Tuesday, 9 May 2017

TOKYO part 2

Bring me back to Japan's cool breezeeeee

Even though the temperature in Japan is already way warmer than when I was there XD
That just shows how I've been delaying this post as well /cries
So let's see, where did I stop during the last post /i-even-forgot HAHA
Oh! I stopped at my day at Ikebukuro! The post is more of a 'recommended otaku spots' XD

Before I went to Ikebukuro for Otome Road & JWORLD Tokyo, after walking around Akiba, I went to Shinjuku for Cherry Blossom at Shinjuku Park!

We are all in the mood for cherry blossom (?)

A picture of me that my mum took to send to my dad XD

I was wearing neko-mimi and the taxi driver that drove us from Shinjuku to Ikebukuro said it's cute XD


Akiba to Shinjuku by train, then a walk under the drizzle and cold wind to Shinjuku park..
Trust me, never trust Google map ;; it says 15 minutes walk, but I'm sure it took us almost an hour =_=...
Definitely the bare trees gave us a 'oh geez D:' moment but we did the right choice to walk a bitttt further, which is the entrance of Shinjuku park!
The walking is recorded and showed in my vlog XD

Shinjuku park was the only park among the ones I went to that has entrance fee :D
When we entered, we saw a crowd of people gathering one tree = ONE TREE HAS BLOOMED XD

That pink....

The feeling when I saw that tree was like the girl who nose-bleed when seeing (2D) ikemen taking off their top..
It was really my very first time seeing cherry blossom, so it's a mixed emotion; happy touched overjoyed grateful cancry

Below are pictures that I can't think of caption anymore but please enjoy the cherry blossom

Puddle of water as it was raining in the morning

But I'm so happyyyy

I become sakura titan also ok <3

idol pose (?)


definitely not forgetting family photo <3

Confession: I've never really thought of seeing sakura before, like it's not in my 'list to see in Japan' in my life.. But lucky I'm a weeb (?), I don't want to miss cherry blossom when it's the season so I scheduled for 4 cherry blossom at 4 different places for 4 days straight

Feeling after seeing sakura: ohmygod I want to eat it!! It's so pretty so beautiful that I want to eat it!! (once again I'm a carnivore; I wanna eat sakura as much as I wanna eat cute girls?)

I guess a part of me that doesn't have much hope or expectation does make cherry blossom look a lottt nicer to my eyes but I'm so affected that I wish to be able to visit Japan again next year for cherry blossom ;-; and I've learned my lesson, no going in March, since the flower only fully bloomed in April + sakura falls in late April ;w; (b-but Anime Japan is in March orz)

Here comes DAY.......5! The only day I didn't record any vlog, but truly a precious day to me!

I bought Kayochin's spectacle a day before at Akiba!
I was cosplaying on request of a very special friend!

When it comes to Shibuya, it's definitely the HACHIKO STATUE XD

It was my very first meeting Ayako-san, my Japanese Penpal!

A bit of history, I have a Japanese friend who introduced me to Ayako-san. Our first meeting was supposed to be a year ago, when she was coming to Medan for business + looking around but I was away, due to family matter T_T but even so, we still contact each other via e-mail until now! 
Ayako-san lovessssss Indonesia (especially Medan!) and Bahasa Indonesia so we are teaching each other (though I'm learning more Japanese from her than me teaching her Bahasa Indonesia ;;)

When it comes to Shibuya (2), it's definitely 109!

I asked her to guide me and my family at Shibuya and all the way to Harajuku!

109 MEN'S, opposite direction from 109 Shibuya!

Shibuya is as expected; truck with bombing songs as promotion of big name artists + posters!
109 had J Soul Brothers, because that week they were releasing their best album (I GOT MINEEE <3) and 109 MEN'S had UverWorld! <3

When it comes to Shibuya (3), it's TSUTAYAAAAAA

One thing that I love from Japan is everyone still buy original physical CD. No offence, I'm talking from personal experience and knowledge but demand for physical CD in Indonesia is not as high as before anymore, which I find quite sad though I understand that convenience is one of the reasons. 

