Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Japan Aug-Sep trip PART 3 (last :D)

Few days ago, 2nd October, marked 1 month since I went to Budoukan.
In other words, this post is what happened last month XD
This time I've decided to update my blog with 2 posts at once, mainly to clear my backlog from Tokyo and to welcome the new month with throwback from September XD
Unexpectedly a lot happened since I came back (beside Little Akihabara), so I gotta rush up a bit 😂


I mentioned in my previous posts that Japan sells flavored mineral water, and this is one of the few that I tried! It's water + vegetable for health :D it was delicious!

I wandered to unknown neighbourhood 😂

Unlike my trip back in March, this time I stayed in less 'city-feel' area. Thus I took my time walking around the housing and less crowded area, something that feels more domestic? There were small coffee shops, vet, local supermarkets and a lot of bikes!

This was my first time seeing pedestrian path that is at the same height with road for cars XD

And I think only in Japan's petrol station that the pipe thingy is hung from above? XD

I'm sorry, not much 'weeb' material for this post 😂

I went to visit Seiyuu Museum, opened by 81 produce~

I mentioned that I'm in Seiyuu hell now, so I just decided to drop by the museum! 
It opened back in 2015 by one of the Seiyuu Agency (81 Produce) and is located around Shinjuku (though it's not advised to stop at Shinjuku station as there are more than 1 station in Shinjuku area 😂)
FYI my fave seiyuus from the agency are Eguchi Takuya and Hatano Wataru XD

The seiyuu museum is located at second floor~!

And after taking picture, I found the board that says 'no photo allowed' 😂

I guess that's the reason why there's very minimal information about this place ._. 
I even thought that the place needs ticket, but it was free of charge XD

Actually, the place felt more like 'exhibition' than a museum for the place wasn't big; 1/2 hour is enough to see what's being displayed. There were CDs, scripts, magazines, signature boards and trophies from Seiyuu awards! I do found a few items relating to my favorite seiyuus, not only those from 81 produce~

As I went deeper, there's 'Seiyuu Shrine' that allows photo taking XD

We can write our wish and paste them :D

Microphone that has been used to record a lot of seiyuu~

Table at the corner where visitors can write their impression~

And that's all about seiyuu museum!
I forgot to mention that the place had no staff at all, so I was the only one walking around 😂
I don't regret going for I've never been there before but I don't really think that I'll go there for the second time XD

My fellow creatures (fujoshi) taking picture of posters at Ikebukuro Station 😂

I also forgot to mention that this post is about my last day in Japan + loots XD
So if you've read my previous post, yes, I went to Ikebukuro on Sunday and I went back again on Tuesday, because I felt like I didn't buy enough 😂
Back in Sunday, the poster in Ikebukuro station was promoting Bungou Stray Dogs. I didn't take picture because my most favorite character (FYI Ranpo XD) wasn't in the poster 😂 and the poster changed when I was there on Tuesday, into Otome Game....I think it was Boyfriend or something. As I don't actively play much Otome Game, I didn't take any picture XD 
I wonder what's the timing for the poster change though, for Sunday was 3rd of September and Tuesday was 5th of September....
Anyway, I'm more to shock that Ikebukuro was still crowded even though it was a weekday 😂

And then I tried 'salted lemon' mineral water 😂

I think I tried 'salted lemon', 'green (vegetable)', peach and 'lemon-honey'!

I went to Harajuku as I didn't shop enough the previous day 😂

Because I needed to rush over to Shibuya Cross FM XD

And uh what's this crowd in Tuesday 😂

This time, I walked around Takeshita Street, while the last time was Cat Street :D

I found a store that sells dance costume in Takeshita Street :D

Nope, that isn't cosplay XD it's like 'lolita isn't cosplay' XD

I had lunch at NEGISHI at Harajuku~

NEGISHI has a lotttt of outlets in Tokyo. This time I tried pork with ginger but after all, the beef tasted better XD
Now I miss Negishi TwT

