Monday, 23 January 2017

First trip in 2017!

How has January been to everyone? 😍 😍
I'm so grateful that there's still things to be grateful for!! 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
So much happening since it's the beginning of the year, and I already had my very first trip in 2017 😚 😚
First trip was work+fun=BEST 😆 what a great start to all the remaining trips for this year 💕

I'm still in love with the pink shade of my hair 👄

Last week, from the 14th till 27th of January, I was away to Jakarta and Singapore~!
Before that, I had another music video shoot~

This is my dressing table!

Even though I said table, I don't sit anywhere near it when putting on my makeup though 🤔
I put my books inside that drawer. However, for the shoot, I actually decorated (the inside of) two out of the 4 compartments! 

Trying to make them look like Tumblr blog kind of 'goals'? 🤣

Of course everything didn't stay like that after the shoot 😂 I have too many stuff and won't have enough space if I put everything like that 😂

Unexpectedly I enjoyed doing that 💕

Also put up some vibrant wigs, though ended up that side wasn't taken in the video 😂

One of the styles I dressed up as for the video 👽
You emo neighbour 👽

The shoot was very fast, in a day, since it was in my own house (lessen transport time!) but I dressed up........7 times 🤡 I look forward to the final product!

And to Jakarta I went~

Been a while since I took selfies 😂

Good morning ⭐️

This is how I always prepare my makeup tools when I'm travelling! I'm using a stationery standee? My dad actually bought 3 for me from Daiso (no I don't have a lot of pen but I have a lot of brushes, eye/lip pencils 😂)

First day was to finish final mix of my songs!

I've made 2 music videos and finished 7 songs. Only 1 have been released unofficially, a few demo being played here and there 😝 😝 😝
I posted a video via Instagram, a preview of my music video as I checked my song along with the rough draft of my music video!

Discovery in Jakarta 😆

Not sure whether the picture is clear enough or not but I found emergency chocolates!! The packaging is so cute 😂 Cokelat anti galau (anti-emo choco~), Cokelat enteng jodoh (easy to get the person just for you choco? 😂) and a few more!
I decided to get some for my friends (and I also received some LOL 😂)

Cokelat Tolak Miskin = Chocolate against poverty Cokelat 
To avoid bankruptcy, disadvantage, despair, being left alone, hard time and catastrophe
How to use = first bite will make you think, second will have smile, third will make you happy, next will give you the spirit to realize your dream 🤔

Cokelat Anti Galau = Chocolate against going emo 👽
Use when you feel hopeless, failed a test, heartbreak, nightmare, contemplation and feeling troubled.
How to use = slowly open, cut the part you wanna eat and enjoy it

Anti emo chocolate consists of Style, Confidence, Being exist, Narcissus and saying bye to calorie 🤣

Cokelat Rasa Sayang = Love chocolate (first aid when you fall in love 😜)
So that you'll be loved by your partner, friend, in-law, family, wife/hubby and the crowd (recommended for February 14 I guess 🤣)

Consist of care, understanding, trust, love and calorie in your heart 😌

I won't write the other types, since this post will end up into a promotion post if I do so 😂

The last day in Jakarta, very first shoot in 2017!

Unexpectedly (?) my very first shoot was with Faivon 😂
Well, I just happened to visit Jakarta before Singapore 😌
With Faivon being in Jakarta currently, means I'll have a few shoot in Jakarta this year i guess 😝

Another first experience unlocked for 2017: First shoot in Jakarta and first time visiting tourist spot; Kota Tua, which means Old Town

Photo was taken at almost 5pm but that day was cloudy 🤔

I can't count how many times I've visited Jakarta, but that was my very first time visiting Kota Tua, since I've never really visit Jakarta as a tourist 😂

Meeting point was Batavia Cafe

Of course my fingers were itching to grab my camera as soon as I reach Kota Tua 😝 But my own shoot was the main thing, so I didn't start by walking and looking around. 
I started with... FOOD, cause I can't do anything with empty stomach 😂

Indonesia = Nasi Goreng 😜

Batavia Cafe is very comfortable, with friendly staffs and a lot of tourist~
It is also very clean, thus it's where I prep myself up for the shoot!

First time doing hime Rin 💕

Another FIRST thing unlocked: First character from FATE series 😂

I kinda feel like every cosplayer (more to female though :x) definitely will do a character from FATE series, especially Saber since she has a lot of costume :x
But no offence, my first love in FATE is actually Rin 💕
She is one of my 'I wanna cos but I don't know when' characters >.<
Faivon told me she suits Kota Tua, so there I go 😂

Location of the shoot

My blog is like 'recce' report soon 😂

Since I have my camera, I'll definitely be uploading a lotttt of my captures this year 🤔

Commemoration selfie!!

The shooting place was a 4 level building? We took some picture at the ground floor, the one at the roadside, then we went into the third floor

The inside was totally untaken care of? 
Like can feel as if everything from years ago is there 😰

I see this background a lot (the mandala? glass painting? 😂) in my timeline :x

It's like the 'Chinese-Japanese garden' of Singapore? 😂 I mean a lot of coser been here? 😂
But the inside is very dark that I can't take selfie inside~

and at last I see the light 👽

I guess it's a lucky thing that that day was cloudy but no rain~
Definitely the location was warm, so cloudy was better than having the sun shining as bright it usually is (?)

Then it's time to snapsnapshootshoot after the shoot~ Time to be TOURIST 🤡

The famous Tree house?

The tree grows around the house? :x

Nevermind just take a selfie will do 😂

I've never even take a picture of the post-office in my hometown 😂

Noticed? Thanks Faivon for the snaps 😂

I did take some more but when checking the pictures via computer, not much turned out good 😰

We waited for our ride in front of Indonesia's Bank Museum~

At night, I met my lovely semechan 😍 😍 😍

The white thing on my head is tissue 😂 
I don't wanna dirty the hat from semechan with my makeup 😂

Unglam but it's moment that counts (?)
Played at arcade after years of not 😂

We met at my most favorite mall in town? GRAND INDONESIA 😝
Grand Indonesia has this special area named ALUN ALUN INDONESIA, where there are Indonesia's products such as Batik, Wayang and I went there as I was finding gift for my overseas friend 💕


I don't know the artist but the staff told us that the creator is half Japanese half Indonesian~ thus the simple Japanese & Bahasa Indonesia!
The one at the left is mine, I bought it cause I think it's cute, as it's expressing Jakarta's annual flooding 😳 of course the situation is not cute but the drawing is >.<

My next post will be about my Singapore trip; sure a lot of pictures 😝
So, to lessen the pictures, I'll post two pictures of my first meal in Singapore (?)

Tried Tendon for the first time *o*

Rice + tempura = Tendon~
Set comes with chawan mushi, miso soup and something like pickles!

Look forward to my next post 💕

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