Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hello Bali~!

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year!
I've uploaded my Chinese New Year greeting video to my YouTube channel~!
To those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, this is the time for NEW YEAR NEW ME
To those who aren't celebrating Chinese New Year, JANUARY was a trial month, the new year starts in February 😂😂😂😂😂
Due to my recent trips and piled up work, I am not fully doing my New Year Resolution 😂
I've finished reading Their Story and hopefully will finish Murakami's Absolutely on Music this month (to start reading two other novels)!! And of course, I wanna finish my Japanese-Bahasa Indonesia crossword puzzle book soon too XD

But, February will definitely be a busy month too <3

You know what to give me for Valentine's Day right? 😌

Recorded my very first guitar cover song and it's uploaded to YouTube~!

I'm doing my very first FS event for 2017~!
Let's spread the love (V Kanon's page HAHA) for the month of love ☺️

I'm joining a national Japanese song Karaoke competition~
Please like that post to get me to the semi-final >.<

Costume for very first event in 2017 by Kazaryuu Cosplay Store~!
I'll be attending CLASH 2017 Medan~!

I'm also preparing a series of videos to be released each week in February~!
Of course there are also photos from my previous shoots that I haven't upload as well and song-cover video request!! So exciting! ⭐️

And so, even though only a month passed since End of Year Family Holiday Trip, we went out of town again during Chinese New Year; to Bali we went~! ⭐️

Clothing in Bali is so relaxing~ 💕

I actually love to buy bikini, but the bikini I bought two years ago could only be worn two years later, in Bali 😂

View from hotel's bar

Sad to say that even Bali was cloudy ;; no DRY GLARING SHINING SUN throughout my visit 😂

Problem with bangs during windy day 😂

I ordered a cocktail named Another Wife 🌚

Cause I may go broke if I get another husbando (?)

I left the bar 10 minutes before sunset 😂

First day was simply relaxing in the hotel~ ⭐️
Since it was the first day of Chinese New Year, at the same we also had reunion dinner~

OOTD for DAY2 ⭐️

No matter how I try to spin my brain, all my OOTD for 3DAYS in Bali are monochrome 😂😂
Bikini for first two days were orange and pink, but the most noticeable outer were both white 😂😂

I don't really like hotels' yellow lights, since it's harder to see whether I've put on enough make-up or not (blusher and contouring) but I like it this time, since the pink in my hair is so visible 😂😂

Even though not much, I did stroll around my hotel area and took some chance to snap snap~! Designs of Bali's shop houses, hotels, cafes are so cute~! 💕

If I stayed in one of the rooms, I would ask someone to take picture of me standing at the balcony from the outside 😆

Actually I caught a cold on the day of my flight to Bali 😂😂
Runny nose -> coughing + lack of sleep = combo 😂😂
That's why the second day, I could hardly leave my bedddddd for breakfast ._.
But I'm glad I didn't get breakfast, cause I went to one of the happiest place on earth (V's edition)

I see someone I may love: RED VELVET 💕

Take note: V loves RED VELVET, cake, latte or whatever!! 😆

Inside of Fat Turtle

Actually my cousin was the one who wanted to come here 😂
I know she has great tastebud, so definitely I follow 🌝 senpai (?)

Long story short, had breakfast at 12 at Fat Turtle 💕

The store's most recommended Red Velvet Pancake

Words can't describe how good it was.. 😳
Like even now, one week since my visit, and I miss it already 😳
I'm not so fond of pancake nor waffle but that plate describes how heaven feels like 😳
Pancake wasn't too thick, still warm, very soft and chewy, not too sweet and the cheese cream was marvellous 😳 *gulp*

We ordered 2 pancakes, the other being nutella 😆

The pancake texture and taste wise is of course the same, but I just simply love the Red Velvet pancake way much more 😆

I was afraid my tummy won't be full with just pancake, so I ordered salted-egg cupcake-shape croissant ⭐️

Take note: V loves salted egg 😆

How they deliver the bill is so cute~!

