Wednesday, 25 January 2017

First trip in 2016 part 2

First Singapore visit in 2017!!!!!
Damn exciting, cause I had a full schedule but still managed to do my own sightseeing 😝

Yayy! 19th January, second day in Singapore!

Usually when I am putting on my make-up, I definitely put up my bangs~
So I'm less glam before a shoot, because I'm lazy to put down my bangs as it'll be ruined when I put on my wig 😂 so there you go, V's forehead 😌

Hungry can't do anything 👽

Actually I reached the place earlier, so I managed to get brunch, or else I'd skip it 😂

The shoot was in Bukit Timah Railway 💕

It has been 2 years since I last visited that venue~
I honestly only visited there once before, cause the location was hard to reach 😂
But I'm so happy with Singapore's swift progress; now there's MRT Station which is less than 10 minutes walk away!!
The place where I had meal earlier is right in front of the MRT Station, a building that sells furniture, something like IKEA O-O so it was also very convenient for me to put on my cos!!
The guy in blue is the photog in action 😎

Dear Mumei <3

I did a shoot as Mumei before, plus worn it to AFASG2016 but I still love her!!!
Anyway it's by request, so I don't mind at all :D <3

The other side of Bukit Timah Railway

The shoot was supposed to be for 3 hours rained just after 1.5 hours 😨
Actually it rained every afternoon during my visit; like it's always cloudy & cool, starts drizzling at around 2.30 and rain till 4 D:
Anyway I still sweat while wearing Mumei's gear 😂

My previous Mumei shoot wasn't here, so I look forward to the ones taken here 😚

With SK Wendy Jones and Dion the photog 😁

Last time I worked with Dion I was still damn noob /_;
Thanks for wanting to work with me again 😂 I look forward to our next shoot!!

Ended up cabbing to avoid the rain 😨

After returning to hotel to leave my costume and gear, it's time to go to one of my favorite parts of Singapore; Raffles Place - Clarke Quay

Time to pewpewpew shootshootshoot snapsnapsnap 😍

It was 6+, then just rained, still cloudy, so no bright D:
But anyway, that's my favorite exit from Raffles Place MRT! I walked all the way from Raffles Place MRT to Clarke Quay's Central~
It was a memory path? It's another place I visited a lot, because my school is around that area ⭐️

View right in front of the UOB Building, a part of the Singapore River~

To the right is toward the Merlion, to the left is toward Clarke Quay via Boat Quay~
Of course I walked toward the left :D :D

Commemoration shoot 👄

And to the left we go~

Boat Quay~! Walk all the wayyyyyy

It takes 10-15 minutes walk from one side of Boat Quay to another?
There's cat cafe, delicious wagyu yakiniku restaurant, a lot of seafood restaurants~
And a lot of office workers chilling and drinking beer after work 🍻

There's an underground tunnel to the other side of the road at the end of Boat Quay~

Such a clean walkway 😚

If you zoom in to the pictures, it's as if I'm stalking the guy in white shirt 😂

And here is the other side of the road~

THE RIVERWALK building~!
First floor is the famous seafood restaurant named JUMBO
Not sure still there or not but there's also nice Italian restaurant at the same floor~
Second floor (not sure still there or not) have tattoo store
And second floor.. was where my school located 😢 SAE Singapore ceased operations last year October 😢 the last time I really went to the school was 2 years ago, when I went to get my graduation certificate but still so much memory there 😞
Feels like fate that my first snaps in Singapore is my old school 😂

The other side of the road is my destination, where my friend has been waiting, Central 😆

Another underground tunnel, which I used even more frequently years ago~

The drawing on the wall has changed a lot of times though 😆

At last, the Central side of Clarke Quay

Can see the famous G-Max Reverse Bungy attraction~
Nope of course I've never rode that before and I'll never ride that 😂
I could hear people screaming all the way from Central when there's people playing 😂
Nope V is afraid of height, thank you 😂

Met my friend and off to dinner we go~

Tried Keisuke but Lobster based soup in Clarke Quay~

I couldn't take pictures anymore, due to it's already too dark and we walked quite fast 😂
But the dinner was great 😍 Keisuke is always my favorite ramen chain~

Next day was shoot as ShibuRin 😍

I did cosplay Shiburin in 2016, once, but not really for a shoot, was more for an event~
I wanna do other costume of Buburin this year 😆
That day's shoot was indoor, so there's no worries for rain~

Shoot was in Orchard Gateaway's Skybridge~

My blog posts will really be recce report soon 😂
The shoot was fast, 2 hours? Ended up I could change in my hotel and extra time to walk to my next destination!

