Friday, 5 May 2017

Late April early May

Since I had my red hair, I like to use red eyeshadow for my eyebrow instead of using brown/grey/black

I always shape my brows and keep them thin~ so it's easy for me to just fill in the empty part with color

I've been using colored eyeshadow when I cosplay as well, depending on my hair color XD
I used to only use brown but then I realize that for some hair color, it's a bit too dark but honestly speaking, i think having eyebrow is better than having none when cosplaying XD

April 21, went to eat with my cousins because it's Kartini day~

This picture looks like it's a girls' night out but it wasn't XD we just happened to sit at one side so took picture lo :D :D

sexy lips ftw (?)

Anyone realize there wasn't any opening note in this blog? 😂
Ah I'm bad with opening speech (?)
But this blog is an 'unplanned' post because I happened to have a lot of pictures from Bunkasai event + a bit of update from my latest blog post (which was also unplanned, thus I needed to pause my Japan trip blog)
So, the main point of this blog is what I experienced during Bunkasai XD
The first few pictures on top are just a day out of nowhere (?)

I received my posters and photobook on the morning of Bunkasai day 1...

I was invited as guest cosplayer (and performer) for Bunkasai, annual event by local university USU in Medan! It was a 3 days event, from Thursday (27 May) till Saturday (29 May)
I think I did write my first experience to Bunkasai last year?
(after checking, apparently this blog wasn't around yet during that period LOL)

Last year I was Shiburin XD

This year was my second year going to Bunkasai and it was a great honour for me to be invited as one of the guest stars

I honestly didn't really plan to go to all the 3 days, because my performance schedule is on the third day + people in charge said it's up to me whether I wanna go all 3 days or not, whether I wanna cosplay on day 1 and 2 or not~! But anyway, I gotta go on DAY 1 because I needed to set-up my merchandise to be sold at Bunkasai's official stand.

As I said, I received all my prints that morning, so I did packing in a rush, in the car :x I'm thankful to the organizer for being so understanding that I couldn't pass them my stuff any day earlier ;w;

Photo with Rithe~!

I've been a fan of Rithe because I've known her since I was cosplaying in Singapore~!
I think I mentioned before that I idolize cosers who make their own costume or props, and of course she's one of them >w<<3
Confession: I'm not so informative of FATE series but she's one of the cosplayers that inspire me to cosplay characters from FATE XD I have 2 more characters to costest :x

Thank you for the picture and support always <3

I-i like that somehow I look thin as Maki (?)

I went to the maid&butler cafe as PASSERBYX (?) I had love pizza XD

Went to visit my friend's stall~!

Ah, I forgot to mention that the very first Maki picture was taken at Kazaryuu's booth <3
Kazaryuu is my recommended costume + props maker <3 I ordered my Edward Scissorhands & Athena Cosplay from them!

Two of my all-time-favorite coses from Kazaryuu <3

Alright commercial is over XD

Thank you for the photos XD

Met my Saints after a while of not (?) XD

Loots from DAY 1 XD

Another reason why I've decided (longggg ago) to go Bunkasai DAY1 is of course LOOTS XD
Apparently I already have Ram's badge when I was tidying up my collection...

DAY 1 was totally just random passerby + loots buyer after I set up my posters. And the only day I allowed picture taking with me without buying my merchandise ><

I actually asked everyone which cos should I wear for DAY3; (chuunibyou) FALLEN ANGEL or (tsundere) LITTLE DEVIL and everyone chose FALLEN ANGEL XD
So I've decided to wear Maki uniform version for DAY1 and I actually considered LITTLE DEVIL Maki for DAY2 but I decided to take a (one day) break from LOVE LIVE :x

I'm lucky that I have fabric pen 😂

I decided to become DVa, but totally casual version.....
My casual version DVa shoes-hat-tshirt haven't reach me (though I've ordered since ages ago...)
My headphone is also still in 'work-in-progress' mode so it was a lot of contemplation but I decided to go for it XD

