Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hello July~!

Although it's already almost the end of the month XD
But since this will be my very first post here in July, HELLO :D

I just came back from another 2 weeks trip as it was a longggg holiday in Indonesia :> it's Raya Holiday~!
So here comes part 1 of my 4 posts from my latest trip <3

I left on 30th June, night flight to Singapore with my mum~
The original plan was to leave on July 2nd with the rest of my family but we decided to go earlier!
So it was DAY0, since the flight is 8pm -> reach Singapore by 9pm -> Singapore is faster by an hour = 10pm -> immigration and luggage pick up until 11pm -> oyasumi (good night) XD

I've decided to not start my posts with food first 😂

I had Bara-Chirashi set meal at Akashi (Paragon)!
OH, I forgot to mention that I went to West America during this trip, thus I was preparing myself for 2 weeks without what I love to eat most; RICE XD

I was accompanying my mum the whole day, so I didn't take any selfie 😜
But I did some shopping XD

I can't move-on from Sinbad 😂

I did mention before that I collect manga that I've read before online and Magi is one of the few titles I'm collecting~
It happened to be that I can't find Volume 1 and 4 of the (Indonesian) translated version, so I decided to buy the original Japanese ones :D
Beside that, I bought Volume 29 (even though the Indonesian one is only up to Volume 22 now) because Sinbad is on the cover <3
Then..I bought Adventure of Sinbad's fan book!!!
Just last month (my last visit to Sg) I mentioned to my friend that I'd definitely get it if it was released and it was released when I visit this time XD

I tried to be careful to not buy too much before the real trip begins 😂

From left to right, top to bottom~
1. Confetti from SPOTLIGHT
I've honestly no idea when I'll use this but I really wanted to get this after Chanel Yui recommended it! She pasted it on my face when she styled me last June <3 $5!
I've honestly never used this brand before so I'm looking forward to trying them soon <3
Usually I use Alty Face Cleansing Brush at home but none during my trips, so I decided to get this and try it, since it's just $2 but OMG I'm in love with it after 2 weeks of satisfaction using it <3
5. Satin Rose Arm Band from DAISO
6. Base coat (nail) from DAISO
Not sure whether I wrote here before or not but I love Matte Finish Top Coat (nail) from DAISO, so I tried getting this~
Maybelline has always been my love when it comes to makeup <3

I only visited my all-time-favorite shops XD

Here comes DAY2~!
:< :> teehee

I met my school friend from uniiiiiiii <3
I'm princess and She is queen XD missing our prince though ;w;
I did some Cosplay with her before >w<

OMG what is time, it's moving so fast 😂

I think she's the one who made me into a fujoshi because she made me to ship Kise and Aomine so much 😂
I wish one day we'll cosplay together again <3


Ok, a bit too late XD

Charm Eyes 24 LED Selfie Ring Light from @d_glitteratibeauty

One of my recent favorites >w<

The dark doesn't bother me anyway 🌟


Andddd here comes DAY3, July 2nd,


I posted my OOTD almost everyday during my trip this time in my IG <3
Fashion points for DAY3:
1. kushi zashi berry parka from Million Dollar Orchestra 🍓🏹
2. white round hat 🙆🏻

Actually, DAY3 was supposed to be DAY0, because it's a full day of plane ride; Singapore -> Taiwan -> Hawaii

I know I'll miss you so I gotta meet you before my departure 😚
Nasi Lemak for brunch 😚

I was using China Airlines and OMG they have Black Jack <3 
one of my earlier anime-crushes <3

Meal at Taiwan airport after 7 hrs flight from Singapore

Then another 11hrs until Honolulu
Reached Honolulu around 1pm....Ok not sure how to calculate it
Singapore 1pm (3rd July)-> Taiwan 8pm (3rd July) -> reached Hawaii 7am (4th July) -> Hawaii is slower by 18 hours -> Hawaii was 1pm (3rd July)
Ok I'm confused now 😂 all I remember is reached Hawaii by afternoon, went back hotel right away, had dinner and slept....
But nevertheless, at last the feeling of HOLIDAY has came 😆

When I woke up, it was 6am in Hawaii (4th July) but 12am in Singapore (5th July)..
Thank goodness for Facebook Page Manager to be able to schedule posts XD
I did have confusion for timing to post in IG 😌


6am is considered very early for me, plus it is considered very late for a meal in Medan
So I only had appetite for fruits..
Don't worry, that was the only day I woke up that early 😆


Well, it's summer (almost) all the time in Indonesia but it's still considered as summer holiday period 😜

Silly pictures is a must-do ritual whenever it's holiday 😌

Can you see can you seee? >w<

I believe it wasn't my first time seeing rainbow but never before I've seen two at the same time OwO
Hawaii had strong sunshine but cooling wind, unlike humid Indonesia
But what surprises me most is..rain, or to be exact drizzle, comes now and then O_O a very short one, 3-10 minutes, sometime once every half hour
It was pretty troubling for someone like me who doesn't bring any umbrella (i'm quite a YOLO traveller 😌 just kidding, my bag is very heavy already 😂) but it didn't bother my whole trip at all~!

Kamehameha I statue~!

I'm not sure whether it's related to Dragon Ball but umm...I can't not think of Dragon Ball right away when I heard the name 😳 I'm sorry no offence 😳

Using hot pink glitter sticker from @ d_glitteratiolshop <3

Had Korean BBQ for lunchhh
I feel so lucky that I only had fruits for breakfast 😂

Honolulu from the top~ look at the cloud 😳

And I mean it when I said windy 😳

Had frozen yogurt near Waikiki Beach~!

Yogurtland allows us to test the available flavours before getting what we want~!
I picked salted caramel yogurt (damn yum~!) with plain flavour! Bits of cheese cake and marshmallow as topping <3
(my food photography skill sucks 😂)

Teehee <3

One last place that we visited there~



It happened to be July 4th, the Independence Day of United States~!

I can't deny that American culture does play a role in my life (beside Japanese of course HAHA) like how I love hamburger (food pretty much sums up who V is!?), how I like superheroes, Hollywood movies so I'm so happy to be there to celebrate July 4th <3

Last but not least, candid photo in Waikiki <3

Sad to say I only stayed in Hawaii for 3 days (1st day reached, 2nd day city tour, 3rd day leaving) but I promised myself that I will come back ☺️


At last legit selfies? XP

Bye Hawaii~

Oh, I find it interesting that Hawaii's airport is like not fully connected? Because there's a bit of 'outdoor' kind of area to pass by before I could reach the gate for my flight OwO

And from Hawaii, we flew to San Francisco :D 
5hrs flight 🙄
The flight was at 2pm? then San Francisco is 3 hours faster than Hawaii?
Do the math please 😂

At last, burger at a diner <3

For sure, we reached San Francisco pretty late to the point that I had dinner at midnight 😳
How to not gain weight during trips when you eat and sleep irregularly 😂

Next part of my trip will be in my next post <3

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