Friday, 3 August 2018

First visit to Penang Anime Matsuri (and last part of China!!)

I'm sorry I still have backlog from my China's trip 🙄

But the title is not a lie 😂
I've also mentioned in my previous post that I'll be writing about last part of China + what I've been doing until the middle of July and of course, my trip to Penang :D

I stopped my previous post at my 2nd last day in China

That day, I went back to KunMing from LiJiang
no makeup and nothing much in our itinerary.
Woke up -> took flight -> went to a shopping mall for meal and window shopping (?)

China's MINISO has so many Pink Panther collaboration goods-----
And found heart shape cake in Starbucks XD

Didn't eat the cake though, just looked interesting :B

Pink Panther Collaboration goods in China's MINISO was the only thing that made me feel jealous of those who stay in China 😂
Well, MINISO is from China, so it's not a surprise for them to have the complete collection but still, it made me regret why didn't I visit the MINISO back in DaLi's ancient town 😂
it's like I wanna go to every single Animate in Tokyo when I'm there, even though most stuff is the same 😂

But yes----
The only time I shopped a lot in China was in MINISO 😂
I wanted to take more photos because they almost have everything and anything with Pink Panther on, from makeup, perfume, nail polish, stationery, cooking utensils and DRY SHAMPOO-----
Too bad I have enough stock of dry shampoo at home already, or I'd get 2-3 bottles 😂

Apparently photo isn't allowed in the store, so I was stopped after that one photo above 😂

Daily dose of garden (?)

The only place we visited that day beside the mall 😂

The place have a lot of water lily but I think not much bloomed due to the season 😂


Keychain, makeup pouch, shoulder bag, iPhone8+ coverrrr and Smartphone grip, all Pink Panther <3

It's not like I watched every episode of the cartoon though 😂
I just have certain amount of love for Pink Panther because it's my favorite shade of pink 😂
But Pink Panther is mischievous and cute /w/

Last day in China~

Visited another city area for last souvenir shopping

There's map of the world or China or YunNan on the floor 😂

The first two photos at the beginning of the post were actually from this day, because the day before I had no makeup on 😂
After the city, we went to an indoor garden in Howard Johnson City Of Flower Hotel Kunming, before heading to the airport for night flight back to Singapore~

Totally man made garden /-/

First day was Gojyo, and last day was Kenren :B

The indoor garden is somewhat a walking museum

Summoning alien from venus (?)

This part is about how flowers from KunMing gets transported and spread

Behind so bright 😂

Flowers that were exported became perfume~

People who use the perfume I guess 😂

The perfum's name is Gelle Freres

European style area to show that the perfume has been on sale for a long time

In other words, the indoor garden is somewhat like a marketing for Gelle Freres, as at the end of the walk, we went to this big hall of perfume and cosmetics 😂

At the end of the day, I took more photos of man-made stuff that day 😂

I tried to follow their expressions XD

Paparazzi =w=

Our flight was around 7.30pm and last look of KunMing from the plane, still bright XD
The next day, my first meal in Singapore was CoCo :B

KunMing -> Singapore -> one night stay in the airport as our flight back to Medan was the next day.
As our flight back to Medan is at night, we had another half-day to roam around Singapore~
The first thing I did was to answer my Japanese food craving 😂

Went to check out a food fair at Bugis

I've always been wanting to try Cereal Citizen, as the owner is one of my favorite Singapore bloggers /w/

The real outlet of Cereal Citizen is at HouGang. I don't have time to travel that far during my trips, so I couldn't miss this chance!!

I had Crododo and salted caramel milkshake

As a lover of both croissant and donut, it was heaven <3 plus we get to pick our preferred cereal!
While the milkshake, I loved it a lot too, since I do love salted caramel!

It was a greattttt dessert <3

I actually wanted to try the butter beer but then I just had the curry less than an hour ago so yea 😂
My sister had Sour Plum Soda, which she said tasty too~!