Officially (?) visited maid & butler cafe XD

On DAY 2, I was accompanied by one of the staffs from the organizer team. But no worries, I wasn't treated as an endangered species or bullied, or to be exact I'm thankful for her accompaniment <3

Pictures that I took at the YUKATA booth XD
If it's snowing like that, I'd have died with such cloth 😂

Best photo /claps XD


Thank you for playing with this random rabbit lover 😂

I reached Bunkasai a bit later on DAY2 because I just wanna walkwalkseesee and enjoy what I didn't try before!
I was offered the chance to visit the haunted house...I'm really thankful for the offer but I'm satisfied enough with the feeling. MY HEART ISN'T STRONGGGGG XD
But yeah, I wouldn't really be able to take picture at those booths I visited if I was roaming all alone XD <3


The very first picture I took that day was with the cosplayer of Karin and Bima! Karin and Bima are the mascots of this year's Bunkasai! I only got to take picture of them because they were resting at the same booth as me XD

Bunkasai official booth <3

I was there 70% of DAY3 XD
Because photo with me is only allowed by buying my merchandise + on the spot signing :D :D

Thank you for purchasing <3

KAMISAMA YATOOOOOOO I know him because of Kamiya Hiroshi XD
Sinz is also my Chinese teacher because he'd make me practice Chinese 😆 !
He also recorded my performance >w<!!

Thank you for purchasing <3

Erick ordered my photobook via online and requested letter so I wrote him a letter and I asked him when was our first meeting and he replied me LITTLE AKIBA 2015 long story short THANK YOU for your support always XD

Honestly, I can upload a lottttt of screenshot of everyone who has been supporting me with kind words and pictures and fanarts and when I'm requested to write letter it's 200% confirmed i'll write 'THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ALWAYS' so please forgive me if I can't find no other phrase that can totally describe what I'm feeling!

Yayy! <3

I sang ViViD Girl (what's V without ViViD Girl), YumeNoTobira+SnowHalation and ended the set with Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari! Because Bunkasai reminds me of summer festival (even though Indonesia only have rain or shine) and when it comes to summer -> Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari XD

True FALLENANGEL pose (?) closed eyes XD

Thank you for purchasing my print as well <3

I'm accepting request of letter, sign, kissmark, drawing for my online order + FS!
I'm also doing FS for those who bought my prints during Bunkasai but I'm missing 4 people /cries

As expected, Bunkasai DAY 3 was the PEAKKKKK = most people are there = I got to meet more friendsss >w<

My dear Siska as Hanamaru <3

cuties wearing Qi Lolita & cosplaying as Inori <3

Thank you for buying my prints <3

A lot of first experience during that event; from first time attending Bunkasai for 3 days straight, visiting maid&butler cafe twice XD performing and the most fun one; participating in Bon Odori!


Ah, this year's Bunkasai was held at different place than last year. It was very much better, or to be exact this year's event is sooo much better XD
Last year, Bunkasai's venue was smaller = hotter and of course more pack like CANT WALK JUST STAY AND FREEZE but this year's Bunka is awesome <3

Straight face clique (?)

First time taking picture with ghosts

They are already so scary, imagine if I enter the haunted house D: I'd cryyyy and shout and scream and you won't see my performance on DAY3 (?)

Ai <3

Hinata, who was my 707 XD

Pretty Kassandra <3


Ah...I took some break time by walking around and asking for selfies with my friends XD

Madokaaaaaaaa (and someone familiar popping behind me :X)

And it's Mia XD (most right HAHA)

Event pictures by Sumhow Odd <3 one of my lovelies 

Thank you for the POCKYYY and of course for buying my prints <3
and kind supportive messages in my Twitter! <3

Thank you for getting my print XD
I wonder will I be able to be Rei one day :x

I took pictures with my favorite characters as wellll XD

Kizuna Aiiiiiiii senpai XD

I hope I'll cosplay Yurio soon XD

Special thanks to dear Intan <3 

She has been accompanying me the whole 2 days and listening to my selfish requests XD

More helpful official Bunkasai staff XD

Lovelies from Bunkasai official stand <3

And the truly last picture from Bunkasaiiiii

Last picture with Karin, with me wearing Tshirt with Karin XD

I closed my prints sales slightly before 7, because I don't want unsatisfying pictures due to the dark XD
I'm a night creature but I don't bond well with flash at night (?)

