Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Halloween (Oct) - Pre:AFA (Nov)

Haii~! Another one month has passed since my last blog post -w- (last post was 26 October HAHA)
So what triggered me (?) to write a post is..my latest Singapore trip to AFASG 2016 ^o^/*
It didn't really feel like I went Singapore since I went to nowhere else but Airport-Hotel-Suntec-Hotel-Suntec-Hotel-Suntec-Hotel-Airport for 3 days xD
But anyway, this post is an update of the one month before AFA (thus Pre:AFA xD)!!

Halloween makeup, 29th October~!

I've never really join a real Halloween event before (ok, despite liking vampire, goth, black, skulls, i'm bad with horror stuff 😂😂😂😂) but I went to a small Halloween event last month~
My makeup was similar with the one I did for my Edward Scissorhands cosplay, only lighter lip color :D

Inspired by..Kuroshitsuji (Victorian style? ruffles and bow and suspender~ plus monochrome) and Alice in Wonderland's rabbit :D thus the pocket watch and novel xD
Rabbit is my first favorite animal, but I'm lethargic lately that I feel like more to being a cat xD

My Halloween date~! <3

We wanted to do Kuroneko (black cat) and Kurousa (black rabbit) twin coordinate but I forgot to bring cat ears </3 forgive this no good senpai hahahha ;w;

Ah, I did cosplay for a Halloween gathering before but..I really didn't feel like cosplaying that time >.<
Whenever someone ask me 'what is Cosplay', I always reply with 'Costume Play but it's unlike Halloween'
I don't mean Cosplaying is no good for Halloween since there is similarity between the two but..I don't know, I find Cosplaying is something more than wearing costume for fun >.< plus Cosplay is also something like 'I can do it whenever I want' (a lot of events and shoots for me :x) so I don't think wearing cosplay during Halloween is something special >.< that's why I prefer to wear themed coordinate and play with makeup~!
Totally personal point of view, no hard feeling :D

12th November~

I went to a local event to support my lovelies (NoBrand and Moe Jidai)....
There was supposed to be mini cosplay competition but it was cancelled..
The dance performances weren't supposed to be cancelled but due to irresponsible organisers...
Anyway, since it was supposed to be a surprise visit (only one of them know I'm coming since I need to know when they are performing haha :x), I decided to wear Otonokizaka School uniform, as random student supporting μ's xD

I guess one of the reasons why the competition was cancelled is...there was a sudden event announced for the next day (Sunday..yes, SUDDEN, announced 3 days before the real event :x)

I ended up asking for votes, which μ's girl should I cosplay as xD

I had a hunch that a lot of people won't read the caption properly, since I only plan to wear the school uniform ;w;
So Kayochin won by a lotttt of votes :x 

Ended up I only had one selfie xD ok, one more uploaded before xD

One of my friends, whose waifu from μ's is Pana xD

It was a small event with big crowd (since it's in a mall and small space plus weekend HAHA) thus my main aim was more to meet up with friends :D

Yayy <3

Ah, here's a full-body picture xD

Joker-san (?) requested me to sing You Don't Own Me butttt I'm so sorry I haven't got the time ;w; but I promise I'll do it ><

Another DIY~

Unicorn is also my favorite :D :D :D
Some people already figured out which cosplay it's for xD

Haii~ unicorn imouto :D

Ok, might get killed by Rem's fans 😂😂😂😂😂

Shoot for demon-version of Rem <3

The area was...scary 😂😂😂😂
I don't mean it's in nowhere or dark or high but....so many mosquito 😂😂😂😂😂 Like of the very few shoots that I wished to end asap 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I guess partly is because of rainy season (urgh i had a shoot cancelled due to this reason ;w;) but the mosquito was..unbelievable ;A; they bite through my stockinggggg
Lucky for me my upcoming cosplans don't need me to show my legs ;w; (yes i do get bitten </3)

Haii, when you accidentally pressed 'capture' button while walking -w-
(it's unglam so i put it smaller xD)

The spoiler? teaser post xD

I wonder if anyone get this caption ><
Probably big fan of gekkan shoujo will? ;w;

Chiyo after a year of not <3 <3 still forever my favorite heroine

I visited my regular facial doctor for monthly facial! 