Visited LaTendo and bought a number of mochi boyfriends (?)
Found this interesting vending machine while walking around~

After this trip, I'm in totally in love with mochiiiii, because it's not too big to carry around + I think real nice to take photos with <3 
so I picked 2 guys from KnB and 2 guys from Yume100 😂
It's actually a 'you buy 1 box without knowing which of the available 8 characters you'll get' kind of goods and I bought the leftovers in the store. 
I gave away 2 to my sister and miraculously got 2 of my fave boys :B

The vending machine is you put in 5 SGD, choose which box you want and inside got unknown gift.
The photos around the machine got show people receiving iPhones 😂
My sister and I were pretty tempted to try but then if we get something pricey, we'd need to travel to the office to get the stuff.
We definitely didn't have such leisure time + it was a Saturday, thus we quit our mind.

Promotional photos with Alter Age Clinic

When I saw the laser treatment photo, right away I remembered that I slept during the photoshoot 😂

When I wrote in my IG story that I fell asleep during the job, it led some people to think that it means the treatment isn't painful. Honestly speaking, I've never done any laser treatment before, so I don't know 😂

I fell asleep cause I had my eyes covered + laying down position + the place was definitely cold 😂
I remember waking up just on time when the shoot (of that part) ended though, so I guess I didn't cause any delay 😂

First stop in Medan after the trip was karaoke, after 1 month plus of not XD
and I started to clear my Gunpla backlog :B

And with these, I really have the 5 Gundam 00 pilots' Petit'GGuy 😂

I SIMPLY BOUGHT because of the seiyuu 😂

I also started on another 1000 pieces puzzle that I bought in Singapore

I dropped by OtakuHouse at Suntec after LaTendo.
Was pretty shocked when I found Starry Sky's puzzle, though it's from spring, my second fave season in the game (and in reality? 😂)

My first Gundam Unicorn~~

Bought it earlier this year from Odaiba....and kinda regret buying 😂

The model is cool, really cool, like it made me understand why Unicorn is one of the all time popular model but....

I really only focused on the 'Gundam Base Limited' without properly reading the size 😂
it's RG 😂
I'm completely fooled by the size of the box though, since it's the same size with HG 😂

I'd rather build an MG model than RG 😂
because they have the same amount of parts but RG is smallllllllll

The pain in the ass is the stickers though 😂
I ended up not pasting everything, because they are really small that I think can even worsen my eyesight 😂
I think I took more time building it than my previous MG models and used third party help (aka glue gun) 😂
Lesson learned 😂

Met Lidya after 2 years of not, and she bought me pairing ICE BEAR water bottle <3

It is now my gym company /w/<3

I followed last Japan's competition during the World Cup, and started on another book

During the 2 weeks in Medan after China trip, I've been clearing a number of my 'hobby backlog', from 2 Gunpla, 1 1000pieces puzzle, 1 book and a few CDs that I don't take photos of :B

I didn't watch the Japan X Belgium match but followed it via googling and reading twits of my fave seiyuus XD
I think worked on my puzzle? and when I was about to sleep, I googled the result, which happened to be like 10 mins before? Thus Google showed 2-2.
So I became super curious of the result, and kinda sad that they stopped at TOP16 TwT

But I was super touched by how my idols twit a lot of 'otsukare. thank you for the dream'
And of course, my dashboard is filled with 'Japan won our heart' posts
So once again, though so much time has passed, Otsukare!! <3

Still me by Jojo Moyes.
I only realized that it's part of a trilogy after I read halfway 😂
Apparently I experienced the same thing again just lately, but this time only 2 parts 😂
And both times, a good thing is I happened to buy the final book 😂

Still me was an enjoyable read though.
I didn't buy the previous 2 books and had my clearer reference of the characters and setting via google.
(This is why I said that it's a good thing to have the final book instead of the previous, or worst the second book of the trilogy 😂)

I'd rate it 7/10.
I wasn't intrigued enough to buy the previous 2 books but it was easy to read with vivid description and the storyline is enjoyable enough to get me finish the book without much delay.
I like the ending and I do adore the female main character. I find her cute but strong :D
The side characters are also pretty outstanding, really capable of helping the MC grow. But I do find some of their stories aren't good, although the MC's is really well-written.
I don't mind recommending just the third book, since I already enjoyed the book even before I googled~!

