Saturday, 22 April 2017


At last I'm starting on my Tokyo post >w<
Almost a month since my trip (and I still miss Tokyo /cries) but my post is delayed because I've been focusing on my new challenge; vlogging XD
But so much detail needed to be skipped in vlogs ;-; 
So no matter what, even though there'll be at most 3 Tokyo posts (including this one), I die die still wanna write XD because so much happening so much new experience so much joy so much learned XD

After 5 years of not, I visited Tokyo last month. It was my fifth visit to Japan, since my last visit to Okinawa 2 years ago.
It was my second time in Tokyo but it totally felt like it was my first time because my family  and I were going without any tour guide. Being the only one who understands and able to converse in Japanese, I'm the main tour guide and was the one who arranged all the itinerary~

The aim was to see cherry blossom. Based on weather prediction, cherry blossom was to bloom exactly the week we are there, means there won't be any 'sakura rain'. So, I planned for 4 weekdays of sakura viewing at 4 different spots. But before the 4 weekdays (Mon - Thurs), anime convention named ANIMEJAPAN 2017 happened. I didn't know about the event at all before I check what event would be happening during my stay!

I look like an alien in this picture but I didn't bother to take nice selfie when I left Medan so whatever XD

I left Medan on 24th of March (Friday)-> 1 hour plane ride to Singapore -> finished last minute work of UPLOADING VIDEO to YouTube at Changi Airport -> 8 hrs plane ride to Haneda Airport Tokyo <3

Reached Haneda at 10pm ~.~ I'm lucky that the shop that loans portable wi-fi hasn't closed ;; we were the last customer ;;

Reached Haneda -> immigration -> luggage pick up -> rent portable wi-fi -> buy PASMO
PASMO is like Singapore's ez-link? one card where we put in money, which then we use to ride train, bus and even to buy drink at vending machine and I'm sure there are even more usage to it~

Buy PASMO -> train ride to our lodging!

It was 23:18 when we were waiting for our train at Haneda ><

My lodging was at Akihabara~
No, I wasn't surrounded with tall buildings with anime posters everywhere XD
I mentioned it in my vlog that from the exit nearest to my apartment, I needed to walk 10 minutes until I reach the exit toward Otaku's heaven; Akihabara Electric Town
I need 10 minutes walk from my apartment to the train station, so it was pretty far from the lively Otaku side of Akiba
Plus 10 minutes is time taken when I was already familiar with the path 😂 it took me like almost half-an-hour from the station to the apartment during the first day =_=

oh, I forgot to mention that Tokyo was colddddddd
When I reached there, I don't even think it was 10 degrees; it was below
I was walking with all my might with one piece of cloth + jeans + windbreaker and of course one backpack + one big luggage
Lucky we had portable wifi or we would truly be lost (I'm 50-50 when it comes to reading map HAHA)

In other words:
- 00:30 reached Akihabara station (trip from Haneda was an hour) <SATURDAY>
- 00:40 saw McDonald decided to have supper plus it was cold outside HAHA
- 02:00 reached apartment after taking detours =_=
- 03:00 sleep
- 09:00 woke up

BECAUSE it was the weekend of ANIMEJAPAN 2017 XD
Of course I was damn excited because it was my very first convention in Japan XD

ANIMEJAPAN 2017 was held at TOKYO BIG SIGHT, same place with COMIKET :>
It was 40 mins - 1 hr trip from my apartment~

Kokusai-tenjijō-seimon Station

DOUTOUR COFFEE is like Japan's Starbucks ;;;;

I took the hardship of travelling all the way to Marina Bay Finance Centre in Singapore for DOUTOUR COFFEE and it's actually everywhere in Japan /cries

Tokyo Big Sight~

I thought Tokyo Big Sight, or to be exact any place in Tokyo is like nearby the station but IT WASN'T...
From Kokusai-tenjijō-seimon Station to Tokyo Big Sight, it took 20-30 mins walk..
It's like from City Hall MRT to Suntec City BUT OUTDOOR

And not to mention the queue ;;

