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SG Trip part 2

continuation from HELLO JUNE :3

I stopped at DAY4, so here I am with DAY5, Saturday 4th of June~!

I think all the thumbnail of my posts are food 🙄 well, eating is one joy of travelling 🙄

Went to one of my favorite dessert shops on DAY5Dolce Tokyo ~!
Singapore (OUTDOOR) temperature is super hot, so nothing's better than eating ice <3
I ordered Mix Berry Kakigori (shaved ice)..but so much vanilla soft cream on top of the shaved ice 😂 Beside that, I ordered mint tea~!
This wasn't my first time visiting the cafe as I tried their other desserts and even had proper meal there before~! It's another Japanese fusion cafe that I love beside Hoshino ☺️ shall visit Hoshino next time!

Oh! I found something interesting

The cake is served in a bird cage-------

The waiter didn't open nor take away the lid, and just served as the picture shows, which made me and my friend went 'errrr where should we put this?' after taking this picture 😂

I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos before (Valentine with V Kanon~!) that I'm not a chocolate person, so the chocolate lava cake was my friend's ☺️

I mentioned that I went to the Gunpla expo more than once 😂

I was staying in Orchard area, so it was pretty convenient for me to pass by the expo (so it wasn't my last visit yet xD)

One of the famous landmarks of Singapore, Gardens By The Bay

Salad for dinner~

I love meat. Like really love. Like I'm craving for beef BBQ now.
Currently I'm in love with salad 😆

That salad surely has too much cheese 😂

I had that only for dinner. Before ordering, I did wonder whether salad would be enough to fill my tummy up (I'm a growing girl 🤔) but when it was served, yes it's definitely more than enough 😂 I honestly expected more green and red (tomatoes) TwT

Anyway, that was from 49Seats~! First time visit >w<

That day, I met a friend who I haven't met for quite sometime, so no much picture ☺️☺️☺️☺️


First experience time!!!!!

I went hiking at Pulau Ubin !!! It was my very first time to Pulau Ubin !!!

Actually, when I decided to stay in Singapore for 2 weeks, I didn't plan to visit Pulau Ubin at all.
I do want to, since i've never been to, plus other places such as Gardens By The Bay (yes honestly i've never been to the Flower Dome before) but I never really plan out when, with who, how and etc
Coincidentally, a group of friends of mine had been planning to visit Pulau Ubin and I was allowed to come along!!!

The picture is me and a friend of my friend who I ended up making friend with that day 😍

So.... Pulau Ubin is near Changi beach area

We used ferry, that took us around 15 minutes?

The ferry ride was the coolest, since (luckily) there wasn't a single rain that day, so it was warm the whole time xD

Reached Pulau Ubin~

Ok, we were more to trekking, not really hiking xD

As expected of a stranded (?) island, it's a total different feeling with the main city
Surrounded with plantation, woods, people cycling, lake, no much noise, mosquito, insects..
It's a good place to take a break from the busy city xD

Showing plantation from South East Asia~

Ice Kacang (Singapore version of Kakigori/shaved ice 😚) as snack

Taadaa~! A lake!! (?)

I should've tied twintail instead of a ponytail that day
Because I would've taken more selfie 😂😂😂😂😂

That day, we were fully walking by foot, so after 1.5 hours of walking, we had the ice, then another 1.5 hours of walking, we were worn out xD
I hope it was a good exercise for all the great food I've been having although...
I still have more than a week time in Singapore xD

That was the day when I walked most, but the day after that, I walked quite a lot too~!
Here comes, DAY7~!


Another good food ☺️
Oh! I also order the same thing only everytime I visit Subway! Remember this combination to cheer me up (?)

Hearty Italian 6 inch - Egg Mayo toasted no cheese - Lettuce only - Sweet Onion Sauce - Lemon/Peach Tea

Easy to remember right? xD

I find this place as the ANIMATE of Singapore

DAY7 was a Monday, June 6th. It is also the first of Funan Anime Matsuri!
So, somewhat a recce, as well as some window shopping and real shopping (?) I visited Funan Mall, where both the event and this store are at!

The reason why I find Ani-Nation as the ANIMATE of Singapore is because not only the wide variesty of original Anime merchandise was being sold but it's also the placing of the goods. All the merchandises are categorized by which anime they come from, like how ANIMATE is! Not only that, they carry a lot of anime titles, from the latest to titles from few years back!

Earlier this year, it was announced that Funan Mall will be closed later this year..
Thus, a lot of Closing/Moving Out Sale was happening there.
Which also mean that this year will be the last Funan Anime Matsuri ever ;w;

OMG hazukashii-------- 😂

My very first FAM was back in 2014.. And apparently I was crossing both Ciel from Black Butler and Kise from Kuroko no Basket..

