Tuesday, 18 July 2017

US trip PART 2

Oh my my~ I miss vacation

Here comes the next part of my US trip, which is also the last part XD
I was away for 10 days but only really toured around for 6 days~ blame flight ride + jetlag XD

At Nashville~!

Honestly speaking, among Memphis St.Louis Atlanta Nashville and Chicago, the one that rings a bell in my head the most is Nashville, because I know that it's a town that is somewhat where Country Music origins XD


Name of sponsors and artists?

But even so, my country music knowledge is very veryvery veryyyyy shallow 😂

Costume is definitely something in every museum XD



The only Country Music artist that I know well 😂

Can you find me XD

There were interactive games in the museum and one of it was to record our singing and kinda mix it though I'm not really sure where the end product is 🙄
The singing process is shown in my vlog XD

The flow of how music industry works

From producer director singer song-writer audio-engineer backstage-staff roadie promotor and more :D

Can you spot me XD

And I'm out :D

Again, I was only at Nashville for a day! At the afternoon, I took another 4 hrs ride to Atlanta

I just took this picture because I think it's not something that can be seen in Medan XD

That was the last stop for 'music trip', as I was heading to more business-related city OwO

Coca-cola museum at Atlanta

What a coincidence that my coordinate's main colors are RedWhiteBlack >D

Free Coke~!

The green Coke is said to be new product with sugar-cane~!
The taste...was just like any other Coke though 😂

Coke's logo throughout the world and years~!

(if you can spot) the lady behind me is talking but I don't have a single memory of what was she talking about at all

This kind of museum just make me wanna take 'meme-able' pictures 😂

In my vlog, my video from the Coke museum is at the tasting counter. There's this area in the museum where we can taste every single beverage product that Coca-cola company owns. So it's not just Coke but also non-soda drinks as well, from all around the world :D

Atlanta at 6.30pm

After half-day at Atlanta, I took plane ride to Chicago~!

8pm at Chicago

Because it was summer, there sunset was really late~! Thus I could take picture still with no flash from the plane at 8pm!

Second last day was at Chicago~!

Among the 5 towns I visited, Chicago was the most crowded one~
And I love my OOTD that day the most XD I feel like aneki 😎 from rockstar (/cough Karamatsu) to yankee 😎

I can never come up with fierce look though HAHAHA

even though I have 'resting-bitch' face, but why I can't bring it out in front of the camera 😂

Breakfast at Chicago~

Hmmmm actually lately I've been having a lot of craving for orange juice
I think having orange juice for breakfast almost everyday in a week during my trip is the one that started it? 😂
There was a period in my life where I loved to drink FANTA Orange too though
Ahh VIVA Orange Juice <3

View of Chicago from Willis Tower

Willis Tower is the skyscraper building in Chicago~!

Queuing for the experience of standing on see-through glass


Height is actually one of the (quite a lot?) things that I'm afraid of in life 😂
But somehow, I think, I received power and courage from my OOTD, so I managed to stand on the glass 😂

normal V wouldn't be able to take these kinds of picture but Aneki V is something else (?)

And family picture <3

It takes......270 Vchan-s to build Willis Tower?

I'm 164cm, so do feel free to work on the Math XD

Another view of Chicago from Willis Tower

I said that Chicago is more city-ish, because there are a lot of tall buildings~!

View of Chicago from Buckingham fountain

Matching hat with my mum~!

I bought the hat from Willis Tower. The style of the hat is called Albenno? Ah, after googling, it's called as 'Al Capone' 😂
I honestly wouldn't buy it if I didn't try on them 😂

Chicago is also known as Windy City~

Actually my mum borrowed my sister's hat XD we bought pairing stuff :D

And I stole my sister's phone for selfie

It's either 'iPhone 7's front camera is GOOD' or 'outdoor is always a better place to take picture' XD
The day was actually quite cloudy~ it was quite cooling at Chicago~

ROUTE 66 at Adams Street

The sign 'Route 66' is the start of the first highway in US!
Actually there's no exact info about which Route 66 is the real start (there were 3 of such signs at the same lane) but it's something that Chicago is also well-known of~!
I-it's not like I was a history student or I checked on America's history but I somehow know it from one of my favorite bands XD

Commemoration photo~

In front of the Route 66 at the other side~!

Adams Street is one of the streets in Michigan Avenue. Michigan Avenue is the most crowded area in Chicago? It's like Orchard Road in Singapore! So there were shop houses all around~!

I found one COMICS store XD

My hotel was also in Michigan Avenue! So we walked around at night as well~!

It was raining D:

We passed by one radio station :D

There were doing live broadcast, which I showed a bit in my vlog XD

My last day at Chicago was purely shopping trip, so I don't have any human picture (?)

Tried out the trending best burger joint in US; Shake Shack :D

I love hamburger, or beef to be exact. And potato, especially fries
I mentioned that I ate beef most of the time when I was in US but the best burger I had was at Shake Shack
Though to be honest, Shake Shack's chicken burger tastes better (I tried my mum's XD) but for beef burger, that was the best~!

One thing that I don't really like about eating burger in America is it's not juicy. I think it's just matter of our tongue. Westerner does have wetter mouth? more saliva, thus their burger does not need to be as wet? as the ones in Asia. I honestly love juicier or soupy food compared to dry food, that's why I didn't really enjoy the burgers I had in America XD

But Shake Shack was really the best among the ones I ate, so I definitely want to go back to the joint, though I think I'll order the chicken burger next time XD
Oh, the staffs are really warm and friendly as well <3


When 'US' is mentioned, the shop that pops into my mind right away is 'HOT TOPIC' >w<
I got Alice in Wonderland earring (though I already broke one of the pair ;A;), Levi POP (heichouuu), Harley Quinn inspired hair accessories and mini Levi POP :D
The two bandannas came from Forever 21, my most favorite fast-fashion brand :D
Then I got unicornnnnn headphone XD
The piano earring came from Nashville's Country Music Museum :D

Sunrise at Chicago was at 5am

...Yes, I stayed up until 5AM
I won't really say that jetlag is the reason, but my sleeping pattern was the worst during that trip 😂
Every night I only slept for 3-5hrs though sometime I got 2-3hrs nap in the bus 😂

Thus ended my trip :D
It's still considered summer in Japan (well, we haven't enter monsoon season as well :D) plus it's still freakin hot in Indonesia but that was my summer vacation XD
I can't wait for my next upcoming trips!
But sometime it feels that my lack of sleep during the 10 days trip is still affecting me lately as I feel very lethargic and worst at sleeping early 😂

I'm leaving town in less than a week time, so I gotta really pull myself together and work on pilling up stuff!
Let's do our best~! <3

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