Sunday, 22 May 2016


My blog will become a travel blog right (lol)
B-but it's truly my daily activity at least /cries

So...I was in Jakarta last weekend xD to be exact, from Wednesday (18th May) until the Sunday (22nd May)
Jakarta is another city that I visit often; 2 hours flight from Medan~!

Usually, I’d sleep in the plane (V is definitely not a morning person)
But only that day, I stayed awake for the whole 2 hours (somewhat like 2.5 hours? since there’s waiting time for other plane to take off, etc)

Isn’t this familiar!!

I mentioned this movie before in my Q&A video. Kevin Wijaya asked me what is “ORANGE”, based on what I liked in my YouTube

This is the movie!!! The tear-jerking manga!! It was totally unexpected for me that Garuda Airline had this movie. I really told myself to not watch it (because it’s tear-jerking!!) but i ended up watching..

And yes I cried, A LOT. the movie was 2 hrs 19 mins (including 6mins of music) and I think I cried for 2 hours.

Alright, straight away DAY 1 because I put on full-makeup and dressed up xD lucky no red eyes from crying =w=

My schedule to Jakarta was quite packed, thus I had a meeting set on the first day I reached~!

Current craze:
1. Bandana (Usa-mimi ftw xD)
2. Cute dresses (my frequent online-shop is Luvje House <3)

I went to Studio 15, a music recording studio <3
It is the studio that will be mastering my own self-made songs~! So far, I've recorded and made 5 songs and they have been roughly mixed but not fully mastered. 

I also did a little recording for a part of my own song that was used before for Anishow, web show that I hosted with Animavericks last year~! The song title is 側にいてくれるから (Soba ni ite kureru kara - Because you are with me), and you can listen to the short version here !

I hosted 5 episodes of Anishow with Animavericks and it was a great experience for me! I hope my videos have improved since my very first video O//////O

Next, DAY 2~!

It was time for me to show more of my Otaku side? xD

(from left to right)
1. My Melody chain from 100yen shop
2. a character from Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE xD it's Atsushi Kinugawa though my favorite is actually En Yufuin xD got it from gacha OwO
3. Funasshiiiiiiii my dream is to meet him in life one day *^*
4. Monokuma badge xD my dream is to be able to giggle like him (?)
5. Yuno badge <3 I love collecting badges <3
6. Mikorin <3 anyone who doesn't love her? him i mean :x I do love everyone in Gekkan Shoujo though xD
8. I-i'm not an ukeeee but I received it from dear Remy <3 lovely friend that I met during AFAID last year xD
9. Mikaze Ai <3 my fave from Utapri <3
10. Morgiana <3

On that day, I had a few private meetings but did not forget to replenish myself with tea time xD

I SEE CARROT from Kitchenette <3

I love fruits and vegetable juice! I actually make it a rule for me to drink:
1 cup of milk every morning
1 cup of fruit/vegetable/mixed juice every afternoon
1 cup of tea (preferably green tea) every night~!

Apple tartlet from PAUL

Alright, different cafe but I also love pastry and of course cake~!
Jakarta wasn't really a culinary trip for me, compared to Hong Kong and Singapore though xD

But I was getting ready to my packed schedule next day, DAY 3!


no it wasn't (lol) my student days are over </3 
but yes I went to BINUS IB School xD it is where my ex-teacher is teaching currently, Ms. Jun (most left)

I was honoured the chance to meet her students who are in grade 5. Accidentally, 10 years ago, I met Ms. Jun for the first time, when I was in grade 5! She taught me all the way until I reached grade 10 *w* what is time, why is it so fast T^T

The reason why I went there was because, this group of 4 students are currently doing a project regarding animation. Their topic is deforestation. So we had a little discussion like what made me like anime, how has anime changed my life >w<

They made a blog for their project which is !
I wish all the best for the group xD

lunch before my next meeting at The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafTeriyaki Chicken Burger~

Let's learn more about V Kanon!!
V doesn't drink coffee. The only thing she would order in a cafe (beside fruit juice or tea) is matcha latte~!