Found a cafe that sells egg dessert as I walked from Harajuku to Shibuya~

And I tried egg-shake :D

It just tasted like normal vanilla milkshake though XD

And Shibuya crossing at 6pm :D

I found this-----

I went to Tokyo's biggest Don Quijote store at Shibuya!
Don Quijote is like a 'anything also have' kind of store? for there's food, souvenir, clothing, accessories, makeup and even costumes (sailor uniform, afro wig etc XD)

I was contemplating to buy the HOT LIMIT suit or not, for I really wanted to buy it when it was released for the first time last year but I only managed to find it that day 😂 
I ended up not buying though, for I believe I'll just leave it at the corner if I bought 😂 
may be if I found it during my next Japan trip, it means that I should buy it (?) 😂

I had umeshuuuuu <3

Umeshu is Japanese liqueur, made from plum!
This is my most favorite Japanese alcohol for it's sweet and very light! >w<

Had Yakitori with Ayako-san during our last day in Tokyo~

And the place was Seiza (sitting on the floor) style XD

Plus point about having local Japanese friend is we were brought to really local-feel restaurant, for I don't think tourist would really know this kind of place.
It was tiring to sit on the floor (for we are not used to it + no where to lean 😂) but the yakitori was awesome----
It was my second yakitori experience in Japan and yakitori is very recommended to everyone who goes to Japan but....the menu is in full Japanese + a lot of kanji ._. there are hiragana but as someone who is not familiar with parts of animal (like i only know 'toriniku = chicken' but menu would write 'sasami' that means 'chicken breast')
But the hardship worths the delicious food!

Last photo at Shibuya~!

And I had dessert at home 😂

I bought DANGO at Don Quijote~
And the one at the right is tomato pudding from Ayako-san! Because she always see my mum and dad eating fresh tomato, she bought this for us (one for each of us)

It tasted veryyyy tomato 😂

For those who love tomato, this is super nice. For it's very tomato, it's totally like a whole tomato, for there's still seed and fresh tomato flesh...only tomato skin is not in it 😂
I used to force myself to eat tomato (because Maki likes tomato /?) but lately I just gave up eating tomato (tbh I rarely take vegetable lately, I LOVE MEAT) so if it wasn't from Ayako-san, I wouldn't eat it finish 😂
I miss Ayako-san already TwT

This is the view from my apartment :D before heading off to Narita airport~

And now I miss Tokyo's breeze, for Medan is only wet and humid during rainy day 😂

Had Nasi Lemak Burger at Changi Airport after 8hrs flight from Tokyo~

I already miss Tokyo, especially K-BOOKS 😂
I actually really wish to visit other place of Japan (especially Shikoku) and have a plan to visit other parts very soon but I still miss Tokyo very much 😂 like I told myself 'ok, let's finish all the Tokyo wish-list and head to other parts of Japan next year' but I wanna go back to Tokyo again 😂 plus I didn't get to visit Odaiba this time 😂 
I don't know how many times should I go to Tokyo until I'm satisfied with the capital city, but here I am, crossing my finger that I get to visit Japan more than once again next year; once for Shikoku and another for Tokyo XD

This was my room's condition for almost a week from Tokyo 😂

Because I bought books, CDs, game and DVDs, I stopped myself from unpacking to focus on Little Akihabara's preparation 😂

Before introducing my loots, here are some updates I made during early September~

I think that was my last shoot with Mumei's gear XD

Collaboration picture with METAL KNIGHT for BLISS

I still wish to play around with BLISS and METAL KNIGHT XD let's see what we can do together again~!

Soba ni ite video is now available at iTunes!

Preview is available at my YouTube channel :D

And here comes my babiessssss

Karamatsu and Choromatsu Nendoroid sleeping bag

I actually bought these first when I went to Amiami store at Akihabara, with the faith of I'll get the 2 nendoroids 😂

But I only managed to find Choromatsu's nendoroid TwT

These are the second hand items that I got from K-BOOKS!

