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Hello 2017

Hello 2017~!
It's already a year since I last posted here but I don't have any material from the new year yet 😂
Alright, not sure whether this is an excuse or not but only 5 days passed since the new year ok 😌

Even though I don't have any material from 2017 yet, I already have in mind what I wanna write for this post and the next one! The two posts will be about December 2016!

First of all, I've been visiting my favorite cafe in town, Coffeenatics, a lot in December 😂
Like there was a week when I went there for 3 times >w< Two with friends for gathering and another one for music video shooting~
I'm sure I went there for more than 5 times, but twice I went were for special occasions held by Coffeenatics

Christmas decoration at Coffeenatics~

Coffeenatics have been holding workshops for public (of course there's registration and limited space though~) and here's one of them, Terrarium Workshop by Boris Hartanto 💕

I honestly didn't join the workshop though 😌 The Coffeenatics team is just kind enough to let a (noob random) photographer like me to play with my new toy XD

A little background info! Terrarium is a jar, or glass container where there's soil and plant~ it is easy to maintain that it can be used as decoration~! For the workshop, Coffeenatics prepared glass container, soil, plant, brush, clipper, Coffeenatics badge (for decoration~), stone and cleaning stuff like tissue paper, well, everything in the picture!

FYI, all the plantation in Coffeenatics, indoor and outdoor are maintained by the workshop's mentor; Boris Hartanto!

Start with cleaning the plant~ plucking out the dried part and using the brush :>

Here I learned the hardship of being an 'event-photographer' 😂 like some shoots aren't nice because of hand movement and angle >.<

After cleaning, it's time to add soil and stone into the container! After that, put in the plant, using a straw to poke holes so that the plant will not move around~ (ok V is definitely not a great teacher 😂)

If this is a proper shoot, I don't want that crumpled tissue paper to be there 😂

Ah, it's not that I've decided to change profession (?) into a photographer but I just like to take good photo? >< I love seeing how much more focused (I mean not blurred) are photos taken with digital camera~ I'm not complaining with iPhone camera though, it's still good but yeah it's just personal hmmm enjoyment? 😂 like I love it when I receive the original file of my cosplay picture compared to those I saved from Fb ><


Hmmmmmm I like the first picture better than the second ;w; It'd be better if the clipper is placed diagonally and the plastic removed >< while the composition of the second picture is a bit weird? I think I cropped the original picture

This post sounds like I'm complaining about my own pictures 😂 but I kinda feel I'm getting OCD with pictures >< I did adjust minor things such as contrast, sharpness kind of thingy and of course cropped some!

Thanks to my cousin for becoming my (hand) model XD
But I think I love this picture most <3

Actually, lately, I've been editing a lot of pictures by myself. I've been telling to some people I wanna start learning photoshop (like my year 2016 resolution LOL) but until now no photoshop application is in my computer 😂 instead I edited those pictures via MacBook's Preview, the default application for viewing picture XD
However, I've also been editing some cosplay pictures of mine via photoshop...PHOTOSHOP FIX, via iPhone 😂 I just feel that photoshop is easier to use by touchscreen? may be for non-touchscreen computers by using Wacom? Anyway yes I've been editing some pictures via iPhone PHOTOSHOP FIX 😂

As a break (?) here are some pictures I edited with Photoshop Fix 😂

First two virgin works 😂 original photos by Faivon Creative Works~
Photoshop mostly on the clothes >< too much wrinkleeee

Dr Harleen Quinzel, original photo by Marcus Ho

Christmas shoot, originally by Faivon Creative Works~
I should've edited the background shadow? 😥

But honestly I gotta say, Photoshop is addicting after I started 😂 it's like I end up wanna photoshop anything and everything, I ended up being extra OCD with pictures ._. like for example the Rem FanSign that I did~ I know I shouldn't be too focused since FanSign -> as natural as original as possible but I just feel like photoshopping my fringe 😂 like some lines of my hair is so obvious, like can see that my fringe is not so thick ;w;.......


