Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I got no fool for April's Fool~~~~~

How fooled were you during April's Fool? XD
The only joke (lie) I made during April's Fool was 'Hola, I just came back from Spain' (?)
With a confession of 'just kidding' in less than a minute XD

Been a month 3 days since my last blog post =w=
I still got a number of happening from March that I haven't write down XD and of course what happened since April started :D
That's why I'm taking a break from vlog this week to come up with 2 blog posts!
I'm keeping my Tokyo posts separately from this one since I do have vlogs for my Tokyo Trips :D
So here I am with 'what happened to V' since the last blog post, excluding the one week in Tokyo~!

Before leaving to Tokyo, I made a make-up tutorial video (after more than a year of not, so count this as a legit one XD)
I did make-up for Overwatch's characters; Mei and D.Va <3
I uploaded it on the exact day I took my flight to Japan XD
Anyway, check it out here!

Needed quite a number of stuff and trust me, it was messy at the end XD

Korean Pop Star and Almond Eye makeup~

Honestly speaking, for all my video, not just this one, what I worry the most all the time is the length of the video ๐Ÿ˜‚
I tried my best to keep this video below 10 mins!! Because I'm not the type that likes lengthy video ><
The difference of both make-up isn't so obvious, especially with photo filter ๐Ÿ˜‚
I should try shooting makeup video somewhere else next time; lesson learnt :D

I can't wait to cosplay D.Va soon >w<<3

Had the honor to meet Wakayama's board of tourism

People from Wakayama's board of tourism came to Medan to promote Wakayama :D
It is at Kansai, 1/2 hour from Kansai airport!!
It's already in my 'to go' wish list, because Wakayama has both sea and mountain, delicious seafood and fruit and ONSENNNNN
Well, it's obvious that Japan is not somewhere that I'm satisfied with by just going once <3

Superb viewwwwww

Saturday afternoon: Makeup video
Saturday evening: Dinner
Sunday afternoon: Dream group shoot

Dream shoot, because I turned Korean (?)
No, I wanna be Japanese ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I do like Korean, especially the series of my dream shoot!!

Saranghae~ without wig

Saranghae with wig XD
and cat ears for Mr Han :x

YES I had Mystic Messenger group shoot (I got your message 8D)

I was MC XD

Even though MC's trademark is no eyes, i had eyes during my shoottttttt

Thanks to Yuki (in cat ears :B) for the invite >w<

My pretty Zen and fangirl friend Jaehee XD

Jaehee is the greatest friendzone character ๐Ÿ˜‚

Then, it's time for my favorite boysssss

Made sure I had no eyes for legit fangirling moment XD

My true love is 707 but lately I like Mr Han after I play his route ๐Ÿ˜‚

I didn't have much photo that day, but I got a lot of photo from a certain happening

I ran all the way to the front during this scene ๐Ÿ˜‚

There were still people who didn't know that I'm a fujoshi :x 

I had a private shoot with makeup done by my dear sexy sister

It felt great to have someone putting on fake eyelashes for me ๐Ÿ˜‚
It's like second thing that takes a lot of time for me when it comes to makeup ;-; first being eyeliner HAHA

When mirror says yes but camera says nooooooooo

I hope I can reveal the images soon <3

Ah, I updated two new albums in my Facebook Page!!

Somewhat I like Rem Demon version pictures more than the maid version XD
It's great to be badass 8D

I think I did this shoot last January....?
Anyway, I do have a lot of pictures that I haven't post but I need inspiration to post........

Photos from my latest (and last) Mumei battle version have been uploaded to Zwei's page as well!

We are Kabaneriiiiii

And photos from my Tohsaka Rin shoot back in January have been uploaded to Faivon Creative Works' page!

Expectation VS Reality xD

Ahhh I wanna do more version of Rin ><
And there are more characters from FATE series that I wanna try toooooo


Short summary: 2 days I went to ANIMEJAPAN 2017, one day I went for FUJOSHI tour, one day I went Cosplaying as Hanayo, one day I went on a Gundam & animal tour, one day I went Cosplaying as Hanamaru for food tour...
Time goes so fast when we are busy /cries
Next post will be about my ANIMEJAPAN 2017 & FUJOSHI tour so before that, please check my vlogs :B

Japan was colldddddddd
Ok not snowing, not below 0 degree but for someone who stays at 26-32 degrees most of the time, it was cold XD
like from 5-15 degrees everyday.....
I couldn't really wear thin clothing or shorts or more cooling spring as a revenge I wore such coordinate in Medan instead ๐Ÿ˜‚
Partly cause I can't move on from Japan tooooo

Blazer, shorts, long boots and accessories bought at Japan ><

How I wish I can do flower viewing with this kind of clothing ๐Ÿ˜‚
Long story short it was too cold + not much sakura yet for flower viewing /cries

Dropped by local event with group of friends after meeting for an upcoming shoot~


BAYMAX helped me during my last D.Va shoot, so that was our second meeting (?)

