Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Brilliant November

November is ending in a day and it'll be JINGLEBELLitsCHRISTMAS-December 😆
I had a very fulfilling November! And I'm sure December will be a packed one as well~!

I feel like I've returned back to July 2017 because my hair is bright pink again XD

Ok I'm not going to make any excuse but even though I've been updating this blog for 1.5 year, I still suck at writing TITLE and the OPENING HAHA
So without further ado, here's my update since my last post here~!

Nope it's not my birthday anymore 😂 enough of my own birthday 🌚 
while I was scrolling through Facebook sometime ago, I found this meme which says 'a girl needs 2 weeks 4 new dresses 4 parties as birthday' and I guess that true 🍻 but I'm grateful for that fact!

Went to watch NO GAME NO LIFE the movie~!!

I really love NO GAME NO LIFE's art---- that's why I cosplay Dola (plus now and then I feel like cosplaying Shiro BUT THAT LONG HAIR)
While story wise, I think I don't recommend the movie to those who haven't watch the first season? I'm not an avid fan of the series as I still get confused now and then and I don't understand 100% how the setting is but I still enjoyed the movie~ really love the ending song by Konomi Suzuki too~!
Will be cosplaying as Dola again very soon <3

I found old photos of me HAHA

That horse laugh and cute-boyish style is soooo me XD

I recorded vlog for XX with VIVID GIRL

That's where the first picture of this post came from too :D
As I did a giveaway, I made a vlog to promote VIVID GIRL and 2018 calendars, which are the few gifts for the event~!
I wanted to wear the PIZZA-MY-MIND dress for the video but I couldn't find it, and wore the dress from Soba ni Ite instead XD
You can watch the video here ! And here for the Bloopers!

I also recorded about one of the ways I learned and practiced my Japanese!

This video wasn't announced in Facebook but it's my YouTube channel~!
I don't do it anymore lately as I don't have much time for it anymore (/cough I'd act as if writing note in class but I didn't /don't-follow-this-LOL) but I'd do it when I'm preparing myself for performance, as I mentioned in my video :D
You can watch the video here !

Random V's look on weekday and no make-up :D

My accident with contact lens back in Jakarta sure is still traumatizing me, especially because my sleeping pattern is horrible -> not enough sleep -> eyes bery dry lol

I did another vlog, which was unboxing my gaming gears from Fantech!

I learned so much XD 
there's lifetime for mouse (based on the clicking time), there's also lifetime for keyboard with the same system? and then.....gaming headset uses USB head!? 
the fastest I can start gaming is probably next week but I'm really excited XD
You can watch the video here ! And here for the Bloopers!

And I attended MSI's first official store in Medan as MC~!


I still do quick updates on Twitter every 1-3 days! As this blog is only updated every 2weeks-1month, please do follow my Twitter for detailed stories XD

I received jacket from Gunpla Freedom Club Indonesia <3

I wanna go Odaiba and Gundam Base Tokyo----- but I'm going next year so I'm keeping this jacket for that day >w<

I attended baking class~~

The last time I baked was back in March, for my mum's surprise cake at Singapore HAHAI think I mentioned that I'm actually more interested in baking than in cooking? or to be exact I think cooking is easier, since it's easier to cook something edible but when it comes to baking, if there's a slight miss in the ingredient, everything just won't taste good anymore 🙄

I made Swiss roll~

It's one of the best treats in Medan~ but the main reason as to why I chose this is because I like it too HAHA
at first I wanted to learn red velvet, but I didn't have that much time >o< 
and beside this, may be I'd go for doughnut (because lately I loveeeee doughnut HAHA) but I think doughnut = bread, it's not as easy as there's the need to punch? the flour ////

Thank you for the guide <3

I'd like to return for any lesson again XD and I wanna try making baking vlogggg it has always been a dream of mineeee /////

And I received my photo with another JOJO cosplayers that I met during ICC, but DAY1 XD

ITS PAPA JOSUKEEEEEEE and greatgrandpa JOSEPHHHHH, who also styled my Jolyne wig >w<