I went to have a short interview done by HOT ISSUE team, from national TV station Indosiar~!
Confession: I was really nervous!!

That's why I decided to bring out my weapon (?) 
Twintail (?) Sailor style clothing (?) another of my current craze xD

When I say weapon, I don't mean it as to attack people. It's something to make me feel confident, at the same point to power me up?
Cute clothing (I mean clothing that I love) that makes me look forward to wearing them have the power to make me: wake up early (nice breakfast can lure this sleeping beauty too lol) and boost my confidence~!

But thanks God, everything went well; starting from my whole schedule (not much traffic jam), i had fun and I was able to feel relax and comfortable during the interview too!

I posted the video of my broadcast in my FB page~! Check it here

Tried another juice from Kitchenette! This time it's ORANGE COOLER <3
as the name says, IT WAS COOL xD

DAY 4!!! Based on my ootd, i think it's obvious that (at last) it was my relaxation day? xD
my schedule that day was only one: ENJOY HAVE FUN xD more to shopping actually :x

I'm currently collecting a lot of manga that has been translated to Bahasa Indonesia *w*
beside to learn more Bahasa (?) it's actually the least I can do to support the creator of works that I love

I actually read these books online already (Kuroko no Basket and Assassination Classroom have finished to exact) but I love these series so much, that the only thing I can do to appreciate these authors (as well as publishing company) is to buy the real work~!

Soon, Jakarta will be another place for me to hunt for Japanese food xD
I had tea time at Sumoboo!! Fruit Punch soda and Ichigo Kakigori!!!!
Alright I didn't expect the shaved ice to be that big xD but it was nice <3

The teddy bear happened to be my friend's xD
She joined the charity event in Grand Indonesia, and received that bear~!

Meet Lidya, a dear friend of mine~! Back when we were younger, she frequently came to Medan (where we met for the first time!) and she would come to play in my house; PS 1 (the only console I owned up to now lol), Barbie, piano

But now it's my turn to frequently visit Jakarta and find her!!! <3
We played at the arcade *w*

First Purikura in 2016 xD

Dinner at Pancious~! Shop that specialise in Pancake (?!) but have awesome pasta and salad *w* Creamy Marinara Salmon Pasta and Chicken Honey Mustard Salad!
I had mint tea for my daily tea xD mint tea is like my second favorite tea? Because it's mint, it feels light xD

Last day!!

Alright, it's the day when I appeared in Indosiar xD
But not exactly DAY 0, since I had one last meeting during breakfast~!

I had a meeting with a Mr. Alpha, the founder of Online Magazine Pop in Asia! <3
It always feel great to meet new people, share of our opinion, experience, knowledge and learn from each other!

This trip has been truly fruitful to me xD
There's no trip that doesn't make me feel tired, make me feel like just lazing around when I come back home but all the trips I've made so far truly answers my New Year wish, or resolution
Every year, I wish for a year that makes me feel "being busy is a good thing" OwO as I count every trip, every meeting, every experience as a blessing!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

V's cosplay journey

Before hand, lemme say something..
I suck at naming my posts /cries
Thus my title says it all xD

Last week, 8th of May, I was featured in one of the local Medan (Indonesia) papers, as a cosplayer! 
Tama from Gugure Kokkuri-san! Picture by Pictorial Works (2016)

Since it's in Bahasa Indonesia, I decided to translate it to English here, including some extra comments!
(from top to bottom)
Minami Kotori from Love Live. Picture by Ich Photo De' (CLAS:H Medan 2016)
Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown. Picture by Shutter_Fingers (2015)
Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life. Picture by Fuku Taka (AFASG 2016 Day 2)

V Kanon, Cosplayer from Medan who reached top 14 in Singapore
(V Kanon Coser Medan Tembus 14 Besar Di Singapura)

Cosplay is Costume Play, where one wears costume to portray his/her favourite character. The character may originate from comic book, anime, movie, cartoon, as well as real person such as famous artist.

"Unlike Halloween, Cosplay focuses more toward the character that is being portrayed, starting from the physical look such as hair colour, eye cool, facial expression, pose as well as psychology side," said V Kanon, a coser from Medan who reached top 14 in Singapore.

