Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Little Akihabara September 2017

Konnichiwa >w<
I'm taking a break from Tokyo trip post (1 more left FYI XD) for Little Akihabara that happened earlier this month as the month is ending~ (though anyway, my Tokyo trip will also be 'a month ago' event LOL)
I posted a few videos in my pages and here's my blog post :D

The first im@s (cinderella girls) chara that I cosplayed was actually Anzu, but somehow I come to love Shiburin as time goes by XD
I never see myself as Shiburin (as I'm LAZY HAHA), only until one of my photogs friend mentioned 'you'd suit Shiburin cause you have a RESTING BITCH face'
I think my thought that time was 'should i laugh or cry πŸ˜‚' but I ended up enjoying being Shiburin, especially in this costume~
After all I really love Idol style costume <3 I can't wait to wear this cos again <3

My self-designed booth

Though there was nothing much beside thinking which poster to stick where πŸ˜‚
A week before the event, I posted my merchandise in my pages (posters, photos, calendars, photobook and my precious VIVID GIRL) which will be on sale again (online) from next month!
As it was my very first time having a booth and the event is in September, I posted a lot of prints from my previous shoots, kinda like a compilation of my cosplay career~
I'm especially grateful to all my photographer friends who have given me the permission to use their work as my merchandise <3

My breakfast was Miruku >w<

Super thanks for the surprise (as I woke up early and skipped breakfast for setting up my booth and rehearsal πŸ˜‚)

Yayy, my first two customers <3

My friends from school came to visit me and bought my album! >w<
I realize that I'll be using a lot of 'super' and 'uber' in this post but super grateful for their purchase <3

Thank you for the coverage from unclekick <3

They've made a vlog of their journey during the event as well! Check it out here :D

During DAY1, I was one of the judges for Seiyuu competition and Japanese Karaoke competition~!

Thank you for the performance <3

And congratulation to Taka for being the winner <3

There were a lot of happening during Little Akihabara 2017. Cosplay competition, singing competition, eating competition (I should've joined, I regret not joining..), shopping (what V enjoys the most when coming to an event πŸ˜‚), E-sport and there was also maid cafe!

With my loves from maid cafe <3

Another thing to regret is why didn't I realize that the lights are behind us? πŸ˜‚ but anyway my horse laugh shows how happy I was to take picture with them XD

I try to catch (pokemon!?) the 10 of them when they walked around the event hall but only managed to capture 2 (i'm not skilled enough πŸ˜‚)

With Kira and Kira >w<<3 forever my lovelies <3

And with Kira with sutando πŸ˜‚

A week before Little Akihabara, there was actually a small cosplay event but I wasn't around (due to Japan trip). Thus, another reason why I really looked forward to this event is I got to meet (reunite) with everyone >w< one of the joys of cosplay event; meeting friends! <3

Thank you always Erick <3

Of course I'm very grateful to everyone who recorded my performance too <3

During DAY1, I set the theme 'idol' for my performance! Because when it comes to 'AKIHABARA', one of the keywords that pops up in my mind is IDOL (AKB Cafe is there to be exact πŸ˜‚)

My setlist was: FEELING, im@s medley (READY!! & Onegai Cinderella), IDOL medley (Koisuru Fortune Cookie <been a dream of mine to sing this with everyone >//////<>, MOON PRIDE and Yume no Tobira <my all time favorite πŸ˜‚>), and Soba ni Ite

Thank you for purchasing my merchandise <3

Special shoutout to Jeffrey as we had the conversation 'why pizza (referring to the dress in my VIVID GIRL cover)' 'I like pizza' 'but I thought you like chicken' XD
It's not that good but I'm into junk food ;;

Thank you to lovely Fivienny <3

I'm sorry for spelling your name wrongly when signing your copy 😭
But thank you always for your supportive message all the time!

