Monday, 7 August 2017

Hello August~!

Yayy yayy yayy yayy! First blog post since my hair turned pink XD

Whenever there's a blog update, it's like a reminder that another month has passed XD
And so, here goes update to what I've been doing since my previous post~!

Double picture of D.Va because I like my photos of her most XD

I asked everyone about which character they want VKS FS from and these 3 characters gained most vote~
I wanted to do more (Ram or Hanayo or Maki) but after all, it's tough to take selfie in VKS 😂
No offence but as expected, my page has never received so much notification until I announced the event and I'm really thankful but I couldn't do FS for every single participant, because my back would break 😂

Had a meeting with director of GT studio and my mentor

Gavin is the director of GT Studio, who produces Medan's original tokusatsu web-series named Metal Knight.
I'm honored the opportunity to write and perform a song for the series, with my mentor being my music arranger as like my songs from my album~!

New specs!!!

For the second time this year, I received new specs as a gift from Jonathan Tio!
Thank you very much! I was so happy that I took selfies right away (thank SNOW for the very nice filter HAHA)

When you sing Let it Go but you can't Let Go 😂

Cosplayed as Elsa (and of course sang LET IT GO) after a year of not?
I was honored the opportunity to perform at a charity concert by Murni Teguh

Thank you <3

YOU RAISE ME UP is a charity concert for Cancer. The ticket was free of charge, as in no amount stated and based on individual's will to give. 
The only thing I could do were only dressing up and sang on stage, but I hope everyone enjoyed everything that was prepared that night~!

I honestly do have hardship now and then when it comes to performing to a general audience. The best I can do so far is Disney characters, so I hope that I won't bore everyone with more Disney cosplay 😂
I really love Elsa though, because it's so easy to become her? Like when I stood on stage and the opening of Let it go plays, my head is full of Elsa and her face, to the point of I forgot my lyric because I was so into character during the rehearsal 😂
I can't express it well but I always only cosplay character that I can find similarity with, even if it's just 'she doesn't smile much' (I have resting bitch face HAHA 😂)
Thus, I sang Let it Go without being able to Let Go Elsa from being one of my fave character at all time XD

FS event ended~

I used selfie stick this time FYI :D
At first I planned for 3 Saber 5 Sinon and 10 D.Va because 18 is my fave character but I ended up doing more XD
I uploaded blank cards so that people can use it freely to make their own FS, because I couldn't make for everyone TwT
Somehow that day I couldn't channel D.Va though, and ended up liking my Saber pictures more XD the complete opposite of when I took picture for the announcement 😂
Thank you once again to everyone for joining <3

Anddddddd I went to Singapore for a weekend getaway


I felt like a mountain turtle 😂
The train now has screen that shows landmarks of the destination!
It's not that I don't know what are around those stops but I just find it real cool 🌚

I had a whole day shoot as D.Va~!

I was in Singapore from Friday night until Monday morning~
I didn't manage to do a lot (I even crossed out one of my craving from my list /cries)

There was horsie in the studiooooo

I only managed to do one cosplay shoot with Khai during this visit as D.Va but we did 4 costumes XD
I tried out the new cosplay studio named J-rise Photography Studio and I super love the place~!
I tried out two themes, one being the pink room~!
Who won't get high from pink room 🌚
There was horsie sofa lollipops candycane bigplushies and furrypillowsssss

Doughnuts and Macarons are props from the studio too~!

The room is small but it's just nice for solo cosplay + 2 hours shoot~!

Second room I tried was the white room~!

I didn't expect a day where I do a shoot in VKS would come 😂

I actually promised Khai to do VKS shoot with him, and so we did :D

Preview shoot~

We actually smuggled the furry pillows from the pink room XD

Khai yayy!

The last time we did a shoot together was last year, I remember having half pink-half brown hair that time XD

I couldn't let go (?) my love for the pink room, so this was last selfie I took before we left XD

Ah, somewhat, I'm always running here running there when I'm at Singapore so I always have irregular eating schedule during my visits XD

Had KFC as first meal of the day at 5 pm ;;

The 4 costumes were bunny VKS onesie and tshirt~
From Woodlands we went alllll the way to MBS, because we wanted to do a bit of "shopping DV.a" shoot which we didn't do at the end cause shops in MBS doesn't really suit D.Va 😂
Another reason why Khai chose MBS is because there'd be firework show, so he thought of doing D.Va and firework shoot as well XD

Singapore at 7pm

I mentioned this before but I love Singapore's golden hour, especially along the Singapore River~
The pictures I uploaded last time was from the Raffles Side of Singapore River, which is the opposite side of MBS :D

The crowd around 7.30

Actually, the firework was a practice for Singapore's Independence Day event in August~!


