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ViViD Girl

Hello May XD
May is the month where it sounds mostly like a person's name? Mei-chan? Overwatch? XD
It's also my sister's nickname <3 hehe

A lot happened to me in April in terms of new challenge and new breakthrough
Last post (I mean the last 2 posts :x) I posted about my very first photobook
April was definitely busy..beside photoshoot, there was the event that everyone in Medan has been waiting for (I'll write about this next time)
I had another breakthrough, which is I've released my very first album on digital platforms on 28th April 2017, Friday.

V Kanon's DEBUT ALBUM: ViViD Girl


It has been more than a year since I've been singing my own songs, especially ViViD Girl
It has been more than a year as well, since I've been saying here and there that I'm working on my very first album, followed by music video
For almost 2 years I've been heading to SIngapore and Jakarta back and forth for this album~!
(I'm serious now but I'm trying to make it less serious LOL)
Publishing a photobook is definitely a Cosplay goal but my aim from the start has always been to be a singer song-writer, so this is totally another level for me

Less than a week before my album was released, I had a media interview by Prime News and Mata Telinga

which means "V Kanon, Medanese that will release a Japanese album"

I honestly was already told when the scheduled release will be but I really didn't want to bring anyone's hope too high (really, it's coward V being coward V /cries) so I've never really mentioned that it'll be on 28th April

"To know more about V Kanon"

Caption on the picture: V Kanon dalam waktu dekat akan mengeluarkan album berbahasa Jepang dan Inggris -> V Kanon will soon release an album in Japanese and English

Both articles are exactly the same, only different page and pictures XD

I've been getting demands of translating it to English, and I'm grateful that I have this blog for it!
It has been a year since my interview translation? :x hhahaha

On a side note, I've been busy last week with the event so I have a lot of backlog to post ;; I haven't even got the time to write my next blog of my Japan trip ><
So it's delayed to next week......
Another vlog from my Japan trip has been uploaded to my YouTube as well, but I haven't really announce it via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram as well, because when I uploaded it on Thursday, it was the first day of Bunkasai event XD
I'm really grateful to those who have checked that video, you guys are special people who knows what I'll be doing in advance >D <3

PRIME NEWS-MEDAN-Bagi yang suka berselancar di dunia maya dan membuka aplikasi Youtube pasti pernah menemukan nama V Kanon. V Kanon sudah memiliki sekitar 45 video hasil karya sendiri yang juga direkam sendiri (nge-vlog). Followernya memang belum sebanyak vlogger lain yang sudah terkenal.
- To those who like to surf the net (as an exercise XD) and check out YouTube, surely you've bumped to V Kanon. V Kanon has owned around 45 self-made videos (vlogs). Her subscribers may not be as much as other famous vlogger (this was definitely a knifeeeee to my heart HAHA)

Nama V Kanon, yang memiliki nama asli Vangelys, diambil dari huruf awal namanya, sementara Kanon dalam bahasa Jepang berarti suara musim panas (夏音). Selain hobi ngevlog V juga menyukai cosplay (costume play) yang juga di-share di Youtube dan akun Facebooknya. Dari perbincangan dengan V, dalam waktu dekat ia akan mengeluarkan album berbahasa Jepang dan Inggris.
- V Kanon, whose real name is Vangelys, comes from her first name's initial, while Kanon means 'summer sound' in Japanese (夏音). Beside vlogging, V also love Cosplay, which she shares via YouTube and Facebook. From the talk with V, she will be releasing a Japanese and English music album soon.

Hobinya dibidang musik mungkin tak perlu diragukan lagi, selain karena sang ayah adalah pengusaha yang bergerak di bidang industri musik, V juga memiliki talenta untuk menulis lagu, membuat lirik sekaligus membuat musiknya. Ibarat kata pepatah, buah tak akan jauh jatuh dari pohonnya.
- Her hobby in music is definite. Beside her dad who own business in the music industry, V also have the talent to write song; from writing lyric and composing melody. It's like the idiom, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

V yang lahir di Singapura, 27 September 1995 sudah belajar alat musik sejak kecil. Ia juga belajar bahasa Jepang dan Inggris. Tamat SMA ia memilih kuliah di Singapura dan memilih bidang Audio Enginering.
- V who was born in Singapore 27 September 1995 has studied music since young. She also studied Japanese and English. After high school, she chose to study in Singapore for Audio Engineering course

“Beberapa video yang dipublish di Youtube adalah lagu-lagu berbahasa Jepang yang saya nyanyikan sendiri dan terkadang bermain musiknya juga sendiri,” katanya.
- She said, "Some video that I've published in YouTube are Japanese songs that I sing myself and sometime, I do play the music as well,"

