Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bye August Hello September

Even though 7 days already passed 🙄
Anyway, since V is writing a post, means she just came back from another trip 😆

Before that, let's have a recap of what I've been doing since I came back from Jakarta 2 weeks ago :3

One of the cosplan that i've been waiting since last year!!!
Hanayo Rice Goddess version <3

I made Paddy, inspired by YingTze <3
But it was late at night, thus I was quite in a rush that I also injured my finger a bit 😂
At the same time I was watching some video as mood-booster (/cough Sekaiichi)

Had another photoshoot as Yachiyo~!
I also did short video of Yachiyo's voice training (?)
I was reenacting one of the episodes from Working!! (I think episode 9) 🤔

 Another cosplay prop that I used last week in Jakarta 😎

So, I wrote before that even though the main point of my latest trip is to perform at Jakarta during JakJapan Matsuri 2016, I stopped by Singapore first for 5 days!
I was in 
Singapore from 28th August until 2nd September~!

Hi, hi, hi, beautiful Sunday~
This is my, my, my, beautiful day~
Ok, I was very excited and happy 😝
However, unlike before, my family and I left Medan with a later plane; 1 PM
So it went like Board 1 PM -> reach SG 2.30 PM -> SG is an hour later than Medan = 3.30 PM -> immigration & baggage = 4 PM -> reach hotel 5 PM
I ended up only visiting a place, because I've already booked a slot 😝

Tadaima~ I'm back~ 😂

My first stop in SG was Number76!!
It has been 2 months since I did hair treatment so my purple ends diedddddd
Ok, I actually wanted to change hair color 
So I asked Steve whether it's possible or not to get shade of pink peach orange with my hair back then 🙄
He told me that my hair was damaged, so it'd be possible if I cut off those parts~!
Thus, here comes new haircut <3

SHORTERRRRRR means even easier to maintain
Plus trying new bangs style: thinner 😃

Okay, that was all for DAY1 😝
Here comes DAY2 <3

I actually realize that I became more tomboy? lazier to dress up? lately 🙄
Bought too much cap and tshirts plus shorter hair 🙄
Or may be because of purple ends (?)
But really, the only thing I wanna wear lately are cap, shorts and sneakers 😌
Well, comfort clothing is a need in Singapore because I walk a lot there xD

First "Instagram"-able feast in Singapore 😂 Katsudon~!

Unlike before, this time I'm not doing any culinary trip 😂
I'm trying to maintain my meals 🙄


One of the thing in my "what to do in Singapore" list 😂
I worry about mobile data quota in Medan, plus I can't experience "walking and catch" since I travel by car most of the time (plus V is actually a Hikikomori 😂)
I had a relaxing afternoon~! The main show (?) is in the evening >w<


Even though I stayed for 2 weeks the last time I came to Singapore, there are still people I haven't meet >.< (and places I haven't go plus places I wanna go again and people I wanna meet again..........)
Zwei!!! <3

I don't usually wear something sooooo bright (orange blue green!!)
But we've been talking about having 80's fashion concept photoshoot and at last we did it~! <3

Oh can't you see~
You belong to me~?
How my poor heart aches with every step you take~

Had a great time catching up~! <3
Getting ready for a busier day ahead~!


Based on my planning, the official PokemonGo day was supposed to be DAY2 but happened to bump to another friend 🤔 so that was warm-up session 😆


I'm a live Pikachu (//////)
Anyway (?) the day before I was at ViVoCity while on DAY3, I went to Marina Bay Sands!!

Oh, the hype is real 😳

It was a Tuesday, around 1-4pm and yet it was crowded 😱

But I found something else more interesting 😆


I don't visit MBS much (still underage for the casino and all the branded shops..) so I only know that there's

OMG the size >.<

Of course they are promoting Suicide Squad 😌

Waa O_O what an idea 😆

Shall visit the cafe during my next visit 👽 I can't prioritise Superheroes over Pokemon yet 😂😂😂😂😂

Tried tapioca milk and it was awesome 😭😭😭😭

DAY3 was a lot of fun but pretty tiring 😂 (with the running and walking around XD)
I levelled up by 2 levels, and hatched almost 5 eggs 😂 and of course registered so many new Pokemon into my Pokedex xD
I did get some loots during the 2 DAYS~!

From my lovely Daiso 😝 because Halloween is coming (ok..2 more months)

My next cosplan..the character's skin is greying blue so I bought body paint to try 🙄
Oh! The specs is not from Daiso though xD got it from SCAPE~! I've always been wanting round specs 🤓

Property of Mr. J <3

My hunt (?) for Harley Quinn related item is still going on 😗
Got this from ViVoCity'DC Comics Superheroes <3

Kinokuniya <3

I was really happy to get the round specs, that i wore it right away the next day!! <3


OMG I love it so much <3

I only had private meetings on DAY4 so I don't have much to write 😳 to be exact this trip is mostly meeting friends and shopping and accompanying my family, so didn't get to explore much 😐 

Fishie candle!!! <3 so cute >w<

At last, Fangophilia!! <3

I mentioned before that Fangophilia is one of my favorite, more like dream accessories brand from Japan! I remember mentioning that some accessories is being sold in Singapore too, to be exact at Sects Shop!!
I got myself two of the finger accessories, consider it as my early birthday present (almost a month early 😂)
I got the fishie candle at the same store and the black shade was a free gift, commemorating 10th year anniversary of Singapore's indie fashion brandDepression!! <3

Got these from CDJapan~!

One of my favorite online shop is CDJapan~! As the name says, it's super convenient to get items from Japan (especially CD and manga) from this shop!!
I got myself TV Anime Magi Official Fan Book, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Ending theme (Ura Omote Fortune) CD, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Drama CD (Fall version), and just released, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun manga volume 8 special edition (YES V lovessss Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) <3

The special edition manga comes with just Tarot Cards <3

That's all for this post~! There's going to be second part of course >w<
The next one will be wayyyy more interesting as I'll write about my JakJapan Matsuri 2016 experience xD

Costested Ram yesterday xD Look forward to Rem in my next post <3

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