Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Backlog Cleared~!

I think my next blog post will be in mid-June 😂
I've uploaded the last vlog from my Japan Trip (after almost 2 months since my trip :x), which means this is the last post for my Japan Trip as well!
At the same time, I went to Singapore last weekend for COSFEST, so this is my post about what happened to V last weekend as well! :D

The article is by Tribun Medan, which is also available online :D
For one week, I had print media coverage mainly for my music album but this time, it's about my Cosplay Journey!

I did a bit of reflection in my Twitter regarding this article XD
The headline is 'Road to fame from used costume'
When I first read it, I was like 'ouch' cause of the word 'used', cause 'used' sounds like 'thrown away' 😂 but I was just being extra sensitive, because I do wear second-hand costume now and then
It's not like I'm stealing or wearing other people's costumes without paying, so I realize that I'm not doing anything wrong and if I'm offended, it just means that I'm not accepting what me myself is doing, because I still do search for good quality second-hand costume now and then. So yeah, I was awakened 😂 I'm sorry not trying to offend anyone~!

I had radio interview with pro2medan <3

I sang Nakushita (gone) liveeeee too XD

Ah, just a lillll update before I went to Singapore /w/

Lastly, I prepared packages to be shipped, for the online orders!

I sent the packages on Monday, took picture for the FS on the same day, then posted them on Tuesday! For international orders, I sent the packages on Thursday and Friday! <3

Welcome to Nat Geo ;)

Alright, clearing backlog from Japan trip XD
This will be from........continuation of my Ueno trip from my last post, DAY6!
A bit of recap, I went to GUNDAM CAFE for lunch on DAY6, then head over to Ueno for sakura viewing at Ueno Park! Ueno Park is right beside Ueno zoo, so I went to Ueno zoo as well! I've uploaded vlog from this day.....
I went in the zoo at 3? I thought the zoo wasn't so big but IT WAS BIG and it closes at 5 so again, I didn't get to see everything....

My favorite is the gorilla, because I don't think I've seen gorilla before. it's Kondou-san ;)

We had ice cream (the cold never bother me anyway when it comes to ice cream...)
And commemoration pictureeeee

After Ueno Zoo, I went back to Akihabara for 2 animal cafes. First one was OWL CAFE!

Look at my 24KARATS smileeee

I mentioned in my video that I don't usually bond well with animal but that day is animal day so I was uber happy 😂


I don't like bird, more like I'm not especially attracted to the flying species but the owls there are all so calm so I wasn't afraid of them XD

Selfie with sleeping owl~~

Then my bond with animal got better when I went to see my species; RABBITSSSSS

Look at my 24KARATS smileeee(2)

I love rabbit the most, followed by cat and unicorn!!

I know they are just near me because I have food but it's ok :')

I understand how life works; you are only being searched when you are needed (?)

The owl cafe is totally different with rabbit cafe, even though both are at Akiba.
The owl cafe's mood is like the name; FOREST OF OWLS. It's dark, a lot of trees and somehow the cafe keeps on repeating this one song with 'silent night holy night' in the lyric...I tried SHAZAM with my video but too much noise 😂 (and nope it's not SILENT NIGHT :x)

The rabbit cafe is very bright and they play light songs? not classic but...ok I don't remember exactly HAHA


Ah I'd love to bring one home XD

Spika: Netherland Dwarf Frosty (F)
Furikake: Orange Netherland Dwarf (F)

Roger: Ruby-eyed White Holland Lob (M)

Komugi: Broken Orange Holland Lob

Ahhh I wanna go back >w<
But one entry was only for 40 mins? for sure it was less than an hour ;w;


DAY7! I know there is Final Fantasy cafe and Dragon Quest cafe but not in my 'to go' list so I just took picture when I passed by :x I saw it when I was heading to Asakusa!!

Cosplaying (3) in Japan~! As Zuramaru >w<

Sakura viewing at Asakusa!

Asakusa is a tourist spot, so there was even more people than Ueno /w/
It's not a park, so there were only sakura trees here and there~
I'm sure if we walked away a bit from Sensouji, we would be able to see cherry blossom by the river? But we didn't, we were absorbed there 😂

Family picture while queuing for Ramen~!

Had Ramen and Gyoza for lunch!

I am honestly not fond of clear soup ramen though >.< while my mum loves clear soup ramen haha :x I love thick soup >///<

Shopping at Asakusa~!

For me it was more like gourmet tour? XD I had dango (I WANT MOREEEEE), ice cream, sweet potato bread, sweet potato ice cream, cracker~

Cherry blossom ice cream~

IT's actually soft-pink XD

After Asakusa shrine, went to Don Quijote for a little shopping, then I went to meet my friend at Tsukiji for Tuna sushi. Another "first experience", because I honestly only eat salmon when it comes to sushi but the Tuna was tempting so I had it and it'sssss awesome /cries
No offence but now it's hard for me to eat tuna sushi and tendon anywhere else because I've ate the extremely delicious ones in Japan.. IT's just like I don't like to "try" new stores when it comes to ramen and udon in Singapore; i only go to those stores that I already know the taste and quality :x


Went to Ginza after Tsukiji XD
At Ginza, I bought extremely delicious snack home

Sakura mochi and Strawberry Daifuku

Totally my first time and I felt alive after a bite from each dessert
To the point of no word can express how heaven (?) felt

DAY8 going home time ;w;

Rode 7AM train to Narita airport~

Last picture with Ayako-san!