I also can't go high-all-mighty by saying I have the original physical CD of all the songs I have in my playlist but I still purchase CD of my favorite singers-groups-bands

Price is also one thing as to why I can't buy every single release of an artist, especially Japanese artists..they tend to release 3-4 types of a single (varies in bonus such as collector card, extra track, music video type A, music video type B..)
So I love to buy albums, especially BEST ALBUMS, because an album defines an artist more, compared to single XD

Kayochin (?) picture taken by Ayako-san XD

At first, Ayako-san suggested us to meet at 10-11, but we couldn't wake up that we were even late like for 20 minutes =_= I'm still so sorry and regretful of that happening though..
I already told Ayako-san that I wanted to look around 109 and TSUTAYA but 109 had to be missed =_=..well we still have cherry blossom viewing + Harajuku

Lunch was at Negishi

NEGISHI is AWESOMEEEEEEEE (i'm typing this post late at night this is bad urgh 😂)
Negishi is famous for beef tongue. I ordered mixed set of beef tongue and short rib and it's truly awesome. It was another 'first experience', because I don't usually eat beef tongue but since I was in Japan, I decided to try it since I know that it's one of the famous delight and I'm sure I'd have totally regret it if I didn't try it 😂 but again I'm sure, I won't eat beef tongue anywhere else 😂

The rice in Negishi is mixed with barley! And the way of eating it is different! We are supposed to pour the whole 'white-yellowish' paste (above the bowl of rice, at most top left) onto our rice! The paste is cold and it's actually onion! Sounds wow but it was delish!!

Commemoration picture <3

We walked from Shibuya all the way to Yoyogi Park XD

Another barren trees T_T

That was the entrance of Yoyogi park from the Shibuya side.

Only one tree bloomed at the inner side 😂

We needed to walk deeper into Yoyogi park to head off to Harajuku and luckily we found one fully bloomed tree 😂 truly only oneeee
Walk from Shibuya 109 to Yoyogi park was also almost an hour? It's actually just one train stop away in the subway map but it'd probably take the same time if we were to take train, then walk over from the train station T_T.. only that day I'm kinda sad that everywhere in Japan is so far haha ;;

Yoyogi Park -> Harajuku, we passed by Meiji Shrine! It was also in my 'to-go' list but had to skip T_T


One of my goals (?) in life is to be like Funasshi <3
Funasshi is uber adorable, like the only yellow thing I like in this world (oh I like banana though :B)
why I wanna be Funasshi is because Funasshi always smileeeeeeeeee but that smile isn't always a happy smile? You know Yandere is also in all smile? XD /broken

Soft-cream and pudding for afternoon snacks~~

Nikujaga and curry udon for dinner

I've never ate both before.
Nikujaga has always been in my 'I wish to eat this one day' list but not curry udon
I like udon but usually I'd go for clear soup so it was also like a first time challenge but IT WAS AWESOMEEEEEE
It's not as thick and slimyslimy as the usual curry I have for curry rice so it was DAEBAK! (wrong country ;;)


3 CDs from TSUTAYA! J Soul Brothers' BEST ALBUM, the GazettE's TRACES vol.2 (also a best album but for ballads) and MIXTAPE by SuG...which apparently is also a BEST ALBUM HAHA I only realized it as I'm typing this ><
The Matenrou Opera CD that I bought at Ikebukuro is also BEST ALBUM...
The conclusion is BEST ALBUM is life (?)

Then I bought Korilakkuma watch from KIDDY LAND @ Harajuku, the place where I took picture with Funasshi :D :D
KIDDY LAND is in my 'to go' list because of Funasshi but there were too many Funasshi stuff inside that I was confused to what to buy so I ended up buying...boxer
I haven't wear though 😂
Ayako-san gave me Funasshi slippers & eye mask and it took me a year to have the heart to wear them because I treasure them so much so let's see when will I really wear the boxer...

