Monday, 13 June 2016

Hello June

Ok it's already mid-June but yea this is my very first post in June 😂
I wanted to blog since 2 weeks ago but I'm pretty packed 🙄 ok just an excuse xD
What's busy, when it's all about time management 😓 so sorry for the lack of update >.<

Here I am, with 3 blog posts to write, and another two next week
I'm currently in a trip~! For the first time in my life (beside for the sake of studying) I'm away from home for 20 days! (yes i'm still in Singapore currently as I am typing this post)
Yes this post and the upcoming 4 posts will be about my trip, with a lot of pictures xD definitely I am going to new places, trying new food, new experience >w< (blog really turning into travel blog and food blog but this is where I record my memory <3)

I left Medan on the 31st of May, Tuesday~! An hour flight to Singapore! <3
Unlike usual, it's DAY1 right away, since I already have a photoshoot planned xD

llaollao <3 

I'm not the type who try something new when I already like something, so since the day I fell in love to Raffallao sauce, I've always ordered it for my Sanum xD

Makeup for DAY1 photoshoot~!

During my very first Q&A video , I received questions from one of the person I look up to, Chanel Yui <3

I'm so thankful <3

I've been a fan of Chanel Yui, because of how she dress up in Harajuku style <3
So for the first time, I was honoured to be styled by her!

Photo credit to Serlver Pixels <3

We decided to go for Pastel color theme, because that has been what I've been wanting to try! (beside pink, I'm not fond of bright colors, so it's harder ;w;)
Makeup was done by Chanel Yui! hair accessories, badges, gloves, tanktop and leg warmer are hers! >w< <3

We did 2 sets that day!

Photo credit to Reeves Photography<3

This one is actually more to what Chanel would wear xD
Only the boots, short and the connected glove are mine xD
Do look forward to more pictures >w<

Happy V (?)

Otsukare shot xD

My schedule was already packed from the first day xD I'm very grateful for it though <3
Because what I'm doing is what I love <3
Head up to DAY2~!

Big eyesssssss

I don't know why but during this 2 weeks stay, I love my DAY2 eye-makeup mosttttt
even though I was staying in a hotel with yellow lights (white lights ftw)


I haven't find other better burger than this one <3 Royale with Cheese from FATBOY'S BURGER BAR
Another "I haven't try any other item from the menu and not planning to" as it's so nice that I'm not bored of it yet xD

Unto the shoot~!

Mumei!! <3

I hope I'm doing good enough to portray a 12 years old girl 😂

with Pictorial Works <3

I've been working with him since...........almost 3 years ago xD
He is a big fan of Mumei >w< We'll work on more shoots again in the future xD /cough-more-costume-of-Mumei-as-well
Look forward to the pictures as well <3

After 2 days of shoots, I have 2 days of relaxation~!


I can't not visit Number76 when I'm in Singapore xD
I went for my monthly Ultrasonic Iron Treatment <3

My hair is getting minty color~ it was blue xD

But my relaxation didn't end there

Ok, I especially reserved that day for something I've always been wanting to do: CAFE HOPPING

Strawberry and Kiwi gelato from ISEE ISEE Handcrafted Icy Desserts

The stall is at 313 Somerset, totally convenient after my salon appointment at Orchard Gateaway!
Actually it was my very first meal of the day O_O beside milk xD
But since it was fruit gelato, it didn't give me upset tummy <3

Mousse cakes from Kki Sweets

The cafe is hidden...It's in the building of Singapore's Art School named SOTA
And since it's hidden (well, it's also school holiday period), the cafe is so quiettttttt in a good way
Totally a place for relaxation, for tea time!
The interior is made of mostly wood, very neat and bright..once entering can really feel the contemporary Japanese style <3 The BGM being played definitely help relaxing the mood as well~!

(wondering if this it out of place or not but) beancurd from Rochor Original Beancurd <3

I'm actually picky about beancurd OwO.. most important one is I don't want it to be too milky, or pudding-like xD I love the original style beancurd~!

Spot V Spot V! /slapped

Me and my friend planned to visit the cafe in the DECK (container theme cafe) but it wasn't open TwT but it was still on the way to our final destination?