For AFA, at least if you've reached Suntec Exhibition Hall, you only need to queue for ticket then you can right away enter the venue but that's not the case with TOKYO BIG SIGHT ;;
- ticket queue for 1/2 hour
- another detour for 1/2 hour until you really reach the indoor area ;;

Well, as expected of Japan's biggest anime event; the scale is totally different
This post is going to really sound like I'm a total country bumpkin BUT YES I AMMMMMM
Please refer to my vlog to understand how my surrounding was XD
I won't be posting the same pictures / snapshots here~

ANIMEJAPAN is more business-like in the form exhibition & showcase. Of course there are merchandise and stuff on sale but goods sales is like not the main thing of the event? Because there were more big posters, flyers, booklets and standees compared to merchandise booth XD
In other words, ANIMEJAPAN is more to promoting what are current and new upcoming anime, manga, goods, games, live action movie, musical and everything in the anime scene!

Childhood animeeee! CardCaptor Sakura booth~


Upcoming Nyanko Sensei, I mean Natsume Yuujinchou goods

Osomatsu is everywhere in Japan XD

Those goods are not for sale, but they are sneak peek?
The items will be available from June 2017 :D

Love Live Sunshine XD

Why is Madao's spectacle more expensive!? Who wanna be Madao!? XD

Standeesss <3

In Bahasa, we call it 'cuci mata' 😂 

but yeah a lot of 'refreshment to the soul and the eyes' in ANIMEJAPAN 2017 XD

Boku no Hero Academia~! spot me (?)

Upcoming otome-game XD
One of my favorite Seiyuu is one of the characters <3

Collaboration work between Taiwan and Japan; Thunderbolt Fantasy <3

Special light sticks from idolm@aster :0

The only booth I bought loots from XD
Osomatsu and Yuri on Ice are everywhere =w=

Above were pictures from Exhibition hall 1
Based on my memory, Exhibition hall 1 had booth showing Makoto Shinkai's work, booth showing manga that'll have anime series soon, Toei animation (Digimon), TV Tokyo (Gintama + Natsume), my favorite BANDAI (Gundam Orphan, Code Geass, Love Live, Kuroko no Basket) booth, BANG Dream, GARO, Yuri on Ice, Boku no Hero Academia, Card Captor Sakura...

There were 2 exhibition halls  + food area + cosplay area (indoor + oudoor) + family area and the whole thing only open from 10-5 with 4.30 being the last entry
i said this a lot of times already but SO MUCH TO SEE SO LITTLE TIME /-/

I walked around Exhibition hall 1 from 12.30? till 3.30 ;w;
Even Exhibition hall 1 already felt like 4 times AFASG exhibition area ;;
While walking over to cosplay area from Exhibition hall 1, then I realized there was Exhibition hall 2 orz
I don't understand why they close so early </3

Outside Exhibition hall 2~!

Inside FATE/Grand Order booth~!

Inside my favorite booth; ANIPLEX <3

Kogitsune <3

Photos from collaboration area <3


Ah, it was also below 10 degrees that day and luckily no rain!!
I was wearing Heat tech (top + bottom) + dress + thin jacket
YES I WAS COLD even indoor when there's wind blowing near the door it was chilling but....
Too young too dumb to realize (?) NO I REALIZED IT WAS COLD but I wanna look good /cries
I'm an M so there are times when I choose BEAUTY over...warmth ;;

Osomatsu is everywhere XD
Osomatsu collaborated with JRA; horse racing company XD

Puella Magi Madoka Magica booth~
I stood there for almost 1/2 hour to watch the screen XD

That's all for Exhibition HALL 2
The booths were MadoMagi, my favorite AniPlex, FATE GRAND ORDER, Collaboration Booth, UTAPRI, TSUKIUTA, BPRO (somehow the otome one is all here XD), SnK and Pony Canyon

Farewell song started to play at 4.20? Booths that sells stuff also start to close and a lot of 'SOLD OUT' sign TwT Japanese being Japanese SO ON TIME ;w;

On way home~

I added mask, because it was cold and my make-up started to crack due to lack of moisture and sleep 😂

Sunday, ANIMEJAPAN2017 + my very first time cosplaying in Japan!!

