Friday, 30 September 2016


        Expectation vs Reality? 😂😂😂😂😂

A week before I left Medan, I did Gakupo costest (since it has been ages since I last cross; cosplaying a character of a different sex)
But what happened with my eye-makeup on the day itself 😂😂😂😂😂
But this happens all the time 💦💦💦💦
Sometime costest > actual day and vice-versa..
Cause different day -> different mood?! My hand forgot the previous eye-do!? 😂😂😂😂😂
It may sound like just an excuse but place does effect me too 💦💦💦💦
Anyway I prefer my costest Gakupo over the actual day 😂😂😂😂😂

Alright, this post is not for me to complain though 😂😂😂😂😂
This post is a continuation from my previous post, regarding my AFAID2016 trip DAY1&2~!
DAY1 I didn't meet much people (nor shop much TwT), DAY2 was soooo crowded but I had the most blast on DAY3~! (D-despite EXTREMELY LONG WIG and sold-out merchadise 💦💦)

Went as Gakupo from Vocaloid, Setsugetsuka version

This wasn't my first time wearing this costume. This costume was the third costume I had when I first started Cosplaying 3 years ago..Or may be the fourth? Anyway, like first 5 costumes HAHA
I don't know what got into me to start crossing right-away as I started 💦💦
But I already know about Gakupo before I started watching a lot of anime, because I'm a Visual Kei fan -> I idolize Gackt who is the voice actor of Gakupo :>
This costume is also special to me, because the very first time I had group photoshoot was with this cos <3

Before after? 😂😂
Photo credit to Reeves Photography :>

Alright back to AFAID2016 XD

I only got to take picture with a sign saying AFAID2016 at the last day 😂😂

Team Purple 1!!!! It was a coincident XD
Photographer friends from Singapore!!!

AFAID2016 kinda felt like AFASG instead? 😂😂
Because friends from Singapore -> ended up speaking English plus I also speak English with Remy HAHA

Photographer friends from Jakarta!!

One year since I first met them XD
I'm so touched they still remember me (blessthislonelysoul /slapped)
There are few more friends I didn't get to take picture with; either they left early or I couldn't find them again for the 2nd time (so-much-regrets </3)

Friend from Medan XD

Team Purple 2!! XD my dear Remy <3

Akatsuki no Yona group by SENPAISSSS!! SO nice <3

Another group of Jakarta Photographer friends <3
I'm so happy that I got to have more and more friends in Jakarta <3

Happy Gakupo (?) NO I mean cute Harley and Joker XD

Omg so colorful!!  Gakupo's GiriGiriAi harem (?)
Cute Walkure team <3

Does JuminHan is gayyyyy
I'm sorry that's always what comes to my mind first when it comes to JuminHan 😂
Anyway love this cosplay of  JuminHan by APHIN <3

And who is (are) around when girls shout??

BaoHan /m/
I love their Cardcaptor Sakura cos <3

Picture by Chew to end DAY3 <3

Got the chance to shoot outside only on DAY3 😂😂😂
Wanted to catch sunset but..that day was cloudy TwT

Loots from DAY3 <3
Got to take picture with YingTze!! Her cosplay of Makina is one of my favorites <3

I haven't posted my loots from AFAID2016 beside photos (half-for free LOL) so here comes XD

Got Reika's, BaoHan's and Ying Tze's photobook <3
Wanted to get Ying Tze's 2017 calendar but out of stock..
Even Reika's photobook was the last stock ;w;
Harley Quinn comics are additional, not from the event XD

Waifu from Spring 2016 anime; Mumei from Kabaneri!!

Doujin loots <3

(Left to Right; Top to Bottom)
Harley - EdgeworthPhoenixMaya - RemRam and a keychain from a friend xD

I really wanted more (mystic messenger to be exact LOL) so I really regretted for contemplating on DAY1 TwT

Left early during DAY3

Celebrated my dad's birthday <3

The rest will be miscellaneous pictures during my stay as I stayed for 3 extra days in Jakarta~!

Tried using Nescafe Dolce Gusto for the first time!!

I don't drink coffee..Like I can count the number of times I take coffee in one year so I never touch this machine..UNTIL I FOUND MILO!!!
Exciting September indeed xD

I had a few meals in my hotel, Artotel <3 love this salad <3

After 3 straight days of cosing XD

Another meal from Artotel <3 crispy potato soup or something
(taste matters most HAHA)

I think I never watch TV as much as I was in the hotel XD
Extra comfy bed made me just wanna sit there and watch TV <3

Costest of Chii!!!

