Sunday, 1 May 2016

Hello world!

Hi everyone~! V Kanon here!
I was contemplating whether to do an introduction post first or right away something else (?) but I'll start with my latest trip to Singapore xD because as I write, I'm sure I'll leave info about me here and there @w@ Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!

I went to Singapore last week, Sunday 24th April to be exact!
I am from Medan, which is an hour away by flight from Singapore! So it's very convenient!

Whenever I reach Singapore, it'd be around 11am? Thus went straight to the hotel and went to have brunch!
The picture is Calpis water xD I honestly hunt for delicious Japanese food whenever I visit Singapore 🌚 

I went to eat Tsukemen at Sanpoutei Ramen, Orchard area! Sad to say that I don't have self picture for that day so I shall name the day as Day0 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ as my flight was early in the morning, I didn't even use contact lens so yups no selfie πŸ€“

Day1!! Monday!!
I went to meet one of my photog friends and we had brunch at the newly opened Pompompurin cafe!!
Soothing design as the mascot itself, Pompompurin, is light yellow! I ordered Beef Stroganoff with orange juice! There are some food which if we order, we get a free mug as souvenir as well! But honestly, I'm not familiar with the character @@ the only yellow character I like is Funassyi /runs

Oh right, my friend is JA Chew! We had casual photoshoot as we walk around orchard and visiting another cafe named Banana Tree! We ordered the signature Flower Paap (mine was the yellow one, banana flavour)

It is a very Instagram picture worthy place? XD including the food of course OwO very neat design with various desserts! it is at the hidden street of ChinaTown. Not visible from the main road thus it was a discovery for me! I love it when I get to visit new places  <3

(Spot me!!!)

He actually printed a photo book with photos of who he worked with in 2015! Our very first photoshoot was last year around February/March! I was cosing as Chiyo xD he asked me to sign on the page where my photo is at his copy, and I asked him to sign my copy! This is another treasure to keep <3!

Day2!! Singapore was as hot and sunny as ever 🌞
In the morning, I met another friend, who is the owner of PetiteEtoile Photography ! I'm so happy that whenever I visit Singapore, I get to meet my friends who I haven't meet for quite sometime (well duh you are not living in SG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

We have always been working on cosplay photography but this time, we decided to do something simple and relaxing, as it has been a while since our last meeting! We decided to stroll around City Hall area, while chit-chating, catching up about our lives!

Scary? XD

Ok after meeting him, I went to shop for makeup xD I always try makeup on my left hand and this was the result xD I was hunting for liquid eyeliner! Picky V is picky! How I pick which brand to get is based on:
1. Thickness of the brush (not too thin as I have hidden eyelid, not too thick as erasing extra line would be a waste of time)
2. Darkness of the black (I want it to be AS DARK AS MY SOULLLLL)
3. Price & Brand 
Well, for number 3, it's more to experience and review? Anyway I decided to try the Black Liquid Eyeliner from Dolly Wink! It was less than 25$, and this time they gave free eyelash, bought at Watsons! I do know Tsubasa Masuwaka and her brand but never tried it before :>

Bunny teeth Harley :B

I tried the eyeliner right away at night during my Harley Quinn shoot!! This is Zwei ! This was my second time working with him, and first time visiting this back alley OwO oh yea, I actually walked through my hotel lobby and Raffles MRT station in full makeup xD of course there were stares (duh no one uses makeup that thick) but honestly I'm pretty much used to it xD i think it's something casual among cosers?

Ain't the color of the final pictures great? <3 The costume set (inner shirt, shorts, bangles, chocker, jacket, net stocking, shoes) that I got from Taobao was super satisfying! Though the wig was a bit too tight for me but I can't really do anything about it, since I only got the cos like 2 days before the shoot (DAYZEROOOO) but I believe I'll love this costume for the long run <3

Day3!! Say hello to my new hairrrrr
Ok, I said goodbye to my black hair in March for half dark brown and half pink. That was my first visit to 
Number76 Singapore , as well as first time meeting stylist Steve Koh! Number76 has been a trusted salon and I agree after my very first visit! So I went there again this time to touch-up my pink hair and dip-dye the end of the brown hair! And the (free) fringe cut xD

Nope that isn't a babyliss 🌚

I also tried their signature Ultrasonic Iron Treatment for the first time. I'm honestly scared of frizzy hair but I like bleached hair color xD a lot of people ask me "why not just wear wig?". I think most coser should agree with my answer: "it's uncomfortable". Long wigs get tangled easily, wearing wig cap is hot, and some wig is just tight ._.

But I actually did touch-up and added new color a little too fast? XD barely two months since my last visit and my pink hair didn't fade completely yet that I actually needed to wash off the pink first, then re-add it. This time I shall be patient for at least two months, or my hair will die xD

Went to another new place!! Tried golf for the first time *o* at first I was all stiff, didn't bend my feet didn't turn my back but that night I could reach 50m already!! Quite sad that I had to tie my hair but it was too hot xD who knew just standing and concentrating can make one sweat much 😌

Last day!! Varley!! (V's version of Harley?!)
I didn't wear the jacket because I wanna be Harley ok πŸ˜‚ whenever I travel to Singapore, I try to travel as light as possible because I always get my cosplay costume there. I wore this jacket because it does take space in my luggage xD
While for the twintail! Who doesn't know that V is in love with twintail! And now that I'm so in love with my new hair, I couldn't wait any longer!!

white curtain right beside the window for awesome lighting \m/

Unglam selfie = checked
I didn't wanna wake the sweetie but I also wanted a commemoration picture TwT

I went to We are the Furballs (WTF) at Bugis!! I'm not an animal lover actually, but it doesn't mean that it'll abuse them ._. no violence toward human nor animal please xD but this was my very first time visiting this dog cafe ALONE *claps*
Honestly, I've been afraid of dogs πŸ˜‚ I'm afraid of stuff (?) that moves suddenly, I don't really like to get shocked (young at heart and weak at heart?) so this is also an accomplishment for me!!

That was my whole trip this time!
May will b quite a busy month for me but I'll do my best! Trips like this is when i play hard, thus I shall work hard until my next trip!!
Thank you for reading!! Don't forget to check my FB (mainly on cosplay), IG @vgelys (cosplay and what-V-has-in-mind?) and YouTube channel (if you miss my voice?!)
I shall think of what to blog about next anddddd see you <3