Been years since I last saw firework as well, so I was really happy that day >w<

Sunday's look~

Hours before I cut my hair short >D


I've always been wanting to cut my hair short though I've no image or idea at all what kind of hairstyle I want
When my stylist ask me how short I wanna cut, I just anyhow pointed my ear 😂
Which made him saying "don't cut so short, it'll be scary", as in the shock will be so much 😂
I'm very glad that I trusted him because I was already very shock when I saw my hair length is slightly below my ear 😂

Bleaching my hair~

This was another exciting and nervous moment 😂
I wanted to touch-up my hair color by mentioning pink
But I really didn't expect my hair would be so pink 😂
Steve asked me whether I want bright hair color or not, I answered "bright lasts longer" and yea ended up so bright 😂
Ok I don't hate it though, it's just that at first I was really shocked because I think this hairstyle + color is so cuteeeee that for the first time in my life I felt something is too old for my age 😂

Really felt like I was wearing wig 😂

At least my hair didn't end up being red as months ago~
So this also felt new! :D

My hair is burning with SNOW's filterrrrrr XD

Selfies taken on Monday morning, hours before my flight back to Medan~

This is interesting >w<

Last thing I bought from Singapore~!

OH, during my trip, I uploaded the FS photos~!
I don't bluntly mention 'please use this photos if you don't mind' but I'm glad that there are people who are using them!

And a week has passed since I came back~ I planned to blog earlier but due to my house internet had problem, ended up my post is delayed but on the other hand, I have more pictures to post as well XD

Upcoming Cosplay Event at Medan~!

I won't be attending AFAID this year as I have another planned trip at the end of August and when I'm back, in a few days, it'll be Little Akihabara!

So excited~!

Little Akihabara started 2 years ago but didn't happen last year but it's back this year!
I'm so excited for this year's cosplay guests line-up and my cosplan!
I'll have my own booth on that day, thus I'm preparing new merchandise!

Went to printing shop last week and will go back there this week :D

Unlike when I came back from US, this time, I'm really up and energized~!
I've been going out a lot :D

Went recording for something that'll be published next week~!

Went for video recording that'll be published next week~!

Not sure whether it's obvious or not but I was wearing batik!
I think that's a big clue that "something that'll be published next week~!" is something for Indonesia's independence day!
So exciting because this is so much of a new experience, from wearing batik, singing Indonesian song to collaborating with local talents!

infiltrated someone else's school for video recording

Purple batik suits my hair? 😂
I actually bought brown batik but ended up wearing purple batik for the shoot 🌚
Can't wait to see the end result of the video! >///<

Went to a wedding party~

The night on the video recording day, I attended a wedding party with my family

We tried to take selfies but somehow nothing turned out right but I like this one (?)


So....I've so much to plan and finalize from merchandise for next month's event (test-prints to be done), costest (though I can't upload much photo because my costume is not really here yet), visit to the dentist (before I'm off again 😂), finalize my CD cover (to be on sale during the event as well!), choose songs to perform, albums to upload to my page....feels like it has been so long since I'm this up and excited!

I've had quite a hard time due to personal issue from late May until mid-July, I was quite in a slump but lately, I've been humming my own song with the lyric 'living itself is a bliss'
I'm really thankful that I can be thankful at what may seem to be small thing in life, like thinking '私豊かな生活してるね' -> 'atashi yutaka na seikatsu shiteru ne' (I'm having an abundant life) when I'm having my meal or when I say thank you or when I dressed up or when I receive my stuff that I ordered online
I'm upset now and then when I bring out money for my online purchase 😂 but of course I'm really thankful that I'm very blessed to be able to get what I want

My next song is really about trying to enjoy small thing in life without giving up
I hope I can share it with everyone very soon!


  1. You're welcome and glad you like it ��

  2. I really love your cosplay, V
    And your new hair style's make you look so cute �� ❤️
    Btw can't wait to see you on little akiba again and also buy yournew merchandise ��