Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I wanna get back to San Francisco~

in the fire light~
You know, you know, you know, you know we had it right~

San Francisco by one of my fave band, 5SOS <3

Here comes DAY6, city tour at San Fransisco~!

OOTD~! Always have a day for nyan-ears <3 🐱

So cloudy 😳

San Fransisco was coldddddd
It was 13-20°C 😳 totally no summer feel 😳
Yes my outfit didn't make me feel warm enough 😂

Silly face yea 😂

The place I've been waiting for <3
When one talks about San Francisco, definitely it's GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE~!

T-though it was so foggy 😱

Legit selfie <3

It was crowded even though it was weekday, as Wednesday to be exact OwO

I left my heart in San Francisco~

Ok, couldn't bear the cold anymore 😂 reached the point of beauty < body condition 😂

It was quite like a festival, with merry-go-round but the clouds make it look like quite a scary place..

After a legit photo 😂

Then, another landmark? of San Fransisco, Lombard Street!!

I don't know why I find this place pretty ☺️

It was actually my second visit to San Francisco~! Thus, my image of San Francisco of having a lot of hills stay the same XD

I love San Francisco!! Cool weather, late sunset, clean street, even though a lot of hill up and down the street is very smooth, tiny neat houses <3 
but stores close early (shops close latest by 9pm during weekday ._.)
simply means I should go again the future I guess 😂 it was another just 3 days stay for me ☺️

I left San Francisco on DAY7 to Las Vegas

Just kidding, I haven't enter legal age 😂😂😂

The tiring part of the 2 weeks trip is definitely the travelling part of moving hotels, plane and car ride 🙄 well, that's the minus point of wanting to go to a lot of places in a short period of time

Japanese buffettttttt
Not sure whether it's because it's US but the California Roll they serve was awesome 😳😳😳

DAY7 was an hour plane ride from San Francisco to Las Vegas~
After we reached, we had lunch then...FACTORY OUTLET timeeeee
What's travelling without shopping *w* we went to Las Vegas North Premium Outlets <3
I was honestly preparing myself to get a lot of sport shoes (Adidas and Converse mainly) but instead, I found myself a new store to love, HOT TOPIC

I wanted to get almost everything and anything thereeeee

HOT TOPIC made me realize my love for Harley Quinn even more 😳😳😳
(from left to right, top to bottom)
I've always been wanting to get new watch <3
I've been dying to find leg garter belt <3

HOT TOPIC sells a lot of item (hair accessories, tshirts, socks, you name it) from famous names (Disney, DC Universe)
They even have some anime tshirts; Youkai WatchBlack Butler... ok, I couldn't find Magi 😂😂😂😂

Here come DAY8~!

First experience day!!

Getting over my fear of height, I challenged myself to take HELICOPTER RIDE

Not sure to be happy or not but I got the front seat 😂

My grip was really strong 😂 but the view was wonderful <3

We were at the famous Grand Canyon <3

See how dry it is 🙄 and totally cloudless sky 🙄

This post wins the award of 'most temperature difference in a post' 😂😂😂😂
Vegas was almost 40°C

But still pretty strong wind..though the wind was warm 😳

The Helicopter Ride includes Boat ride >w<
I-i could feel sand in my mouth though :x

Ribs for lunch~!

We took a shuttle bus that stops at 3 points at the Grand Canyon area and the lunch place was the first stop~!

Lunch place~!

The first stop had Mexican feel? Cowboy feel to be exact 🤔🐴

I think this is so cute XD
Because it was day-time 😳

Waiting for my ride ☺️
Or waiting to be fed? 😂

When you wanna do pairing pose but the wood blocks the camera view 😩

And with the Canyon <3

It was truly a hot day, totally different with San Francisco
I did get sick later during the trip and I think sudden temperature difference is one of the factors why ._.

Las Vegas at night, from hotel <3

We were staying at ARIA hotel, which is very close to Las Vegas Boulevard
So, definitely me and my sisters went out at night because Vegas' night view is awesome <3 with all the lights and illuminations~! Plus it was a FRIDAY night >w<

Famous Caesars Palace Hotel was walking distance away <3

I've honestly never seen real Eiffel Tower before XD

Selfie with a lot of light is either you are blurred or the background is blurred? 😳

Again, stayed for 3 days only in Vegas but it isn't really in the list of place I'd come again for the third time 😳
As the main thing there is casino, the 3 days stay was enough for me XD
One thing we miss is probably not watching any show (I kinda wanted to catch Britney Spears' show but I'm fine with not watching too 😂)

 So, the next day was to leave for the next place that I've been looking forward to the most (Hawaii being the second)~!
Where is it? Check the answer at my next post XD

It was just 5am and sun was already rising in Vegas 😳

Ok, it wasn't jet-lag. I was simply watching anime 😂
Actually, the whole week before my trip, I paused watching anime, because I had manga piled up unread >.<
So I stayed up until 5am... when I wanted to turn off the lights, I wondered why it's still so bright and apparently it was already bright outside 😳
First sunrise during a trip XD

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