Tuesday, 13 June 2017

It's June!


Hello June, though days have passed since 1st of June and this post will be from mid-May till mid-June XD
My premonition about 'it'll be another month until my next post' is right after all HAHA or more like I expected it XD

So here comes what V has been up to for the last one month!


I got to watch Kuroko no Basket movieeeeeee though it was my second time but I was still so happy 😭
This must be the third time in my life where I watched the same movie twice in the cinema! First was 3 years ago? FROZEN :x yes I believe you can imagine how much I loved Elsa XD hehe and second time being last year; SUICIDE SQUAD XD

I tried lash-lift!

I tried Eyelash extension before but it's not my cup of tea. It is actually good for those who want to safe time by going out without eyeliner or mascara but I am not as tender and soft as everyone expect = my fake eyelash fall off very fast XD 

Because I'm very very very afraid with not cleaning my make-up properly, I tend to rub my face pretty hard (though this ain't so good as well), so I can't bear 'please be tender when washing your face' XD

But lash-lift is awesome! Our natural eyelash simply look longer and thicker without any extension! This is very recommended as I don't need to spend my time curling eyelash + the pain when the eyelash curler pinched the eyelid (this feels like hell)

Then...I did some costest :D

I'm sorry to all the Saber fans out there but she's my third fave from FATE series ><
I hope I can costest my second fave character soon (and hopefully cosplay her!!)

I thought I wouldn't suit Saber but I'm so happy that so many people liked it ><
I was testing out 3 characters at one day (3 different eyebrow color but somehow same eye colors??)
Saber was the 2nd that I'm fond off, with first being someone who I've been wanting to cosplay since ages agooo

I can't loli but I don't wanna cosplay the 'mother' Sakura version either XD hehe
But yes, I've been wanting to cosplay Sakura! Naruto is indirectly (?) my very first anime? If I don't consider Crayon-Shinchan Doraemon Hamtaro :x
When costesting her, I can't stop having 'WE ARE FIGHTING DREAMERS' in my head though I'm not going for that version of her XD
And yes, I'm #teamSasuke :x

I'm always #teamLUKA , but there's one version of Miku that I really like; Senbonzaku Miku!
The costume is rotting in my wardrobe though..since 3 years ago? ;;
Her long twintails is one of the factor that make me reluctant to cosplay as Miku though XD but I got to put on her wig for the videos series that I've been doing!


After all I feel more at ease as Luka XD hehe
Luka was the......4th or 5th character I cosplayed as when I first started~

I mentioned that I needed to be Miku for one of my videos, and I needed to be Luka as well~!

Luka and Miku for Nakushita

For the last one month, I've been making videos to promote my very first debut music album; ViViD Girl.
In my videos, I've been briefly explaining my songs like the theme and some lyric. So far I've uploaded 4 videos, with 2 more coming up!

From Nakushita


From Suki

I'm currently quite in a lost for the last 2 songs though xD but please look forward to them!

I printed new coscard!!

I apologize that the printing couldn't make it on time for me to send it with my photobook poster prints ;; please don't hesitate to ask from me when we are meeting though ><

Guess how many wig is in the picture :x

Well......I can't stop buying wigs, especially because I do costest with wig only first, then get the costume..

Actually, I was sick and did almost nothing for one whole week during the last week of May /cries
But I still have a lot for this post, because not only I was resting, I was also getting ready for a trip!

Jyushimatsu nendoroid and Kamiya Hiroshi Plush for my trippppp

There's always a reason why my bag is always bulky and heavy...
My fave Seiyuu OTP is OnoD and HiroC; that's the explanation for why the two :x
I'm waiting for my choromatsu nendoroid but I don't ship Jyushi with Choro though XD I ship the seiyuu :x

I still have 2 unread novels at home (plus 10 manga) but no matter what I gotta grab a copy of the very first novel by my favorite LANG LEAV!!!
I kinda regret the decision I made of start to reading it the day I got the novel but that's how excited I was.. It ended up being one of the reasons why I kept on having lack of sleep during my trip but it was goooddddd

Received the limited edition badge for buying the book near the release date <3

Free photo printing and stickers from Changi Airport XD

So! Where was I heading! I was heading to Surabaya via Singapore~!


That was my second time in Surabaya, first one being agessss ago when I don't even have a single recollection anymore of what I did there. But this time, I didn't get the chance to walk walk see see go around the town because I was there for a reallllyyyy short visit, can be said like a trasit :x I was there for a wedding party!
But still so happy I got to eat my favorite food; RAWON! (the black soup in the bowl!)
I honestly prefer Javanese food compared to Sumatran? Because Sumatran is more to spice and coconut milk curry but Javanese food is less spicy and more to sweet XD hehe


GONZO, one of my most favorite online store, happened to have a store in the mall in front of my lodging! XD

Half day of brunch, buying grocery and dropping by GONZO, followed by getting ready for the wedding party!

Konbanwa (?)

I wore yukata, because I sang one of my songs; Soba ni ite :D

The stage was beautiful~!

Family picture with my dad, mum and sis!

Then...I look like Nakai-san when tidying up everyone's shoe

Nakai-san -> maid at Japanese traditional lodging XD

And then I'm off to the trip's main aim; BALIIIII

om swastiastu!

It means peace and greeting from God! :D

I was in Bali last January and I was back!

First ritual in Bali; hair braiding!!

I think I won't do it again though XD
I experienced hardship during my trip to Bali last January but I still itchy hand XD I asked for the braiding to not be too small, thus it was less painful but still, I don't think I'll braid my hair again XD


Hair braid really look niceeeee but I can't stop being paranoid with my scalp being itchy plus whether the braid is causing stress to my hair roots or not XD lucky this time (?) the weather was hot, so I didn't feel light headed XD

Dinner was at this hotel that served traditional Balinese meal!

