Monday, 25 July 2016

Bye US!

The last part of my US trip, consist of DAY11, (DAY12 was whole day inside the plane XD) DAY13 and DAY14~!
I have a lottttt of pictures for my last day in US (DAY11) because as I mentioned before, I went to several museums at Hollywood Boulevard~!
It was the last day but the day which I looked forward to the most TwT

More than half of pictures in this post were taken at Hollywood Wax Museum and Madame Tussauds Hollywood :>

Even SNOW now has Harley Quinn's makeup feature XD
Apparently it was my last day with that hairstyle.. I didn't know it back then 😂

Moon River~
Audrey Hepburn~! <3

Marylin Monroe~!

I think can see a lot of my silly pictures in this post XD

Lucille Ball~!

Well..seeing wax figures definitely ain't so thrilling so I actually enjoy seeing their poses (and pose like them) more 😂 they look fabulous anyway (?)

I got suck into the screen worlddddd
If it's possible I'd want to meet my 2D husbands (?)

It just feel like there's a thin mirror between me and MJ XD

PINK~! This pose reminds me of AKB48's Heavy Rotation :>

That's all for Hollywood Wax Museum~!
The room with PINK's figure was beautiful; all mirror with illumination~

As intermission (?), here's the only picture I took at Guinness World Record Museum

Mario-san 😆

And here comes Madame Tussauds Hollywood :>

V: Sorry I'm late
(uncle) Johnny Depp: It's alright, I just arrived here as well

Yayy for Rihanna 😆
Should've shown expression like hers ._.

Jimmy Fallon 😀

V: eh? Interview? Here? Right now? /slapped
Joan Rivers 😀

V: Excuse me? Are you heading to OZ?
Ariel Winter 😀

YES nice pose!
(I-i'm sorry I don't remember who is this :x)

Here's the best part~!

I'm filled with loveeeee

I'm the sunshineeee

And lemme join the dance (?)

They are Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers by the way 😆

Edward Scissorhandsssss <3
That's how I (wanna) stare at my eyecandy b-but I'm a tsundere so ☺️😂

Robin Williams 😀

Kill Billllll I mean Uma Thurman 😀

And here come MJ again 😆

I'm glad that I still could pose like that despite 2 weeks of no gym 😂

Unlike other Madame Tussauds™ that I've visited (London, Singapore and I think I went to the one at Thailand as well 🙄), the one in Hollywood had special corner for Marvel Superheroes 😁

May be someone can photoshop some claws for me (?)

Uncle Tony 😍


Ok this suits my Tshirt 😂

They also Marvel Superheroes 4D theatre but sad to say I didn't have enough time to wait for it 😭
But ok, I was satisfied enough since I could at least see superheroes during my trip 😂

That's all for DAY11! At night, after dinner, we took 14 hrs plane ride to Taiwan then another 5 hrs to Singapore so.....Lemme do the math @@

DAY12 LA 01:00 -> 14 hrs ride -> Taiwan 15:00 -> Taiwan is 15 hrs ahead of LA so it's already DAY13 06:00 -> around an hour of transit in Taiwan Airport -> Boarding at 08:00 -> Singapore 13:00 since there's no time difference between Taiwan and Singapore -> immigration and baggage collection -> reached hotel 14:00

This trip was fun but after all (long) plane and car rides are tiring 😂 practically 2 days were wasted just for plane rides 😆

Then..since I reached SG on DAY13, means I spent another day in SG but a relaxing one 😆 which started by visiting Number76

Ok I meant it when I said DAY11 (well DAY12 too) was my last day with blueXpink hair

Well..the blue faded into light green that looked like yellow 🙄

I have been wanting to have a haircut, because i'm feeling that my hair is too thick and long when I'm wearing wig ._. I mean, my wig starts to feel tighter because it takes more to cover my hair XD
And I've always been a fan of medium-long hair <3
The purple was actually impromptu 😆
At first I thought may be orange will match my pink hair (viva pink hair it doesn't fade as fast as blue) but Steve has always been recommending me purple :> purple hasn't been my fave color but I'm really happy that I went with his recommendation 😆

Then, I went to visit JRunway's outlet at Cathay Cineleisure~! They are having big sale so I couldn't contain myself O_O but I'm sad to learn that they are closing their store, which means that JRunway is only available from August onward :3

Actually mixed with some things from US 😆

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. 5SOS tshirt from Hot topic
2. Sebastian tshirt from Hot topic
I meant it when I wrote Hot topic has anything and everything before <3
Actually before leaving LA, we went to Santa Monica for a short while, where I found another Hot topic store! <3
3. Pokemon cap from Forever 21 <3
That's the 3rd cap I bought during this trip 😂
4&5. Tshirts from Millioon $ Orchestra <3
6. Purple denim skirt with love holes <3
7. White faux leather skirt <3
8. Camouflage skirt <3

This time's 2 weeks feels totally different with my last 2 weeks trip in SG
Beside hopping hotels all the time, partly it's because I didn't do anything that feels like work such as photoshoot, cosplaying or recording 😆
Well, travelling is about relaxing and having fun but I do miss photoshoot 😁
But luckily, I had a really short photoshoot on DAY14~!

Debuting my yukata that I got from JRunway during my last visit >w<

It's too long though 😂
Oh, I did wear a lot of new clothes that I got from my last trip during this trip <3

As well as debuting my new hairstyle 😆

Gosh I felt so ladylike that day; flower pattern and long straight skirt 😂

Wefie with Pictorial Works!!!
After 3 years of working together, this is our first picture together 😂
I'm such a bad friend 😂

That day was raining TwT
It was all fine when we travelled from Orchard but it was raining cats and dogs when we reached Japanese Garden 😂
So we ended up stopping by Botanic Gardens instead on our way back to town 😂

Look forward to the pictures <3

And at last, it was truly go home time~!

Wearing m$o tshirt that we bought right away 😆
Managed to pull my cousin into buying m$o stuff as well 😂

Well, this post is written and posted a week after the whole trip and I'm back in Medan..time to finish up what aren't done and start on new projects (mainly Cosplay and photoshoot 😆)

I have 3 unbuild MG Gunpla from my 2015 December Japan trip 😂

I just finished one, 2 more to go 😆

Before and after? 😆
Had a sugar skull makeup theme photoshoot~!

One more month (actually less) until my next trip~!
Gotta hurry finish my pilling up anime, pilled up novel and of course Gunpla 😆<3

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