Thursday, 18 August 2016

Been a month

Since my last post, means been a month since I last left home πŸ˜‚
That's right, V has been a good girl, staying at Medan since her last trip to US, until last week!!
From 12th until 17th August, I've been at Jakarta ⭐️
I feel like it's going to be too soon (?) if I straight away write about Jakarta so I shall write a little prologue about what I've been doing for a month πŸ˜†
(plus to avoid having food as this post's thumbnail πŸ˜‚)

I hosted a fansign event, second time ever, at both FB page and IG~!
Thank you very much to everyone who participated <3 

Went to watch Ghostbusters wearing 5SOS band-tee that I bought from my US Trip <3

Had Skull Candy concept shoot <3
I did mention I couldn't wait for Cosplay and photoshoot XD

August Cosplan!! hopefully my next cos will reach by end of August though πŸ™„
Aurora dress made by RUTHANIE <3
Rem weapon made by  Moto Lim Cosplay Shop <3

Went to watch Suicide Squad!!! Ok didn't wear Harley Quinn Tee though 😌
After watching, I wanna cos all version of Harley Quinn, from the very first original design , Kotobukiya version , New 52 version , comic Suicide Squad version and Suicide Squad Prisoner version xD
Next year will be Quinn year I guess (?)

Tried Eyelash extension for my very first time!!
By my dear sis dya_t but... I'm such a rough girl that it isn't lasting long πŸ˜‚

Cosplay photoshoot, as Hana from Prison School~!
Hana is one of my waifus <3

Playing PokemonGo πŸ˜‚
But yea, I'm veryyyy slow since I don't wanna play it if there's no wi-fi :x

And here comes about Jakarta~! <3

Ohayou <3

I left on Friday, 12th August~!
Ok, the photo was taken after I reached Jakarta πŸ˜†
I did post good morning greeting in IG, with one of the dolls that I received from Hannochs

Ordered room service for dinner πŸ€— caesar salad <3

Reached Jakarta around 1, left the airport at 2, long trip back to the hotel, thus I didn't feel like going out anymore πŸ˜† I also need to prepare for the weekend~!

My very first Cosplay mate from Jakarta, Pockychama <3

I'm honestly badddd with talking to strangers so she was the one who was veryyyy kind to start talking to this lonely soul last year, during AFAID πŸ˜‚
It happens to be that we are both Medanese, though she grows up in Jakarta~!
She calls me uke-chan and she is my seme-chan <3

She noticed my birthday via FB even though we only met for 2 daysssss 😭<3

She brought me around during day time and at night, I had dinner with my family at my fave mall, Grand Indonesia <3
Actually the reason why I wanna go there is Kinokuniya XD

Loots hahhahaa....
It's official: Harley Quinn is my bae :x

DAY3, the day I've been waiting for; the main reason for me visiting Jakarta!!

First cosplay as Aurora!!!

I was invited to perform during Hannochs' Jakarta Fun and Fit event!
It was my third time performing for Hannochs; first in 2014 , another few months ago for Medan's Fun and Fit and this time at Jakarta!!
Last time I wore Elsa's cos (Medan is warmmmmm πŸ˜‚)
While this time, I was debutting Aurora's cos <3

Seme-chan came to support meeeee

I was in a rush so I couldn't take proper selfie, not even a full body picture 😭
I'm waiting for the video recording from the team :>
I sang Taylor Swift's Love Story and Disney medley that I uploaded in my YouTube channel but the English version

The dress was damnnnn pretty and 90% comfortable because it's an order made 
(custom fit)

But it was a little too long for me πŸ˜‚ so I had quite a hard time going down and walking up the stairsπŸ˜‚
I love long dress but yea not too long πŸ˜‚

I was the only guest singer for that day, so I brought two costumes with me~!

The second time, I had dancers with me~!

With the dancers~!

I wore Kotori's Constellation costume!!
I sang short version of Yume no Tobira (like the short video I made with Faivon~!), my own song ViViD Girl (unlike the usual, I sang combination of English and Japanese~! and AKB48's Heavy Rotation~!
I'll upload videos taken from my dad's smartphone into my IG soon XD

Thank you very much Hannochs <3

Ok, work's done, it's time to playyyyyy

Went to Popcon!!!!

Hehe, seme-chan waited for me from 11am----
We reached the event place around 5pm TwT
Well, distance plus Jakarta's traffic πŸ˜‚

I met senpai-tachissss

Faivon introduced me to them and at last I could meet themmmmm
Hopefully we'll be able to Cosplay together next year >w<

Omg they recognized me, even though it has been a year since AFAID XD
I was so touched TwT <3

Made new friends~!

It was totally a warm up for me before AFAID XD
I can't wait for AFAID though there's actually one more Jakarta event that i'll be attending :>

Last photo with my seme-chan <3

We were actually cosplaying from webtoon Their Story >w< me as SunJing and Pockychama as QiuTong <3
I cos-ed QiuTong before, and this time I decided to challenge myself to man-up (?) as SunJing XD
well, it's pretty easy to be a tomboy :x
There are people who mistaken me as Shiburin but, well, it's because it is my Shiburin wig πŸ˜‚

I had another 3 days in Jakarta (well, I came back to Medan on Wednesday) but I only had some private meeting, where I didn't dress up much, moreover cosplay XD

Oh! I went to watch Alice in Wonderland <3
Honestly I didn't enjoy the first part (which was long time ago..2010) probably because I didn't really understand it (I was in secondary 2?! HAHA)
But omg I enjoyed this time's so much!!
My fave character has always been White Queen, played by Anne Hathaway <3
I'd rather cosplay White Queen than Alice actually πŸ˜†

This is how I look with veryyyy light makeup, not even eyeliner πŸ‘½

My bangs is pretty long now, so I'm only waiting till the end of the month, till the time I go back to..
YES, I'm leaving Medan again at the end of the month πŸ˜‚
Will stop by Singapore, then to Jakarta again~! Here is why!

Familiar face?

I met Steven 2 months ago and we actually recorded a song together, for his album~!
And I mentioned that I'll be going to another event (before AFAID) soon at Jakarta~!

I'll be attending JAK - JAPAN MATSURI 2016 and furthermore, I'll be singing~!
Steven will be coming as well, because we recorded a song in both Japanese and Indonesia, talking about friendship~!
Stay tune to my FB and IG for more details!! >w<
Feels like it has been a while since I'm this excited for trips again!! πŸ˜†

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