I never really get to talk about my Cosplay history (as well as otaku history) but when I first stepped into the anime world and learned about Cosplay (that's like almost 10 years ago), I thought if I'd start cosplay, I'd cosplay Chii first has been 3 years and I haven't cosplay Chii at all 😂😂😂
With many new anime -> new characters coming up, means new cosplans, means my older plans are delayed 😂😂😂
But this year, I've been Cosing again characters I've cos-ed before (like Gakupo, Hana, Misa, Junko) and trying to slow down my Cosplay temptation so may be, my dream of cosplaying Chii may come true next year 😝
I..already have 5 characters I confirm wanna Cosplay next year 😂😂😂

May be I'll write another blog for September, since I was pretty busy after I came back from Jakarta as there was an event in Medan, plus I had a very blessed special day and of course photoshoots and..almost another month to go until my next trip.
We'll see! XD

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


September is ending in dayssssss
September has been hectic, packed, full and fast but it has been such an awesome month XD

The main theme of this post (and the next!) is about AFAID2016 but before that, a little catch up of what I've been doing since my last post :>

No not Harley xD the color scheme is Harley but not wild enough xD
And of course Harley is no twin 😝

Rem: My, what a deadbeat thing to say. Did you hear that, Sister?
Ram: Yes, truly a loser’s words. I heard him, Rem.

Photos from my Skull Candy makeup are out :>
Photo credit to Faivon :>

Photos from my Hana (Prison School) are also out~!
Photo credit to Faivon :>

Had another casual concept shoot sometime ago~!
Theme is "preparation for a date"~!
Check if you wanna see my makeup-less face XD
Photo credit to Faivon~!

That's all, since only 2 weeks passed from my last Jakarta trip XD


Left Medan on 15th of September, Thursday - 2 hours flight to Jakarta~!
As usual (?) didn't do much on the first day, preparing energy for 3-full-days of event >w<

HAHA trying to drink soy milk instead of normal milk :>
Milk is for breakfast while Energy bar is for snack timeand Yakult is for dessert xD 
(cause it's hard to eat properly during event ;;;)

Preparation done~! Here comes DAY1 of AFAID2016~!

Went as Misa Amane from Death Note <3

Was welcomed by REDSHiFT <3

One of the shops I've been eyeing XD

I'm still in love with Barbatos *o*

IA <3

One of the series? that I'm hunting; Mystic Messenger!!! <3

AFAID2016 DAY1 didn't have much people so I had a few chances to get my photo printed :D

Photos from AFAID2016 DAY1 >w<

And you know who are around when girls scream XD

Managed to snap :P
I can't wait for Ensemble Star anime next year *w*

And was snapped 😆 Photo credit to Ridwan Kia 😳

The happiest happening!! My all-time cosplay idol Ying Tze <3

Photo to wrapped up DAY1 <3
Photo credit to Bana Setyatama <3

I've uploaded an album of selfies to my FB page so this post will be just me (I RULE HAHA /slapped)

DAY1 was truly a day for those who are aiming to shop, because not many people -> a lot of stuff still have stock..though at DAY3 there are stores who give discount to finish stock~!
It was a good day to look around, try to remember which store is where (actually pretty easy since the venue wasn't so big :>)

Here comes DAY2 <3

Nikooooo <3

With my lovely Remy as Hanayo <3
The first thing we did when we met was to queue for photo-taking with Kaname XD

We met again XD

T-the only picture I took with giant Rilakkuma TwT

N-niko is an outsider 😂😂😂<3

With pretty senpai <3

First picture with OO-kun!!
PinkXBlue best combi (?)

Loots from DAY2? xD

I just learned that AFAID2016 DAY2 was the first time Kaname appeared without cosplay 😭 somewhat i feel touched (?) and so happy that i decided to have a picture with him!! (well, half-thanks to Remy since she wanted it first xD)
So I got a 'love pose' photo with a guy in yukata (?) xD

Thennnn I've been wanting a photo with Reika!! Not just simply because she's always awesome but the main reason was SHE WAS COSPLAYING MY FAVE CHARACTERRRRRR
Ouji-sama, Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun!! <3
Those who read my blog would know that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is one of my all-time-fave series so yea I diedie need to take picture with her in Kashima cosplay 😭

Honestly speaking, DAY2 was the most tiring day, even though I didn't move much (due to queuing for photos XD)
But..I also couldn't move much because too many people TwT
This year's AFAID2016 venue was wayyyy smaller than last year's 😭
That's why I didn't snap much too >.<

Look forward to my next post, from DAY3!!
Will be posted soon, so stay tune XD
(/cough yes COMMERCIAL 😝)