Coordinate number 2! Pastel!!

I dropped by Harajuku for a few hours when I was in Japan and everywhere I see girls with that hairstyle; short hair bunned up in halffffff
I mean it when I wrote I can't move on; been 3 weeks since I came back from Japan and whenever I go out, that's pretty much my hairstyle :x as well as for my vlogs XD

Met a dear sister-like friend from who came from Jakarta <3

She bought me hat from H&M~~~~~

Which I wore right away from my third spring coordinate <3

Another thing I'm influenced? affected? since my trip from Japan is I'm now so in love with SAKURA and pinkkkkkkkkkk

I used to hate pink, because of the stereotype of girl = pink = weak or girlish in the sense of can't do anything, powerless, barbie girl /roll-eyes
So I was more into blue when I was in primary school but since I started to know Visual Kei, MY LOVE FOR PINK has been UNLEASHEDDDDD
I know a lot of people think Visual Kei, guys with make-up is girlsih, gay, not manly and all those but Idk, I'm just the minority, I don't find it girlish or to be exact I find PINK on guys as MANLYYYYY
Like Miyavi, hide, Takeru and I'm referring to the period when Takeru was still in PSCompany, like during Umbilical (he had full pink curly hair) and Miyavi during Neo Visualizm when he painted his nails pinkkkkk
Well, I wasn't shocked with long hair anime guys so perhaps makeup Visual Kei guys didn't surprise me as well XD
Anyway the conclusion is now I'm even more in love with pink after seeing live cherry blossom for the time in my life that I don't mind my vision to be pink now (?)

I was honoured the chance to perform at SUN PLAZA BEAUTY event last week!

I was the opening act of the whole event!

I sang Diamond Creavasse and Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari <3

A small talk regarding what is beauty

I answered BEAUTY is not just outer but also inner. Outer BEAUTY is nice to look at, nice to the eyes, and so in the same context, someone with Inner BEAUTY is someone who is nice to be with, friendly, someone who you are comfortable to be with.

Another question was 'is it a must for a girl to be in full makeup when she is going out from her house' and my answer was NOOOOOO because a lot of time I'm makeup-less on weekday XD Ok there are times when I do wish to be a guy but no, that's not the reason why I'm makeup-less because makeup doesn't equal to being a girllllll
I think personal grooming, like facial or face mask or tidying eyebrow is a need for everyone, yes including guys. At least face wash, because in my opinion, it's the same as taking a bath daily.
Makeup can be part of personal grooming but it's not a must!! I always remember a phrase from my make-up lecturer. 'make-up is to enhance, because everyone is already beautiful'
Enhance doesn't only mean outer, but I believe it's also for inner, because to some people, let's not deny it, make-up does bring confidence. For me, make-up enhance my consciousness, because i'm always sleepier without makeup (?)

I was honoured a certificate for my participation in the event.

Once again I'm very thankful <3

Covered in WASPADA <3

I wore my yukata after a year of not XD
Yes it's also pink :P

It's not easy to move around in yukata though ;;

One year ago I posed with cellphone case from d_glitteratiolshop too in yukata XD

I always buy my phone case from d_glitteratiolshop <3
Current favorite is bunny >w<
Patting on furry fluffy stuff does calm me down now and then (?)
My hair that day was tied half in bun XD

And then I had a lot of shootttts
Because I plan to release my very first PHOTOBOOK <3

First character was the seaaaaaaa

I thought I don't suit Umi but my friends voted for Umi XD
Honestly speaking, Umi's wig is now on sale in my online selling page but after that shoot, I'm having doubts whether to really sell it or not :x

Preview of the location~!

I picked 4 characters from Love Live and Love Live Sunshine for my very first Photobook, because I want my photobook to have a theme. Of course, the main theme is Love Live!

Second character was Ruby!!!!!

My first love from Love Live Sunshine >/////<
Umi & Ruby were shoot at the same day, that's why I couldn't take much photo due to time constrain XD

Ballooon and Cloudddd ahhh my dreammmm

My photos were all taken at Karya Photo!
The photobook is honestly a new big challenge for me, because it is my very first photobook and I'm also selling posters too!

It took me 3 years since I first started cosplaying, 2 years since I have a page to come up with this decision. So please understand that I do take this very seriously ;-;

While waiting for my vlog to render, I fixed my prop for my next shoot~!

