Wednesday, 12 July 2017

US trip part 1

Hello (mid of) July :D <3
Another month has passed since my last blog post and we are already entering the second half of 2017
I don't know to say that a lot more or less has happened this year compared to last year but I realize that a year has passed since I started this blog too!! (though I should've realized it earlier HAHA)
I'm sorry that I access this blog mostly only after a vacation but as I said before, this blog is like a photo album for me to note down my memory >w<

Gokigenyo~ V Kanon here :D

Etto..Nothing much happened since my last post, because after my visit to Bali, in less than a month, I was already having another family trip XD so I was more or less rushing my video recording and photo editing before my trip!

(at last) I uploaded my closet costest of Sinon

I didn't expect everyone to like my costest of Sinon 😂 can be said as one of the characters I'm not so confident in after costest-ing but I received so much love from everyone who are telling me that they like it 😭
I am actually planning for a FS event very soon, and there are people who tell me that they'd like Sinon FS! I really didn't expect my costest to be that great, so I'm very happy >-<
May be I'll really consider cosplaying her......

Harasho (?)

Ah this is very sad 😂 I can't bishie 😂
I like Victor's costume from Yuri on Ice, but I know that I won't be able to pull off Victor in short hair, so I decided to try his long hair, younger more beautiful version of Victor but I also can't pull him off 😂
Somehow I'm really just fated for tsundere-resting bitch face-shota?😂 ah this hurts though HAHAA
Anyway, my Victor costest was a failure, since I don't even think anyone can recognize it as Victor XD plus I can't really bring out his 'happy-go-lucky' vibeeee

I had a meeting with Your Buddy Project

Mr Buddy is my mentor and music arranger! We are planning on something very soon, let's just hope that everything will go well >-<

Thank you to Medan Bisnis >w<

I had another newspaper article!

Bukber Cosmed

I joined Medan Cosplay Community's breaking a fast gathering :>

A clip from anata no tame ni

I was left with 2 more promotional video of songs from ViViD Girl after my trip to Bali, so I finished and uploaded videos for anata no tame ni and ViViD Girl! Please check them out if you haven't <3

There goes what happened before my summer holiday trip (though July is still summer XD)
I uploaded a vlog (random video compilation) in my YouTube channel that serves as a trailer for this post and the upcoming post, because my 10 days holiday can't be summarized in 5 mins video and 1 blog post XD

I left home on June 23 Friday!
Ah, I forgot to mention my destination ww I was heading to the Mid-South region of United States!
Yes, that's far. First day was flight from Medan -> Singapore (1 hr) -> Hong Kong (4 hrs)

In front of Disney Store at Hong Kong's airport!!

I stayed a night at Hong Kong's airport. I honestly loveeeeee Chinese food, so a stop for dinner and breakfast in Hong Kong was awesome


Duffy is Disney's original bear, which I honestly love more than Mickey&Minnie 😂
I didn't remember Duffy being promoted much in HongKong the last time I went to the Disney Land (though I think the last time I went there was more than 5 years ago). I first knew Duffy from Japan's Disney Land >w<

Outside Hong Kong airport Disney's store, from the other side HAHA

Yes, I regretted not bringing my selfie stick /bangs wall

And so, I rode........14-15 hrs plane to Chicago!

It's supposed to be 3am in HongKong (2am in Medan)?

Chicago is 12 hrs behind Medan, therefore the bright sun :D

so much cloud~

First meal at America~!

America -> burger & beef & fries
10 meals I had in America, 8 times were beef xD

I know it's not noticeable but we were eating at Hard Rock Cafe :D

I told myself to do some simple workout such as plank, hand-dip, sit-up during the trip andddd I managed to do it on the first night at Chicago XD

This is honestly the reason why I was motivated 😂

The first hotel we stayed at Chicago didn't have wifi at room, which is good for me to sleep early (yes I'm an internet addict 😂)
But, the TV had internet = it was directly connected to YouTubeeeeee
In other words, I could watch PVs that I like while working out 😂
I also played UtaPri for my alarm 😂
(PS at the end of the day I only worked out twice during my 10 days trip because most hotels have wifi = i'm stuck with my laptop /cough)

Breakfast on the second day~!

Unlike Asian breakfast, the food choice in American breakfast buffet is verrryyyy limited
Milk, cereal, fried egg, sausage, yogurt, potato, fruits..
I'll keep on uploading my breakfast pictures as proof (?)