My November's weekly schedule is pretty much:
- Monday -> sleepslack
- Tuesday -> rush for Behind-the-Scene video (released every Wednesday HAHA)
- Wednesday -> sleepslack
- Thursday -> vlog recording, start to worry about weekly vlog as I haven't start editing but still not starting, wondering what's life
- Friday -> vlog recording, choosing footages for weekly vlog, wondering what's life
- Saturday -> costest as a way to runaway from reality, rush for weekly vlog (released every Sunday XD)
- Sunday -> lackofsleep but still want to go out and play with friends XD

One of the vlogs I recorded but haven't edit XD

As of now, I do have 3 unedited footages that even if I don't record any vlog, I'd have enough to post until the end of December but I still have......4 more to record /w/ 
same goes with costest actually~! I did 3 costests and 2 more in schedule....
I'm going to do my best to keep this up until next year (so that my YouTube won't be dead /w/)

Started packing~

And then! It's the time for what I've looked forward to the most every November; AFASG!! <3

And I also recorded the giveaway winners announcement video~!

Due to rushing for AFASG, the video was published 2 days later than said as I didn't have time to edit it >o<
I'm whipping up a short video regarding some comments about what cosplay I should try in 2018 as well! >w<

Once again, I'm very thankful to everyone who spared their time reading and participating by following the guideline, sharing and the kind comments <3 
at one side, it's an early thanksgiving-christmas present from me but at the other, i would like to have everyone's opinion for my reflection~!

And off I went to my lovely Singapore /w/

First day was runnnnnning around 😂

What I loveee the most about Singapore is your time is not being wasted by travelling! it's not that I dislike or not grateful for private chauffeur at Medan or Jakarta but when every trip takes at least 30 minutes, I either feel anxious inside the car or I feel like melting due to tiredness or sleepiness TwT so yes, when one ask me what's most important in a city, I'd forever say 'transportation's convenience'~

I left for Singapore on Thursday, reached around 11 anddddd it was time to use every single energy I saved in Medan XD my first day was:
1. Changi -> BoonKeng (where my relative's apartment is)
2. BoonKeng -> Changi (because I realized that I took the wrong luggage back LOL so I spent another 20 minutes to the airport and another 20 minutes at the baggage control area HAHA)
3. <first photo> Changi -> SengKang (pickup my ordered stuff + sending my international merchandise orders + lunch as it was raining and I had no umbrella LOL)
4. <second photo> SengKang -> Chinatown (wow less than 1/2 hr in the train! :o and I wasn't lost in ChinaTown! Went to buy material for cosplay accessories XD)
5. <third photo> Chinatown -> Bugis (less than 1/2 hr in the bus. went to get a year's? stock of fake eyelashes XD)
6. <fourth photo> Bugis -> Promenade (dropped by Latendo but almost nothing left as I believe most stuff were transported to AFA XD and went to get my tickets for AFA~!)

I left SengKang from 3.30 and I was still even early for my appointment at 6.30 >w<

Took a breather while waiting for a friend for dinner~!

It's not so visible in the picture but there were already Christmas decorations along the road! >w<
Plus Christmas songs were really playing in storesssss and of course there were already Christmas trees here and there XD being in Singapore really made me realize that christmas is comingggg

And my aim for this time's Singapore visit is 40% cleared by the first day XD with another 40% being 3 days of AFASG and 20% being visiting Kinokuniya HAHA

And I was female Mario for AFASG DAY1!

I wanted to go back and rest early but I didn't have the key to enter the unit LOL so I only managed to get to my bed by 12? 
and I couldn't fall asleep as I was too excited for AFA HAHAHA but everything went well~! 

MY LOVELY EXIA is right in front of the exhibition entrance----

MY inner heart (?) whispered 'Bandai's power' (?)


Ah I saw it before at Jakarta but I haven't post about it, as I planned for it to be in my next Gunpla building vlog 😂 the Bandai booth in AFASG was accepting pre-order just like Jakarta was. 
May be (?) Exia will be my very first PG, though I didn't pre-order XD may be during my next Japan visit../w/

But anyway, this year is the 10th anniversary of Gundam00~ among my friends, 00 is known as the fujoshi gundam series
well, a number of my fave seiyuus r in it but I didn't enjoy the anime XD when there are too many guys, I get confused 😂

Beside Bandai was bilibili~

Since I entered Seiyuu Hell, bilibili is one of the websites that I access frequently 😂 
b-but it doesn't help my Chinese, like how Taobao isn't helping my Chinese though LOL

Black Butler booth <3

My love for Black Butler keeps on increasing lately and I really enjoyed Book of the Atlantic >w< 
this is honestly the only booth I'd look forward to if I attended AFAID HAHA 
I didn't get any loots here as the goods are exactly like what they sold during AFAID but I had special ice creams there~!

