Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October part 1

Last week of Octoberrrrr
Another one month since my last post XD
But I think I like it this way that this blog is to sum up what I've been doing for one month <3

So..my last post was from September, stopped at my visit to AFAID~
That was third week of September, so here comes the last week of September~!

Hey Puddin~! Miss me? XD

I can't possibly not attend a local event, because Medan is my home~! But anyway, it happened to be a local Cosplay event was held on September 25!
Of course I've known this event from the beginning of September, and I already planned? for it to be the closing of my best month of the year!

For the first time ever, I collaborated with my favorite girls from NoBrand <3
They are my lovelies <3

Thank you <3 I performed a special Medley that day~!
I didn't sing YOU DON'T OWN ME though >.<

My September ended with a blast as I got to meet and catch up with my fellow Cosplayer friends during the event <3 it was truly like a present to me~!

Mystic Messenger phone casing from Brenalle <3


One of the shoots for Halloween <3 (if the pictures can be ready for Halloween >.<....)

My Victor senpai <3

Attended a friend's wedding party <3

One of them got married (you'll know who if you click the link to my IG xD)
For sure not the girl in pink jacket :P

Edward-chan!! Been waiting for this <3
Costume by my friends Kazaryuu Cosplay Store <3


Ok no I'm not going to cosplay Nozomi 😂
It's for another Cosplan..that'll be for next year! XD

Did talkshow video with fellow Cosers in Medan!!
Check it out here <3 

Did my very first LIVE------

A week before that I had an impromptu one to test out how LIVE works XD

Will have another one this week!! HALLOWEEN edition <3

I really wish I can do it regularly like once a week but I'm worried about my own schedule ._.

Attended another wedding party XD
Selfie before party, with my sisters (one is not..)

Just how I look on weekends xD

Actually I was pretty busy that week because I was preparing for Chinese exam
So the movie was a greatttttt post-exam treat~!
And the movie was goooddddd <3

Next cosplan!!! Kinda fulfilled already though, the plan xD
Costume by my dear friends Moto Lim Cosplay Shop <3

Then..I went to Singapore last week~!
I went for 5 days but unlike usual, I wasn't packed with shoots, more to catching up with friends and quality time~! <3

I'm still in love with my round specs~!

The pink shade of my hair from my last visit is all gone 😂
But I'm still so in love with hairstyle and how my hair looks even though pink faded~

Ok, the pictures were taken after visit to my favorite salon, Number76 😂

Tried Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash~!
I'm sorry to those who haven't take their meal but the cup is my hair oil, dandruff and whatever dirty 😂
Imagine how refreshed I feel after the wash <3

Number76 now gives free pin badge~! <3 so cute!!

Had my regular fringe cut and used new FLAT IRON
Steve said it won't damage hair <3

For sure this time I didn't visit for hairstyle change xD
It's a lie if I say I don't wanna add color (I just love to play with my hair HAHA) but I kinda wanna let my hair grow a bit more first <3

Lunch xD One of my favorites <3

I only wrote like 20% of my Singapore trip, since I'll be writing another post as usual xD
But here are some of my loots~! <3 beauty related product since I only posted about SALON XD

2. Aqua Rine Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt
3. Amino Scalp Shampoo (Super Recommended <3)

To be continued <3

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