In my family, there are a few photographer wanna be

Or may be paparazzi /slapped

St. Louis

I forgot to mention that after I reached Chicago, I had 3 hrs bus ride to St. Louis
I actually went to a few cities, having 3-5 hrs bus ride almost everyday 😂

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch is the symbol of St. Louis? Well, the tour can't possibly bring me there if it's not famous 😂
In this picture, we were seeing the arch from close distance. It is very tallllll, so we could only take picture with the full arch from another location.

Yayy for full body picture~

In my vlog (aka random videos compilation), I did "candid video taking" warm-up. Also known as walking practice (?)
From there, we took 3hrs bus ride to another city; Memphis

Our first stop at Memphis was Beale Street

Beale Street is a famous district, full of shops, restaurants, bars that play American live blues music~

We reached there around 6pm? Almost sunset :D

Famous figure that came from this district is B. B. King.

I'm happy enough to be surrounded with beautiful building and not too crowded street <3

When the sun has completely set :D

Family shoot~!

Actually, this trip is quite a musical trip? 😂 that day was Blues, next day was Rock'n'Roll and the next next day was Country XD as a true music lover, my dad enjoyed it a lot and I'm just a weeb /run

Breakfast on day 2

In my life, I think I eat fruits the most in America, because there's nothing else that I really can eat as breakfast 😂

I mentioned that that day was rock'n'roll XD

First stop was Sun Studio!

Sun Studio in a recording studio where famous artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and etc did recording at

In Karamatsu's character profile, he respects Yutaka Ozaki, Japanese famous rock musician.
So I think Karamatsu is the best for that day (it's alright, feel free to ignore V's logic)

Inside Sun Studio~!

When you can't decide to be a yankee or act cool (?)

I feel more like madao though 😂

Memphis is the place where Elvis resided. He wasn't born in Memphis but moved there when he was 13, started recording at Sun Studio and have a house there.
(I looked through wikipedia >.>)

Elvis Presley's home

Elvis Presley's mansion is called Graceland. It is a tourist attraction where we get to see his house, garden, private jets (2) and whatever relics related to the king of Rock'n'Roll

Guest room

Somehow there were mirror above the stairs when we head down to the basement

TV room

Billiard room

In front of the whole Graceland area

In front of a restaurant just 5 minutes ride from Graceland

Ahhhh my dear is here 😂

I know that the main theme of that day should be "Elvis Presley" but I was more excited of wearing Karamatsu's shirt and being one of Karamatsu girls 😂
I really hope I can have Karamatsu's confidence, like wearing dark shades indoor, being proud of himself and such but I need more training 😂 I did feel shameful enough to take picture with guitars and microphone in Sun Studio 😂

I'll definitely write more about my trip in my next post! I still have 3 more days to talk about XD
When I mentioned 10 days, it's 2 first days in flight, 1 day at St Louis, 1 day at Memphis, 3 days that I'll blog about, 1 day of no photo due to only went for shopping and 2 more days in the flight 😂 ahh the pain of travelling to somewhere far 😂

Please do look forward to my next blog post!
As an ending, lemme give a bit of update of what's coming up next in my page!

First time trying vks-----

Another moment in life where I regretted why didn't I remember that I have selfie stick 😂
And I'm sorry the first thing that actually caught my eyes in my full body photo is my Funassyi slippers (?)

I did costest in vks XD I tried out Ranmao (though barely anyone knows her 😂)
I did her cosplay before, but then I sold out my whole set, thus this is my new wig that I tried on XD

Another costest~

No it's not Maki 😂
She's suppose to have big fluffy ears but mine somehow doesn't work /cries
I was actually trying out my second favorite character from FATE series; Tamamo /cries
I asked yay or nay in Facebook but I'm 75% sure that everyone liked it due to vks 😂

I'm going to have an vks FS event.....though please don't expect too much as I still haven't really know how to really take a picture in vks ;; but I'll definitely use my selfie stick this time 😂
I asked in Fb and IG which character would everyone want and unexpectedly a lot chose Sinon and expectedly (?) a lot chose D.Va XD
If I remember correctly, everyone mentioned D.Va Sinon Maki Saber Sakura Hanayo Kotori andIcan'trememberanymore

My FS event announcement will be this Saturday!
As usual, not a 'first come first serve' basis, though I'm thinking of prioritizing those who answered my question (of who you want FS from)
And I'm thinking of limiting the number of FS I'll make, because I'm doing more than 1 character. Everything is still depending on my mood right now..I may decide to make 4 characters with different number of FS (like 10 for D.Va 8 for Sinon etc)
I'm quite whimsical and sadistic sometime but when I'm happy I will be very lenient so..please look forward to it XD


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