Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Hello November~

Title says Hello November but I'll be writing about what happened in October 😂

October wasn't so packed but still, I have a lot to write about October as I attended one big event last month~!

Currently I'm in fedora mood~

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I'm back to the 'all black' mood anddddd it carries on XD

I had interview with kover magazine~

I'm actually accessing my Twitter as I write this post, because I do daily updates (most of the time) there XD I was told that my article will be released in November edition of kover magazine, which will be available on 6 November (if everything goes well LOL)

I did a vlog, featuring

Curious and Adventurous (?) V decided to try gaming from the very scratch, which is building gaming PC 😂


Watch the full video and the BehindTheScene video >w<

I'm a completelyyyyyy noob in regards to PC and after the vlog, I think I'm only 5% cleverer 😂
The only thing that sticks in my mind is gamers care about RedGreenBlue colors ._.
I have one PC building vlog to edit and upload to my YouTube bery soon 😂
Since this is a 'teamwork' kind of project, I can't promise everyone a fast progress UwU

FYI, the game (and so far the only game LOL) I wanna play the most is Overwatch :D
But 'no Windows PC' is my main problem, as I've been in Apple side since I entered college XD

I had guest appearance in local radio show~!

A Radio also did Facebook live streaming during the radio broadcast, so you can watch the full broadcast here :D

I also did compilation videos >w<

V still hasn't cut her bangs---

That was on a Friday (TGIF)~!

I joined Medan Sky Gundam gathering for the first time :D

Ahhhh my knowledge of Gundam is beryyyy shallow 😂 (duh I'm only familiar with GBF series and Iron Blooded Orphan XD)
So I was just listening to everyone's discussion but it was great >w< because I could see everyone's enthusiasm toward this hobby :D

And the next Sunday was another busy day :D

I performed at IFGF, that has been supporting my debut music album

Followed by photoshoot at Kafe Potret

The photoshoot was for kover magazine :D

And I was Rubi :D <3

I also did simple prop making---

Which is cutting the 'M' thingy from a cardboard 😂

M for Masochist (?)

I had photoshoot for one of my dream cosplay; Mulan <3

Not sure whether I mentioned it here or in Twitter but even though my Cosplan progress this year is slower than last year's, I've been cosplay-ing a lot of my dream cosplans.

Main reason for the delays are:
1. I have lesser chance for photoshoot
2. I'm joining lesser events
3. it's getting harder to get costume & wig (Indonesian knows this very well :x)

but in a way, it's like making me to really think more about what character to cosplay, making me treasure each chance I have to cosplay >w< and I end up not recklessly anyhow adding impulse cosplan XD
I really hope that this means my cosplay quality will increase as well >< as I get more time to concentrate on the characters

Photo by. Canon Eos M6 ( @canonindonesia ) - Darwin Wu ( @darwinwu_dw )
Location. @68secretvillage

Mulan is my third Disney character :D I-i wanna cosplay as Aurora again though >_<

My favorite Disney princess started with Jasmine when I was young (because I like the magic lamp HAHA), then changed to Elsa when LetItGoLetItGo was a boom but then I realize that I like Aurora best for her look (and I love prince Philip >w<), followed by Mulan and Ariel (because I love their songs~!)
I'm a sucker for Disney Princess songs, especially Reflection and Part of that world that I really want to cosplay the thick make-up version of Mulan as well ><
I only come to understand (and truly love) Disney Princesses few years ago (as I was more into Barbie back then HAHA) as I realize that they are just young and curious girls who wants freedom. 


