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Last part of my Singapore trip post >w<
A little recap..I was away from home for 20 days (15 days in SG and 5 days in Jkt)
And...I finished blogging until day...13 >w<
That means..this post will be regarding my last 2 days in SG and 5 days in Jkt and not only that
I'll be introducing what I always bring along with me during my trips :> because being away from home is fun (who doesn't love travelling) but there are essentials that I always have with me for preparation and comfort? easier survival? 😂

With no much further ado, here comes DAY14~!


Surprisingly (?) that was my very first fast food during the whole tripppppp
Ok, beside Subway OwO
That was my very first meal in DAY14. I ordered 2 pcs chicken set with coleslaw, top up cheese fries and Sjora >w<
As DAY14 was Monday, right after FAM, I was honestly worn out 😂😂😂 post event tiredness 😂😂😂 thus I decided to eat as much as I want 😂😂😂

Hokkaido Strawberry milk for snack

I didn't put on a single makeup that day. Because....

OSU! 😂😂😂

I went to try Singapore's first ever Onsen, Yunomori!!

Ok I definitely don't have a single picture inside the onsen 😂😂

Mobile phone usage is not allowed inside the locker OwO (well duh HAHA)
To wash away (?) the tiredness from the event, I decided to visit the newly opened Yunomori, Singapore's very first Onsen!
The yukata is from the shop, available for borrowing OwO

The Onsen was awesome!!!
There were 5 different types of water; bubble bath, silk bath, soda bath, jet bath and COLD BATH
Bubble bath is around 36°C-37°C, not too hot nor too cold, so was great as a starter. To be exact, Bubble bath feels pretty normal? like if we take a bath in a bath tub at home/hotel so there's no culture shock feel xD
Silk bath is around 37°C-38°C. A surprise to me was even though the difference is just 1°C..the heat difference is like so far------ but I wanted to stay there the most xD because it's actually good for our pores OwO can feel fully cleansed xD
Soda bath was the hottest, 38.5°C-39.5°C. I totally couldn't stay too long here because not only a lot of bubble but I think I can't adapt the heat well enough OwO..
Jet bath is best for body ache..I actually have bad back 😂😂 I think it's because I carry (heavy) backpack everyday plus sitting in front of computer plus tired the "jet" water actually soothes the muscles, totally perfect for post-event >w<

But, the best among the 5 baths is...

Isn't it ironic when the image of onsen is actually hot water but COLD BATH was the best 😂😂
I think partly because Singapore -> Southeast Asia -> mainly warm 🤔🤔
But yes, COLD BATH was awesome xD
At first I thought of going COLD BATH first then go to the other but I'm happy that I didn't do that 😂😂

Cold bath is around 17°C-18°C? In the middle of heat and steam, the COLD BATH was FREEZING, like I could feel piercing on my skin when I enter the water 😂😂 saying that I like it most make me sound like an M (HAHA) but it was truly the best, since my senses awakened from the cold 😂😂

One thing that I like from Yunomori's up to us how long do we want to stay there!
I was there for.....4 hours?
Well, the area was so relaxing UwU

There was dining place, massage place and even napping place!!!

hehe I went with a friend of mine >w< I stayed at her place during my trip <3

I had tempura set for dinner~!

My trip to Yunomori was a great one~! Although there are some minus points in my opinion (the meal is cheap but not as good as expected xD the area was quite far from town -> it's at Stadium MRT -> can't go back home early 😂😂 no open-air bath like original onsen 😂😂) but I still enjoy it a lot!! Having my tiredness washed away is much more important than the parts I dislike, plus those points are quite can't be helped since it's Singapore so I'm totally fine with those UwU
May be next time I shall bring my mum over >w<<3

At night, saw this, on my way back home

Ok, this view may not mean anything to many people but I like this view <3
Apparently I could see the Singapore Flyer from Stadium 😂😂
I don't usually go out at night in Medan (especially by feet) so this is like a view that I can only see when I'm in Singapore"Beautiful," I think to myself, gratefully :>
But at the same time, it was my 2nd last day in Singapore. (even though I'm a frequent visitor) I still feel "time goes so fast" and a little lonely :>

Here comes last day in Singapore, DAY15

Do I look Korean like this? 😂😂

The two last days of mine in Singapore wasn't filled with shoot but relaxation and meeting friends who I haven't met OwO t-though there's still one or two that I missed >.<

last visit to Number76~!

As I planned to meet friends for dinner later that day, I booked Steve to style my hair but I forgot to take back view of my hair 😂😂

I don't usually tie-half nor soft-curl so I felt so princessy xD

For lunch I had DinTaiFung..then another Chinese food for dinner xD
With a full tummy (?) and farewell to my friends, I'm ready for work in Jakarta! day (DAY16)..I didn't take a single photo..because..I..had early flight 😂😂
So instead, I shall introduce my companions during this trip OwO

Left to right, top to bottom:
1. Muffler from Ocean Park >w< I used this for shoot during DAY1 plus it's the only warm clothing I brought along with me xD
2. Cat fan from Natsume Yuujinchou that I got for free when I shopped at Taobao 😂😂
fan is needed during outdoor shoots 😂😂
3. Youkai Watch from Youkai Watch!! This one does show time, got it from Kidz Station >w<
When I bought this watch, I got 2 medals, with different youkai on each sides (if not mistaken Nogappa, Jibanyan, Meramelion and of course my favorite Komasan >w<)
4. Green round shades from JRunway
5. Heart ring from Stroberi
6. Stitch bracelet from my sis xD
7. WEGO Pompom earring from JRunway OwO
8. Pink Skull Cap that I got...ages ago 😂😂

And now unto makeup stuff~!