Bracelets from Utapri's 6th Stage live (earlier this year) with blue stars, symbolizing Hijirikawa Masato (STARISH) and Sumeragi Kira (HEAVENS), which I also bought the keychain (below the bracelet)~ 
When I first saw Utapri's photo, I fell for Ren because I like long hair guys XD 
but after watching, I didn't really have a bias (Ren's voice so low HAHA well, it's Junichi Suwabe~)
if I were to choose, I think I'd choose Tokiya, because I like his songs (he is like a prince HAHA)
Then when QUARTET NIGHT was announced, I prefer QN than STARISH, because Poison Kiss is so cool XD I fell for Camus (long hair again) but his personality is not my type 😂 then Mikaze Ai became my bias to the point of I wanted to cosplay him (but his hair so hard 😂)
And when HEAVENS was announced, STARISH became my third favorite 😂 and Kira became my bias lately, because he is by my most favorite seiyuu 😂 I used to not like Masato, but now I don't mind him because he paired with Kira XD that's my Utapri history (?)

And of course, I bought Jyuushimatsu's standee because he is my favorite matsu >w<
I bought Jyuushimatsu's nendoroid back in March. Choromatsu is my third favorite (with Karamatsu being the second~). Actually, seiyuu of Jyuushimatsu and Choromatsu are my OTP, thus I'm kinda happy that I found Choromatsu 😂

For someone who changes handkerchief barely once every 2 weeks, I bought 5 handkerchiefs 😂

And I bought Kitakado Tomohisa goods from the only anime merchandise shop in Harajuku

The store actually appeared in the middle of Takeshita Street, with first floor of the building being undergarment store 😂
It's scary that I can almost end up getting something whenever I enter an anime related store T_T

Stuff from ANIMATE (1)

I found Karamatsu's face mask XD of course  I don't have the heart to use it yet 😂
And I also bought Kira's pouch~
The 3 squarish thingy are coasters that I got (in random order) when I bought Osomatsu drink (below)
Anddddd I bought Saiyuki Reload standees (Sha Gojyo and Genzo Sanzo to be exact) because they are my favorite uncles XD

Stuff from ANIMATE (2)

Saiyuki Reload energy drink (that comes with free keychain~), Osomatsu Oden (according to the ingredient, there is real egg INSIDE), Osomatsu voice drink (Jyuushimatsu, Choromatsu and Karamatsu)

I've no idea what is 'voice drink' when I bought the thingy but after I googled, it's drink to sooth the throat 😂 I'm not unsatisfied but I thought if I drink that, I can have my fave seiyuu's voice 😂 (HUSTLE MUSCLE----)

Stuff from ANIMATE (3)

Mainly freebies (brochure and promotional magazine XD) with the latest Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun manga volume 9 >w<

Second hand CDs, NDS game and DVDs from KBOOKS, LASHINBANG and BOOK-OFF

Once again, thank Japan for having so many second-hand item stores XD

Second hand magazine, artist book and postcards from KBOOKS~

Second hand live merchandise from KBOOKS~

Brochure from Shibuya CROSS FM that I brought home as memory <3

There was a staff that gave out plastic filled with brochure when I came out from Shinjuku ReNy after DaizyStripper's show~
For SuG's time, the plastic was placed on the seats in Budoukan~
After that, there were also people giving out flyers outside Budoukan after SuG's show :D

I bought Takeru's lifestyle book~

The one at the most left is one of the items in the plastic bag (on Budoukan's seats)~ it's written that SuG's Budoukan show will be released into Blu-ray and DVD~
Beside that is the Budoukan show ticket~
Ah, my heart TwT

Goods I bought from SuG budoukan show~

The one above is manju~
The ones below were something like gacha? where they are being sold in a packaging that we can't see the inside, so I wouldn't know what I got until I unpack them at home~
I actually didn't expect to be able to get the members, as I don't have great luck with 'lucky draw' kind of thing 😂 but I'm happy to get Chiyu (bassist) and Shinpei (drummer) <3

Inside SuG's manju

This time, like before, I bought Aojiru (vegetable juice), Tokyo Banana, Shiroi Koibito~ I finished Tokyo Banana first, as the expiration date is very fast~ 
next to finish is SuG's manju, but it's very sweet that I can't really eat it quickly 😂

Thus, this is the end of my Japan trip posts~
I'm so sorry if this post is very self-centred (it's basically just showing everyone my fangirl side XD)
But I just want people who wished me to 'have fun' and 'take care' during the trip to know that I really enjoyed my trip and there's nothing to worry about!
Time to head over to my next post! >w<

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