I cheated.. by changing at the toilet..

I did explain this in my vlog but I just gotta write about it again XD

ANIMEJAPAN 2017 says that no cosplayer shall come in costume nor leave in costume:
1. Everyone shall register for dressing room + special locker with a fee of 1000yen
2. No changing in public toilet

During ANIMEJAPAN 2017 DAY 1, while waiting for my friend, I actually saw 2 cosplayers who were in costume at the train station XD
Me, being a coward as always, I told myself 'no I shouldn't do that' but at the end of the day I used public toilet (in TOKYO BIG SIGHT) and placed my stuff in public locker instead...
IT's a BLESS that there's coin locker almost everywhere in Japan
The toilet actually have a sign 'PLEASE TRY NOT (hesitate) to wear costume here' in Japanese (that's the literal translation but in Japanese way it simply means don't do it) but I couldn't...

Sunday was raining, still under 10degrees, still the same 20 minutes walk from the station + 30 minutes ticket queue UNDER THE RAIN
I couldn't really hold an umbrella because I had extra bag + Yohane's wing ;-;
It was a damn YOLO day HAHA ;w;

Reached TOKYO BIG SIGHT Indoor venue at 1? Saw the Cosplayer Changing Room queue + Locker Queue and I decided to become someone who doesn't know how to read Japanese ;; the queue was so long that I think if i were to put on costume in the designated area, I'd only be cosplaying for less than an hour ;-;
It's not about the 1000yen.. of course it's wasteful to spend that money and wear costume in less than an hour but the queue was beyond my patience ;;

The cosplay area was packed ;; because it's the same place with FOOD area ;-;
Partly because it's raining outside I think, so everyone wanna stay inside
It was already 1.30 when I was in full costume and the whole thing still close at 5pm /cries

Picture from one of the kind photogs :D

SO much culture shock @@:
1. Main communication tool of Japanese cosplayer & photog is via twitter
- Some Coser place a board (small white board or normal carton) where they write their name, character of the cosplay + the series & their twitter account
- Photogs who give out photographer card will definitely have twitter in it. 
- This is bad since I was peaking HAHA but most people in the train, when they check their phone, it's Twitter XD
2. Photogs are extremely polite and kind!!
- They always ask for photo
- Only one photog at a time; no two cameras pointed at one cosplayer. Even if more than 1 photog wants to take picture of the same cosplayer, they queue
- Photogs do politely ask for pose; normal pose, back pose, candid pose, sitting pose

Sad to say I couldn't stay or walk for a long time in the cosplay area ;; it was truly very cramped plus it was hard for my Yohane wings ><
So I decided to go back to Exhibition HALL 2 for last minute walk, because I only finished seeing half of the venue the day before
Please check my vlog, for I went to the collaboration corner (again) to take picture at Love Live Sunshine area XD

Last picture HAHA PONY CANYON = FREE <3

Yes no cosplay allowed outside the venue ;;

I didn't change in TOKYO BIG SIGHT because it was very crowded, as everyone was leaving the venue at 5
So I walked under the rain and cold wind with Yohane's dress and the thin white coat only..
I can still shiver when I remember how cold it was..

Oh, I forgot to mention that since I reached TOKYO BIG SIGHT venue only at 1pm, I had the temptation of just forget cosplaying and enjoy the exhibition hall but I think it'd be a waste after the trouble under the rain and cold wind so I still went cosplaying..
I did enjoy the experience after all so I don't regret my decision :D

Free flyers from the event XD
Plus photogs' cards, two days' event tickets, free plastic bags and free sample manga~!