Rabbit hat from WEGO! WEGO is one of my favorite brands from Japan <3
I actually wanted to go to Harajuku's cat street for cloth shopping too but no time T_T
I'm determined! During my next Japan trip, I'm going for CLOTH FASHION TRIP and no more OTAKU FUJOSHI trip T_T 
I want a day at Shibuya for 109 and a day at Harajuku for Laforet and Cat Street and Takeshita Street T_T 
I only managed to go to WEGO because we passed by it on our way to Kiddy Land (or was it for dinner) but yeah I'm not satisfied T_T
Next trip, only one day at Ikebukuro will be enough, I'm not visiting Akiba anymore 😂

Bath addictive~

This is another 'my bad', cause Ayako-san also gave me this last year and I only got to try it when I was in Japan, because I don't have bath-tub at home T_T
I honestly love Japanese culture of taking a bath instead of shower but yeah I don't have bath tub T_T
Although the toilet in my apartment was uber really super duper tiny, like I think it was only 1.5m X 1.5m!? But still this weeb wanna try bathing in Japan 😂

Ah~ the bath addictive is 'forest & nature' smell, thus the water is green XD


I diedie wanted to go to Laforet because at Million Dollar Orchestra's items are being sold at one of the stores!
M$O is another favorite brand of mine but it's uber special because it's by Takeru, vocalist of SuG! M$O item is quite rare because they only produce in little amount + main order is via web T_T I thought this spec is already out of order and stock, so I was uber happy when I found it >___<

I wore it right away at Medannnnn

I think it's not so obvious in the pictures but the glass is actually pink! Another plus point XD

The airplane ear piercing in the pictures are from Ayako-san!
She is uber kind T_T like so many happening in Japan that touches me and wanna make me cry as I'm too happy and yes she's definitely one of them T_T

A great one day with Ayako-san at DAY6, and back to Akiba on DAY7 XD

ACCA was having collaboration with atre at Akihabara!

KnB was everywhere at Japan (2), including Atre XD

Sooooo why was I back at Akiba?
It's because, I've decided to go to GUNDAM CAFE! <3


I mentioned this in my vlog but Gundam Cafe wasn't really in my 'to-go' list. But after making sure from Akihabara's area map, it's not so far from the train station so there I went XD

Unexpectedly I was really hypeddddd

Yeah I was unexpectedly very touched when I reached there for no reason XD may be it's just being at Japan mood (?)

Cups!! Now I regret not getting one T_T

There was a queue for less than 30 minutes (after asking the staff), so I decided to go to the Gundam Cafe shop just right beside the cafe first! There wasn't a single Gunpla, instead they sell spoon fork knife and cupsss and of course cookies and drink

Cookies with famous lines from ORPHANNNN

less than 1/2 hour queue -> went inside and the cafe was actually considered smoll :x Like I think only 15 tables? I think only 30 people can fit XD but still the queue was very fast though there were like 5 people in front of me OwO

My favorite is Tekkadan Ration from ORPHANNNNN

That week was like the week of the last episode of Gundam Iron Blod Orphan? TwT So yeah, my feeling for the series also gave me more feeellll plus the cafe kept on playing theme songs from Gundam animeeeeee
I mentioned everything I ordered in my vlog so I'm not repeating them here XD

I'd totally love to visit Gundam cafe again and it's uber recommended! <3 I believe those who don't have hobby relating to Gundam will enjoy the cafe too, because the food was extremely delicious as well
I mentioned in my vlog, Japan's cafe doesn't only win in 'performance' but also the 'taste'..it's not 'just nice to see but taste is blah' like it's the country that doesn't disappoint me (or to be exact they give more than I expected XD)

After lunch at Gundam Cafe, my family and I head to our 'sakura viewing' spot -> UENO

Wearing airplane earring from Ayako-san XD

I-i wanted to have a picture of my X JAPAN wind-breaker b-but TwT

Before and After you are told 'beautiful' (?)

