Thursday, 8 September 2016

Exciting September

Did you read my latest blog post? It's the PART1 of my whole trip~!

Sorry I just love my new round specs XD you know when I got it, where I got it and which day's OOTD is that from right? 👽
Here comes my last day in Singapore, DAY5

Tee that I got from my last Jakarta trip <3

 Back at Number76~!

The first day I reached Singapore (no, to be exact before I reached SG XD), I had an appointment in the salon~! 
At first I thought of just doing hair treatment, then I remembered that as a member (any customer who visit the salon for a hairdo haircut hairwash hairdye whatever service, they become a member of the salon 👽), I can get free treatment as a birth-month reward~!
Since DAY5 was already 1st of September (just on time actually), means I can redeem the gift 😜 That's one of the reasons for coming back~!
Another reason is I wanted to change my hair color~ so I had my hair bleached~!

Been....3 or 4 years since I last bleached my hair..
Not really, since the pink hair I had underneath (as well as the blue or purple) was by bleaching too but this one was more XD

Oh!! I forgot to mention that Number76 now provides takeaway cup for every customer's requested beverage~! Both days I asked for lemon-ginger tea I think? (I remember it's ginger related) but I tend to finish my drink already before I leave 😂

Can see shade of red and pink <3

This time, I only said I want pink with brown, and may be orange and peach (I'm a troublesome customer who doesn't really know what she wants 😂)
So I leave it all to Steve

Omg super nice right!! xD

I asked for additional hot water to my tea 😂

That was the end of my SG trip this time; YES SO MUCH I DIDNT DO I wanna go back again soon ☺️
Oh! I bought souvenir~!

Jewels by Cheng (the packaging so nice <3)

I think Pop Funko is my new addiction 😂
But I love Black Jack so I can't help it XD 

DAY6 heading to Jakarta 

A lot I haven't done in Singapore but at least shopping wise, all checked 😂

My performance at Jak-Japan Matsuri was on DAY7 so DAY6 was short rehearsal 😜

And printer Coscard

Here comes the big day, 3rd of September~!
I performed at Jak-Japan Matsuri's DAY 1 (it was a 2-days event~!), at the mini stage, 1.20pm~! <3

Sang ViViD Girl, the song that I wrote~!

I also sang the opening song of Sailor Moon CrystalMoon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z <3

Third song was a collaboration with JoSteven~!

JoSteven is releasing an album soon, and one of the songs was a duet with me!
The song title is Friends Forever, sung in Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese (my part XD)
I have recording of my performance; thus I'll upload videos soon >w< (promoting my IG and FB PAGE HAHA)

With dancers, JoSteven and my lovely seme-chan, Remy <3

Remy helped me with recording my performance, brought me around the event, introducing me to her friends and of course accompanying me the whole day <3

Thank you for watching and supporting me <3

That day was the big day not only for my performance but also a day to playyyyyy <3
I'm always so happy when there's event >w<

Shaved ice!!!! 

It was..quite a shaved ice 😳
Even though I didn't eat it for almost 20 minutes (because of picture taking >.<) it didn't melt at all..and it was still hard 9or may be the straw was just too weak for the iceeeee)
But it was a hot day (well, it's outdoor event UwU) but the ice didn't melt that I ended up only eating half of it 😂

Yayy gacha <3


Our lunch!! I had cheese karagee and it was fantastic..
Can't wait to eat it again during AFAID <3

New friends from Gonzo Bandung!! <3

Ondel-ondel~!! Icon of Jakarta <3

It still feel like a dream that I performed there <3 so grateful

Domo-kun from NHK World~! <3
we always bump to each other (like for example during AFA 😂) but I never had the chance for a picture together 😜

Oh oh!! The prop that I made was for this day >w<
I was cosplaying as Minako Aino, aka Sailor V or Sailor Venus <3
She's my favorite warrior <3 V 😆

Played till night with my dear Remy 😍😍😍😍

Japanese food for lunch; Indonesian food for dinner 😆
Nasi Liwet :> Nasi is rice while Liwet is......

Of course I got loots from the event >w< what's event without buying stuff :P

Anzu keychain, Kurumi-Levi-Maki-RamRem sticker <3
Haru bookmark got it for free, same goes with the Jibanyan headwear >w<

I love to collect passes, as well as event tickets as each of them holds a story~! <3
Then, bought a deck of Sakura cards (no no plan to cosplay Sakura 😂)
Sailor Moon transformation brooch from gacha >w< 
Thennnn Luna cap, early birthday present from Remy <3

AFAID16 will mark our first year being together (?) I mean being friends but this is already the second birthday present I got from her 😭 I love her so much 😭 will meet her again soon <3

Bootleg cards actually xD just for collection xD hehe

Yayy pairing cappppp <3

Alright, that's the end of my trip >w<
This weekend will have Rem Ram photoshooottt <3

Costest-ed imouto today XD

Next week will have another trip to Jakarta, for AFAID <3
Then...hopefully will be able to realise another cosplan that I've been waiting for
Then...another local event after a while of not in Medan~! <3 can't wait to meet and catch up with everyone >w<
Like the title says; I believe (I do really hope) this will be a super duper Exciting September <3

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