During my third visit to Bali, I found a cafe I'd love to come again ⭐️

Such a cute design~!

I would like to check this restaurant out next time 😆

In the mean time, took a picture 😂

Cause I saw a lot of people took picture there (?)
I think it's kinda good that I was wearing white, cause the background is so colorful 🌚

And we walked all the way for our lunch

Beach viewing? Sea viewing? 😂 from Karma Resorts!

Even though it was 12, the sun wasn't shining brightly ._.

Lunch!! 😂

Yeah, not eating at proper timing + cocktail aren't helping me to cure my cold but I just wanna enjoy Bali 😂
Mine is the one at the right...I forgot the name ;;; my cousin's at the left was Mojito~

teehee 💕

Thanks for accompanying me around all this time 😂

And then..there's no trip without a visit to the salon, Number76 /slapped
I'm kidding, I went to a salon but nope not Number76 😂

Went for hair braiding~

Pulled my cousin along as well 😂

I had my whole hair done~ since I don't do it unless I'm in Bali~!


The higher it is, more painful it is when braiding.. and of course it ain't so comfortable to sleep with it.. beauty is pain 😂

But I like ;w;

I'm sad to say that I took it off two days after..
Two years ago I managed to survive almost a week in it 😭

The braiding was actually smaller compared to before, so it wasn't so uncomfortable to sleep with but my reasons to take them off were: 
1. I have oily scalp = itchy ;; 
2. Braiding quite tight = I'm scared it'll cause too much stress on my scalp ;; 
3. The braiding makes my quite light headed 😂 cocktail + lack of sleep + my head felt more windy 😂

I wanna go back to Bali when it's sunnier and less cold 😂

Here comes DAY3; last day~!

Super Monochrome 😂

Usually Chinese would wear red during Chinese New Year, and I do love red and pink but I don't know, this year is just like this 😂

Went to Bali zoo~!

Research says that green is good for tired eyes?
The remaining post, please recommend it to people who have tired eyes, and animal lovers 😂

Can you see the dear~ oops I mean the deer~ 😆

First stop was seeing crocodile..

FYI V dislikes reptile..
Fake crocodile skin accessories is fine (since it's fake) but nope, not the alive one please 😂

Second stop was Tiger ⭐️

Can't get proper picture with no reflection of the glass ;;
Well.. it'd be dangerous if there's no glass 😂

V likes tiger ⭐️
V's most favorite Disney Princess is Jasmine ⭐️ (?)

My favorite color coordinate; Red X Black!!

But somehow I like this picture a lot ;;

Taking picture of animal is like taking picture during event or concert? since the animal does move 😂

The character I love most from Madagascar! 😆

I like to MOVE IT ⭐️

Rudolph!! I guess Bali is not cold enough to make its nose red 😆

Guinea pigs!! ⭐️

Actually I was kinda shocked that there were guinea pigs, since I've only seen them in pet shop 😂

Different kind of tiger!!

Unless I put my lens reallllyyyy close, the gate isn't making the picture nice ;;
Anyway it ain't possible 😂

Mandatory selfie of the day 😆

Chinese New Year means new clothessssss

I was contemplating to get m$o bikini or swim pants, since there wasn't any size written in the web-shop 😂 at last I only got the swim pants as it's adjustable!

February will be busy but won't be as packed as January I guess, since I had trips in January~
I don't know when will my next trip be, but I shall look forward to it!!

Stay tune to my pages! Perhaps I'll write about something that isn't trip related for my next post here!
Feel free to comment anything you'd like me to write about as well!
Lots of love XOXO!


  1. Ooh less sunny in Bali on January is it? I love the braids btw XD

  2. Ooh less sunny in Bali on January is it? I love the braids btw XD

  3. Like it! Good Luck on the Karaoke Competition![Is it too ate? Sorry if it is]
    Btw~ How can I get one of those crossword puzzle book?! Owh... love your blog like always! <3

  4. thank you xD
    I got it at local book store named Gramedia :D