V can never travel light 😂😂

left to right, top to bottom OwO:
1. Batiste dry shampoo <3 been using this since......I think 3 years ago? since I discovered it xD
It helps to remove bad hair aroma, as well as to keep hair volume! I've been bringing it along when I cosplay as well! (the smaller bottle one)
2. Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color 100 <3 I always use this as highlight when contouring <3
3. Maybelline Cheeky Glow Fresh Coral for natural blush look <3
5. Maybelline pressed powder <3
7. MAKE UP FOR EVER 158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush <3 I use this for finishing powder, contouring and blushing, so it's one stick for 4 use~!
9. 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST Contact Lenses <3 keeping eyes moist while using contact lens is very important!
10.  Bling Bling Eye Stick from Etude
12. Strawberry body butter from BODYSHOP~ not only for my dry skin but the fragrance is enough for me to not use extra perfume xD
13. Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunblock <3 super convenient, compared to put-on-lotion-like sunblock xD
15. Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer <3 using this mainly on the T-zone and eye area lately OwO
16. Hada Labo face wash <3 Hada Labo is one of my favourite brands, as it's not only cheap but very light to the face, thus it suits someone who has sensitive skin like me OwO
17. Super Strong hairspray from Lucido. very important for my straight bangs 😂😂

I should've added one more to the picture O_O because 18 is one of my fave numbers xD
I actually mentioned some of the products above before when I did my very first Cosplay Makeup tutorial with Animavericks xD
Some of the items above, I do bring them along during my shoot like for example Maybelline blusher (used when I touch up my makeup~), Sunblock (t-there are times I forgot to use it at home, so I always bring it along with me incase i forget 😂😂😂😂) and of course the super strong Lucido hairspray!!

So..DAY16 I went to Jakarta, right away from Singapore~! I can say it's DAY0 of my Jakarta trip part xD
But as I said I don't have any picture so here comes DAY17~!

Pompom earring <3

It's honestly heavy and quite painful to wear it for hours though 😂😂
So I took it off later that day~

Otsukare V xD

Twintail -> mood booster -> work -> genki (?)
Let down -> calm -> relax -> otsukare (?)
Understand my logic? 😂😂

The lady beside me is my sister, I mean my mother xD

That day, I went to recording studio and was given the honor to be interviewed by national TV channel, Indosiar :D
I was interviewed by Hot Issue, which was aired on Satuday 10AM (18 June)

Part 1

Part 2

Check my recorded interview here (from 01:40)
I'm so thankful for the recordings <3

And for dinner, I had....

I mean it when I said I'm in love with salad lately >w<

Chicken avocado salad with purify purple from Kitchenette~!
Ok, I love Kitchenette xD the place is very comfortable!
Thus, the next day, I visited the cafe again 😂😂

Otsukare ver.2 -> no bangs (?)

DAY18 xD
As I attend meetings and recordings most of the time in Jakarta, I can't get much photo 😂😂
no tourist mood 😂😂

But I had Indonesian food for dinner, after 2 weeks of not xD

Nasi Sayo from MARCO

Ok, I do miss Indonesian food quite a bit..not as bad as few years ago when I stayed in Singapore for 3 years of course xD

DAY19~! Another studio recording time~!

Ok, the twintail vs let down hair logic doesn't work here

I chose to not tie twintail ain't so comfortable when I put on headphone during recording 😂😂
Even bandana isnot so comfy to be exact but I wanna be kawaii to energize myselfffff


I did recording at JK Record studio~! I recorded a collaboration song with Steven!
The song is a mix of Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese (English too if you wanna count 2 words😂😂), about friendship~!
I look forward to the release of Steven's album!!

And as it was my last day in Jakarta, I had fulfilling meal for dinner~!

Rawon from Kafe Betawi

Kafe Betawi is another favorite spot of mine for dining in Jakarta <3
They serve Java style food, while Marco serves Sumatra (Padang) style food
There's actually difference, where Java style food is sweeter while Sumatra style is actually spicier but I love both <3

Rawon is beef stew but with special spice, and the black color doesn't imply that they cook it with soy sauce xD
Some people think Rawon is sweat but it's actually quite salty :>
Totally my favorite~!

Andddd after 20 days of being away, I do miss home xD
DAY20 is back to DAY0 because I don't dress up anymore for plane home xD

I did hope that once I go back home I get to slack but nope, I had work right away~!
Recording a cover song of Indonesian's famous song, but translated into Japanese

Mr. Buddy is my music arranger :D

I do write my songs and lyrics all by myself but when it comes to arranging, Mr. Buddy is the man~!
We've been working together for a year and we still have a lot of plan coming up~!

Thus the end of my 20 days (including a day of work right away after my trip xD)
I do feel tired, I do miss home's bed but I totally enjoyed it.
First Experience, Dear Friends, Happy Shopping, Catching Up, Relaxing, Working, Dressing Up, Photoshoot..
I'll be away for another 2 weeks trip again soon, but with my family this time~!
Definitely the feeling will be different, from time management, freedom, money spent (?)
But this trip totally make me feel so grateful >w<!!

I can't compile everyone who made my trip a great one in one picture but thanks to these people, I feel that I always have a place where I can call "home" <3

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