Expectation and Reality (?)

Before heading to Ueno, lemme write a bit about Gundam Front at Odaiba that I went after ANIMEJAPAN2017 DAY1 XD it was another 'Gundam experience' at Japan

The 'experience' was COLORING LOL

Gundam Front was at Diver City Odaiba, the place where there was the real life-size Gundam though they already took it down when I was there and building Unicorn Gundam~
Gundam Front is the so called Gundam museum
ANIMEJAPAN2017 = Tokyo Big Sight is one train stop away from Odaiba Diver City but again, with buildings being further than expected from the stations in Japan, I only managed to get into Gundam Front like at 6.30? It was almost the last entry time and I could only participate in one of the 3 attractions; VR game, laser shooting game or Gunpla Workshop
I've pretty much decided on Gunpla Workshop, cause I thought I can gain more building knowledge or something but beepbeep I was totally wrong 😂

We were given clear version Gunpla in the workshop but we were only asked to color the box ;;

We were given clear Gundam's head at the entrance when we bought ticket. We were given the body at the workshop.

It's nice thoughhhh <3

It's uber small though, I think slightly smaller than HG? But very simple, totally for beginner and can feel the exclusiveness of the kit so I was less disappointed after building it XD 
But now I understand why my friend has been recommending me not to buy 'clear version' Gunpla since it's harder to clean (even though I was head over heel for clear version of Barbatos ><)

They showed how parts of Gunpla was crafted~

Honestly speaking, the museum in not big, can walk and see everything in less than an hour. The main attraction is really the VR I guess XD

Regret number 2 of not buying this ;;

RIP RX-78-2 at TOKYO XD but yea why did I only bother taking picture /cries

If only Odaiba is not so far from ShibuyaShinjukuHarajuku area, I may really consider going to Odaiba again as they have a lot of nice Gunpla kits ;w; plus I've never been to JUMP Store and Noltamina Shop....I was definitely tempted to get Gunpla kits but I already had other figurines in my to buy list, so I decided to stop XD

W-what to write out of nowhere ;;

We were given a message card at the entrance to be written and hung there~

I like various thing (abougt Gundam)
Tobe (fly)'

Oh yeah! There's a purikura machine at the Gundam Front store which is another regret of mine...The purikura closed at 8pm T_T or else I'd have a commemoration picture with Mika and Orga T_T

My favorite Tendonnnnn

I ate Tendon twice when I was in Tokyo XD

A lot more trees have bloomed in Ueno, though still we can see bare trees as well! But there are enough trees to have a lot of tourist and locals doing flower viewing!

Another shade of cherry blossom!

Cherry blossom in Ueno was more to purplish-pink~ Shinjuku park was light pink while Yoyogi park was more white-ish!


It was definitely warmer that day XD

Commemoration picture with my dear mum

If you notice, we were right in front of Ueno zoo entrance XD

May your soul be cleansed with the nature~

More commemoration shoot

Flower and Tree stem? look like rose gold around 5-6pm, because of sunset!

Even the tree's stem looks pink-goldish /nosebleed

There's a small temple right beside Ueno Zoo and Ueno Park!

Ueno park has a lot of sakura viewing spot!!

Professional at work (?)

View from inside the temple~!

Near the temple, they have booth like night market festival with a lot of food vendors, from takoyaki, yakisoba, oden, okonomiyaki and other street food!

Only in Japan you can find 'cherry blossom' designed packaging for spring <3

Though the taste doesn't differ from the usual version XD

We had corn, udon, beers, yakisoba and squid

Last sakura spot at Ueno park was right in front of a Japanese restaurant 

V is inspired by titan??

I went to Ueno Zoo, which was shown in my vlog XD then back to Akiba for OwlCafe and RabbitCafe but I'll write them next time, or else everyone's internet data will be drained by my blog (?) XD

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