Selain memiliki kemampuan di bidang musik, V juga memadukan kemampuannya dalam memadupadankan fashion. Kedua orangtuanya sangat mendukung hobi dan talenta yang dimiliki V.
Hobinya nge-vlog dan cosplay yang diupload di Youtube tidak lebih hanya sekadar untuk mengekspresikan diri dan menyalurkan hobi. Dari hobinya ngevlog dan cosplay, dalam waktu dekat juga V Kanon akan menerbitkan buku bertajuk LOVE LIVE – Cosplay Photobook. Dimana buku ini akan berisi foto-foto V Kanon dengan beberapa costum kesukaannya.
- Beside musicality talent, V also has talent in fashion. Both of her parents really support her hobbies and talents. Her hobbies of vlogging and cosplay that have been published in YouTube are more than just a hobby. From her hobbies, she will be releasing her LOVE LIVE - Cosplay Photobook soon. This book will be photos of V Kanon wearing her favorite costumes.

“Saya lebih bagus dikenal sebagai penyanyi daripada cosplayer atau vlogger,” tandasnya.
Kemampuannya dalam bidang tarik suara telah dibuktikan dengan berani tampil di beberapa event. Seperti di Medan, Jakarta dan Singapura. Lagu yang dibawakan juga masih tetap lagu berbahasa Jepang dan Inggris.
- "I prefer to be known as singer than cosplayer or vlogger," she said. Her singing talent has been proofed when she confidently perform in Medan, Jakarta and Singapore events. Songs that she perform are still in Japanese and English.

Kenapa harus berbahasa Jepang dan Inggris? Seraya tersenyum, gadis yang akrab dengan nama V Kanon ini menyampaikan bahwa lagu tersebut jika benar-benar diminati akan dikenal sampai ke tingkat internasional. Tidak hanya lokal saja.
- Why does it need to be Japanese and English? While smiling, V Kanon replied that she would like her songs to be spread to worldwide and internationally, not just locally. 

Terkait dengan album solo yang segera dirilis, V Kanon menyampaikan bahwa tema lagunya masih tentang love song.
“Lagu-lagunya banyak yang ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri, pengalaman teman-teman dan mengangkat kisah orang lain,” tuturnya. @jamesppardede
- Regarding her solo album that will be releasd soon, V Kanon mentioned that the theme of the song is still about love. "Most of my songs come from my own experience or my friends' and story of others," she said.
Lots of thanks to Mr. James <3

And so abracadabra my album has been released!
It's a shock that the titles are in Japanese Kanji Katakana Hiragana (though I actually submitted everything with the Romaji ;;;;;)
Since I haven't release any physical format of the songs, I've decided to post snippets of the lyrics of my songs!

Confession: my inspiration for this song is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 'x'
When I wrote this song, I imagine myself being in a pastel-blue-pink-green-yellow-purple room, like for KPP's Tsukema Tsukeru? Then have stairs where I'll skip on the stairs while counting ONE TWO THREE FOUR :D
But.........the lyric actually came ages ago, when I was in secondary school.

"this feeling is going strong, this feeling couldn't be stopped
going on more and more, just wanna stay close to you
this feeling is going strong, this feeling couldn't be stopped
going onmore and more, this feeling has a long way to go"

I wish people will count with me when I perform this song XD
1234 ABCD 4321 1234 5678 LOVE 1234 ABCD 4321
Definitely an opening act song, thus it's the first track of the whole album!

I hope no one is bored with ViViD Girl as 10 times I perform, at least 8 times I'll pick this song! Because I find this song as the one that explains who is V the most :D
The lyric also came when I was in secondary school though I think this song still describe me the best (I haven't grow since secondary school :x)

"一緒にいなきゃいけない そうはずを信じて
"We must be together, I believe so
You are for me, I am for you
We should be together, I am (your) princess
I believe our meeting is destined, you are that person (just for me)
Ain't I right?"

Long story short, YES an otome in love, quite hard-headed since in real life, who says that the person you like is the person for you HAHA (/cries at one side)

The whole song is like:
- I wake up early in the morning with a smile on my face because I dreamed of you. You appeared in my dream = I'm the one for you
- I wake up early in the morning with a smile on my face, to choose what to wear, so that you'll notice (love) me~! I'll try every style for you; gyaru lolita punk rockstar (yes, based on personal experience)

It's not a feminist song :x it's more of a 'stupid girl who is in love' 'too young too dump to realize' kind of cutie childish song but please don't take it so negatively :x

mood board for ViViD Girl XD

3. Soba ni ite (because you are with me)
Among all the 9 songs, this was the first one that was done
I made this song when I was in university.
Totally different mood with ViViD Girl but I take this song as second main song of the album.

