Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Hello December~

I did write a few posts in December, but this is like the official December post XD
So again, hello December XD because V's body clock is slower (?)

In my last post, at the ending part, I did write that I have 4 plans for December~!
3 out of 4 have been announced in my FB page and IG, but I'd like to post them again here :D :D
At the same time, updates since my last post~! And of course, I'd like to announce my 4th plan :D

Are you ready to rock? XD

I had photoshoot as Nana from NANA <3
As a visual kei fan, ok not necessarily but I loveeee NANA series
The drama, reality, angst, character design and most of all the songsssssss
I actually debuted as Nana during FAM~

Thank to Serlver Pixels <3

Back then I couldn't get proper tank-top XD and I forgot my cigarette ;;;;

Smoke break XD Idk, just something that Nana would do I think :x

I've reached the legal age of smoking but no I don't smoke XD

My dream is actually to cosplay Reira >< but she so prettyyyy and light pink hair color fuwafuwa feel so it'd be a big challenge 😭

Haii, China girl shoot <3

I managed to get 3 photoshoots in 2 weeks time :D :D

Next shoot wasn't cosplay shoot but concept shoot instead >.<

A shoot filled with V's childhood dream XD
checked: teddy bears, music box, wands, ballet shoes, story book :D :D

Had Christmas (blue Christmas?πŸ˜‚) shoot at my home~

I had another special shoot, but video :D

Autumn look? >.<

Shoot at my favorite cafe in town; Coffeenatics <3

Drugs (?)

I was shooting music video for my own song ><
If everything goes well, I will be releasing two of my own self-written songs next year :D

Then for the relaxing part, I actually went to Kuala Lumpur with my parents, very short trip~!
Honestly it has been..almost 10 years?! since I last went to KL (not counting the transit I did months ago~)

Omg!! What a coincidence!!

My very first book signing event 😭 Everything was perfect; Pavilion was near my hotel, my flight didn't have delay, there wasn't traffic jam that I got to meet one of my favorite writers; Lang Leav <3

*fidget* nervous V is nervous

I did write in my previous post that I owned 3 out of her 4 books, so I bought the book I didn't have for the signing; Memories~!
Apparently Memories is a compilation of The Universe of Us and my favorite collection, Lullabies!! So I'm so lucky that she signed on the page of my favorite piece; Soundtracks <3

Thank you <3

I didn't go much places in KL though, since I was with my parents, plus very short trip, plus I'm not familiar with Malaysia XD
But it was a fun trip, since the goal is totally "relax" "take your time", unlike my other trips of 'so many I wanna see so little time' or 'cosplay for the whole dayyyyy' feels like been a while since I'm away from Medan with no aim of doing work XD
But I really wanna try visiting Malaysia Cosplay event next year..and plenty more places ><

Ah yes, I ate a lot, as if a revenge for my starvation during AFASG πŸ˜‚ and now I need to revenge during gym 😭

Ehehe~ visited Number76 KL XD

Number76 KL came first, then SG, so I thought why not, since again, it's nearby my hotel XD

Was served by Odera-san~!

Been....3 months since my previous haircut (plus hair color) and I've been feeling that my hair so thick >< so yes chopchop~
Ah, this time my new hair managed to be..documented?HAHA I mean, I had a shoot with my new hair already; the Christmas shoot XD
So I had haircut and pink highlights~!

Back to my favorite pink <3

I didn't bleach my hair~ so the color may fade faster actually πŸ™„ but I was very satisfied with my new hair do XD
Lately I keep on thinking short hair ζœ€ι«˜ XD so light that I wanna keep turning my head (?) πŸ˜‚ 

Alright~ those are my updates to what I've been doing and now, here are my 4 plans for this end of year!

Ask V anything~!

Unlike IG and FB, I haven't been doing my interaction in my blog >o<
So the plan is to do 'Q&A session' but I'll write all the answers in my blog! :D
You can still give me questions from my page :D

I'm also accepting questions in my IG :D

That's the first one~ second one, a collaboration!

First ever collaboration with my semechan <3

Giveaway; V Kanon's calendar + Pockychama's post card~!
Extra bonus; 2 FanSigns~!
It's very easy to participate; share & comment your new year resolution as well as wishes for us~!

The third plan is actually "Throwback to 2016"~!
So far I've uploaded 2 albums to my page: Matsuoka Gou from FREE (June 2016) & Sisters on a rainy day (July 2016)~!
I have a lootttt more pictures to upload that this will go on until the beginning of January XD
So do stay tune~!

The 4th plan >.< the most challenging for me; V Kanon's Youtube Channel Resurrection project XD
I'm kinda in a hiatus from making video because of various factors; lacking of time & resource
I've honestly been making videos via my iPhone (front camera LOL) though I've received some help from Faivon before
But last week, I've received an early Christmas gift from my parents; yes a camera XD
I do have a lot of video plans in my mind and I'd like to start playing around with my new toy ASAP, and it'll start from next week!
So please stay tune to my YouTube channel that I promise will be updated more frequently (yes people this is one of my 2017 resolutions :D :D)

For next week, I'm planning on a Christmas video but..I'm kinda out of idea (for this one LOL)
Please comment for me any idea if you have any XD

So I've announced my 4 plans and last but not least, I did a short interview with Pop in Asia which has been published; V Kanon's 7 favorite songs~!

Incase you need to prepare songs for party, or just simply feel like trying new songs; do try to check these songs out! And of course, feel free to tell me what you think~!

Look forward to my '31st of December: reflection' post :D :D <3


  1. you look good as nana, i wonder if you can crossdressed as gintama, buy this is just suggestion, you don't have to do that.

  2. Love your work and you look adorable in the Kagura cos! I can't wait for your Youtube update,I'll be waiting for it 😊 btw have a nice new year~

    1. thank youuuu I'll do my best!! >w< please look forward to the pictures from the Kagura shoot as wel! :D <3 happy new year!

  3. Love your work and you look adorable in the Kagura cos! I can't wait for your Youtube update,I'll be waiting for it 😊 btw have a nice new year~

  4. Ganbatte vchan for the songs look forward for the new songs😍😍 if vchan put it in apple( i will be the first one to buy it lol) and also look forward for the youtube channel will always watch it πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. thank youuuu >w< hopefully it'll be released by iTunes :D <3 i'll do my best!!!

  5. Yeayy I'm looking forward for your own song and new video on youtube :3 V~
    Ganbatte V~ ❤️❤️πŸ˜†

    1. thank you!!! I hope it'll be up to your expectation >w< I'll do my best!! <3