Random selfie from a Sunday afternoon

Dark hair color and this haircut, really feels like OL 😂
I'm pretty sure that I'll dye my hair light again one day 😂

And I'm off to Penang /w/

The last anime convention I went was AFASG17, so I was really excited for Penang Anime Matsuri!!
Plus it was my first visit, though it has always been in my 'want to go' event list!!

It's a pity that there was a cosplay event in Medan too that weekend but the dates for PAM was set way earlier + I already had plan with friend, so I really had to go.
Apparently, that weekend had a number of events like Cosfest in Singapore, and I'm so happy to be enjoying an event too, instead of feeling jealous of my dashboard like most of the time 😂

2 of my 3 loves in Penang!!!

Actually when I reached and went to Teksen, I thought I only have 2 loves but then I remembered the other when I saw the Turtle Jelly stall 😂
But Teksen is really my true love <3

First day of PAM was as my love Selesia <3

The last time I cosplayed was for the private event back in May, for performance. 
Thus it didn't feel like real cosplaying 😂 so I was really happy 😂

I had a lotttt of 'I wann re-cos----' for PAM but I decided to go for new character
Plus, that day was actually 7th of July, Tanabata in Japan
I thought of cosplaying a more Japanese costume such as Mumei but then at the end of the day, I still wanna cos my love Selesia <3

FYI, now I'm back with my love for red hair character and starting to avoid blond hair character .w.
I previewed my photos as Saber and decided that I shouldn't really attempt blond hair character anymore, cause I just don't think I fit light hair character 😂

Photo credit to Aaron Fong <3
my only wefie on the day was with Sushii Cosplayer <3

Character with glove = hard time with phone 😂

Commemoration photo XD

I don't know whether I mentioned this before or not but I wanna cosplay more characters with less props.
For the last 2-3 years, I did cosplay characters with props such as Athena, Kagura or Saber but then I decided to avoid such characters from now on.
Of course, having props is cool + it's easier to pose but then I really think that it's not a good 'investment'
I do think of my costumes as 'investment' because it's also part of my career

I won't talk back to people who think 'there's nothing wrong with cosplaying character with prop without prop because it's hobby and love' but as much as I can, I do want to cosplay my favorite character 'fully'
And most props aren't convenient to bring out, especially for someone like me who travel a lot.
Yes, special cargo or special packing can be done but it's not easy nor cheap, as in I don't think it's worth it

At first, the main reason why I contemplated to bring Selesia or not is because I don't have her sword at all. (again, it won't be convenient to bring her sword too from Medan to Penang if I have one)
But based on my judgement, it's fine to be Selesia without her sword because she doesn't have it with her 24/7 in the anime 😂no offence 😂
I do love her because she's a fighter but the story is still she came out from 2D world
So....I'm more to portraying a character than came to live :P

Natsu Matsuri at the rooftop of the event's area

And this was said to be my favorite place 😂

Wellll as someone who almost never play outside since primary school, I do get excited when I see playing area 😂

I had okonomiyaki for dinner~

Followed with dessert and went to Queensbay Mall after the event

Second love in Penang is HuiLauShan----
It's from HongKong but I can't miss it whenever I'm in Penang XD

The dessert from Natsu Matsuri is mixture of grass jelly, sweet potato, yam and I think got nata de coco XD

Thank you Khai for your company during the 2 daysss <3
and the wallet that makes me go
'I don't mind heichou kicking me whenever I buy something' 😂

Khai is one of the people who I looked forward meeting to XD
Just when I mentioned 'I'm actually thinking of getting new wallet', he received Levi's wallet from a lottery and right away passed it to me 😂

The second day I was officer D.Va <3

Ahhhh D.Va is really my 'comfort' character 😂

Chew!!! and HonPeng!! <3

I don't have photo of the exhibition area but I did upload a number of videos to my Twitter account.
But here's my review :D

PAM is like 1/3 AFASG, in terms of not only the guests but also the exhibition area.
It's smaller than AFAID, because the only 'official stores' I noticed were CANON and Wacom.
However, the place felt huge, not only because of the not much stores but also not too many cosplayers and photogs. 
Somewhat it feels that the number of normal visitor even up with the number of cosplayer. 
It's not like Singapore where you get a wall of photographers, so it's really nice to cosplay because there are also many space for big props or simply just for resting.

