Thursday, 21 December 2017

Last post for 2017~!

2017 is ending in daysssssss
Is everyone ready for the new year? Though I think nothing will change much as 1st January is Monday, so it just feel like going back to work? That's how I feel 😂

Since my previous blog post regarding AFASG17, I had the chance to cosplay and perform for the last time in 2017 plus I'm preparing for a family trip this weekend~ 
Thus here's an update before my next post, which definitely will be about my holiday :B

Hi there~!

And I enjoy taking photo while looking sideway nowadays 😂

Less than a week after my trip to Singapore, I went to Jakarta~ it was an impromptu trip~

First meal in Jakarta~

I love Japanese food but when I'm in Indonesia, I'd definitely go for Indonesian food XD because Indonesian food is at the same level with Japanese food for me, especially since both focuses on rice :B then Chinese food comes as number 3 for my favorite food :B
I'm writing this post slightly after midnight and a confession to make, I consider myself doing well for not finding snack to chomp while writing 😂

I started reading during my Jakarta trip~

I bought this book back in....too long that I don't even remember anymore 😂
And....since I got back I haven't continue reading....I stopped at the 4th page 😂
I'm pretty sure that 'reading a chapter' of English book is one of my resolutions for 2017 but definitely it's not going well 😂

As the cover says, the book consists of short Japanese stories with English written at the same page in parallel. 
This book is really good....just that I've been stuck watching TV shows haha ;; 
That trip was my very first time touching that book and I actually felt kind of being cheated? 😂

Beside the parallel style, what made me buying that book is because Murakami's work is included in it...but only 4 pages, in other words I stopped after reading his short story 😂
but the story is to say, won't say that I like it since even though I admire Murakami, I only like 1 out of 7 or 8 books I read by him but I love how he writes. I
'm just not so fond with his endings, everything is always so hanging in the air that even though I check google, everything ends up with 'leave it to readers' imagination' but his work always leave an impression to me, including this one, even though only 2 pages (the other 2 being English translation of the story).
It's impressive that I can still remember clearly the story, his description and I can talk a lot about the 2 pages story.

I have 2 more novels of him that I haven't touched but I'm looking forward to practice my Japanese in 2018 (after my trip :B) with this book~!
(Please watch my upcoming vlog for I mentioned about my 2018 new year resolution of practicing my Japanese, English and Chinese XD)

My first dinner~

URGHHHH I love fast food 😂
I had dinner alone as my parent went to watch movie XD
I dropped by hotel's gym and was craving for meat (as always) and somehow ended up going to FAT BURGER 😂

And I was Mei again~!

Apparently I managed to go to 2 events in Jakarta this year XD I went to NEO SOHO Comic Fest XD well, the event just happened to be on the weekend when I was there :B and I was Mei~ <3

Yayy Raven~

There weren't much cosplayer nor photographer on Saturday, as the cosplay competition was on Sunday but I couldn't go on Sunday~~ but I'm still happy to be able to meet people I know >w<

My dear Remyyyyy and Sinz <3

Thank you for the photos and mention <3

My main loots at ComicFest >w<

I actually bought 3 plushies from Piece of Fluffy (another being shibainu head, like one above but smaller version) and received one from Marvin Kho (the shiba inu at most right, below) <3 Piece of Fluffy can actually turn me into a wan-chan lover 😂 
as Piece of Fluffy store is always so popular, it was like NOW OR NEVERRRR which made me splurging at one go <3

Going to a wedding party~

The reason why I went to Jakarta was this wedding party, which happened on Sunday, which was the reason why I couldn't go to NEO SOHO on Sunday~

Yayy family shoot~

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I was supposed to have 3 shoots in Jakarta but it was cancelled anddddd that led me to going somewhere for my very first time; ANCOL DUFAN :D

Yayy commemoration photo

I'm always so shy when people ask me whether I've been to DUFAN or not even though I frequently go to Jakarta 😂 it's not a lie that I always just roam around the South side of Jakarta whenever I'm there (AKA MALLS LOL) because most of the time, I'm at Jakarta for studio work /// just these few years I manage to visit cosplay events :B

First attraction (?) was Yoshinoya 😂

I reached DUFAN at 12 so yea I can't lie to my tummy 😂 MEATTTT /w/

Official first ride XD

Even though I like amusement park, I'm the 'no fun' kind of person who can't ride scary rides 😂 like no height no turning me upside down no fast speed for me 😂 so ISTANA BONEKA (Kingdom of Dolls) was perfect for me XD

Though the dolls did look scary 😂

And I tried to Sheeh! 😂

I went there with my cousin and I was still shy 😂 later on I did bring up one of my legs 😂

Ice cream under the hot sun~

Thankfully it was hot~ it's always better than rain XD

Yayy V's true self has appeared 😂

That's how a NEET is once she goes out 😂
By the way, the shirt I was wearing is Jotaro :B bought it from Good Deal at NEO SOHO event~ I actually bought a fanmade Jojo fashion book from the same stall earlier during Comic Con~ thus, JOJO (godly) pose <3

The decoration at Mexico side of DUFAN is the best among the other parts XD

I went inside Mirror House and Slanted House? Both at Mexico side.....
The Mirror House took me 5 minutes? because there were a group of people in front of me so I basically tailed them 😂