I was a Masochist girl for a day (?)
I did simple female Mario closet cosplay for a commercial shoot XD
I can't wait for the result LOL

I received Basic Gunpla Tool------

I showed 2 Gunpla and 1 Youkai Watch in my previous blog post and I was waiting for this kit, as I decided to make a vlog out of my presents >w<

Check the full video here :D and I'll be uploading the 1-min BehindTheScene tomorrow :D stay tune to my FacebookInstagramTwitter as usual <3

I had another birthday dinner XD

My last birthday dinner for this year but not the last time receiving presents XD

Birthday dinner was with my lovely cousins (and my mum and my aunty XD)

Just nice it was Friday the 13th XD

I didn't expect a surprise cake, since it was more than 2 weeks away from my real birthday HAHA
Super thankful to Coffeenatics for (secretly) preparing my most favorite RedVelvet cake, that is almost always not available whenever I visit 😂

and nothing beats my smile when I saw the (kitchen) knife XD

Went to dog fair with friends~

I don't have any pet, yet I love fuwafuwa mofumofu fluffyfluffy thing so it was a healing day UwU

My favorite is Chloe XD

I'm working toward the day when I can have a pet cat..

I went to visit a dear friend ><

Really glad to know that Hakeem has recovered real fast! >w< he is real blessed by lovely friends and family who are supporting him very much!

I changed my hair color~

I bought the DIY hair dye last year, 2016 July during my trip at US 😂
I-it's not a lie to say that I bought because I saw Harley Quinn in the cover and the "bonus Harley Quinn comic" (that I've no idea where it is now, cause I'm very sure I opened the box right after I bought the thingy to read the comic, only to use the real hair dye a year later LOL)

Kudos to my cousin who helped me for 3-4 hrs XD

Yayy new hair color~

Wellll the box mentioned 'purple' and I honestly didn't expect this color, though this is also (pinkish) purple XD
I was expected the eggplant purple (like I had last year) but apparently not XD
We tried bleaching my hair roots but was unsuccessful...but this color blends with my black hair better, compared to the light pink XD

Did a costest~!


With no wig XD

Ummm I like to cosplay girls who are shipped with my favorite 2D guys, like I cosplay Yachiyo because I like Satou (from Working 😂) but this is a new level (?) 
I'm cosplaying Jolyne because I love Jotaro, the father 😂
Of course I really love Jojo's artwork (I love wearing black but I love Jojo's vibrant color <3 and Jojo's poses are godly) and I love Jolyne's attitude and personality (though I suck at smug face 😂) so it has been a dream of mine to be Jolyne <3

I-i mentioned that it's getting harder to import wig, so my wig was being styled by Alianisha from Jakarta, which I'll only meet my wig a few days before I'm wearing the whole cos so I did costest with my real hair XD

And I cleaned my whole face to meet my friends in the evening XD

And took purikura after ages of not XD

I received bunnyyyyy and wing <3

And I received birthday present from someone really dear >w<

I'm so blessed ><
I don't think it's something usual for someone to keep on receiving birthday present (and have birthday celebrations) for a whole month XD

Had J-style photoshoots a few days before I head to Jakarta

I had 2 photoshoots (4 different costumes) with Mr Darwin Wu at @68secretvillage in October :D
First costume being Harajuku casual style <3

Wall of love :D

Second costume was fox girl~

T-the writing at the torii gate is something though 😂

FYI かっこいい -> kakkoii -> cool ðŸ˜‚

And third was sukeban <3

My favoriteeeeee but V sucks at smug face ðŸ˜‚

Preview :D

Last work before flying off to Jakarta is a short congratulation message to GT Studios >w<

GT Studios just opened a new home base :D

And I flew off to Jakarta last week, 26th October~

I usually bring baseball cap during my trips but this time I brought my fedora, that I can't keep in my luggage XD

Met Mr Kevin Aprilio, his beautiful girlfriend Vicy and my family >w<

As usual, I'm always in a 'not enough sleep' mode whenever it's a day to fly off plus I don't usually wear contact lens when I'm not working XD

My last visit to Jakarta was back in January? When I had photoshoot as Tohsaka Rin.
I didn't go to AFAID17, because it was a week away from my latest Japan trip + I've been wanting to go to Indonesia Comic Con, as I've been to AFAID twice and yet last week was my first time to ICC :D

I went to BlueMoon Studio for photoshoot on Friday

I've been excited for my Jakarta visit not only because of ICC but also because I've been wanting to visit BlueMoon Studio >w<