I honestly only bought 4 things from the event XD

1. Jyushimatsu doll (in the picture with flyers)
2. Jyushimatsu set; consists of Osomatsu clear file, 2 keychains + small tote bag
3. Victor set; consists of one clear file + 1 keychain + 1 badge (not in the picture I wonder where it went)
4. Houzuki no Reitetsu handkerchief~

The cube thing is candy from B-Project + Yuri on Ice Card case + Utapri Mikaze Ai smartphone case = I got them from Lawson >w<

Honestly speaking, I enjoyed ANIMEJAPAN 2017 very much. IT was a true eye-opener. 
I'm kinda sad and angry at myself for only knowing about ANIMEJAPAN a few months before I went to Japan
I only knew Comiket because it's what being talked about the most when it comes to Japan's anime event. I'm not saying that I'm not interested at Comiket but I really wish I can go to ANIMEJAPAN again next year ;-; 
This feels like I'm back to 2012, when I visited AFASG for the first time, I promised myself to go for AFASG 2013 ;w;
A part of me finds ANIMEJAPAN a bit too underrated, since someone who is ignorant as me didn't know about ANIMEJAPAN at all ;; but it's truly a recommended event for both newbie otaku and rotten (?) otaku ;w; because there's so much info about what's happening in the anime industry
I didn't mention that there were also seiyuu talkshow and talkshow by live action musical actors and there were actually performance stages as well; red blue green..

Buying loots is definitely one fun point when going to events but it's an event where I feel satisfied and full enough by just looking around (well may be the free posters plasticbags samplemanga flyers is one reason why)
This may sound like I'm so full of myself but I do wish people to know more about ANIMEJAPAN from now on ;w;

After ANIMEJAPAN 2017 DAY2, I went to Ooedo Onsen with my family!!

Ooedo Onsen had collaboration with SHOW BY ROCK <3

Did I mention that TOKYO BIG SIGHT is in this area named Odaiba?

Odaiba is like Singapore's Sentosa? There's:
- convention centre (TOKYO BIG SIGHT)
- sea beach,
- attraction worlds; JOYPOLIS, Palette Town
- shopping malls; my mum enjoyed VENUS FORT (factory outlet) a lot 
- life-size Gundam (it wasn't there when I was there though; they were building new one~) plus Gundam musem (which I'll write in my next post) 
and there's ONSENNNNN

Now I feel like if someone ask me where is recommended place for a date, I'd answer Odaiba XD but it's also recommended place for families :D

Ooedo Onsen itself felt like attraction world ;;

I went for onsen during my trips before but it's the traditional Japanese onsen in an inn kind, plus the onsen in Singapore but Ooedo Onsen was truly another level ;;
The 'yukata, hot water bath + food' is the same as Singapore, beside Ooedo Onsen being 4-5 times bigger but the setting inside is totally different. The setting of Ooedo Onsen is Japanese Summer Festival; thus the lantern in the eating area :D

A lot of food snacks souvenir games store

Truly recommended for families!

I did mention about Ooedo Onsen in my vlog so head over to see how it was XD

DAY 1 Friday 24 March 2017 -> reached Tokyo
DAY 2 Saturday 25 March 2017 -> ANIMEJAPAN 2017 DAY1 + Gundam FRONT (next post)
DAY 3 Sunday 26 March 2017 -> ANIMEJAPAN 2017 DAY2 + Ooedo Onsen
DAY 4 Monday 27 March 2017 -> OTAKU TRIPPPPPP + first time seeing cherry blossom (but I'll write about this at my next post :D)

Since Akihabara Electric Town was 20-30 minutes away from my apartment, I went there early in the morning until it was time for me to meet my family for lunch + cherry blossom viewing
Because I had limited time, I am already prepared beforehand as to which shops I'd like to visit. My list consisted of: Kotobukiya main store, Akihabara Culture Zone & Mandarake
I did make stops at 2 Animate stores that I saw as I was walking around Akiba..I thought Akiba only had 1 Animate store, which is at Akiba Culture Zone but apparently not ;;

My short Akiba trip was recorded for my vlog. Yes, short trip. Because Akiba is not girls' heaven :P
Girls' heaven is Ikebukuro <3

Swallowtail, butler cafe at Ikebukuro

I didn't know about Ikebukuro at all before this trip ;; before researching for the trip's itinerary to be exact
Akiba is already well known for 'Otaku (GUYS') paradise' with anime stores + maid cafe but Ikebukuro was like hidden ;;
I'm truly an ignorant person so may be I'm just unaware about Ikebukuro but yea, I found a new home in Tokyo (?)