Attended talkshow for Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen~

Talkshow for anime that'll start next year :D 
i-i don't read the novel nor manga so I still think that the title has nothing to do with the plot, because I read the plot online 😂 
the series' genre is action? it's about killing-killing, honestly not my type but I'm attracted by the seiyuus in it 😂

I thought of reaching AFA by 11, because I misread the timing.. 
I thought the talkshow is at 12, but apparently it's at 2 LOL that's why I reached AFA very early too :x 
but nevertheless, I enjoyed the talkshow XD <3

And then, another thing that I've been looking forward to when it comes to event at Singapore, reuniting with friends! >w<

dear Uncle Tan and Hon Peng <3

and Chew <3 so glad to see that he is healthy!

dear Terrence and Alan <3

And Edwin <3 sadly I couldn't find him on DAY2 and DAY3 TwT

Met dear Jordannnnn <3 and thank you to Zen Choo for greeting me everyday <3

Jordan is such a cutie >o< sadly couldn't find him when he was cosing Naruto on day2 T_T

And I bumped into Yoppiiiiii

I took picture with Yoppi also last year XD he's my favorite radio personality and MC from Nippon Cultural Broadcasting! Last year I bumped into him and blurted out 'can I have a picture with you' on DAY3 and this time, it was the same feeling on DAY1 XD

He was one of the MCs for the event and when I was staring (?) at him during Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen anime talkshow, I was like wondering 'will I be able to take picture with him again this year' and I BUMPED INTO HIM at the escalator and he was surprised as well 😂 
I ended up talking with him in broken Japanese but I'm happy 😂 (shashin onegashimasu, fan desu, akogare desu 😂)

He only stayed until DAY2, so I'm very very lucky TwT

And I left AFA at 5, for I had meeting with other friends at 7~!

My costume on DAY1 was really really simple because the main aim is to looklookseesee and buy loots..I thought I wouldn't buy a lot (I was confidently saying 'I don't think I'll get anime goods cause I can get a lot at Japan /smirk') but I bought a lot...

I didn't expect for so much merchandise from Black Butler and Natsume Yuujinchouuuu

My main splurge was at MUSE booth 😂
- Saiyuki handkerchief (if not mistaken that's Saiyuki Gaiden :D)
- Nyanko sensei omamori, and Sebastian's too~! Nyanko sensei has money written XD while Sebastian..behind it is the demon star symbol LOL I really love buying omamori (amulet) even though I don't believe in certain god but I'm just getting it as it brings something good, or it comes with good wish like for example money XD while Sebastian's....can I just have him coming over when I need a butler? 😂
- Kuroshitsuji mask~! the mask I've been using is also from Kuroshitsuji, but in pink XD decided to wash that (as it's also dirty from face powder XD) and use the new one for now~!
- I bought Kuroshitsuji water bottle :D decided to keep the box <most right-top hahahha>
- Nyanko sensei arm watch (below Saiyuki handkerchief), that cost me the most XD
- Below the watch is Danmachi poker card, that I got as a gift cause I bought a lot..
- SAO bag is also a gift..
- Nyanko sensei socks >w<
- Below Kuroshitsuji mask is smart-phone stand, as I don't have any Sebastian standee, so why not :D
- Beside pink nyanko sensei socks is SNK mini clear file that I got as gift
- And Nyanko sensei tote bag----
I also got Sebastian doll and ONEPIECE doll 😂

The next splurge was at ODEX booth but I received more free stuff than purchasing stuff 😂

I only purchased 2 Tshirts; one from Code Realize and another from idolish7 (most right-below) and the rest were free gifts 😂 
post cards, clear file, tshirt, tea cup and there were actually a few posters but I didn't bring them along with me (read as not my fave anime HAHA)