I have a verification to make here xD
The original article wrote "top 14 Cosplay Competition in Singapore" but it wasn't exactly what I said during the interview
I've never joined any Cosplay Competition, but I was chosen as one of the top 14 finalists of Asia Anisong-Singer Audition which was held during AFASG 2014. I was chosen via my singing cover of Ari no Mama de (Japanese version of Let it Go)
I still can feel sad when remembering that I wasn't chosen for the top 5 ;____; but it was a lesson for me!
I know that back then, my vocal wasn't as good as now (I still have a lot of room for improvement even now!) but I believe my choice of song was the biggest problem.
I should've just sang Ari no Mama de, instead of choosing Rinrei (Cross Ange's first ending, sang by Eri Kitamura). Rinrei has quite a sudden entrance, meaning there's only a beat/note before the lyric comes, thus I was unprepared, plus I was definitely nervous that day

V Kanon, who is fluent in Japanese, as well as able to compose and arrange songs, admit that she likes character X because even though character X looks cute, she is actually a great fighter.

This was one of the examples I've given regarding my saying of psychology side of a character does matter in Cosplay.

Morgiana from Magi. Picture by Pictorial Works (2014)

Krista Lenz from Attack of the Titan. Picture by Faivon Creative Works (2016)

Actually, according to V Kanon, Cosplay isn't limited to Japanese anime nor comic book character only, since currently, there are a lot of characters from Disney, Marvel, that there are also various type of characters that can be portrayed; from students, princesses, idols and fighters.

Felicita from La storia della Arcana Famiglia. Picture by PetiteEtoile Photography (2015)
Fighter Princess >D

V Kanon, coser that was born in Singapore, is very proud of the growth of Cosplay in Indonesia, that is famous for Armor Cosplay.

Her pride is not only because material is cheaper in Indonesia, but the skill and talent of Coser who make their own costumes, as well as the growth of crowd during Cosplay events.

"I am very happy and hope that through the events, more people can appreciate and support the talent of each Coser," V Kanon said, while mentioning that the number of events in Medan has been increasing as well.

CLAS:H Medan 2015 <3

V Kanon also hope that the public can understand the Coser is not Clown. Being a Coser isn't easy, as it takes time (not only making the costume but styling wig, make-up, etc), money, energy and idea (photoshoot concept, transportation, etc).

From her own experience of practising this hobby, she does feel that there are costumes that aren't comfortable to wear, like for example characters that wear high heel, or characters with long hair, as wearing long wig isn't only warm, but also difficult to maintain (from tangling).

V Kanon mentioned that after 4 years of Cosplaying, she still love this hobby. Through this hobby, she learned to socialise, picked up make-up skill, dressing up, as well as making accessories.

Another wrong mention -w-;;;

In March, I did my very first Question and Answer Video ! One of the questions I received was: "Since when did V start cosplaying and Why does V love cosplayingfrom Esa Bakti W!

I started Cosplaying in year 2013, AFASG Day 2 to be exact! So this year is only my third year 'w'

She mentioned that she will not stop liking this hobby anytime soon, since every 3 or 4 months, there are at least 10 new anime released in Japan as well as new characters.

Regarding the public, V Kanon wishes each Coser, whether they just started Cosing or a senior, to remember that no matter what, this hobby is 'for fun'. Just because a coser is wearing costume, it doesn't mean that the coser him/herself can just anyhow put on make-up, thinking that no one would recognise he/she. How the public look at Cosplay also depend on how each Coser behaves

(FYI my favourite quote is "Action speaks louder than words" :3)

Cosplayer usually really focus on the characters that they love, like for example (V loving) Elsa from Frozen. "I really like Elsa," she said, while mentioning that she would love to try Cosplaying character from Marvel.

Elsa from Frozen. Picture by Faivon Creative Works (2015)

I-I actually mentioned more Disney characters or DC characters b-but they wrote Marvel /cries

According to her, Cosplay is actually trying to adapt one's favourite fictional character into the real world.

Regarding satisfaction, usually a Coser feels happy when the costume she/he is wearing is being recognised by people around.