I managed to get in without reservation >////<
Even though it was a Monday, like 80% of the seats were full ;;
(Red sticker being full, Blue being still have space)

I do recommend Ikebukuro for anime otaku though, not just fujoshi though fujoshi will enjoy it the most.
- The biggest Animate store is at Ikebukuro
- There's attraction world by SHOUNEN JUMP; JWORLD TOKYO :D

Why is Ikebukuro a heaven for Fujoshi?
The biggest shopping mall in Ikebukuro is Sunshine City. It's very huge, because it's also where JWORLD TOKYO is + there's aquarium + there's a hotel so imagine how many exit that building has. One of the exits leads to Otome Road -> Maiden road -> Fujoshi Road
It's right opposite of Sunshine City. It's actually not a long path, like if you don't want to enter any building, you'll walk from one end to the other in less than 10 minutes. But, the path has 1 Animate building, 3 K-BOOKS, 1 Cosplay store, 1 Visual Kei store and a butler cafe at the end. I did see small clothing store but I wasn't so focused on those XD

Swallowtail was underground~~

Definitely my first time visiting a butler cafe ><
I've never went visit Japan's maid cafe but of course butler cafe shall come first for me XD

I reached there at 4:45, but the....guy at the door who asks 'do you have reservation or not' 'please take a seat there while waiting' told me that the only available time for 1 person is at 5:15~
I do know that reservation is needed but I was in deep contemplation to go for it or not but since I was already there and got a slot for me so WHEN ELSEEEEE

I think I'll regret if very much if I didn't enter back then (cause I do feel like crying right now due to remembering the blissful moment HAHA)
Oh, the online reservation does write 'payment is needed when you cancel your reservation' and yea that's one of the reasons why I don't wanna reserve too :x we can never really predict timing when it comes to travelling~

Apparently smartphone wasn't allowed inside ;;

The procedure was:
- The guy at the door ask you have appointment or not. This guy could speak English :D me, being as cowardice as always, I decided to not converse in Japanese, because I don't want any unclarity ._. like when I was doing the portable wifi renting procedure, I went with English because I don't want to pay extra or anything unwanted due to my carelessness while listening ><
- Filled in reservation form for 5:15 slot. One of the questions in the form was 'what do you want to be addressed as? princess, little master or mistress?' Anyway I answered Princess HAHAHA
- The guy told me that they happened to be celebrating the cafe's anniversary? So every entrance (per person) is already in fixed price with fixed menu; which was a perfect meal of appetiser main and dessert.. I actually just ate like barely an hour before but what to do ;;
- I came back at 5:10, I was asked to wait and sit in front of the door
- In less than 10 minutes, I was asked to sit inside (not yet the main area)
- In less than 5 minutes, I was asked to enter a door (??) and there I was greeted by two men; one older (like Tanaka from Black Butler HAHA) and one younger (Sebastian but less ikemen, more to pretty XD).
They greeted 'welcome home Ojou-sama (young lady :D)'
- The Older Butler (I don't know what's his position; FOOTMAN GROOMOFCHAMBER or what even though I checked the website I still don't know ;;) took my coat + plastic bag
- The Younger Butler introduced himself to me, saying that he's my private butler for that day, then led me to my sit (dining table) while taking my bag

The only shot I got (with the other above HAHA) before my butler told me no smartphone allowed ;;

Nah I'm not sad about no smartphone allowed though XD because it makes the experience even more precious!