I wore Code Realize Tshirt from ODEX for meeting my friends on DAY1

and I used Sebastian doll right-away, to help me to sleep 😂
I always have hard time sleeping when travelling, especially when there's not many pillow available XD

DAY1 photos by TH Photography <3

That day, I had a glass of milk, hokkaido milk ice cream with caramel at Black Butler booth, Banana and Butter-chicken McDonald at 11pm 😂 
I only had 1 proper meal for the 3 days HAHA

Honestly speaking, exhibition wise, this year's setup is better than the previous years, plus the artist alley is now more organized :D 
but after going to Anime Japan, of course there's nothing much to see..
but the difference is really on the loots? because Japan's convention is really more to introducing anime titles, introducing the industry and new goods, not much on selling like SG's convention XD 
there's different kind of fun factor in both sides! <3

I actually finished walking around the exhibition area in less than 1 hour on DAY1 (exclude time taken to queue up for merchandise booth nor the artist alley), thus I actually randomly recorded videos with live comments...
I may whip it into another video 😂 
I'm just adding work to myself (?)

First time being Mei (and official megane character) for DAY2!!! <3

I only manage to reach my apartment by 1am on Friday, and only slept at 3 because I needed to style my wig (I only met my wig for the first time on DAY1 and it's not even good as I didn't bring wig stand T_T) 
so I had hard time waking up on Saturday for DAY2 LOL 
I only reached AFA by 12.30 XD

Jayshun!! <3

Another friend that I miss a lot >o< 
sadly didn't get to greet him on DAY3 cause i left early TwT

And photo with my most trusted friends <3

With my dear Toraaaa <3 and another dear tiger Khai XD <3

Another sad thing was I didn't get to meet Tora again on DAY3 TwT


Waiting for my friend for meal, so I thought of taking picture with the seiyuu I've been looking forward to meet the most
but my friend came just on time when Kakki is being shown in the screen

he almost blocked Kakki 😂

My only proper meal of the day was curry rice by Monster Curry and had durian as supper 😂

I could have rushed for the giveaway video editing but I'm so sorry, I was too tired TwT
I'm very lucky that I did Mei on DAY2 because I used my own specs -> I didn't need to worry about dry eyes from lack of sleep 😂 
but it was hard to keep on walking with heels ;; 
I left AFA at 7.30~!

Photos by dear Uncle Tan <3

I did buy something inside the exhibition area on DAY2 but I was more focusing on walking around and finding my friends, but it wasn't so easy as DAY2 was damn crowded >o< 
I still miss many people ;_;

I thought I'd sleep early that day but I only got my durian at 12 LOL..
so I woke up later than expected on Sunday but I was excited------

Athenna on DAY3 <3

I honestly did anime marathon a few days before I left to Singapore, and the anime was Saint Seiya Lost Canvas XD 
because KAKKI is SEIYAAAAA (though at the end of the day seiya wasn't in my fave characters list..)

I was excited for B-PROJECT talkshow >o<

B-Project is one of the idol anime that I like and it was one of the featured anime this year!
Tetsuya Kakihara and Toyonaga Toshiyuki came for talkshow and meet and greet and YES I WAS EXCITED FOR IT

Special meet-and-greet

I'm disgusting 😂 I wanted to be noticed, thus I was Athenna 😂
I actually had another plan (new character) for DAY3 but my costume didn't reach me on-time T_T
but of course, I really love Athenna too <3 (/cough and they realised that I was doing Athenna anyway)

B-Project is about 4 idol groups and the 2 seiyuus were in different units..........
Ok confession time 😂 neither of the 2's group is my favorite 😂 
my favorite is actually KITAKORE 😂 
but I'm just there for the seiyuus 😂 
but I still look forward to the season 2 of the anime XD

I found GEMINI-----

When I came to Indonesia from Singapore back in 2014, I honestly had cosplay culture shock TwT 
the cosplay trend here and there are different TwT 
I can see the reasoning though and it's not something negative at all. 
This is fully personal opinion.

