thank you to everyone who tagged, sent and mentioned me in their pictures~!

Meeting friends; one thing I love the most during events <3

Thank you for your support and kind messages always <3

Happy V <3

Thank youuuu and I hope to see you in Jakarta's event soon <3

One of my 12 saints <3

Thank you for your support always <3

Thank you for the photos and editing <3 <3

Here comes my favorite pictures XD

Dakishimeteeee kokoro no kosumo XD

This post goes to people who like to say 'candid is best' XD
but I'm very happy with this post thank you <3 <3

Loots XD Mainly from We are Divas <3

On a side note, this is me on weekdays, after recording video / costesting xD

Need to practice self-defence, because i need to travel to find my prince (?)

And I kinda changed my hair color, with DIY hair dye 😂 sigh I want a haircut~~~~

Apparently I attended 2 Cosplay events in February, where I appeared as random person asking for photos at the smaller event~!

Alright, not really random, since the plan is to be genderbend Jyushimatsu; my most favorite character from Osomatsu~! At first I planned to wear house sandal, but then I decided not to, as it's slippery 😂

I think Jyushimatsu suits dog more, instead of cat XD

Photos taken weren't so good, as I was indoor and crowded and yellow lamp but what to do 😂;;

Thanks to Renren who accompanied me the whole time <3
Accidentally we were both in yellow XD

Thank you for noticing meeee XD
Thank you for supporting me during my performance too~!

Met friends~!

Siska <3 can't wait to meet her again~!

My newbie shoots XD

I don't wanna fault my camera or the location but yea, me myself, I wasn't sure of the setting for indoor shoot ;;
Thank you to everyone who didn't mind me taking their photo >////<
It's nice to go just as a spectator in a small event like this XD but I don't see myself changing profession into an event photographer XD

Oh yes, I was also honoured my very first performance request in February~! 

I performed during 3 Night Festival, hosted by Tri with Matakail Communication as EO!

It was also my very first time performing outdoor at night XD at first I was worried with what to cos what to sing what to do if it rained but thanks God, it wasn't warm at all, neither was it raining but the wind was cooooooling~! Of course there was (electric) fan but I didn't sweat even a bit!!!!

Decided to mix and match what I have XD

I was also asked to be one of the 3 judges for the Rapping, Beatboxing and Dancing competition~!

When all the other judges are staring at their phones XD

I performed with my dears from NoBrand~! 

Sad to say I didn't get the chance to have any proper picture with them, due to the tight schedule of judging right before and after our performance ;;

The event was announced in less than a week, so a lot of people were not aware of it happening but I'm still very very very happy and touched that there are people who went to watch my performance :'D

Thank youuuuuu <3

Shun also recorded my performance~! I'll post some videos soon to my IG and FB <3 I'm really thankful~!

Thank you for the awesome shot!! <3 I'll repost other pictures taken by birga.project too~! <3

Congratssss <3 it's my pleasure~! 

I'm so honoured to not only been given the chance to perform but to be able to see all the great talents we have in Medan~! <3

Free photo from the photo booth >w<

I've also opened my very first online shop page? Alright, nothing fancy, just a page (and Instagram and Carousel account) where I sell a lot of pre-loved stuff; from Cosplay Costume, Wig, Clothing, Authentic Makeup, Authentic bags and even CD and POPFunko~! Nope, I'm not retiring from Cosplay, don't worry I still have 109824174917491 costumes in my wardrobe 😂 now the 1028109749184681 costumes is the problem that I need to sell off my stuff for space + of course i still have a lot of cosplan 😂 

please do check the page out don't worry i don't bite :B

Ah, if you are wondering why the name is Anne.....V is just bad with finding name, so she named the store Anne as Anne is.....V's imaginary childhood friend 😂 or something like if I have something to discuss with myself, I'd talk to Anne is like V type 2 (?) V2 (?) 😂

I only uploaded one new album to my page in February, since my posts for a week has been:
Sat / Sun - Event picture

Sometime I really hope that there's more than 7 days in a week? 😂 nope, not extra weekday but extra weekend XD

I uploaded album from my QiPao shoot this year on the 11th of February, because it was the 14th day of Chinese New Year when CNY celebration ends on the 15th~! <3

Soft reminder that V loves fried chicken <3

Plus check out Faivon's page, for the shoot I had with Mia back in November 2016~! Very first planned shoot with story & concept XD

The beast inside V would've bite that finger but no, I didn't 😂

As expected (?) this blog is quite silent when I don't go for trips 😂 well what can be done, I'm a shut-in </3 HAHA
I dooooo look forward to 2 of my trips in March~! I'll be getting another new experiences again soon~!
Plus! I have something planned for March, here are spoilers~

First time using Polaroid 😂 but yes, these are my spoilers~

Follow my FB page and Instagram to know what's going to happen~! As a spoiler to those who reads my blog; I have announcement to make on the 7th of March!
I mentioned in my latest video that there's White day in March :B :B :B
I hope everyone will like and support what I'll be announcing~! So beforehand, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! >////<