Monday, 25 July 2016

Bye US!

The last part of my US trip, consist of DAY11, (DAY12 was whole day inside the plane XD) DAY13 and DAY14~!
I have a lottttt of pictures for my last day in US (DAY11) because as I mentioned before, I went to several museums at Hollywood Boulevard~!
It was the last day but the day which I looked forward to the most TwT

More than half of pictures in this post were taken at Hollywood Wax Museum and Madame Tussauds Hollywood :>

Even SNOW now has Harley Quinn's makeup feature XD
Apparently it was my last day with that hairstyle.. I didn't know it back then 😂

Moon River~
Audrey Hepburn~! <3

Marylin Monroe~!

I think can see a lot of my silly pictures in this post XD

Lucille Ball~!

Well..seeing wax figures definitely ain't so thrilling so I actually enjoy seeing their poses (and pose like them) more 😂 they look fabulous anyway (?)

I got suck into the screen worlddddd
If it's possible I'd want to meet my 2D husbands (?)

It just feel like there's a thin mirror between me and MJ XD

PINK~! This pose reminds me of AKB48's Heavy Rotation :>

That's all for Hollywood Wax Museum~!
The room with PINK's figure was beautiful; all mirror with illumination~

As intermission (?), here's the only picture I took at Guinness World Record Museum

Mario-san 😆

And here comes Madame Tussauds Hollywood :>

V: Sorry I'm late
(uncle) Johnny Depp: It's alright, I just arrived here as well

Yayy for Rihanna 😆
Should've shown expression like hers ._.

Jimmy Fallon 😀

V: eh? Interview? Here? Right now? /slapped
Joan Rivers 😀

V: Excuse me? Are you heading to OZ?
Ariel Winter 😀

YES nice pose!
(I-i'm sorry I don't remember who is this :x)

Here's the best part~!

I'm filled with loveeeee

I'm the sunshineeee

And lemme join the dance (?)

They are Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers by the way 😆

Edward Scissorhandsssss <3
That's how I (wanna) stare at my eyecandy b-but I'm a tsundere so ☺️😂

Robin Williams 😀

Kill Billllll I mean Uma Thurman 😀

And here come MJ again 😆

I'm glad that I still could pose like that despite 2 weeks of no gym 😂

Unlike other Madame Tussauds™ that I've visited (London, Singapore and I think I went to the one at Thailand as well 🙄), the one in Hollywood had special corner for Marvel Superheroes 😁

May be someone can photoshop some claws for me (?)

Uncle Tony 😍


Ok this suits my Tshirt 😂

They also Marvel Superheroes 4D theatre but sad to say I didn't have enough time to wait for it 😭
But ok, I was satisfied enough since I could at least see superheroes during my trip 😂

That's all for DAY11! At night, after dinner, we took 14 hrs plane ride to Taiwan then another 5 hrs to Singapore so.....Lemme do the math @@

DAY12 LA 01:00 -> 14 hrs ride -> Taiwan 15:00 -> Taiwan is 15 hrs ahead of LA so it's already DAY13 06:00 -> around an hour of transit in Taiwan Airport -> Boarding at 08:00 -> Singapore 13:00 since there's no time difference between Taiwan and Singapore -> immigration and baggage collection -> reached hotel 14:00

This trip was fun but after all (long) plane and car rides are tiring 😂 practically 2 days were wasted just for plane rides 😆

Then..since I reached SG on DAY13, means I spent another day in SG but a relaxing one 😆 which started by visiting Number76

Ok I meant it when I said DAY11 (well DAY12 too) was my last day with blueXpink hair

Well..the blue faded into light green that looked like yellow 🙄

I have been wanting to have a haircut, because i'm feeling that my hair is too thick and long when I'm wearing wig ._. I mean, my wig starts to feel tighter because it takes more to cover my hair XD
And I've always been a fan of medium-long hair <3
The purple was actually impromptu 😆
At first I thought may be orange will match my pink hair (viva pink hair it doesn't fade as fast as blue) but Steve has always been recommending me purple :> purple hasn't been my fave color but I'm really happy that I went with his recommendation 😆

Then, I went to visit JRunway's outlet at Cathay Cineleisure~! They are having big sale so I couldn't contain myself O_O but I'm sad to learn that they are closing their store, which means that JRunway is only available from August onward :3

Actually mixed with some things from US 😆

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. 5SOS tshirt from Hot topic
2. Sebastian tshirt from Hot topic
I meant it when I wrote Hot topic has anything and everything before <3
Actually before leaving LA, we went to Santa Monica for a short while, where I found another Hot topic store! <3
3. Pokemon cap from Forever 21 <3
That's the 3rd cap I bought during this trip 😂
4&5. Tshirts from Millioon $ Orchestra <3
6. Purple denim skirt with love holes <3
7. White faux leather skirt <3
8. Camouflage skirt <3

This time's 2 weeks feels totally different with my last 2 weeks trip in SG
Beside hopping hotels all the time, partly it's because I didn't do anything that feels like work such as photoshoot, cosplaying or recording 😆
Well, travelling is about relaxing and having fun but I do miss photoshoot 😁
But luckily, I had a really short photoshoot on DAY14~!