Performance by lovelies from Moe Jidai

DAY1 wasn't so busy, so I managed to watch some performances <3

Otsukare dears <3

And performance by my lovelies from maid cafe

Some of them danced to one of my favorite songs of all time; Youkai Taisou Dai-Ichi! WISSU!
viva Youkai Watch <3

And viva JOJO to end DAY1 πŸ˜‚

Oraoraoraora 🌚

I'm in love with FUMINAAAAAAA
I don't hate Fumina but I only got the desire to cosplay Fumina after Fumina-based Gunpla is made πŸ˜‚ which means, thanks to Minato, I become wanna cosplay as Fumina πŸ˜‚

The original version of Super Fumina (the maid yellow-and-white outfit) is kinda my cosplan from sometime ago, but not really something I started to work on as I'm not really into yellow (unless it's Jyuushimatsu πŸ˜‚)
So...when I saw pink Fumina (AND HAVE WINGSSS), I was like 'ok laksanakanπŸ˜‚

If you watched one of my earliest video in YouTube, the first Gundam anime that I watched was Gundam Build Fighter, which led me to watch Gundam Build Fighter Try~
I'm a weeb in a way, as the anime that led me to like Gundam (and Gunpla) is not the kind that has 'Universal Century' or the kind that has proper pilot riding a Gundam but yeah, that GBF led me to love Gundam XD
My very first Gunpla (that I failed to build) was Gundam Exia Dark Matter MG <mainly because I like Tatsuya Yuuki /slapped and redXblack> but I think, before I know it, Exia is my Gunpla first love XD I was just unlucky (and a baka LOL) to buy an MG model without knowing a single thing about Gunpla πŸ˜‚
I think the second gunpla I bought was also from GBFCrossbone Gundam Maoh HG, because I love skulls XD

I brought along my Super Fumina Axis Angel with me~

It's quite a shameful thing to say but usually, after I finished building a Gunpla, I placed it in a plastic and keep it in the box, as I don't want to lose any parts + I don't have enough space in my glass wardrobe πŸ˜‚ so that day definitely was my first time bringing around my Gunpla, it was a mixture of nervous and excitement πŸ˜‚

Oh, one reason why I chose to be a Gunpla (?) is another keyword that popped up in my mind when I hear 'AKIHABARA' is definitely Gundam Cafe; one of my favorite spots there!
Thinking about it...another keyword would be 'Maid'....
Ummmmm yes. Cafe = Food πŸ˜‚

My friends came again on DAY2 <3

On DAY2, my performance was earlier; after 12 before 1 if I remember correctly, for I didn't take any lunch (nor breakfast LOL) before my performance

Thank you for all the cheering <3

My setlist on DAY2: ViViD Girl, INNOCENCE (Aoi Eir), BLISS (made for Metal Knight), Blue Bird (Ikimonogakari) and Soba ni Ite
Thank you for participating my giveaway and requesting songs! A lot of people requested for INNOCENCE! at the same time, Blue Bird was also a request (from ShunShun!)

I'm honestly (I think it's very obvious though HAHA) not the type who is up-to-date with recent popular songs. I download songs once every 3 weeks - 2 months (especially after a season of anime ended, i'll check out theme songs of every anime aired during the season) but it's still hard to keep up as it means I'm listening to a lot of new songs at once πŸ˜‚
That's my reason of picking the 2 requested songs, plus the 2 songs are my all-time-favorite songs from these artists! I really suck at remembering lyric though /cries
But still, I'm very very thankful to all the cheering!

Thank you always for your support! <3

Thank you for always asking me when will VIVID GIRL album be released 😭
I'm truly blessed that the album is at last released in September, my special month 😭

Thank you very much <3

I was truly a super happy Fumina that day!

I received uber cute dragon from MSI team! <3


And a candid by one of my crews after a shoot in MSI booth πŸ˜‚

I was really happy to be able to interact with people from Medan Sky Gundam <3

As a newbie in Gundam, I'm very happy that I can interact with the group and being warmly welcomed 😭 'Gunpla' is another hobby that got me addicted (like Cosplay LOL) but at the bright side, any hobby can bring new meetings too :D :D yoroshiku~!

Thank you Akira!!