Beside looking back on my not so good cosplay (😂), I'm also looking back on how Funan is one of the most memorable place for me.
Definitely I met new people during that event but not only that, Funan is actually a walking distance away from my previous Institute where I studied. Hence, there were times when my friend and I would walk over Funan to have lunch together, or search for computer related stuff together.

So, I was really happy that I could visit FAM this year, before Funan closes down ☺️

Ok, enough about Funan for now 'w'/

Back to food 😂

That day, I walked a lot, for both window shopping and real shopping!
I travelled from Orchard (Home) -> City Hall (Funan) -> Bugis (Haji Lane) -> Dhoby Ghaut (Plaza Singapura) -> Somerset (Scape) -> Taka (Gunpla expo!?) -> Orchard (Home)

I tried a Korean fried chicken store near Haji Lane, named Choo Choo Chicken !!
They have a lot of different flavours, but since I was alone, I only get to try one xD
I tried the Soy Sauce flavoured chicken~! It was yums~!
The place isn't big, just a small cafe but was pretty comfortable <3

Ok, that was my last visit to the expo. Anymore and I'd start spending on Gunpla 😂😂😂😂

Time for loots~!

I bought two pouches for $5 each and 5 badges for 2$ each at Scape~!
Aren't they cute <3


Honestly, my very first figurine xD I got this for $20 from one of the booths in FAM.
Since this is my very first one, I'm considering to do an unboxing video? 🤔

Sometime, I feel so..outdated? Or unable to move on? 😂
I am a fujoshi, but I can't move on from FreeUtapri and KnB
I don't mean that I don't like the later 'fujoshi aimed' series/games such as Prince of Stride or Touran but all the merchandise (badges, fanbook, keychain) that I've been buying even until now come mainly from the 3 that I mentioned above 😂😂😂😂
First love never dies? xD


Left to right, top to bottom:
2. Water gun from Daiso (Plaza Singapura) $2
4. TOMICA Rilakkuma KIIROITORI from Challenger (Funan) $9
5. One piece dress from Haji Lane $12
6. Cat top from Haji Lane
7. Flower ear accessories from JRunway
8. Flower choker from JRunway
10. Cat maxi dress from Haji Lane
11. WD Elements HD from Challenger (Funan)
12. Sinbad <Magi> Tshirt from AFA official booth (Funan)
13. Cellphone strap from Daiso (Plaza Singapura) $2

Challenger was not only having closing sale but members do get to pay cheaper price or points from each purchase!
And of course as a tourist, I get to claim GST refund xD

I broke my cellphone strap 😂😂😂😂
Daiso is the place where you'll be reminded of what you need, since there's like almost anything and everything there, so it's a 'must-go' shop for me. Plus there are stuff that you won't find in other outlets (like for example stuff A is available in Plaza Singapura's Daiso but not at ION :3)~!
The water gun is a prop for my photoshoot xD

The flower accessories from JRunway are from WEGO!!!!
I'm a fan of twin Japanese models named mim & mam and they do model for this brand so I'm happy when I got them from JRunway..for FREE

Yes, you heard (read) me, for FREE!

I ordered 2 sets of yukata from JRunway!!

JRunway had a booth in FAM. At the same time, they were having promotion of buying yukata and get accessories for free~!

I didn't get only that from JRunway! I got this as well!

It is a Tshirt from a brand named malus14!
For FAMJRunway invited 2 special guests, and one of them, Akira, is the designer of malus14!

First time I knew Akira was around 4 years ago, when I started to buy the Japanese fashion magazine KERA!
It's actually the magazine that introduced me to Kyary Pamyu PamyuLuna Haruna and my all time favorite modelReno <3

Reno frequently pairs up with Akira, and I receive a lot of fashion influence from them!

I dyed, or bleached to be exact, my whole hair to blond (after a few wash it turned white HAHA) for the first time in 2013. Because, I'm in love with Reno's hair ☺️
But it's true that it ain't good for hair 😂 so I stopped after doing it twice

May 2016 xD

I receive punk fashion influence from Akira <3
But she so tall, unlike me, so I can't dress up as handsome girl though 😂😂😂😂

And, it's actually another reason why I wanted to go to FAM.
The other one is....

My purchases enabled me to join JRunway's meet and greet!!

Ok, I'm trying to stay calm as I write this post.
the other guest that JRunway invited
none other than
SuG's vocalist, Takeru.

My best friends' know that I look up to Takeru a lot 😂😂😂😂
Or to be exact, I'm a big fan of SuG
But I missed their show in Singapore 6 years ago
So I told myself that I definitely can't miss this chance

How was my very first experience meeting my ultimate idol? Who would have expected this trip to be so nerve-wrecking and exciting!?
Look forward to the next post, to know about THE FATEFUL FIRST MEETING

(P.S failed 'don't miss the next episode' kind of CM ending 😂😂😂😂
P.P.S there were still 4 more days till I met Takeru
P.P.P.S I just didn't expect this post to be this long xD)

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