Alright, back to Coffeenatics XD the other remarkable visit, was my very first time joining a workshop for real! I joined Manual Brew V60 workshop by Harris Hartanto!

Photo by iPhone HAHA

The workshop started with Harris explaining what are the factors to take note of in coffee flavour. I may have forgotten some 😂 but I remember after-taste, aroma, fragrance, body, lemon, lime, random keywords 😂

We were taught to use the V60 machine~

There I learned that how Australian brew VS how Japanese brew with this machine is completely different :0 As Coffeenatics is inspired by Australian culture, we were taught the Australian way (my keyboard doesn't have koala or kangaroo emoticon ;w;)

Grind the coffee, place the filter, pour water over the filter, put in the coffee powder, pour water in circular way for 3 times~

3 times = 3 different amount of water = 3 different timing of how long keep on pouring

I'm honestly a noob when it comes to coffee, like once I bought for my friends coffee bean without understanding that coffee grinder is needed 😂 I thought can pour hot water over the coffee bean and a cup of coffee is done 😂 so my friends are like "how to be good wife like that" (ouch the sexist remark 😂) so ok I'm learning XD of course it was my first time brewing coffee so "first experience" collection added >w< plus it was really fun and interesting~!

Ah, I actually posted a short video of my "learning to be a good wife" scene in one of my END OF YEAR Q&A with V Kanon videos XD
I'll be posting the video again in my Instagram, for promoting this post 

That night, I drank the most coffee ever in my life 😂
Well, it's like cooking class, you can't possibly keep on cooking without tasting 😆

I don't think it affected my sleeping schedule though, cause without coffee or with coffee, I still sleep very late 😂

With my partner in crime~

Coffeenatics have 4 types of workshop for Manual Brewing; V60, Aeropress, Chemex and French Press! I hope I'll be able to learn the other 3 from Coffeenatics in the future <3

Goodie bag for all the participants~!

Coffeenatics gave us free coffee bean~ but there's no worry for me who (obviously 😂) doesn't have coffee grinder at home~! Coffeenatics does provide coffee grinding service, and of course brewing it! We can request to grind as much as we want, like only for a cup of coffee or the whole packet!

Beside that, participant of Manual Brew Workshop also get 10% off for any manual brew equipment that is being sold at Coffeenatics.. At home, only my dad drinks coffee, and only a cup a day, during meeting in the day.. He has meeting almost everyday so there's no one at home I can make coffee for 😂 anyone wanna volunteer😂

Haii~! After Coffeenatics's workshops, of course I also had END OF YEAR HOLIDAY trip with my family :D However, I'm keeping that for my next post XD so here are some random moments~!

I had last video shoot for my upcoming music video~! Yes, right before attending the workshop, thus the same sweater XD

Stopped by Singapore for 1 day; did hair treatment and color touch-up by Steve at Number76

Actually I was in Singapore for 2 days 1 night, last day of my End of Year trip but reached late afternoon on the first day and left late afternoon on the second day so it's like 1 day 😂

Dog Cafe....No didn't enter 😂
31st December = Saturday = New Year's Eve = no reservation = no doggie ;w;
I also don't understand what is this picture commemorating (?)

Instead, went to Pokemon cafe since I was already in Bugis XD 

The first Pokemon cafe was actually opened back then in June? I think it closed in July, as it was really open for a limited period of time only but I didn't visit it at all. Queue is my main reason for not going 😂

Coffee Latte and Aloha Milk~
obviously the milk is mine 😂 what is V without drinking milk at least once a day (?)

Ice Cream bun~ Raspberry ice cream~

Jelly and cream puff~!

Yes, didn't do much in Singapore XD so I'm uber looking forward to my next Singapore visit~!

There goes one part of my December 2016!! The next post actually will be next week..but!
I'll be uploading a "NEW YEAR" video this weekend!
I don't wanna waste a single day in 2017, so brace yourself for more V in 2017 >w<

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