Akira's cosplay performance was uber cool and he really deserves winning the first place <3

Special thanks to owner of Miruku for providing this forever hungry girl afternoon snack XD

Don't forget to order Miruku if you haven't taste it 🌚 
Don't forget to order Miruku if you miss it 🌚 

And another friend from back when I was in secondary school came to visit! >w<

Picture with the best MC; Darius Drew <3

The armor parts of my Fumina costume comes from Phankness Cosplay! (backpack, arm accessories, shoes, weapon, headphone, belt and wings that sad to say were too heavy and bulky for me to wear around T_T)
Drew actually helped me bringing these parts all the way from Jakarta------!!
Uber uber thank you <3

And with ci Clara, one of the guests for E-sport <3

She's super pretty ><

Thank you for helping me out during the event!

I got to enjoy the dance by my lovelies again!

There was special session with the events' guest stars, so I got to enjoy my lovelies' dance in closer view XD

And stole sometime for wefie XD

I found my dear who served me last year at Bunkasai----

I've been finding her, only to met her again 1.5 year after 2016's Bunkasai πŸ˜‚

And selfie at my own booth~!

I only realized that my Fumina is not looking at the camera after I upload them here πŸ˜‚

And photo by my dear S.O. <3

I hope I can have a proper photoshoot for this costume /////

VIVID GIRL CD version is (at last!!) released!
It is now available in all ET.45 outlet around Medan

The difference between the digital version and the CD version is definitely in the booklet and casing design
I actually designed the whole booklet by myself (I took pictures in my own room 🌚 I battled with Microsoft Words 🌚), so this whole album is truly my baby!

Selfies with Lily and Drew the day after the event XD

Thank you for coming to Medan and hope to see you all again soon, whether here, Singapore or Jakarta! >w<
Plus thank you to Drew for getting me Bolu Gulung, even though I'm the one from Medan πŸ˜‚

Thank you to Ci Tara (for the precious letter and early birthday present <3), Miruku (for the energy boosting drink), MSI Gaming and iPlug Gaming (For the uber cute redred draggonnn), Javin Ouji (for purchasing my poster as well!), Yurika (for the chocolate <3), Medan Sky Gundam team (I'll treasure the stickers--- as bookmark and to stick on my 2018 planner~) and Anthie Bebok for the rose and lollipop!

Loots from Little Akihabara 2017---

I decided to stop buying keychain as I don't even use any key (beside key for my luggage when I go travelling--) and plurge on buying a lotttttt of pin badge...I think I should start considering getting ita-bag bery soon πŸ˜‚

And thus that's the end for my post regarding Little Akihabara 2017!
September is one of my fave months (beside December HAHA) because my birthday is in September. I'm really blessed that I get to meet everyone during this event, this month! Last year, there was also a local event in September as well! I'm so happy though there were various thing I rushed for, as my Japan trip only ended 3 days before the event πŸ˜‚

Yes, at last I unpack my stuff from Tokyo (FYI there were like 4 big bags) a few days after the event XD

Unexpectedly, my September wasn't as packed as I imagined but it seems that my October will be more packed, as I've some videos to work on (at last after slacking I'm so sorry ...) and new cosplays to work on (including photoshoots~!)
Plus of course, I'll be working on online orders of my goods as well!
So much excitement and new things coming up soon!
Let's do our best~!


  1. γŠγ€γ‹γ‚Œγ•γΎ hope to meet vchan again soonn γŒγ‚“γ°γ¦γ­ rooting for vchan alwayssπŸ‘πŸ˜€

    1. hope to see you again real soon Marvin <3

  2. Hi, Fivienny here..

    First time visiting your blog and I would like to say that I enjoy reading your blog♡

    Uhm, no need to sorry my dear, coz 'fivin' is just my nickname and thank you very much for signing..
    Love your Shiburin cosplay and the album is great.
    Btw, FEELING was played in Sushi Tei when I was havin' dinner with my friend there last week Lol..hehee.

    Just sadly, I missed your performance in Little Akihabara 'coz I had another things to do.. (._.)

    But next time I must watch your performance live☆✊

    Have a nice weekendね, 可愛いVけゃん❤

    With Love,

    1. Hi dear <3 welcome XD
      Thanks to everyone's support, VIVID GIRL is frequently played at Sushitei! I hope it makes you enjoy your dinner even more XD hehe
      Let's meet again real soon <3<3<3