My mum aunty & cousin said 'SAYONARA' which sounded really sad 😂
I still message Ayako-san now and then and I can't wait to meet her again soon >////<

I bought delicacies from the airport XD

(From Top to Bottom, Left to Right)
1. Wasabi nut for my dad
2. Syally Mate
3. This is sweets from my friend >< the box is so nice that I still have it with me (I ate the biscuit a day after it expired...)

I did tasting video for my last Japan's trip vlog >w<

What I bought from Asakusa and at the airport XD

(From Left to Write, Top to Bottom)
1. May edition of KERA. I grow up with KERA being the fashion magazine that I relate to most of the time, especially during the time Takeru had collaboration with KERA, I'd buy every single release but not anymore lately due to space and it's not available in Medan. It was announced that June edition of KERA will be the last print T_T</3
2. Random anime magazine (?) I had hard time choosing which magazine to get (beside KERA) because I wanted LARME as well as ANIMAGE and a few more magazine but I stopped myself with this one O-O
3. AOJIRUUUUUU not the best tasting drink from Japan but it's healthy XD
4. JYUSHIMATSU HAT from Don quijote Asakusa!

That's the end of my Japan trip! And here comes report (?) from my latest Singapore trip, which was last weekend for COSFEST! >w<

This is so dejavu; walking from the train station in Yoshiko cos XD

I reached Singapore on the 11th May, Thursday around 12pm?
I already had night shoot planned (as YOSHIKO) by request of a friend!

4FINGERS my loveeeeee

I believe I mentioned that I love chicken (KFC MCD 4FINGERS SHILIN I WANT IT ALL
And yes I ate 6 pieces chicken + fries + burger; all by myself
I didn't have lunch that day, only breakfast at 9am so I was starving by 3pm and had that..
When it comes to Singapore, I always have a lot of errand to do, run here run there so it's half good half bad? Cause i end up having lesser meal (I can eat up to 5 times in Medan but only 2 times in Singapore) but the portion is more :x

Shoot with Rain!!

And Dion was the SK XD

Dion's secretly liking 'straight face' selfie (?)

I told them that I've never laughed so much during a shoot XD They are lovers, so yea it felt like I'm in the middle of a newly wed pair 😂

Rain has posted some pictures in her page! <3

That'd be my.....fourth time cosing as Yoshiko and I still love her very much >w<

DAY2 was my only "free day"? Because Saturday and Sunday were reserved for COSFEST!

I went to watch Kuroko no Basket the movieeeeee

I had another 'running around' session in the morning, so I relaxed at the afternoon by watching (gay) basketball but I only got to buy the ticket like 10 minutes before the show started so I ended up being at the 2nd row from the front..There were empty single seat at other row or at the sides but that row is completely empty so I went YOLO and IT WAS GOODDDDD
As expected, half of the cinema was filled with girls, so it was like a 'teamwork' fangirling (?)
But honestly speaking, the movie is really good. I wanna watch it again when it shows in Medan. I even had contemplation to whether watch it again Saturday or Sunday but yes IT'S THAT GOOODDDD

I ended up getting KnB goods at Kinokuniya /sniffs

Lemme fangirl a bit (?) though I did a bit in TWITTER HAHA
KnB is the anime that led me to become a full-fledge fujoshi, because back in uni, I had a friend who is a fujoshi. She was going around talking about AoKise (OTP of Aomine and Kise) and that led me to know the series. 
At first I wasn't into watching the anime because I wasn't fond of sports anime, but I chose Murasakibara based on the look...but I don't like him anymore after watching 😂 and ended up liking Kuroko (and I secretly have cosplan as Momoi) but back then, it was popular to do "gender-bend" of a character and I chose Kise...I believe it's because of blond hair but then I ended up liking Kise 😂
But lately I like Aomine, because I come to ship him with Momoi
But at the same time I came to like Midorima, because of Ono Daisuke (so much can affect my love toward a character HAHA)
But it didn't stop there....I come to like Akashi because of Kamiya Hiroshi, or to be exact the phrase "you scum" that Akashi said in the movie 😂
ahhh now, I'm so conflicted HAHAHAHA

Had dinner with friends in the evening, then it's time for COSFEST!
Before that, I went to get my package from Taobao for the weekend as well!