Actually, this doesn't mean that I'm only happy when I wear costume of a "famous" character. Honestly, I do receive more "likes" in my FB page and Instagram when I Cosplay Elsa compared to when I Cosplay Tama but that is minor detail for me.
I'm happy when anyone can recognise the character that I'm cosing, whether it's from game, anime, cartoon or manga. The costume (accessories, wig color) does take part but if my make-up, pose, facial expression, "aura" aren't building the character's traits, then I'm up for Halloween but not Cosplaying xD
Of course I don't expect everyone to watch/follow exactly every single series that I like (everyone has their own preferences) but that's what I have in mind :>

AFASG 2015 >w< with YingTze <3

I do have a number of role models in the Cosplay Scenes, and I honestly respect most Coser who make their own costume (since I can't)
But it doesn't mean that I find only Cosplayer who make their own costume are respectable Cosplayers
Another thing that makes me idolise a Cosplayer is when he/she can attract me to check out the series which the character she/he is cosing comes from :>

There are some minor mistakes in the article but I hope my point of view is expressed to everyone.
What I wanna show most is I love this hobby, I'm happy that more people are loving this hobby, thus I wish public to understand better what Cosplay is!
I have a lot to improve on, a lot of characters I wanna Cosplay, a lot of characters I wanna re-Cos!
So.....I'm really not stopping anytime soon >D

(P.S daily Cosplay photo updates in my WorldCos page! <3)

Misa Amane from Death Note. Picture by Zwei <3 (2016)

Monday, 9 May 2016


Do I need to write “V Kanon here” when this is obviously my blog…
ok, V Kanon here xD since this is only my second post ‘w’..
This post will be another “if you travel with V Kanon” post OwO

Last week was Golden week holiday in Japan? While in Indonesia, it was a long-weekend holiday
My family and I decided to take a short trip to Hong Kong, from Wednesday night (4th of May) until the Sunday (8th)

I’m going to name Wednesday as DAY0 again xD in the evening, we took an-hour plane ride to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and stayed there for a night, purely transit as we didn’t go to the city. When we reached there, it was like already 10pm? since there’s an-hour time difference between Medan and KL
I posted a “good night-oyasumi” video in instagram after having McDonald for supper xD
(P.S I only eat fast-food when I’m overseas ’w’.. and i ordered double-cheese burger with medium fries and ice lemon tea *w*)

With only 4hrs sleep, me and my cousin head down to McDonald again for breakfast xD

DAY 1!!!

I rarely wake up before 10am when I’m in Medan so again, McBreakfast is like truly rare for me (?)
But I don’t like bacon nor sausage, so only 2 pancakes that comes with free hash brown with hot tea /picky-V-is-PICKYYYY

Of course I didn’t put on contact-lens since it would hurt my eyes, caused by lack of sleep xD

I brought koro-sensei along with me~! I got this from a friend last year, during AFAID 2015 xD
I’m not a fan of yellow, but I love koro-sensei <3 (and funassyi!!)
The red one is my sister’s belonging xD I could’ve stole it since IT IS SO FLUFFY!!

After 4 hours plane-ride and an-hour bus ride, we reached our hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui. It was around 3pm, but I was so high (despite the lack of sleep HAHA)
but hunger is hunger (?) my tummy can’t defeat my mental strength (?)

C-cause I had KFC as first meal in HK :x 2 fried chicken set that comes with drink and something like baked rice OwO
oh yeah! I didn’t see French Fries in the menu at all OwO..But I like the idea of using plastic-gloves <3
It’s not that i’m lazy to wash my hands (though this is half-true since i have dry skin TT_TT) but I think it’s more hygienic for people who grow their nails long OwO..