I used two themes; stage and jail~

I planned for 3 shoots for the 2 locations XD with Faivon~

First one being Kotori----

Been a year plus since I last cosplay as Kotori XD
I've never did a photoshoot with 'stage background' before, so it was exciting <3
B-but it was tough being Kotori, because I had to style (tie) her hair and her hair damn long ðŸ˜‚

And I played with lightsss for the first time too XD

Ok, the stage isn't visible but there's a bigggg screen XD

The second character I did there was Shiburin >w< I was in a rush, thus I didn't take any selfie but here's a 'omake' like picture xD

daddy sharkie dududuududu

The reason I was in a rush is for my next shoot, as Jolyne XD

Green eyebrow and lips >w<

T-the sign will be edited to Green Dolphin Street Jail JAKARTA 😂

That was my first time meeting my Jolyne wig <3
It's really nice b-but I really feel like ordering the pink version too XD m-may be later (?)

I'm not uploading the preview for Jolyne shoot, because it's my costume for ICC DAY2 XD

On the way to ICC DAY1

First visit to ICC, thus I decided to not cosplay because I really wanna slack to seesee walkwalk till I satisfied (and buy loots XD)

B-but apparently this is the only picture (without me) that I took during the event 😂

Photo with Medan gang (?)

Photo with Ikh Wan X)

Photo with Ridwan and Ryan and I-i'm sorry who is the one behind >/////<

Thank you for recognizing me XD

And finally I met Yowvian <3

Yowvian has been supporting my page a lot >////< thank you always <3

And finaly I met (2) Phankness <3

Phankness is the one who made my Super Fumina Axis Angel weapon <3

Okayyyy confession time; I'M TOO MUCH OF A WEEB to enjoy ICC ðŸ˜‚
1. I've no idea who are the guests beside Pugoffka and Angie ;; 
2. Power Rangers is not my childhood ;; 
3. I don't watch the latest THOR movie
4. but I did watch THOR's movie before the latest, thus I know Loki
5. b-but I only know because Tom Hiddleston is handsome 
6. I-i mistaken Dr Strange as Dr Watch for a lot of times
7. I only prefer DC Universe because of Harley Quinn

So ummmm unless there's a big change of preference happening to me next year, I don't think I'll ever visit another Comic Con ðŸ˜‚

I was up early for DAY2...
I reached ICC around 3pm on DAY1 (well, traffic jam caused an hour travelling time..) but for DAY2, I woke up at 8, left hotel at 9.15 not only because I need to attend workshop at 10 but also because there's a marathon happening right in front of my hotel T_T

T-they were noisy from 6? 7? D:

In a way a good morning call LOL

Thus plenty of time for selfie in the car LOL 

I-i somehow like this photo that I made it my personal Facebook cover photo w

The reason for early day is Pugoffka's workshop XD

Pugoffka did workshop for 2 days, DAY2 being about photo editing.
I'm definitely the most noob in the room (I don't even have photoshop in my laptop LOL) but I was really more interested in it compared to her DAY1's workshop (about photoshoot preparation and poses ><)
I just like to know what she has in mind when editing photo and may be I won't really be applying her technique but still, it was a great workshop :D

Thank you <3

And Faivon tried my photo on the spot

He could just tell Pugoffka 'please edit this for me' 😂

Faivon took picture of me with 2 JOJO cosplayers during DAY1 (a handsome daddy, I mean Jotaro and greatgrandpa Joseph) b-but he hasn't send me D:
But still, I met beautiful JOJO cosers on DAY2 <3

Gioooooooorno and Guiiiiiido <3

We are fabulous <3

Andddd 'sono chi no sadame Joooooooooojo' keeps on playing in my head as I write this post HAHA

And I met my dear semechannnnnnnn who's in a Persona5 group with handsome Fran Siska <3

Actually something (already) happening around that time ;;

Met Zweiiiii <3 and very pretty Cxiela <3 with Edwin >w<
Singapore guests (?) XD

Yayy thanks for saying hi to me again >w<

Met Duke as Johnny Bravo XD

And I left ICC ;-;