Taobao is power, cause it's so goooddddd 😂
And after half of year of planning? at last, I got to cosplay as D.Va officially! >w<

Before (in the cab) and After XD

Cosfest was at DOWNTOWN EAST for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, 13 and 14 May
A lot were asking me whether I went to Ennichisai at Jakarta or not but nope I didn't >.< I went to Singapore's Ennichisai instead :x because COSFEST is the event which winners will go for WCS XD

Met my dearesttttttttt

COSFEST is my very first Singapore event for this year, since AFA back in November last year, so I had fun reuniting with people who I miss a lottttt
The event is totally focussing on Cosplay, so it's a lot smaller than AFA but it's really a great place for reunion >/////<

With Dion and Kira XD

The place is honestly damn far though, all the way to the EAST ;; so I really didn't stay long for the two days
I put on full costume and reached the venue at 1.30 on DAY1 and already cos down at 4.30? Singapore being Singapore; it was hot and even though it drizzled there's not a single cold breeze ._. plus my heels were killing me 😂
That's why after meeting (photog) friends and selfies, I already retired XD

Photo by JA Chew <3

I thought there would be more D.Va that day but only got another D.Va beside me xD and she was doing casual version~!
I can't wait to Cosplay as D.Va again >-<
Ahhh the headphone and neck accessories is by my dear friend Andrew XD I can actually light up the headphone but I'll keep that for photoshoot >w<


The only selfie I took, because my feet were really dead /cries
And yes I like Kobayashi maid dragon but my favorite is Fafnir, and Ono Daisuke is one of the reasons XD<3

DAY2 of COSFEST, I got to Cosplay as a character who is my very first anime waifu

Photo credit to TH Photography <3

Back when I wasn't into Cosplay yet, when someone asked me, 'if you get to cosplay, who you wanna try cosplaying as?' and I answered 'Chii from Chobits', even though it's kinda sad that she's not the very first character I ended up cosplaying as
If it's possible, I'd even want to cosplay every single costume and version of Chii out there but it really took me.........4 years since I started Cosplaying to be Chii
I'm honestly very very very veryyy glad that people recognize Chii ;w;

Idol Cosplay Pose XD

Chii's poses are also quite idolish, because of the ears, I think (?) 😂

More selfie with my dearest XD

Zwei hasn't downloaded SNOW, so I used mine to show him how bright it is (?)


I wanna cos as Yaone /cries

More Fafnir + Takiya XD

Thank you for recognising me >////<

I honestly had -10 motivation to go to COSFEST on DAY2...
IT's far + tired feet + extremely comfortable hotel bed /-/
Plus honestly speaking, Chii's costume is more complicated than D.Va? From the longer wig to the neck accessories but I got motivation from 2 things
1. meeting more friends (though I ended up missing some /cries) 
2. HELLO YOUR COSTUME SO PUFFY YOU BROUGHT ALL THE WAY FROM MEDAN (my luggage was overflowing and barely safe from the 'weight limit' /cries)
But I'm really really really happy that I brought my lazy ass ;w;
Plus I'm not really sure when will be my next cosplay event in Singapore, in worst case it'll be AFA all the way in November ;w; so yea >/////<

Once again I'm so thankful to everyone who welcomed me, greeted me (and most importantly remembers me ;w;)

And I left Singapore on Monday right away /w/

Last Singapore's stop (beside the airport HAHA) was Number76 XD

Just went there for monthly hair treatment and fringe cut :D

My hair is no more red XD

Honestly speaking, I only wash my hair twice a week since I dyed my hair (means only 8 times in a month :x) plus I bear the pain (?) of bathing in cold water because I don't want my color to fade so quick but I couldn't endure it anymore after DAY1 of Cosfest 😂
Means I washed my hair for 9 times since my last visit to Number76 at KL plus the only time in hot water :x may be that's when most of my color faded HAHA
But I still love my hair color >w<
so people, please don't be afraid to go for really bright color for it'll fade really nicely XD

Krispy Creme at the airport and StarWars thingy seen at Terminal 3!!

I'm not "cool and trendy" so beside knowing that those are from StarWars, I'm completely clueless /-/

Loots XD

(FROM Left to Right Top to Bottom)
- Kamiya Hiroshi doll XD I'm kinda a Seiyuu Fujoshi so yea XD I couldn't bear not getting it when I saw it at Kinokuniya >///<
- Fuyunyan plushie from Rain XD Rain and Dion always win stuff from crane game HAHA XD
- Nyanko sensei from Kinokuniya XD
- Kuroko no Basket Manju also from Kinokuniyaaaa~ I bought 6 boxes (because they only have 6 boxes left) and I miss out Akashi & Aomine ;w;

Loots part 2!

(FROM Left to Right Top to Bottom)
1. KnB keychain from LAST GAME >///<
2. Pikachu notebook from Rain XD she got it from Kuji :B
3. FAFNIRRRRRR from one of the doujin booth during COSFEST!
4. Yurio & Victor from doujin booth
5. D.Va & Jyushimatsu from doujin booth~! Ah, I just realized that I also bought Kanesada's keychain from the same booth but I'm currently using it so it's not in the picture XD

With all 'JAPAN TRIP' stuff posted, I won't be uploading video as rushed as before anymore, same goes with blogging XD
But here I am looking forward to my next trips in June, because there'll be long holiday for Hari Raya and I've got another trip planned before that so I predict my next post will be in mid-June XD
Then it's really time to catch up with cover-song videos >////<
And hopefully more costest and upload Cosplay Photo albums to my page!
Ahhhh I'm so grateful I still have a lot of content and I hope everyone is looking forward to them as well!
Let's keep on fighting! >D

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