Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hello October~!

I'm out of idea for titling 😂 it's either 'it's October~' or 'Hello October' 😂

I spent second half of my September (after Little Akihabara~) with a lot of precious moment!
I thought my September would be busier but it wasn't 😂
Instead, I see a very packed October ahead!
We've already entered October, but here's a recap of my lovely September, which stays as one of my favorite months every year!

V just gave up on using eyeliner for daily meeting 😂

My hair is so fadeddddd----
But I don't have the mood (?) to dye my hair with bright color again this year XD
I do have a color I'd like to try the next time I bleach my hair, but that'd wait till next year :D (fyi it still can be said as shade of red >w<)

This is how long my bangs is currently 😂

Last time I was suggested to try side bangs but since my fringe was styled to be straight (and it's still in kinda half long half short length), I can't keep my it to stay at the side unless I use hairpin or tie it up~

Thus V-chan shows a lot of forehead lately XD

A week after Little Akihabara, there was an event in local university~
I dropped by (for less than an hour) with a group of friends, because the main plan was to hang out together >w<

No cosplay, not even eyeliner 😂

And somehow it's a must to do JOJO pose lately (?)

I met some friends who I met during Little Akihabara as well~
But it was a small event, so there weren't much people + I wasn't in the mood to take picture 😅
I'd like to apologize once again for rejecting photo request, because I was really there just to enjoy being with my friends and I was 'vgelys' instead of 'V Kanon' (?)
To be exact, that visit was even an impromptu decision, because we happened to had lunch near that area. I'm very happy that there are people greeting me kindly even though I'm there as no one, so can say that I'm like not mentally prepared for photos as V Kanon 😂
I did talk about this in my twitter, but I hope there's no more misunderstanding >.<

Tried cheese-tea for the first time

I think it's very obvious that I don't go out with friends much, so I really had fun that day >w<
And had a lot of new experiences XD

And I tried eating at places I never ate before

And danger with these people is, be prepared to be meme-mized 😂

And I received early birthday present >w<


Actually when I first saw the picture (via online shop), I thought it's printed design but apparently it's a diy lego 😂
Ended up I won't use the case and just keep it, as I know I'll definitely lose the parts if I use it daily 😂

I started to play my NDS game~

Been ages since I last play with my NDS but yes, this is one of my loots from Tokyo~!

Third Thursday of September happened to be a public holiday in Indonesia. So I had a short weekend gateaway with my parents~

I start using my loots during this trip~

If anyone can remember, the unicorn headphone is something I bought during my trip to USA, back in July 😂
Karamatsu handkerchief is from Tokyo~
Jyuushimatsu hat is from Tokyo but back in March. I have a lottt of hat but I only tend to wear it when I don't put on makeup, as I don't like my powder to stick onto it 😂
The bag beside Jyuushimatsu hat is something I received from Ayako-san~

I went to Malaysia; Ipoh and Penang~ totally a relaxing gateaway where I enjoyed my loots (I also brought Choromatsu and Jyuushimatsu along with me~!)

I went to Lost World Tambun at Ipoh

Uh I tend to want to type 'iPoh😂
Anyway, it was my first time at Ipoh, so was my first time in Lost World Tambun theme park~
I was with my mum and when we saw the trailer, we thought of riding it (instead of walking around HAHA)

We sat on it without knowing anything for there was no staff at the driver seat, like the picture showed. We saw one staff passed by with a bicycle, we asked 'is this working', he only nodded. Then we waited again, until some visitor told us that the trailer is not a ride 😂 apparently the train that travels around the theme park is at another place -_- we sat there for 15 minutes like baka 😂

And thus we ended riding the (real working) trailer

Tambun Lost World theme park wasn't big. Unless we play water, 2 hours would be more than enough to walk around. There were only like 4-5 attractions and mostly is about seeing animal (though a number of them were fake, like the elephant above XD)

Fake hippo 🌚

Rabbit at the petting area~~~

And a special room just for cats XD

I think there were 4 cats~

Had dinner at Ipoh's famous district~

As I rarely go out (as in go outdoor, not going to mall or cafes), this kind of sight is something I really treasure.

even though what's actually famous in Ipoh is salted chicken (the one at the left top corner of the picture 😂)
I really like Malaysia's food~ of course I like the Horfun and Salted Chicken <3

Summary of the trip (?)

I can't remember when was the last time I read a novel but I bought 3 novels during this trip >w<

Still no eyeliner >w<

When I'm overseas, I tend to wear daily contact lenses, as it's not so dry compared to monthly ones~

Dinner at Penang~

I found durian soda being sold at Penang's supermarket :o

What shocked me the most is it's Japanese brand, for I know a number of Japanese who dislike durian XD

And I found edible food miniatures~

I bought 2 boxes :D

I did diy cosplay props after my trip to Penang

I think this should ring bells to those who like HELL GIRL xD

October = Horror 🌚
But actually, I dislike gore and spooky stuff 😂
But I'm totally ok with HELL GIRL (and Shiki)~
Hell Girl is one of my childhood anime and I'm not afraid of it, because I find it as a story about karma and humanity, instead of meaningless jumpscare XD and Jigoku Shoujo's art is nice and beautiful, not ugly like zombies 😂

VK (can be V Kanon can be Visual Kei /?) version of voodoo doll XD

Because I only need 2 voodoo dolls, now I have a lottt of wool left  that I can make at least 5 more dolls 😂

My Enma Ai Costest~

I should've just bought 80cm wig, instead of 100cm 😂
Lucky that Enma Ai has straight hair, thus it's easier to untangle by using hair straightener XD

Enma Ai costest with photoshop-ed red eyes XD

I don't use red contact lens (or to be exact I never use red lens when I was Mumei or Megumi) because it's hard to find red contact lens with degree TwT
Anyway, Enma Ai is one of my new cosplays for October plus one of the few photoshoots for this month~!