I'd rate the event 6.5/10
It was a pleasant first visit + I don't mind visiting again
But if the event's date clashes with other events like this year, perhaps I'd consider going to other event.
I think Khai and I walked around the exhibition area for 3-4 times, around 3 hrs and we were pretty much 'tired' because there was already nothing new, plus we've finished our shopping 😂

I did take more photos on DAY2 because I noticed handsome ones /slapped 😂
I got the chance to cuci-mata 😂

Penang's cosplayers were friendly XD
The most remarkable one was the yakuza houseman XD
After the photo, he told me to not tell his wife and gave me a box of pocky 😂
While Hajime..actually not my bias buy he handsome so I took photo /slapped 😂

One thing I realized when I went to the event is the taking photo together culture.
I think I mentioned this before but in Singapore, one would ask for photo together, as in ask a friend to help take the photo.
In Penang, they'd ask for photo together too but mostly we-fie
In Medan it's a mix XD
Both are of course fine, as long as certain silent rules are kept :D

Had my first swimsuit photoshoot~

Good thing PAM not too big, thus I could have short photoshoot 😂
The event was at Setia City Convention Centre and Khai stayed in the hotel right opposite.
It was a business hotel and I took the chance to use the swimming pool for photoshoot~
I really hope that people aren't bored of my D.Va 😂

On a side note, PAM's guests also stay in the hotel, because there were 2 Japanese (uncles though) came for a swim during my shoot XD
According to Khai, they were related with the event 😂
That was fine though, since they don't know me anyway but one awkward moment I had was bumping to 2 guests cosplayers in the lift 😂

I don't remember the other but one of them was Akatsuki Tsukasa 😂
I was covering myself with towel only when I entered the lift, and luckily my destination wasn't too far form the pool level 😂
She's actually one of my fave cosplayers, but I don't think it'd be good to ask for selfie on that moment 😂
(Plus she's pretty much finished her work since the hotel is her resting place :D)

officer D.Va after work XD

Went back to the convention centre and saw rainbow!! Double!!

I forgot to mention about Natsu Matsuri!!
PAM's exhibition + concert area was in door, while Natsu Matsuri, organized by PAM also, was at the rooftop
It was honestly very disappointing 😂

The place was big. 
They set up a stage for DJ and live band performance but the audience area had no protection for rain.
The only sheltered area were the food area but there were veryyyy limited food stalls

I think less than 20 food & drink stalls, with at least 5 of them selling the same thing as what lunch area had. (The lunch area in the convention centre were made of a number of food stalls)
There was a random maze and that's all.
The only 'entertainment' is the free DJ and live band performance.
I really stayed for no more than 2 hrs 😂

Photo by Chew <3
and I felt like potato 😂

The last photo I took was right before I left..
I actually 'fell in love by first sight' at the ShibuRin from the time I saw 'her' earlier, in the exhibition area

I only realized it when I asked for photo ;w;
I'm really glad that I could take photo with him though, because I was shy when I first saw 'her'. Even this time, he was already kind of resting, as the exhibition has ended.

But really, I even told myself 'I'm jealous of this Shiburin, 'her' legs so long', before knowing that it's a him ._.
I'm not looking down at cross-player though. To be exact in this case, I'm amazed in a positive way.
And now that I think of it, Khai and I realized that there are actually quite a number of cross-player in Penang.
I bow to this coser m(_ _)m

First time I found Aojiru in a Japanese restaurant menu----
and somewhat filled my tendon craving ;w;

Malaysia have good Japanese food for good amount of money in my opinion XD

I think currency rate is one of the factors but Malaysia's Japanese food does feel cheaper than Singapore and Indonesia, that sometime I ended up ordering more than enough because the price made me thought 'the size must be small' but it's actually not .w.

Almost wanted to get Gintama cup noodle but I didn't have enough space 😂
and back to Medan~

My next trip will be at the end of this month!!
Next week, I'm not sure whether I'll have another update here or not (since I haven't sort out my photos 😂) but I'm starting to slowly edit my photos so I'll definitely keep updating my other pages!
Thank you for reading as always  <3

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