Debuting my yukata that I got from JRunway during my last visit >w<

It's too long though 😂
Oh, I did wear a lot of new clothes that I got from my last trip during this trip <3

As well as debuting my new hairstyle 😆

Gosh I felt so ladylike that day; flower pattern and long straight skirt 😂

Wefie with Pictorial Works!!!
After 3 years of working together, this is our first picture together 😂
I'm such a bad friend 😂

That day was raining TwT
It was all fine when we travelled from Orchard but it was raining cats and dogs when we reached Japanese Garden 😂
So we ended up stopping by Botanic Gardens instead on our way back to town 😂

Look forward to the pictures <3

And at last, it was truly go home time~!

Wearing m$o tshirt that we bought right away 😆
Managed to pull my cousin into buying m$o stuff as well 😂

Well, this post is written and posted a week after the whole trip and I'm back in Medan..time to finish up what aren't done and start on new projects (mainly Cosplay and photoshoot 😆)

I have 3 unbuild MG Gunpla from my 2015 December Japan trip 😂

I just finished one, 2 more to go 😆

Before and after? 😆
Had a sugar skull makeup theme photoshoot~!

One more month (actually less) until my next trip~!
Gotta hurry finish my pilling up anime, pilled up novel and of course Gunpla 😆<3

Saturday, 23 July 2016


Here comes second half of my trip XD (well duh, 3rd part of 4-parts-post =w= XD)
So a bit recap is I went to Singapore->Hawaii->San Fransisco->Las Vegas and on DAY9, we rode all the way to Los Angeles (thank God not another plane ride 😂😂😂😂😂)


Trip to Los Angeles from Las Vegas was around 4 hours. On the way, we stopped by for lunch -> reached Los Angeles -> dinner and ended up reaching hotel at around 9~!
Apparently, the travel agency booked us a hotel at the Hollywood Boulevard <3 so after checked in, my cousin and I decided to walk around as it was Saturday night as well (weekend WTF >w<)

Hollywood Boulevard is where the famous Walk of Fame is <3
Wait, what's with the crowd?

Can you recognize that logo?

That night happened to be the night when Ghostbusters premiered at one of the theatres there!
B-but when I reached there, there wasn't any famous person or anything going on anymore 😂😂😂😂😂 only the set XD

But I did look forward to the movie >w<

Watched it while wearing Tshirt of my fave band; 5SOS <3

I've been looking forward to the movie because 5SOS performed one of the soundtracks from the movie~! The song is Girls Talk Boys <3

Ok back to US XD

Managed to walk alllll the way to the very beginning of the Walk of Fame <3

Couldn't walk all the way till the end though O_O it was trullyyyy long O_O

Commemoration picture despite being late at night 😂😂😂

Donald Duck~! Because I was wearing blue dress (?)

Ended up shopping again 😂😂😂

My very first POP~! I've always been wanting one but never found one that I really like >.<
I thought I'd get Harley Quinn's but I got Luka's instead XD can't hide my love for Japanese pop culture :x
My love for Harley Quinn stays stronggggg since still I bought that Tshirt XD
Perhaps shall wear it when watching the movie <3

LA wasn't as cold as San Fransisco nor as hot as Las Vegas but still pretty windy, that my outfit didn't warm me enough again
Plus the lack of sleep the night before (I spent my time in the bus half sleeping and half watching anime :x) did make me fall sick the next day TwT

Parka near the beach!?

On Day10, I fell sick that my whole body was shivering even though I was under the sun and wearing the parka :x in other word, I caught a cold >.<
I-i still love my WhitexRedxBlack coordinate though (?)

My face looked pale and tired that I could only take candid shoots (?)

Oh~ we went to Coronado beach, San Diego :>
Then, we went to USS Midway museum~!

If I have wings I would fly~

Yayy another rocket pose (?)

I did feel better after taking medicine (Panadol ftw 😂😂😂) but for sure I slept right away once I reached hotel (even though it was Sunday night but definitely I needed rest TwT)

The next day was my last day in LA, in US to be exact >.< but it's also the day I was looking forward the most, since at last I got the chance to walk around Hollywood Boulevard during day time (plus-minus of joining a tour :>) 


Ok CIVIL WAR played sometime ago but I just had the urge to wear that Tshirt for the first time in US 😜 because superheroes can't escape my mind when one mentions America 😗

Suicide Squad!! The hype is real <3

That's the place where Donald Duck's star is~!

That day, I went to 4 museums there!

The other one that I went was actually Madame Tussauds Hollywood
But I have a lottttt of pics taken there, thus it'll be at my next post XD

There was actually another museum that caught my attention as I passed by it but didn't have enough time to enter >.< it's Museum of Broken Relationships
I think this museum's concept is interesting and may bring lot of feels O_O
Since I couldn't enter, does this mean I shall come to LA again? 😂 (well I read that the one there is a branch from somewhere else though 🤔)

Shall end this post with Donald Duck

Yes, Donald Duck is one of my fave Disney characters >w<