Something I like about Singapore is.....the central area is neat? and convenient? and everywhere connected nicely? xD 
like for example that day, I actually walked from Somerset -> Dhoby Ghaut -> Brash Basah -> Bugis to our final destination which is..HAJI LANE!


This is actually one famous "Instagram photo" spot? xD
But even though I stayed in SG for almost 3 years before (and FREQUENT VISIT) this was my very first time taking picture there xD (fake-tourist-excitement?!)

This was actually our final destination, based on my request


I went to Meomi Cat Cafe !! <3 not my first time visiting a cat cafe but my first time being there~!

I reached around 4.30? Apparently the shop's feeding time is 5pm!
Like 10 minutes before the feeding time, the shop staff explained the types of the cats in the store~!

The one I was feeding is one of the only 2 male cats in the cafe, named Mario~! (if my memory serves me well HAHA)
The white one is.......damn diva (ok i forgot her name)
The black one is the only one that was adopted OwO


Oreo is experiencing obesity? The staff did say he should lose more weight and trying :3
Let's work hard together, Oreo (?)

Each cat cafe that I went to differ from each other.
I find Meomi pretty cramped, compared to the other two, which mean the cats get close to the customer more!
The one around Clark Quay area, Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (it's at Boat Quay to be exact :3) is more spacey and quiet, as reservation is needed before visit!
But the one I love most is still the one at Bugis, named The Cat Cafe ! Even though there are more customer (I think the cheaper fee is one of the plus factors!), there are also a lot more cats! >w<
I shall go there again soon I think xD

But that wasn't the last stop OwO
Last stop was.....

I honestly I don't take coffee (wondering if I mentioned this before but the only caffeine I take is tea :>)
But my friend told me I should definitely get a coffee and I understand why after knowing what the cafe serves xD

Which V do you wanna drink? /slapped

I ordered the one with caramel sauce, cause I'm afraid of bitterness 😂

And not just the coffee was 'Instagram-able'
The interior of the cafe as well!

Even though it was quite sunny outside, the only time I took out my shade was for this picture HAHA


I am always up for that quote <3

Ok, received this from my friend xD 

Thanks for walking with me the whole day too, though I think the walking not helping losing the calories from the amount of sweets we had? xD

Because we had....

Red bean with green tea ice cream <3

Ok that wasn't dinner HAHA it was part of dinner xD
We had Japanese set meal and this was dessert YUM~!

I was considering to end this post here or not but I decided to write about the next day as last one here xD

I went to check out Gunpla Expo 2016 at Takashimaya Department Store~!

"GENKAI NANTE NAI" is actually part of BACK-ON's song, which was used as the Opening theme of Gundam Build Fighter, named Cerulean

BACK-ON came to the Gunpla Expo last year <3 not this year 😂

SD Gundams~!

When you are wandering alone and you don't own a selfie stick xD

But I have fish-eye lens xD B-but still can't do the Gundam pose </3

There's Barbatos~ My lovely Barbatos <3


The Bearguy is actually there for a giveaway event OwO
With a purchase of.......$100+? One would get a stamp book and one should gather all the stamp to get one free Bearguy OwO

No, I only stamped my own diary 😂

Unlike last year, Gunpla Expo doesn't invite any special guest over this year but there are still a lot of kits on sale so if I'm not here for travelling, I think I would buy a lot 😂😂😂😂
If it's not because of time constraint, I may just walk around and around for thousand times, not wanting to go out because I like so many kits xD
Anyway, that wasn't the only day I went to the Expo :x you'll know when else (?) stay tune (?)

But I bought stuff for the first time during my trip on that day~!

Like what I said in my latest YouTube video, I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MAGI NOW----
no it's not like i'm late or anything, it's just old love that sparks back xD

Can I look forward to a Sinbad Adventure guide book in the future? xD

While the Gintama Anime Iroiro Life, it's a guide book regarding the latest season of Gintama anime OwO
Honestly speaking, when Gintama 2015 started airing was the period when I only started getting into Gintama..
I finished watching the previous seasons (around 250 episodes?) in 2 months?! (i skipped a lot of fighting episodes though 😂😂😂😂)
But still it's one of my favorite anime now <3

Less than a week left till I'm home~! But time sure does feel fast when you are having fun <3
This post is just 1/4? of my whole trip xD
Stay tune~! <3

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