Friday, 30 September 2016


        Expectation vs Reality? 😂😂😂😂😂

A week before I left Medan, I did Gakupo costest (since it has been ages since I last cross; cosplaying a character of a different sex)
But what happened with my eye-makeup on the day itself 😂😂😂😂😂
But this happens all the time 💦💦💦💦
Sometime costest > actual day and vice-versa..
Cause different day -> different mood?! My hand forgot the previous eye-do!? 😂😂😂😂😂
It may sound like just an excuse but place does effect me too 💦💦💦💦
Anyway I prefer my costest Gakupo over the actual day 😂😂😂😂😂

Alright, this post is not for me to complain though 😂😂😂😂😂
This post is a continuation from my previous post, regarding my AFAID2016 trip DAY1&2~!
DAY1 I didn't meet much people (nor shop much TwT), DAY2 was soooo crowded but I had the most blast on DAY3~! (D-despite EXTREMELY LONG WIG and sold-out merchadise 💦💦)

Went as Gakupo from Vocaloid, Setsugetsuka version

This wasn't my first time wearing this costume. This costume was the third costume I had when I first started Cosplaying 3 years ago..Or may be the fourth? Anyway, like first 5 costumes HAHA
I don't know what got into me to start crossing right-away as I started 💦💦
But I already know about Gakupo before I started watching a lot of anime, because I'm a Visual Kei fan -> I idolize Gackt who is the voice actor of Gakupo :>
This costume is also special to me, because the very first time I had group photoshoot was with this cos <3

Before after? 😂😂
Photo credit to Reeves Photography :>

Alright back to AFAID2016 XD

I only got to take picture with a sign saying AFAID2016 at the last day 😂😂

Team Purple 1!!!! It was a coincident XD
Photographer friends from Singapore!!!

AFAID2016 kinda felt like AFASG instead? 😂😂
Because friends from Singapore -> ended up speaking English plus I also speak English with Remy HAHA

Photographer friends from Jakarta!!

One year since I first met them XD
I'm so touched they still remember me (blessthislonelysoul /slapped)
There are few more friends I didn't get to take picture with; either they left early or I couldn't find them again for the 2nd time (so-much-regrets </3)

Friend from Medan XD

Team Purple 2!! XD my dear Remy <3

Akatsuki no Yona group by SENPAISSSS!! SO nice <3

Another group of Jakarta Photographer friends <3
I'm so happy that I got to have more and more friends in Jakarta <3

Happy Gakupo (?) NO I mean cute Harley and Joker XD

Omg so colorful!!  Gakupo's GiriGiriAi harem (?)
Cute Walkure team <3

Does JuminHan is gayyyyy
I'm sorry that's always what comes to my mind first when it comes to JuminHan 😂
Anyway love this cosplay of  JuminHan by APHIN <3

And who is (are) around when girls shout??

BaoHan /m/
I love their Cardcaptor Sakura cos <3

Picture by Chew to end DAY3 <3

Got the chance to shoot outside only on DAY3 😂😂😂
Wanted to catch sunset but..that day was cloudy TwT

Loots from DAY3 <3
Got to take picture with YingTze!! Her cosplay of Makina is one of my favorites <3

I haven't posted my loots from AFAID2016 beside photos (half-for free LOL) so here comes XD

Got Reika's, BaoHan's and Ying Tze's photobook <3
Wanted to get Ying Tze's 2017 calendar but out of stock..
Even Reika's photobook was the last stock ;w;
Harley Quinn comics are additional, not from the event XD

Waifu from Spring 2016 anime; Mumei from Kabaneri!!

Doujin loots <3

(Left to Right; Top to Bottom)
Harley - EdgeworthPhoenixMaya - RemRam and a keychain from a friend xD

I really wanted more (mystic messenger to be exact LOL) so I really regretted for contemplating on DAY1 TwT

Left early during DAY3

Celebrated my dad's birthday <3

The rest will be miscellaneous pictures during my stay as I stayed for 3 extra days in Jakarta~!

Tried using Nescafe Dolce Gusto for the first time!!

I don't drink coffee..Like I can count the number of times I take coffee in one year so I never touch this machine..UNTIL I FOUND MILO!!!
Exciting September indeed xD

I had a few meals in my hotel, Artotel <3 love this salad <3

After 3 straight days of cosing XD

Another meal from Artotel <3 crispy potato soup or something
(taste matters most HAHA)

I think I never watch TV as much as I was in the hotel XD
Extra comfy bed made me just wanna sit there and watch TV <3

Costest of Chii!!!

I never really get to talk about my Cosplay history (as well as otaku history) but when I first stepped into the anime world and learned about Cosplay (that's like almost 10 years ago), I thought if I'd start cosplay, I'd cosplay Chii first has been 3 years and I haven't cosplay Chii at all 😂😂😂
With many new anime -> new characters coming up, means new cosplans, means my older plans are delayed 😂😂😂
But this year, I've been Cosing again characters I've cos-ed before (like Gakupo, Hana, Misa, Junko) and trying to slow down my Cosplay temptation so may be, my dream of cosplaying Chii may come true next year 😝
I..already have 5 characters I confirm wanna Cosplay next year 😂😂😂

May be I'll write another blog for September, since I was pretty busy after I came back from Jakarta as there was an event in Medan, plus I had a very blessed special day and of course photoshoots and..almost another month to go until my next trip.
We'll see! XD


  1. Nice cosplay there..
    Sadly i can't go to afaid cos i was in singapore..haha