My Yohane wing dropped a lot of feather during ANIMEJAPAN 2017 due to the crowd XD
FEATHER DUSTER is the easiest to get a lot of feather so yea XD

I come to love YOHANE even more after cosing her XD

Upsidedown furnitures for the shoot :B

That week was:
Thursday - Umi & Ruby
Friday - Yohane
Saturday - supposed to be another shoot but bed-kun couldn't let go of me (?)
Sunday - group shoot XD

The group shoot was a simple gathering of cosplayers >w<

We are all from various series XD though I had TAURUS and Aphrodite with me <3

Photos with my dear saints <3

The one with Aphrodite was edited by Aphrodite herself >w<

Waking up early was tough (V is NIGHT CREATURE) but it was a fun gathering >w<

Last shoot for photobook was on Monday~~~

My favorite tsundere himeeeeee

The original idea of my photobook was actually 'type of characters / girls / cosplay'
Cause I thought of school girl, fallen angel, maid and villain
But then I didn't have enough time to get proper maid outfit
So I cut it down to Love Live, but keeping the LIGHT vs DARK theme (light being school girl & maid, dark being fallen angel & villain)
I asked my friends to vote between the ยต's and Aquors girls that I have in my cosplan; Hanayo, Maki, Kotori, Umi, Niko, Eli, Ruby, Hanamaru and Yohane

EVERYONE chose Umi, Yohane and Little Devil Maki XD
Ruby was added in the list last minute because I was waiting for my costume >< or else Ruby would've been changed to Kotori :x
But if I picked Kotori, I think the balance will be off :x
Because the current line-up has both LIGHT vs DARK theme & RED vs BLUE theme XD total coincidence!

Plus now that I think of it, there's another theme for these girls :x character I first fall in love at VS characters who I love after I Start cosplaying as them
First Loves: Ruby, Umi
Love after Cosplay: Yohane, Maki

If this photobook is a success, I do have a few more ideas in mind;
- types of girls HAHA I think this is still a good one :x probably student, idol, maid, villain.... or we go for 'dere' such as tsundere, deredere, yandere, kuudere but it'll be like this video XD
- FATE photobook :x no please don't put your hope too high first, i gotta costest the characters first :x

I know it's a bit late for LOVE LIVE? Like the series started since 5 years ago but yes, as I said, I take this very seriously + I'm a coward; I'm very afraid of disappointment and failure so it's a really big step for me m(_ _)m yoroshiku

Preview of Maki's shoot; it felt like Beauty and the Beast XD

I'm glad that I'm working with Karya Photo, because I'm getting a lot of guidance from them plus they keep up with my selfishness XD

Last weekend, after continuous photoshoot + video recording for my vlogs, I had a short family getaway to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, because it was long weekend holiday :D

At last I found Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn POP XD

Actually I saw JOKER a few times before, but I only wanna get it when I have Harley ><

Visited Number76 XD

Last month, I went to Singapore's Number76 for a haircut but no change in hair color, because my DIY haircolor was still strong and new :x

Decided to go all out with PINKKKKK

Trust me, I asked for pink >///////<
It's not that pastel pink is unachievable but Odera said that pastel pink will only last for one fast as withering sakura /cries
So I went with brown-rose-gold-more-toward-pink hair, which I achieved at the top part of my hair but not the one below XD
Because the ends of my hair were bleached before, so the color ended up as brighter :x

Due to phone filter, my hair color just look even brighter XD

But I feel like a mixture of Maki and Stephanie Dola XD

My sexy sis also went for red XD

So that's my report, before I start on my Tokyo post (?)

Oh! I've started Twitter as well!!

@vkanon18 :D :D

Took me 2 years to start a legit twitter account XD
Honestly speaking, the traffic is not as busy as Instagram and Facebook but since I decided to have an account, I'll of course work on it!
Because I believe if I say something -> it'll happen but I also need action to realize it!

The main reason why I started it was because of my experience at ANIMEJAPAN 2017 but at the same time, I have also been longing for a place to post a lot of picture and update at real time.
I know, Instagram stories and Facebook stories (what's the difference between the one at 'Home' and 'Message'? =_=) is allowing real time update but Twitter allows me to spammmmmm in post form, not just something fleeting that will disappear in a day
Plus I keep up with my own rule of 'maximum 2 posts per day', because I really treasure my accounts, I don't wanna be marked as spammer.

So......if you wanna ask any question that I can reply quickly or read my daily rant (?) please head over to Twitter and CLICK the follow button :B
Twitter's photo editor also have really nice filter, so I'm falling in love more with Twitter XD

In less than 3 days, I'll be posting about my Tokyo trip part 1!
Summary of my trip will be in my vlog, but so much is being cut and shortened in my vlog, that's why I always prefer blogging than vlog XD
I still have 3 vlogs to do ;; and probably Tokyo's blog post will be at most 3!
Plus blog is like a place where I can upload all the photos of my memory <3 without missing any detail!

So please do stay tune for what I missed in my vlogs!
Trust me, my experience and fun in Tokyo can't be described enough in 5 8minutes vlogs :B


  1. Love all of the cosplay in this blog! Especially the Aprodite and Maki! Btw, It frustrated me that I still can't find that same sakura cap! (>~<) Hahah! I'm gonna find it!