One thing that I missssss all the time (I already miss it after a week.. but not to the point of being to eat it for days XD) is RED VELVET PANCAKE from FAT TURTLE!!

THAT BEAUTY! (and calorie and sweet and...)

Anyway I missed it very much that it was my brunch!!!

I'm the space rabbit yo!


tried out Sea Circus!

Visited Legian for the first time~!

Afternoon snack at Revolver Espresso!

Can see from the picture who was the most hungry right? XD

Seminyak Square

My only loots from Bali XD

K-kuroko no basket had collaboration with NBA /cough

Hey yo 8)

I won't change profession to basketball player though I've been liking basketball over soccer XD
But I'm not good with chasing...

Family time~!


Tbh Wonder Woman was in my cosplan but I'm sorry I don't think I'll be her anymore XD I've too many other cosplan :x

And on the fourth day...

That's how V looks like without SNOW :x

But really, I'm glad that I asked for not-too-small braiding, so it took shorter time to undo them ><

Next day my hair was currrrrly XD

Then...from Bali, I went to Singapore, another very shortttt visit XD

I didn't have much photo in Bali, because all I did was sleep eat massage walk-walk, didn't even go to the beach ;; truly a relaxing escape though xD hehe

Stopped by Number76 for Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash after almost a week of not washing hair :x

I was in Singapore for barely 2 days :x reached at 11pm and left the day after at 4pm XD hehe
I didn't plan to go to Bali, for I had another trip planned. But due to personal matter, the trip ended up going to Bali, or I'd have more time at Singapore. So I had to cancel 2 photoshoots (plus joining Harajuku walk /cries) but I still get to secure one shoot!

Very first hotel room shoot as D.Va <3

And my sis who just colored her hair XD

That one day was spent with private meeting, Number76, dropped by Kinokuniya and back to the hotel for the shoot~!
I missed out Harajuku Fashion Walk, but gratefully I could go to Yuri on Ice fan event!!

Attempt to Cross in 2016!!!

I honestly had plan to try out 2 male characters (when I first plan out my cosplan for 2017 at the end of 2016) but I'm not seeing the two happening soon..Instead I got the temptation to do Yurio and another YOI character soon (after I costest xD)

I poisoned my sister to watch YOI and yes she's addicted to it (even more than me :x)

As expected of the loots area XD

BORN TO MAKE HISTORY was a fan-made event with games and doujin booths, so definitely 90% were girls XD

The Victor and Yuri were auctioned XD

I loveeeee Yurio though Victor was my first love but still I pick Yurio <3 hehe Russian so beautiful that I was worried whether I could be him or not >////<

But thanks to my resting bitch face, it's easier to look fierce? XD

Met my all time favorite Victor; Tora XD <3

Yurio who never smile poses with 'full-of-smile' Victor :P hehe

Bumped to Saga Yuui <3

Victor is also very beautifulllllllllll but I don't think I'll ever be able to pull off the short hair version XD

Bumped to Khai and Daviddddd

I haven't meet them since so long agoooo especially David so I was damn ecstatic when I saw themmmm <3 even my sister was like 'I never see you so enthusiastically run to people' XD hehe

Since it was a Yuri on Ice event, of course I expected 20 Yurios 20 Yuris 20 Victors 10 Phichits and everyone from YOI but I honestly didn't expect cosplay-photographers to be there XD so it was also a great time for me to meet photogs who I didn't meet during Cosfest XD hehe

Photo by Uncle Tan <3

I'm really happy that I got a number of pictures that I can post XD hehe always thankful to uncle Tan!

BORN TO MAKE HISTORY event in a nutshell :x

I didn't even realize that I bought 3 OtakebXYurio keychain (more keychains in the plastic...)
Somewhat that event was more dangerous to my wallet than normal convention, because stuff were $5-$15 = I thought it's cheap = but ended up buying more quantity XD hahhaha ;;;

Yurio pillow~!

I can't be too angry in a way xD hahahha

And now I'm back to Medan~!

Went to watch the latest Detective Conan movie~!

I LOVEEEE this Conan movie the most, among the ones I've watched since 2 years ago (because I don't remember what I watched 3 years ago haha ;;)
3. ONO DAISUKEEEEEEEE even though he spoke less than 10 lines but HE WAS A BUTLERRRRR like 'haii ojou-sama' instead of 'YES MY LORD' XD
I ended up starting to pick up the manga from the chapter where Iori appeared :x haha ;;

So....after 1.5 day of resting (laying on bed, catching up with anime), I'm back on my gear, starting from this blog post (and will carry on to planning for next videos /./)
I've somehow planned for my posts from tomorrow till the end of July as well!
As usual, I wish everyone to stay tune to my pages (IG Fb YouTube Twitter WorldCosplay) but before ending this blog post, I'd like to thank everyone for another mile-stone that I've reached.

Thank you Lola <3

I was picked as one of the top 40 finalists for single-cosplay competition by CLASH
During March, I was chosen as one of winners based on the judges' favorite but I didn't expect myself to be able to enter the top 40, chosen from 5 cities; Bandung Medan Jogjakarta Surabaya and Jakarta. The winner of the top 40 will be going as representative to Tokyo Game Show

I honestly felt kind of timid when I saw the pictures of the other finalists, because I see so many flaws in this picture (mainly my hair wasn't tidy /cries) but I'm really really thankful for this!
I posted this picture in my page and IG and I'm really grateful for all the supporting messages and congratulation comment! <3

There's a lotttt for me to be jealous of when it comes to comparing myself with other cosplayers, and it's a lie if I say that sometime I don't feel down. But I really wish to improve more and more and this is not just for myself, but it's also for everyone who are always supporting me; 
my parents family every single people who follow my pages!

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