Picture on stage XD

We were picked for mini-game with Rithe

Thank you cutie Rithe for choosing me as one of your dinner dates XD

The reason why I die die wanna be one of the contestant for Rithe's 'TAKE ME OUT TO DINNER' is because I love cute girls <3 I'm a carnivore (?)

I hope you enjoyed Medan <3

That's all for 3 DAYS BUNKASAI event XD
It's a week late but truly otsukare to everyone who was involved <3

That weekend was another long weekend holiday (why is there so many holiday in Indonesia? there are like 2 more in May :x)
On Sunday, I went out with friends! <3

Thank you Ci Tara for buying my print + (again) HAPPY BIRTHDAY XD

It was Ci Tara's birthday celebration XD

At the corn field :D

The place is actually an outskirt but the corn field is so nice, we like the corn field so commemoration picture is at corn field :D (?)

The last one week I've been busy with posts of my prints & digital album release & throwback to Bunkasai (plus belated vlog)
I still have 2 blog posts and vlog to do and I'm leaving for Singapore next week; FIRST EVENT IN SG COSFESTTTTT
I actually really want to post more cosplay stuff (and costestttttt) before I head to Singapore but there are only 7 days in a week so...

Apparently, one of my costest that I did ages ago, back in January, popped up in my page XD


Yes I did this back then in January but haven't really got the time to post this so I kept on delaying the scheduled post to the point that I didn't even remember that I adjusted it for 1st of May HAHA
I even thought that I've deleted these pictures because I wasn't too satisfied with the costest as well..

Somehow I like my YURIO with hoodie compared to just turtle neck top XD

This reminded me of one of my new year resolutions; crossplayyyyyyy 😂
Honestly I also have no idea what is my head filled with lately that I even forgot that wish of mine plus I do have a few male characters cosplay piled up at home....

But I didn't have time to costest either this week, because I had a few interviews & press conference for my music album..

Media partners press conference (prints & online)

Press conference was at Gelato Bar!

Some of my interviews are now already available as well!

Mayyyy consider doing another 'translation' post soon XD
Before that I gotta catch up with Japan's trip posts though ;;

I've also checked out more sites where my songs are available!
5. mora
6. Amazon
10. empik

The often asked questions during interview:
1. Q: What's your next step after album release?
V: To get even one more person to listen to my songs! I'd like to have more interaction and sharing and discussion, which is by having everyone telling me which track (out of the 7 songs) they like the most!

2. Q: Why is there not a single Bahasa Indonesia song in your album?
V: Because my aim is to go international and worldwide. V WANNA RULE THE WORLD (?)

3. Q: What is your true aim; singing or cosplaying?
V: My dream has always been a singer song writer, and I find that just releasing an album isn't enough. I still wanna collaborate with people, because I think sharing and discussion is always something positive. I love to travel, so I wish I can combine that with my work, which is to do live performances out of town as well.
For cosplay, that is solely a hobby for me, but it's not something that I do half-heartedly. It is another way for me to be able to do 'sharing and discussion' with fellow cosplayers, photographers, makeup artist, stylist and so much more!

Ok, closing time, which I'm bad with, same goes with opening statement XD
I think it's obvious that I'm treating this blog like a photo album? XD
My twitter is the same though, mini-blog :D :D because I do speak out what's in my mind more in Twitter in real-time compared to Facebook and Instagram XD
So ummm look forward to my Japan's trip post? I really mean it this time XD
I also can't wait for the last Japan's trip vlog, because the delights that I bought from Japan will expire soon if I don't do my 'unboxing and tasting' video ASAP XD
Hopefully I'll post more cosplay related stuff next week <3

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