"ずっとあなたを思うと 自分が笑ってしまうよ
きっと何を起こっても 君を愛してる
"whenever i think of you, i find myself smiling
whatever may happen, I will definitely love you"

This is the typical 'ballad love song' with the keyword "愛してる AISHITERU" but the word of love in Japanese is so beautiful in my opinion <3
This song is for feeling of gratitude to the people around me. 
- "whenever you fall, I'll safe you right away" 
- "because you are with me through all my tear my smile my joy my pain" 
- "you always help me even though you know I'm weak
- "you've always become my wing"

I dedicate this song to everyone <3

4. Nakushita (gone)
ALRIGHT emo time XD emo period :x
This was made during the final period of my university year, a.k.a thesis period SKRIPSIIIII

"what do i have in this world
何もかも not a single thing
i'm troubled i'm lost can't see anything
can i carry on?"

何もかも nanimokamo -> anything and everything

There was a lot of uncertainty during my last university period and I think it's what everyone experiences at least once in their life. even now i still can relate to this song because who can really be 100% sure where they are heading to?
- where am i? i've walked until here before i know it
- where to go? can the meaning of living be found?
- i'm in a crowd, but what is this loneliness?

Beside 無くした Nakushita, the keywords are '歌えるだけ (utaeru dake -> I can only sing)’ and ’自分自身が消えるの (jibun jishin ga kieru no -> 'me' is disappearing)’
So in a way it's also a song where I don't understand what I'm doing or I'm being asked to do something I am not fond of, so my own self is disappearing XD

Confession: my last thesis for university was about Vocaloid; THIS SONG WAS MADE FOR MIKU AND LUKA XD
That's why the vocal in this song (if you are aware of it XD) is overlapping with each other :B it's meant to be a conversation inside our mind~~

5. Anata no tame ni (for your sake)
Another song that I made during my secondary school days XD

あなたのためにそばにいたい 私のために
どこまで行ける わからないけど
ずっと いつも あなたを愛する
”For your sake, I'd like to be beside you. And it's for my sake as well.
Though I don't know how far we can go (together)
Always, forever, I'll love you"

This is like a reply to Soba ni ite? :D
I forgot to say that soba ni ite is not just a song from me to everyone but it's also what I feel from everyone to me
Everyone is supporting me = I'd like to be beside everyone~!
This song is more to romantic relationship compared to Soba ni ite though, because one part of the lyric is: Let's stop having normal love story, let's step into the future that we don't know (together)

My image of this song is THIS WORLD THIS SOLAR SYSTEM THIS UNIVERSE is so big and yet we got to meet XD

Simply the English version of Soba ni ite XD
FYI there's also English version of ViViD Girl XD

"whatever thing that makes me cry
whenever you wipe away my tears
i can say that i'm safe and sound
please don't ever let go my hands"

THIS IS the exact translation of the real Soba ni ite so please check it out /w/

7. suki (like)
And we are back to otome heart XD
Very first song I made when I was in Singapore

"好きと言ったら my lifeを手において
わかるはずのに 全部壊して
自分のことも 見せてあげるのに
悲しくない 言えないよ
"when i say (confess) that I like you, I place my life on your hands
you do know it, but you break it all
even though I'm showing you who am I
I can't say that I'm not sad"

Awwwwww </3 (i'm sorry i'm so excited that i get hyped for my own song :B)

Can be said as the second part of ViViD Girl, because actually in ViViD Girl, later on she realized that he is not the person just for her but this one is more...mature? as in more experienced:
- When our eyes met during our first meeting, I felt 'bad', as if experiencing 'first love'
- Even though I get scared due to sad experience or love from the past

*cough* based on personal experience

The remaining 2 songs in my album are the instrumental track of Soba ni ite and Nakushita :D
What I wrote above are truly snippets. not only I don't write the full lyric, I also don't explain fully about the songs; inspiration image reactionwanted howtosing ETC XD
I honestly can write a thesis (?) if i were to write everything, because I do love to write XD
But I've decided not to, unless there's a specific song anyone wants me to talk about :)

These songs are definitely dear to me. It felt like I just experienced and wrote them yesterday and may be if I were to really talk about each song, as in TALK and not write, I may cry because they are my babies; just like my posters photobooks prints!!

I can never thank enough everyone who purchased everything I've released last month. It just happened to be that I wanted my prints to be available for Bunkasai + the album was planned to be released last week, it's a pure coincidence that everything were published in April.

I've extended the pre-order of my prints, while the songs will be forever available at the digital stores mentioned!

I mentioned it before in Twitter that the only reason why I decided to do things quite late (like only started blogging and twitting after years of having page, started vlogging after years of posting in YouTube) is because I don't want to try to do more than what I think I'm capable of doing.
Even now, sometime I feel like 'urgh so much to post' like I DO HAVE ALBUMS AND PICTURES i haven't post
But the main reason is I would like to treasure every single thing I wanna post, because I don't want my posts to be 'post no post also no different la' kind of thing

This may delay my progress, but I'm always thankful and cheered up when I see kind comments lovely messages from everyone that look forward to my content and really communicate with me.

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