First store I went was…. ANIMATE (t-the real writing is all small-letter though xD)

see that sparkling eyes and wide smile of mine xD
Actually, the moment i heard from my mum that we’d be going to HK, I went to google-san and asked (typed) ‘Anime Hong Kong Shopping’ and was damn happy when I learn that animate is there xD

they had a shrine? for princess Maki’s birthday last month <3

animate was in Mong Kok area, where I had to ride train from Tsim Sha Tsui but only 3 stops away~!
The store had 2 level but to be honest, it was pretty small OwO..comparing to the one in Taiwan
And not much new stuff but it’s only one of the anime merchandise shops around Mong Kok so I still enjoyed it xD


I tried to control myself to not get the bears and the costumes TwT
(FYI I would get Mikaze Ai, the basketball uniform and FREE set <3)

t-the staff understands that fujo loves this scene <3

After animate, I went to Sino Centre, pretty far from animate but this 4-level building is like Otaku heaven *_*
anime merchandise shops (bag, keychain, eye cover, pen, notebook, towel etc), manga, CDs, figurines, gundam, even some idol merchandise OwO
I-i was so immersed in looking around that I forgot to take a single picture but….

these are my loots for the first day.. 

not much eh? It simply means i wanna go back there xD

Anyway, the 3 sailor moon pens were from animate OwO
flumpool’s best CD..Oh yea, like Taiwan, I find stuff imported from Japan as quite affordable in Hong Kong OwO I guess it’s because of the shipping fee and demand OwO
Then…Funassyi Racoon?! It’s for my friend
The eye cover….anyone recognize who is it!?
And anyone can recognize the manga that i bought? OwO

the last part of the day..I met Pompompurin again, after a week of not (?) xD

can you spot me?

#teammegane (?)

My hotel was nearby two malls, miramall and The One.
The One was having Pompompurin event~!


it was like 6hours since KFC and here I had fast-food again TwT tomato-sauce spaghetti, chesse-pizza and peperonni-pizza~! The pizza was damn nice though <3 but honestly I DIDN’T EXPECT HK’s PORTION TO BE THAT BIG
B-but #whatisdieting when you are travelling /cries xD

DAY 2!! I guess I’m addicted with panorama picture taking xD

OCEAN PARK!! One of the tourist attractions in HK <3 I didn’t go Disney Land and decided to only visit Ocean Park

it was cloudy one second and sunny another second…the sun was so TSUN that day xD

Ocean Park is a combination of a zoo (there are a lot of animals but they stay indoor), aquarium, water rides and thriller rides OwO

Do you like Panda? May be the only thing I have in common with Panda is dark circles =w= (?)

PENGUIN!!! T-the showcase area was smelly though xD and damn cold ._.

ain’t this a cutey <3

two cuties /runs

Maware maware merry go round~

la la la la la love song~

oh yea, it was a friday so it wasn’t too crowded :D no long queue for rides~!

I had fast-food again for lunch at Ocean Park TwT 2 fried chicken with french fries set and had waffle and popcorn but a feast for dinner! >D

SABOTEN!!! One of my favorite Japanese restaurants <3

pork-katsu set <3 when i tried Saboten for the first time last year (Singapore), the pork-katsu set caught my heart!! I’m the type who likes to order only what I love and rarely try something new? xD
I love the store’s self-made goma-sauce (made of sesame) and katsu-sauce <3

and for dessert..

this is one of HK’s famous dessert stores, named HuiLauShan, famous for mango treats <3
What I ordered consist of mango juice, real mango fruit, glutinous rice balls anddd the one in the middle is actually durian OwO <3
I honestly didn’t finish 2 slices of katsu at Saboten but when my family asked whether i’d like to join for dessert or not, i agreed with not even a second of consideration plus finished the whole mango treat <3 xD

DAY 3!!!

I went back to Mong Kok!! Because there was Hot Toys exhibition xD

I did go to watch the movie O_O s-so i’m half a weeb (?)

the exhibition was in a mall named moko. it has been going on since april? thus a lot of stuff has been sold-out though OwO..