On the way to the shoot~

Shoot at 'weeb' gate (?)

And here's Enma Ai :D

Last but not least, September is one of my fave months as my birthday is at the end of September :D
Thanks to everyone, my birthday (the day itself) was actually spent very calm and peacefully

I had birthday lunch with my parents

And birthday dinner with my parents as well at home~

I don't do extravagant birthday party with 1001 guests or bizarre decoration. My birthday may not be what everyone wishes for, but it was really what I wanted. 
And I got to eat my favorite food 😂 2 types of fried chicken (my fave is the one with flour though, cause I haven't get to eat such chicken since ShiLin closed down in the mall where I always go for gym 😂 and it has been at least 2 months since the last time I had KFC TwT) plus home made rujak <3

I'm a very blessed daughter~

It was truly a day where I can smile and say 'what a very blessed life I'm having'
I think that's more than enough for my birthday <3

I actually hid my birthday from Facebook. The only way to really know that it's my birthday would be from my monthly calendar? The so known as 'V Kanon national holiday' if V Kanon is a president because the date is marked in pink XD

The reason why I hid my birthday is because I'm not someone who actively send birthday greeting at all, especially in Facebook. It's not that I hate birthday or I don't treasure it for it is a great day but I don't want that day itself to be the main day every year. Plus I don't want it to be an 'obligation' to congratulate someone on their birthday, because we should treasure every single life everyday

Of course I'm really thankful to every single message and birthday post that I've received, for I find not many people remember birthday without fb reminder now.
But this is just a little reflection of birthday for me. May be I don't look like treasuring birthday enough but for now, this is my stand

(and by the way, most of this is pasted from what I wrote in Twitter 😂)

Thank very much to my most favorite cafe in town <3

And I received a very surprising present!

I loveeee macaroon
But since it's really sweet, it has been ages since I last ate it, as it's not good for my diet
So I was realllyyyy happy when I received it
And I'm treasuring it so much that I only ate 2 each day (I still have 3 more days to enjoy it XD)

I received cake as well

I told myself to start dieting after my birthday ended but as my birthday was in a weekday, a number of friends who only got time to meet me during weekend gave me those sweets , so my diet was delayed by a few days (and uh mid-autumn festival is this week = family lunch very soon 😂 ahhh good luck to me)
I'm the type who don't have the heart to waste food, especially what I received so yea, it's up to me to focus more on working out 😂

And I received a gunpla from my wishlist, from Medan Sky Gundam community <3

I also received special video 😂

Josuke standee and more birthday gifts and letter <3

I also received really early birthday present sometime ago + from Little Akihabara!

Last Sunday, I had birthday dinner with a group of friends~

Wearing my fave color (red) with my fave accessories <3

I actually bought new Dr.Martens boots from Malaysia, so my mood lately is knee high socks and anything with black, pretty much what I love to wear during the time when I was into Visual Kei XD

Because someone was absent + Jojo Pose XD

They surprised me 😂

I didn't bring any birthday cake, cause I was more to wanting just a dinner gathering, so this was a surprise XD

Reverse-harem (?)

Apparently they secretly thought of wearing red, without knowing what I was about to wear 😂

And family photo with friends who I consider as sisters XD

Thus ended my September.
Because I mentioned that I hid my birthday, I really didn't expect to celebrate my birthday with so many people this year. 
I'm truly blessed with a number of lovely people in my life~
What's left from September is birthday dinner with my cousins XD

I had a meeting earlier, for a video recording the day after tomorrow. I'm having a magazine interview today. I'll be having a song recording and radio interview on Friday. On Saturday, I'll announce online sales of my merchandise (if everything goes well)
I'll be off for another trip (which half feels like work XD) by the end of the month.
YES! I'm totally excited for October! A lot of preparation to do and new experience waiting ahead! <3 let's do our best~

(V's private fangirling side)
there's one thing that I've been looking forward to a lot as my birthday got closer, and it's from this game called 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams 
I'm actually in love with this game lately (because there are a lot of my fave seiyuu in this game XD)

It says that if we set our birthday in our profile, there princes will congratulate us during our birthday

And thus I opened the app on 27 September 3 AM (Medan time)

I actually hoped for stones (for gacha) or free princes (that we use as player) but apparently I wished too much but I was still happy, because my favorite princes (those that I own only) congratulated me birthday. Or to be exact, I got to hear my fave seiyuus say 'otanjoubi omedetou' 😂

Ono Daisuke, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Tetsuya Kakihara

Kisho Taniyama, Kimura Ryohei, Suzuki Kenichi

Sugita Tomokazu, Ono Kensho, Hataru Watano

Ok V is a hopeless fujoshi 😂

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