Singapore's cosplay is heading toward the 'cosplay idol' direction where it's about cosplaying new character, doing photoshoots, almost like cosplayer = model. 
While Indonesia's cosplay is more on the making part; armour and weapons. 
I think the reason why Singapore can do more 'new character' is because it's easy to import costumes (/cough Taobao) and why Indonesia can do more 'making' is because material is wayyyy cheaper.

That's the reason why I didn't expect any Saint Seiya character for AFA but I was really happy when I found my kind (?) XD

Met Dion! I miss his girlfriend though TwT 😂

Met Shirley >w<<3 we met for the first time during ICC hehe

Met Liz!! <3 thank you for purchasing my merchandise <3

And since I was walking around with my friend, might as well as photos taken HAHA

Grell's seiyuu (FukuJun) birthday was on 26 November HAHA

And so glad I can PHOENIX with ONOD I mean Sebastian 😂

Photos by TH Photography <3

I left very early on DAY3; I left at 5.30, when I only reached at 11.30 
(and rushed to the talkshow - met Terrence at 1 before heading off to queue for meet-and-greet at 1.30 and it ended at 3)

I was standing the whole time during the m&g (I could sit but I was wearing heels + I wanted to 'stand-out' /disgustingfangirl😂) so I was also very tired TwT 
and it was hard for me to take-off and put my shoes, thus I couldn't walk barefooted /-/ 

I didn't have much photos taken on DAY3 and missed a lot of people but that was my limit TwT 
but I'm always thankful to TH Photography for his awesome photos <3

My only meal on DAY3 was ramen XD
and I started packing my stuff to makes sure that everything can fit 😂

Some loots from DAY1 (yes there were more..), DAY2 and DAY3~!

- KITAKORE plushies from DAY1 HAHA Latendo's booth 😂
- Ciel and Sebastian coaster from Black Butler's ice cream booth~! 
I also brought home my Ciel cup though it's actually just normal plastic cup with Ciel sticker HAHA 
didn't get Sebastian's as the sticker was already out of stock on DAY3 XD 
Sebastian's ice cream was black sesame (but honestly I forgot how it tasted like........)
Ciel's hokkaido vanilla milk + caramel was just simply sweet HAHA
- Yurio Q PosketI got on DAY2, as I was contemplating on DAY1 XD
decided not to get his Nendoroid cause Q Posket makes him look more angmo (?)
- Another Bandai booth was showcasing IdolM@ster and I brought home free fan XD behind is Cindrella Girls~!
- I received RubyHanamaruYoshiko pin-badge from Liz >o< thank you <3
- Frame Arm Girl stickers and post card, freebie from Kotobukiya booth XD
- Anime Pilgrimages booklet

- 6 Osomatsu fanmade keychain (2 each for Kara Choro and Jyuushi XD) from DAY1
I didn't spend much at the Artist Alley as I told myself to stop buying keychain and pin badge...unless I got myself itabag (but itabag so expensive/ cries) 
plus I can get a lot of keychain and pin badge whenever I visit event in Medan as well /-/ 
I even have duplicates in my collection already haha ;;
- But the only pin badge I bought was Tomohisa Kitakado from B-PRO, because I don't have one, on DAY2 :D

and various photographers & cosplayer cards <3

Received B-Project's merchandise from the m&g~! 

tote bag, clear file, keychain (I got 2 but I couldn't find the other after unpacking my stuff ._.), poster and 2 pin-badge (ahhh I want his partner, not him 😂 but at least he's from KITAKORE XD)

the 2 mini games, I bought them when visiting TYPO the day before I left Singapore~
I'm happy that I got to buy such cute stuff but at the same time I'm regretting why I entered the store because I spent money there 😂 
i'm unstable 😂 need to find batteries /-/

DAY3 was self-recharding day!!