Japanese curryyyyyy <3

I saw quite a lot of Izumi Curry outlets around, so I was tempted to try xD
It’s not as thick as CoCo ICHIBANYA but it still have a very great fragrance <3
I ordered Cheese Hamburger set with additional half-boiled egg!
Usually I’d order katsu-curry in CoCo but that day, it was my first meal of the day so i was extra hungry xD

and since i was in Mong Kok… DEFINITELY I WENT BACK to animate and Sino centre xD

I honestly contemplated to get these or not /fujo-detected

I actually saw these last time at Taiwan and kinda regret not getting these back then but…
I decided to control myself again xD b-because i still prefer 2D..
and it won’t bring any help to me, since i’m not even an illustrator xD

a lot of doujin in animate too~!

if i had time, i think i’d check every single book there and decide which to get but I had another appointment xD

Again, I didn’t take a picture of Sino Centre since it was damn packed on Saturday that there were shops that I even couldn’t get into TwT
But my fujoshi desire was satisfied with my loots xD

I got at thing each from my all time favorite “fujo-side” anime xD

- FREE Eternal Summer fan book.
- FREE 1000 pieces puzzle….I’m damn troubled about where to set the puzzle at currently s-since I don’t want to set it on the floor (like my Magi and Pretty Cure puzzles) but my table also filled with Youkai Watch puzzle already /cries
- Kuroko no Basket collaboration specs *w* there’s this shop in Sino Centre that sells “anime collaboration” specs (they had specs from SnK, SAO and Hatsune Miku -> not an anime i know :x) as well as Japanese-imported contact lens (circle lense with hello-kitty, sailor moon etc)
- Utapri fan book *^* I don’t feel satisfied if i don’t buy something Utapri related

I also bought
- yoshiki bracelet OwO..the leader of X JAPAN , one of my role models! <3
- Ring hook for my that i can be more at ease, to not drop my phone when taking selfies!?
- Genos eye cover xD

SaitamaXGenos OTP…I shall be my own OTP /slapped

went to HuiLaoShan again before dinner xD

This time I tried the one with mango juice, mango real fruit and sago
I prefer this one, since the white balls yesterday was quite hard to chew (it’s not that i’m lazy to chew or anything!! don’t get the wrong idea!! :x)
behind my mango sago is mango mochi and it was damn tasty <3

Oh yea, I tied ponytail after quite sometime of not xD

I don’t hate ponytail ain’t so comfortable when I travel with car..since it won’t be possible for me to lean back my head..
so i’m forever #teamtwintail /escapes

Tsim Sha Tsui at night!!

Ok, half-true, since this was taken in front of the ice cream shop nearby my hotel xD it’s called LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM
unlike any other ice cream shop, this outlet only sell 4 types of ice creams. but these 4 are only available for 3 weeks (if i remember correctly @w@), which mean there’s new menu every month!

I tried choice B, which is sea-salt gelato with caramel sauce OwO

I expected it to be something like salted-caramel but it didn’t taste like that!! The gelato had stronger milky taste instead of salty taste xD and the caramel sauce actually taste more like honey, which made me feel that i chose the right one /applause
The biscuit-like thingy didn’t give me much impression though..had some salt sprinkled on them but it was alright i guess, since i don’t have a complain about it xD

And DAY3 was my last day in HK!!
I shall name DAY4 as DAY0 back!? Cause I didn’t have a single picture and I left the hotel early! I didn’t even have enough sleep (ok not anyone’s fault, I was immersed in reading manga :x) and skipped hotel’s breakfast

DAY4 was like:
10 am -> left hotel
—sleep in the road toward airport, around an hour—
11.30 am -> had Burger King whopper Jr set with fries and lemon tea (McD checked, KFC checked, and now BK checked xD)
12.40 pm -> boarded plane
—sleep in the plane, around an hour—
2 pm -> woke up in plane to have lunch, read manga, getting ready to sleep again
—sleep in the plane, for around 2 hours—
5 pm -> reached KL, had Peanut-butter-toast and barley
6 pm -> boarded plane
—sleep in the plane for another hour—

Question: how many times did i sleep in DAY4? xD

but i’m glad that there won’t be jetlag as HK time is just an-hour faster than Medan’s xD
I’ll be out from the city again in less than 2 weeks, so i shall restore my energy and finish my work before my next trip!! >D
My next post will be with “know-more-about-VKanon” tag I guess xD
Yosha!! Being busy is a good thing >D

Thanks for reading!! And enjoy the rest of your week <3