Let's just name my Butler Sebby and the older butler Tanaka (no other name for butlers :x)
- Sebby placed the handkerchief on my lap, then showed me menu book + beverage list. The appetiser & dessert were already determined, so I only need to choose beef or scallop as the main. While for beverage, he recommended the limited edition cherry blossom tea. He also told me to read the 'house rule' (no smartphone allowed HAHAHA) but I was too excited and ordered for my food before reading the rule ;;
- Sebby served me my tea. I asked 'is it sweet?' (because I simply didn't read the description of the tea /bangs wall) then he was like only the smell is sweet.
'Are you bad with sweet stuff? If yes, don't put milk in it'
(it's quite a duh I won't add milk but ok I'm happy /hopeless-fujoshi)
- Sebby told me he is not good at speaking English and I told him that I'm fine with listening to Japanese ( I love listening to Japanese to be exact HAHA) but not so great at speaking...may be that's the reason why I didn't converse much with him :x which I kinda regret now ;;
- The appetiser was a mix of.....I remember got one soup ;; then red rice and several thing but the utensil given were a small spoon + chopstick.. I thought the small spoon was for my tea, so I only used chopstick the whole time (bangs-head-to-the-wall)
- Sebby told me that my way of handling the chopstick is beautiful (how to not blush at such moment ;;)
- The main course was beef with sauce and cheese? I had hard time finishing it since I was still pretty full ;;
- Oh, the inside is verryyyy calm. those who came alone either stare at blank space like me or bring books to read. There are people who come in a group of girlfriends and boyfriendgirlfriend too but it was still calm and pretty quiet inside
- As expected, my butler kept on bowing now and then; when picking up the dishes, when serving the food, pouring water pouring tea
- Before I ordered my food, Tanaka came and brought me a key, which he then placed on a small box which was already on the table. the key is for the locker? where they placed my stuff (shopping bag + coat)
- When I'd like to go to the toilet, I'd raise my hand and Sebby would lead me until in front of the toilet door. It's not like I needed to go to the toilet but I saw people doing it so why not experience it XD plus he carried my bag and passed it to me in front of the toilet door.
We were to wait in front of the toilet door after we finished our toilet business, and then one of the butlers would lead us back to our seat
- Each visitor were given 1.5 hrs experience only. Like after 1 hr? Sebby came with the bill.

I was a big goon (bangs wall)
I mistook the number of 0 on Japanese Yen + couldn't differentiate the coins so I gave the wrong amount wrongly twice /cries

Gift set from Swallowtail's Anniversary event + what I bought at Swallowtail store

The box is a gift-set to those who participated in the Anniversary event. I expected photo prints (or royal-like cutlery?! LOL) but apparently it's letter set; blank paper + envelope + sticker ;;
The packaging and inside is very elegant, as expected of Swallowtail but yea was quite disappointed LOL

I bought scones at Swallowtail store :D

Swallowtail store was just right in front of the cafe~
The store had tea, cookie, photobook, DVD from musical (not familiar with this) and scone!
I bought (from left to right) sakura scone, chocolate and plain~
I actually regret not getting photobook ;;

Anyway, during my next trip, I'm crossing Akiba from my 'to go' list but will definitely go to Ikebukurooooooo
I think I won't make any online reservation, I'll gamble (?) again HAHA but for sure will drop by the store ;w;
Another stop for my next Ikebukuro trip will be Animate main store :B

I couldn't vlog about the butler cafe, since I didn't take any video nor photo, so I'm really happy that I do have a blog for my memory <3
Trust me, Japan's cafes are in another level..or to be exact all the service by Japanese is at another level ;;

Upcoming are shoots from my Ikebukuro adventure :B

Cosplay store at Ikebukuro

I mentioned that at Otome Road, there's Cosplay store and 1 Animate building.
That Animate Building used to be the main Animate Store but then it moved to somewhere further. Still Ikebukuro but like 20 minutes walk away..

Japanese map (google map or signs at the train station) will write 5 minutes but honestly, by my speed of walking, it'll take me 20 minutes ;;
It's not just the detour when I got lost but it's honestly not as close as written ;;
I won't be fooled anymore ;; because it's the same case with my apartment

So many shades >< The difference is so fine and detailed~

Beside anime store, I was eyeing at cosplay stores, mainly Acos; Cosplay brand by Animate.