With my pretty Dr. Yenny <3

I did a short endorsement video about my years of experience under Dr. Yenny's care!
Check it out :D :D

Uber big so that everyone can read it? xD

Had an interview done by local newspaper, talking about makeup :D
The Morgiana (top red head ;D) and Junko (below Morgiana, pink hair) are examples of 'not so good' makeup for me, since my eyes don't stand out enough on those two (my eyes gone in the Morgiana pic 😂😂😂😂) plus those pictures came from the time when I haven't attend makeup course ><
So I hope they are good comparisons :D

Another article by Tri, SimCard Company!

Another sudden event in November xD

On 12th November (when I went to find NoBrand~), I was scouted as a talent for an application named Kwai. Kwai is an application that combines Snapchat and Instagram, which means it's for uploading photo and video anytime you want! My favorite in Kwai is inbuilt photo-slideshow feature :D
Make sure you download Kwai and follow V Kanon xD

Kwai's person in charge happened to be in charge with Tri as well. Thus, to spread awareness of the two products, Kwai & Tri decided to do a mini Cosplay event with me as special guest :>

Second attempt of Neko~!! (ProjectK season 2 version xD)

Lately I do feel the 'girls have so many clothes, until they need to go out' 'what to wear (while looking at wardrobe with overflowing clothes)' but Cosplay edition 😂😂😂😂
I guess need to arrange my wardrobe soon, to check which costume I haven't wear for quite sometime >< (but what is space hahahha ;w;)

Explanation of how to use Kwai and introduction of judges for Cosplay competition

Truly mini event (well, mini as the main reason is it was sudden ;;; announced 5 days before the real event HAHA ;;;)
But I'm so glad to have my friends came to support ><

My favorite Rize (my fave character from Tokyo Ghoul) and Sinz who always come to support me >w<

My favorite Hinata <3 when will I realize my Naruto cosplan 😂😂😂

My pretty dear MC, who've helped me so much!!! <3

Random updates xD 

I very rarely play games (like I can count the number of digital games I've played in my life) but this is one of my favorites; Puzzle and Dragon!!! <3
I can't play the mobile version (no Japan Apple Store account ;w;) but the DS version is quite satisfying (though I miss the special events and collaboration characters that I can get in the mobile app ;w;)

Out of the 3 books by Lang Leav that I have (the only one I don't have is Memories ><), Lullabies is my favorite <3
Lullabies is her latest work, and I find most relevant poetry in this work (I wonder if it's because V loves to sleep xD)
I hope I can meet her one day, to say thank you for writing beautiful pieces <3

Sport Fest? Lorem Ipsum? xD

Made props with my partners for another shoot, the last shoot before leaving to Singapore :D

Haii~ XX gakuen no XX-gumi no Kanon-desu <3

Kanon from school XX class XX xD

When you are excited but your partner is cool (?) xD

I love her dances check it out everyone <3

(or may be not 'human' anymore 😂😂😂)

We made the (faux) notice board, for school setting XD

The one month wasn't definitely my busiest month but I guess it's good, since I gotta conserve my energy for 3-full-days of AFASG2016 xD
But I'm so glad for the chances to meet my friends, photoshoot and of course, cosplay <3!

Oh, last but not least, updates on pictures that have been uploaded!

(a bit late for Halloween but) Edward Scissorhands :D

Look forward to my next post about AFASG :D


  1. love to read your blog vchan hope we can meet sometimes in the future

    1. Thank you 💕💕💕 hope can meet you too one day! and when that time comes, please don't forget to say your name!!>w<

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  3. Very Interesting to read your blog and success for your carrer V-chan ����
    I hope i can meet you again in next event :3

    1. Thank you 😻😻😻 I'll do my best! Yoroshiku!! And I look forward to meet you again very much :D

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  6. I came just as I said I would~ Well nice job on the blog, I like it... It's interesting and I would love to read more :) I would love to meet you in an event or something! Well keep it up and Good Luck!!! :D

    1. thank you!! appreciate it a lot XD hopefully got to meet you as well!! Lots of love~!