V's tourist look~

Sneakers ftw when it comes to Singapore, because I need (and I want to) walk a lot~
V is more fit in Singapore 😂

Right in front of my hotel at Scotts Road~

Not much Chinese New Year decoration in Orchard, since Christmas is just a month ago, so I didn't snap in Orchard area. Thus, I took bus ride to Dhoby Ghaut right away~

I used to walk all the way from Clarke Quay to where I stayed in Orchard back then when I was a student~
There's two ways actually; 1. via City Hall or 2. via RiverValley Area
I always walked via City Hall -> SMU -> Bras Basah -> Dhoby Ghaut -> Somerset -> Orchard
Therefore, this is another part of town that I frequently visit!

First time visited this place was when there's a small excursion with my classmates, when we were learning about acoustic, as this place is outdoor performance venue (though I only saw bands performing here once~)

Small but nice space~

Of course there are couples dating here at night 😂

Commemoration shoot but behind still so bright 😂

My destination was Bugis~
I love how town area in Singapore is so accessible by walking 😍

As I walk, I saw a crowd behind the entrance of Bras Basah MRT

Happened to be there was a small bazaar~

But after that, it kinda drizzled a little that I rushed right away to Bugis 😂

The next day was my last day in Singapore, off to another shoot before leaving 😃

Singapore's Shibuya Crossing /slapped

It was just 12pm? So not so many people yet I think O-O
I was in the bus to China Town :D

Woo I've never been to this part of town before O-O

There are 2 ways to China Town by bus from Orchard~
1. Orchard -> Somerset -> Dhoby Ghaut -> City Hall -> Clarke Quay -> China Town
2. via the back way, which is Orchard -> Somerset -> somewhere to the bus stop behind Central -> China Town Point

I rode the bus that took route number 2. I can't explain the route, which means I've never really been to that area before 😂

Reached China Town~

Of course it's the most crowded area for this season, since Chinese New Year is a week away :D

Everyone is saying that this year's Chicken decoration is the best ever CNY decoration for the past few years!

I like fried chicken :B

Hard to take picture of it though ;w;

But here's a selfie 😆

China Town also have nice buildings <3

My last shoot was in China Town, casual shoot for Chinese New Year in QiPao 😍

Man, I love QiPao 😍

No offence but I actually love QiPao more than Kimono, cause it's easier to wear 😂
The slit at the side of Cheongsam also so nice 😍

I was kinda in a rush for this shoot so I didn't have extra time to walk around with my camera = the next photos are quick snaps by my iPhone 😆

outdoor eating area in ChinaTown~

One of the shops~

Found this!

Too bad didn't have time to write 😂 I even only get to read what is really written when I'm sorting out pictures for this post 😂

First time working with Terence <3

First knew him ages ago, when I was still noob, I feel bad that he had to take my poor cosplay 😂
Honestly there are photogs that I'm reluctant to greet, because I'm so ashamed of my cosplay that they took the last time they met me (back then 2-3 years ago 😭)
Charles, who I worked for the first time with as well, for Shiburin (I'm sorry I forgot to take selfie with you 😰) is also one of them! Dion as well!!
It's like I'm not worthy enough to have my photo taken 😥
I'm also not saying that my Cosplay now is best, that's why I also have no confidence to greet them. Plus how if they don't recognize me, since I don't frequently come to events~
The only thing I am capable of to let everyone know my existence is by posting daily in my Facebook page 😂

That's why I'm honestly thankful to every single photog and coser who say hi to me, hug me, even just smile at me, kindly ask for my photo (impolite behaviour is another case 😂) in Medan Singapore Jakarta wherever!! 
Of course there are faces that I can recognize without remembering names  (those not so close to me >.<) but a lot of time even if I know that person, or at least friends in Facebook, I'd put up straight face when passing by them because i'm really afraid if they don't recognize me 😂
I know my straight face, resting face is damn scary but please please never hesitate to come and talk with me 😂 I'm just awkward 😂

Alright!! Time to rush for Chinese New Year plans! 😆
February will be a special month as well, since there's my day (*cough* V day /slapped)
Oh! I'm also coming up with FanSign event soon~
Stay tune and lots of loveeeeeee 😘


  1. Love the Mumei cosplay! It suit you! I hope you have fun in Singapore and Happy Lunar New Year (Late 2 days :P) V-san~ Love your work and keep doing it!

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