At Akihabara, Acos is at Akihabara Culture Zone, same building with Animate.
At Ikebukuro, Acos is at Animate's building, the one that was previously Animate's main store.

I thought I can get costume from older series? (like Fushigi Yuugi or Saiyuki Reload :x) or more range and choices of costume plus at cheaper price but after all it wasn't like that LOL
I'd say Japan's Cosplay Store is awesome to find Cosplay Accessories; wig cardigan blazer corset shoes microphone and all that but not the costume itself
Even at these stores, some of the costumes have flaw, or second-hand, plus expensive ;w;

They do have great stuff for those who like Tokusatsu though ><

I think this is the only rare item LOL Catherine from Gintama :x

I think I understand why Japanese cosplayers prefer to make their own costume ;w;

Beside Animate, I mentioned K-BOOKS at Otome Road!
K-BOOKS is like Mandarake at Akihabara; store that sells second hand stuff. The stuff doesn't necessarily need to be used though; some are newly bought to be sold at higher price!
Oh, there is also 1 Mandarake at Ikebukuro but there were 3 K-BOOKS so I remember K-BOOKS more XD

K-BOOKS = heaven for anime guys' figurine, seiyuu CDs, boy groups' merchandise and of course, BL DOUJIN

I won't post much photo as I don't want my blog to be rated HAHA but hey Nozaki (?)

The last stop of my Ikebukuro trip was JWORLD TOKYO~!
Totally recommended for those who like SHOUNEN JUMP series; ONEPIECE NARUTO DRAGONBALL Gintama KnB Haikyuu :B

I tried my very first 3D game XD
Limited KnB game, because they were promoting KnB LAST GAME movie :D

Perhaps JWORLD TOKYO is the only thing in Japan that doesn't close fast ;;
All the stores usually start closing at 8 ;; but JWORLD TOKYO opens until 9? Anyway, it was still save for me to enter at 8 XD
KnB LAST GAME was also quite everywhere in Japan, because the movie was released like a week before I was there :D
It was fun to play basketball with Kuroko XD

Gintama corner at JWORLD TOKYO <3
Gin-sannnnnnn (?)
The showcase is so cute XD

Please check my vlog again for my JWORLD TOKYO experience XD

Free flyers from BRAND X!

I mentioned 1 Visual Kei store at Otome Road, and it's the CD Store named BRAND X! :D
It's quite a sacred place? for Visual Kei fans cause a lot of bands visit that store for event >////<

What I bought that day XD

1. Jyushimatsu Nendoroid + the case
2. Jyushimatsu pouch...I actually have no idea what can I use it for, because it's even smaller than my phone..
3. Edogawa Ranpo hair tie!! From Bungou Stray Dogs >< he is my biassss

Actually, when it comes to goods, I love getting hair tie the most, because I think it's what I can use mostly :D

Photo from Gintama purikura inside JWORLD TOKYO >w<

Afterglow from my Tokyo trip is sooooo still deep inside of me ;w;
Like I still feel like crying, because I'm so grateful and thankful and very happy of my recent trip
So I wish I can share even just a bit of this joy to everyone around me via my blog and vlog

This post is quite Fujoshi-ish though XD because I am one :x
But the next one will be about my very first experience seeing cherry blossom <3
I actually stopped by for cherry blossom viewing in between my trip from Akihabara to Ikebukuro :D
But that post will be like in 2 weeks from now? Because I'll be working on 2 more vlogs, then blog post, then last vlog, then last blog XD

I'll be busy next week with not only vlog but also next performance at local event + printing my photobook & poster.
I'm so grateful for everyone's kind respond and comment, especially those who ordered my prints because I'm nothing without everyone

The road toward my dream is stillllllllll very tough and far to reach
It may be silly or a bit too much but everyone is truly my mental support!


  1. Nice blog! Eventhough I already watch your vlog but I still love reading this! Anyway, good luck on your performance! And just, keep doing your best and just be yourself! [^_^]

    1. thank you very much! this means a lot to me <3