While for Slanted House.....I actually got headache 😂 
I'm actually very prone to land-sickness (oyong puyeng ///) so yea I felt like puking even though I didn't ride any fast speed ride didn't ride anything that brought me upppp and even though I was in the house only for 5 minutes (as the place was also small 😂) 
I'm so weak /cries

Yayy Frog :B

Nope not a fan of frog but he was the only mascot around 😂

I took photos of what I couldn't ride 😂

Anddd I finished walking around DUFAN for around 3 hrs, which made my cousin to bring me to SEA WORLD :D

Ahh <3

I honestly didn't expect myself to love SEA WORLD until I went to one....
Like I'd choose amusement park over sea world but then I realized that I felt so at ease so relaxed once I'm at the Sea World....IS THIS AGE? 😂

I guess it's the mood of a sea world that actually soothe me (they played calming music~ the light is blue~) plus it's cold since it's indoor HAHA ///
But I think sea world is the same with a zoo? I'd still be excited whenever I go to one XD

CRABBBB been a while since I last ate CRABBBBB

This fish is named as pineapple fish and I LOVE PINEAPPLE

And my most favorite when it comes to sea world is seeing Jelly Fish <3

Jelly Fish......they just floatfloatfloatfloat as if my worry is being sucked by it and float along /////
I have the image of an aquarium with jelly fish being placed in a CEO room or a rich person's bed room or in a cafe and I think it's because Jelly Fish does bring relaxation /w/

Do you notice the starfish? >3

Yayy commemoration shoot 😂

At night, I met Darius for dinner~!

Thank you for the treat~

My loots for that day XD

The photo was taken at Istana Boneka XD while the ChoroKaraKaramatsu were from Yoshinoya gacha spinner XD

And once I got back from Jakarta, I prepared for my last performance in 2017 for PANIN BANK's event~

I had choreography practice~

I also updated my YouTube with a vlog that I recorded back in November, which was finishing the Fumina that I did half way~

Yayy <3

Along with the upload, I also had a collaboration giveaway with Gunpla Freedom Club Indonesia!
Thank you to everyone who participated <3

Anddddd I unofficially started gaming (?) 😂

I tried DOTA2 😂

A week after NEO SOHO's event was the opening day of STREAM Gaming Community, a new internet cafe in Medan~

The main events were on Saturday and Sunday but I visited the shop with Yukitora on Friday~

I tried DOTA2 because I was to co-cast a DOTA2 battle~

Wearing new shirt that I received from ASUS when I was choosing parts for my PC~

I tried Point Blank~

But it was a total failure 😂
When it comes to computer game, I did play Barbie and Disney games ages ago (when I was in secondary school) and a few puzzle games such as ZUMA or BIG MONEY but one game that I've always been wanting to play (back then) was Point Blank 😂 
I never expect myself trying it like almost 10 years later 😂

But it was a total failure because beside shooting and changing weapon, I've totally no idea how to move 😂 in other words I can't walk I can't run I can't hide 😂

And my very first time casting a game :D

Definitely I was a total noob XD I received comment like 'she can only laugh' but at least I laughed 😂 I enjoyed it though 😂

Thank you to Suwandi from Medan Gamers, who was the main caster >w<

And I was D.Va for Sunday---

I think that day was the.......6 or 7 times doing D.Va this year XD 
but when it comes to gaming, I can think of no one else :B 
next would be Mei<3

This was the plan but ended up broadcasting DOTA2 again 😂

Well, that's the reason why I tried Point Blank 😂

And I played Blade and Soul~~

I-i guess that's my type of guy (?) 😂
In 2 days, I tried 3 games and created 3 gaming accounts 😂
I still want Overwatch to be the first official game for my PC though //////

With Yukitora and Lily <3

Ahhhh I also played Tekken with Yukitora~~
I may consider cosplaying character from Tekken as the art is beautiful 😂
And Lily was the one who taught me how to play Blade and Soul...she always remind me which keys to use and to use both hands while playing 😂

And I did costest~~~

Actually this costest was done back in October / November though XD same with 2 more characters but I don't know when's the right time to post them 😂

So many want to cosplay so little time ._.
Hopefully I'll realize my Girigiriai dream next year >,<

As gratitude for this year, I shared my blessing to Nias

Thank you m(_ _)m

And it's rehearsal time for PANIN BANK's event~

Another first time ////

I'm not sure whether it's clear in the photo or in the videos I've posted but the stage was different as usual~ there's a space in the middle as there was mini-orchestra~

And my last cosplay for 2017 is my favorite Maki <3

With my dancers~!

Thank you <3

Thus ended my 3 weeks after AFASG~
For Christmas, I plan to update my page with a new photo album and to update my YouTube with another 'first experience' thing, DANCE COVER with Mia >w< and after that, there'll be another vlog for 31st December (just nice it's Sunday /? XD)
As I've done scheduling for all my post, it feels like time is moving so fast but time also feels slow as I do wish time will be faster for my family trip XD

I think it'll be weird for me to wish 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' in this post even though this is my last post here but as always, I'd like to thank everyone for reading and supporting all my activity this year, though there are still more coming up!
JanuaryFebruaryMarch will definitely feel fast because I already have plans of what I should do (mainly vlogs, most probably FS event in February like earlier this year, family trip as it's Chinese New Year and CLASH which means new cosplay~) but still, I wouldn't be able to move on without everyone!
Once again, thank you very much!

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