Tuesday, 10 January 2017

End of Year 2016 trip

It's going to be mid-January soon >.< is everyone still holding on? 😂
Gratefully I have a lot to do till the end of January
being busy is a great thing >.<
But before I forget, I gotta write down my End of Year trip last month, or is it last year? 😆

It was a really short trip; 8 days away from home, 2 days in the plane..it was a really relaxing trip that I had no problem managing my pages :B I was still actively posting photos, albums, videos while enjoying my trip & of course enjoying time with my family~!

I was contemplating to bring along my Korean husbando or not 😂

I left Medan on the 23rd of December; I don't count this as one day (if i were, it means I was away for 9 days :P) because I left at the evening~

I was heading to somewhere where I need to transit via Singapore (I can't go anywhere without transiting anyway 😂)
Reached Singapore at 11pm, checked into hotel in the airport. Therefore Christmas Eve morning = Singapore airport 😆 Then, I rode 7 hours plane to Doha + 2.5 hours to Amman~
Yes, my Christmas trip was in the Middle East :>

What's better than wearing your favorite character's hoodie during Christmas~!
Happier than White Christmas (?) 😂 V afraid of cold so snow is a no no 😌

When you are Jyushimatsu mode; you just can't close your mouth~~

Received a lot of hospitality from Kempinski Hotel~!

V's Jyushimatsu attempts (?) 😂

Hohoho 🤡

Best two? XD

I honestly didn't take much picture during this trip, because I was in Middle East for 5 days only, plus we only do sightseeing in the day time = gets dark very fast in winter = back in hotel by latest 5 pm 😆

Here comes the first destination; Petra, 3 hours bus ride from Amman~!

First pictures were cats 😆

Oh oh oh!! Like more than half of the pictures here were taken by my new camera <3

This is the main destination for this trip <3
We walked for almost 2 hours? from The Siq till the end, The Treasury, and return~ 

Selfie along the way >w<

We were lucky that there was any snow or rain, even though it was pretty windy XD
In this trip, we were to wake up early and reach back hotel early, since place like The Treasury is definitely real dark if the sun has set >.<

On the way~

And here we are~!

I guess there's a plus point in going to this area in December, since the walkway didn't feel so far since I'm not sweating 😂 instead it was pretty cold and windy (thus the beanie and glove and double layer top & bottom 😆)

Jordan still have building built with stone? so it's quite a different view with my latest trips~!

With my favorite cup from Coffeenatics <3

So.. one day spent at Petra, the next day we went to Dead Sea~!

Hair endorsement shoot 😂 just kidding, I just love pink shade of my hair <3

Vocaloid pose (?)

I find that as typical "idol cosplay" pose 😂
Anyway, I was in Mount Nebo. The thing behind me is The Brazen Serpent. This is a religious site as this was where Moses died. There is also a church there~!
I've actually been to this part of Jordan ages ago, when I visited Israel (that was a pure religious site visits XD)

For Dead Sea, we stayed in another amazing wonderful Kempinski Hotel which felt more like a resort XD

Omo there was post box for Santa >.<

I wrote...wish for 2017's Christmas? 😂

Anyway, we reached the hotel just nice before sunset~!

I love to take picture of silhoutte <3

I'm kidding that's actually me 😂

No bangs, don't fly 😂

Ok I gave up 😂

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea was awesome since I could walk right away to the Dead Sea <3

Heading to the beach with layered clothes 😂

The white thingy is salt~~

No, I didn't taste them but I'm sure they are salty 🤔

When your hair is all over the place but the background is damn nice <3

Ok, this isn't applicable for Cosplay shoots 😂

If I wasn't there in December, on days when it's not that cold (it was around 10 degree Celcius >.<), I would love to dip into the sea~
It's the best sea for those who can't swim, since we'll be floating 😂 and heard that the water is actually good for scars for faster healing (though of course it'll sting >.<)

/bad hair nice background number 2 😂

I wished we stayed in the hotel for one extra day >.< cause I think I'll be pulled to swim if we had such free time too 😂
Second time in Dead Sea and still in love with it <3

Pictures with my cousins and our two great tour guides~!

I really loved it in Jordan! Everyone is so kind and full of smiles~! Our guide was also very very friendly! My days in Jordan were really great~!

V's obsession with milk 😆

We stopped by Doha for 2 days after Jordan~!

Doha is more modern, like Dubai~!
The building with pointy end (needle?) is Doha Tower~!
..No offence but the first time I saw it, I'm reminded of Plankton from Spongebob 😆

I love it when there's park in the middle of busy city <3

We only did a reallyyyy short city tour around Doha, then went to Vilaggio Mall for..window-shopping (I truly didn't spend a cent when I was in Middle East...ok, except skin-product from Dead Sea 😆)

Haagen Dazs date with my partner in crime XD

Date with partner in crime because I didn't have Christmas date nor New Year date 😂
Our tour guide in Doha told us that guys there can marry up to 4 girls 🤔 but I still didn't find rich sugar daddy (?) 😂

Had Haagen Dazs Fondue, my favorite menu <3

I'm writing this post late at night and I can feel my tummy crying for it 😂
For drink, both of us ordered something that is made from lime.. 

My first pictures in Doha were cats as well >w<

Thus ended my trip~
Not as many happening as my previous trip to the States but at the same time, not as tiring!
Therefore I have a lot of energy for the beginning of the year 🤣

I'll be leaving the town again next week and during Chinese New Year and already planning for more trips for this year!! 
Doing early planning is to be prepared, since being prepared means easier to handle when things go out of hand! But at the same time, too much excitement can make me go panic, like I feel like packing for a trip that'll only happen in March? 😂 I need to stay calm 😂

I wish time to move faster but at the same time I have deadlines chasing as well~!
Life is a mixture of plus & minus, so I'm very grateful that my life is pretty much balanced (chasing and being chased 😂)!
For the future, I can only go as far as planning, but of course what'll happen is an excitement that comes by its' own; a gift that I can't expect and a blessing that I can't predict!! <3

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