I reallyyyyy wanted to stay until 6pm b-but I was at my limit around 3pm..
And it's heartbreaking for me as usually, I'm at my limit because of headache (because I had no breakfast as I was in a rush, I only had sweet tea around 1pm because I can't eat nor drink without straw as I was using eyeshadow for my lip makeup)
I didn't even have a single problem with my wig, which I kinda worried because at first, the wig felt a little too small but it was all great on that day.
I left because I injured my eye, without knowing it 😭

My right eye felt weird around 1pm, thus I went to buy sweet tea (cause it came with straw)
I kept on using eye drop, but it didn't feel any better, thus I took out my contact lens around 2pm
I still felt really painful, almost piercing pain in the right eye whenever I blink. 
But of course, I can't keep my eyes open for more than 10 secs, thus I also tear whenever I close my eyes. It took effort for me to open my eyes for a few seconds either. 
But my eye wasn't red at all.

I took off my fake eyelash around 2.30pm and tried bearing the pain as I finished off my 'people to meet' list in a rush. 
Very quick selfies, short video and a few photos taken and I really find that I'm at my limit around 3pm, thus I left the venue.

I reached hotel around 4pm, erased my makeup with face wipe as I couldn't keep my right eye to open long enough for a face wash. 
I applied cold compress on my both eyes for 1/2 hr as I noticed that my eye was swelling.
I got up as my tummy was at its' limit and had banana, bread and chips. I didn't have any appetite for all the delicious Indonesia food (fried rice /cough) HAHA
Around 5pm I washed my face and applied the same cold compress but the pain was still there and by then, both of my eyes were swollen, thus I called my mum. 

In my family, I'm already known to only 'call' someone when I really need help, so it made my parents' to rush to the hotel to bring me to the doctor
Lucky that there was one available doctor as it was Sunday evening
Doctor said that I injured my pupil, though she didn't mention when or how it happened but it has something to do with my contact lens. My guess is my contact lens was dirty, or it has expired, or my eye was too dry
Thus, the doctor put in a lens that works like a band-aid to my eye, for even though the injury was just 1mm, it'll heal in 24 hrs time but it won't heal whenever i blink, due to friction. Beside that, she gave me antibiotic and eye drop
And I'm asked to avoid eye makeup + contact lens for a week

Okay, reflection time....
IT WAS SCARY, now that I think of it.
If i were to choose ears or eyes, I'd rather loose my sight than my hearing but still, it was very scary.
It's not just that I could barely open my eyes but I could barely see when my eye was opened.
And I'm really grateful that I'm only avoid eyemakeup and contact lens for a week!
I still can edit my vlog, write my blog, update my SNS and I do still can record vlog, anything that doesn't need me to cosplay
I was really scared that I may be told to use eye patch for a period of time or something that'll make me only able to see with one eye ;-;
I'm really sorry that I worried some people too, especially Faivon who brought me back to the hotel though I told him it's fine as he should just enjoy ICC TwT
I'm so sorry and I'll be more careful from here on TwT

Received birthday presents from Faivon and from my dear Remy <3

And gift from Marvin ><

I'm actually already thinking of Christmas gifts XD

My only loots from ICC

Good thing for being a weeb is I found nothing much to purchase during the event xD

If none of the photos taken of me are good, then please take these 😂
I think I have a lot of photos with my eyes looking dead (due to the pain) but these were taken with my phone, before the pain XD

I actually went to a Gunpla exhibition after ICC DAY1, but the photos are in my camera + there are already too many photo in this post XD
I don't know when I'll update my blog again but now I'm counting the days off to AFASG :D
I'm preparing 2 new coses (though still contemplating because I'm not satisfied with Jolyne yet, I wanna be her again xD)

I've uploaded Enma Ai photos for 31st October~!

And then, I'm planning for a giveaway very soon!
Beside that, coming up will be:
1. BehindTheScene video of my Gunpla making video
2. PC building vlog
3. Gunpla making video part 2 (with the BTS)
And I'll upload photos from my recent shoots after 'ok' sign from the photographers XD