I dropped by Kinokuniya after AFASGDAY3 (yes bought stuff too but won't put them here as it's just what 'disgusting seiyuu fangirl' (?) bought 😂), so allll my aim was cleared on Sunday
I honestly didn't expect my aim to be clear on Sunday, but i did it! 
thus I had time to do the 2 extra 'I hope I can go' items in my list-----

First was private karaoke time, because a lot of songs that I'd like to sing is not available at Medan 😂 
I had a year worth of karaoke? because the only time I sang all by myself for more than 3 hrs (I sang for almost 5 hrs <3) was last year? 😂 
I always have no much private time in Singapore so yes I enjoyed it a lot XD
Second was haircutttttttt. 
Honestly speaking, lately I'm like bo-chap (which means 'don't care' in hokkian 😂) with my hair, cause it was in the length of you won't feel that it's short but it's not long either, 
and it feels like it grew so fast but at the same time, it grew so slow ( mum told me we just visited Singapore 4 months ago but it felt so long already HAHA). 
thus if this time, I couldn't drop by 76, I was ready to give it up but since I got the time, I went for a chop, because short-hair 最高 😂 so I'm berybery happy <3

Actually I planned for a shoot as Athenna on Monday but it's cancelled as on Sunday, my mum told me that there's a family matter to settle on Monday, thus the photographer and I decided not to rush for the shoot~ 
and of course it'd be tiring, as I'd need to untangled her hair and do full makeup XD 

Visited another ramen store for dinner XD

First day I reached Singapore, I went to eat FATBOY's Burger that I missed.
Second day I had McDonald (that I love in Singapore too~!)
Third day I had Japanese curry rice (though I'd go for Coco more :D)

Fourth day I had ramen (though I preferred another shop in Somerset but my friend told me that it has closed down T_T). 
The ramen soup was too thin for my preference but it was great.

But I didn't expect to visit another ramen store on the fifth day XD this time, it was ippudo
but I decided to go for the vegetable soup, which is definitely very clear (like the picture) but it was delicious~! 
it was really easy to eat as it's light but sadly, a bit too light that my tummy rumbled at night LOL 
even though I had 2 mini gyoza and a bite of pork-bun, my tummy called for banana and 2 slices of peanut bread at 1AM LOL 
well, I also rushed for video editing that night XD

My dinner was with my dear oniichan <3

My oniichan is a bery busy successful lawyer, so I'm really lucky to be able to get him for dinner twice (and he dropped by AFASG DAY2 for 20 mins to meet me ;w;) because we couldn't meet back in May-June-July....
so it was another (?) year worth of meeting (?) 😂

The view from my apartment <3

By the way, I had bakkutteh on Monday as brunch <3 
the only food left in my 'to eat' are 4fingers, MOS Burger and Subway XD 
But nevertheless, i had really goodfood at Singapore <3 
to the point of I can't feel my tummy anymore when I breath in (?) 😂

New haircut~!

Is it the specs? or I feel like I look like Office Lady 😂 
I felt the same with Mei's wig 😂 
well, Mei's hair is in a bun as well 😂

Had bara-chirashi at Teppei and visited Japan Rail Cafe on Tuesday

I had meal at Tanjong Pagar and went to Japan Rail Cafe for the first time--- 
I've always been wanting to go there >o<

And they were promoting Shikoku for this monthhhhhhhh /w/

Shikoku is the place I wanna go most for now when it comes to Japan (especially Kochi 😂)
So I was really happy that I could get pamphlet about it there XD

I had mochi and specialty coffee...YES COFFEE
but it was recommended to me because the coffee isn't strong XD 
and it's true, because I could drink it very easily~! t
he coffee felt more like mocha and it's sweet >w< 
I hope I can go there one day for proper meal >w<

And I found this at the gaming room, Changi Airport Terminal 2 XD

I unpack to my stuff once I reached Medan for the sake of packing up, for Jakarta, the day after tomorrow 😂 
a sudden trip as I'll be attending a wedding party~ 
along the way, I'll be going to ComicFest ID on Saturday (as the wedding party in on Sunday) and 3 photoshoots on Monday! >w< 
I'll be shooting for a character that I've been wishing for a shoot since 2 years ago, for a costume I just wore and for a new costume >o< 
the only thing I should finish this week will be the short video from my latest 'giveaway winners announcement'!

After back from Jakarta, I'll be attending Stream Gaming Community Internet Cafe opening event on 9 & 10 december, followed with preparation for a private bank event on 15 december
until my family trip for christmas, 4 more vlogs to record (including trial gaming videooooo) and 2 costest >w< 
let's do it ///// <3

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