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Hellow 2018~!

a week (almost 2 weekssss) has passed since 1st of January but since this is my first post here this year, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 :D 
t-there's still another place where I haven't say 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to and it's my YouTube XD
but since i had a trip at the end of 2017, i'm definitely writing about my trip XD I can't move on even though a year has passed XD

I went to Japan for the third time in 2017~! But this time, I didn't go to Tokyo. I went to Kyushu for the first time and Osaka for my second time~!

Yayy make-up less V šŸ˜‚ first selfies in Fukuoka XD

i-it's not a lie to say that lately I'm getting lazier with make-up.....
one thing is because i think make-up takes much's like the 'first year in uni VS final year in uni' kind of thing šŸ˜‚ i choose to have more time sleeping šŸ˜‚ 
b-but the reason why i can't improve my makeup time is also cause i chose to cut down on makeup than to practice šŸ˜‚ 
on normal days i cut down on contouring and eyeliner and puts on specs :B on lazier days, I won't use contact lens :B
but that day, first day in Fukuoka, 23rd December, no make-up after overnight plane (5.5hrs from Singapore to Fukuoka!!) but yes to contact lens for a reason that i'll write later XD

Left Medan on 22nd December~

Because I know that Japan is cold (no snow, no minus, just 3-4x colder than Medan) + overnight flight, I chose a really really really comfortable coordinate; long sleeve and my favorite jeans! and I wore boots which I also plan to wear for the whole trip! Boots with zipper is the best (except during security check //)
Dropped by Starbucks at Kualanamu Airport for my family reached early (due to scare of crowd during holiday season) :D

They had JOJO in the planeeee

But i stopped at the first 10 mins haha ;; even though Diamond is Unbreakable is considered as the 'brighter' (as in less gory) arc from JOJO...I can't bear watching the live action šŸ˜‚ thank God I didn't manage to catch it in cinema šŸ˜‚ 
I can't imagine watching bloody scenes + loud voice + in the dark šŸ˜‚ one of the reasons why I hate cinema as well as live action movie šŸ˜‚
Because I did learn a bit about sound effect back in school, I'm quick at closing my eyes when the sound effect and BGM started to feel scary to if I were to watch JOJO in the cinema, I'm sure I'd be closing my eyes for 75% of the movie....I remember I did that for the LA version of Rurouni Kenshin...well Takeru Satou had nice voice šŸ˜‚

First stop from Fukuoka airport was Hakata station~!

I reached Fukuoka around 8am and I already found one thing to love from Fukuoka; it only took 30 mins (by car) from the airport to one of the busiest districts in the city; Hakata station~!
Fukuoka is the 4th biggest city in Japan and is honestly less well-known compared to Tokyo-Osaka-Hokkaido so....I honestly kinda looked down on Fukuoka šŸ˜‚ but it doesn't mean that I wasn't looking forward to this trip~! I've been curious about Fukuoka because of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens šŸ˜‚ 
Plus who knew that at the end of the day I found a place I wanna stay for retirement at //

once an Osomatsu thrash forever an Osomatsu thrash //

Hakata is the Japanese name of Fukuoka :D the reason why we didn't start sight-seeing is because we were waiting for more of my family members who came from different parts of the world~! Thus we waited at Hakata station, which was surrounded with 3-4 malls :D I did my first purchase in Tokyu Hands šŸ˜‚ 

And my second purchase was this 'phenomenal' drink XD

I truly tried it just for the sake of trying XD I still prefer real milk-tea hehe

And off we went to lunch~

Food report time :D
Ah..I chose Fukuoka for my retirement spot because it's less crowded than Tokyo, places to places are closer to each other (less travelling time) and living cost is cheaper
but one thing that I didn't really like about Fukuoka compared to other parts of Japan would be the in Fukuoka tasted less fragrant, tasted almost tasteless to me >< after all Hokkaido is still better when it comes to food
(and yes Hakata ramen is not my preference >o<)

Fukuoka's city has a lot of water and river and canal :D

And I found this at the lunch area XD

Starmyu is not one of my favorite idol series though XD just took the picture as a weeb as usual :B

Off to first sight-seeing area; Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine!

I honestly don't have any caption but I just love how the mood is~

Of course this is not something that happens in Fukuoka but whenever I see people patiently wait for green sign, it gives me calm UwU 
even though it's already red sign for cars, they still wait for extra 5 seconds until the walking sign is really green ///

Shop specialising in owlssss and Starbucks opening in few days after my visit XD

Ahh small kids in traditional clothing XD

Yayy commemoration photo

Yayy commemoration photo (2)

Fukuoka is the south part of Japan, so it's considered as the less cold part but of course, it was still cold for people like me, who is used to tropical country temperature XD
That day was still not that cold, for I only added one extra layer of heat-tech inside my long sleeve top..I think my visit to Tokyo back in March felt colder than this. OR may be it's the fire of teenage spirit (?)

I-i didn't do this cause the water is definitely cold ///

wanted to write this but i didn't have small change šŸ˜‚

There were miko (shrine maiden) around but for most of the available stuff, such as omamori (amulet), omikuji (fortune-telling paper) and ema board (where we write our wishes) need small change, for the system is like vending machine....and no change will be returned...I didn't have coins to be exact XD

Ghibli oriented store~

Well Ghibli oriented store is practically everywhere in JAPAN šŸ˜‚
Glad that am not a big fan of Ghibli, or it'll add up to my purchase (like how I ended up buying something at every Animate branch I visit ;;)
Personally, I liked that shrine in Fukuoka more than Asakusa for it's wider though may be it's because it was crowded when I was there but still >,< being a hikikomori, may be I'm starting to dislike crowd šŸ˜‚

Tenjin area at night~!

There are 3 busy districts in Fukuoka; Hakata (first stop), Canal City (this is where I stay~) and Tenjin. Tenjin wasn't in the general travelling itinerary but IT'S IN MINE! BECAUSE...That's where Mandarake and Animate are šŸ˜‚

Christmas decoration~

Japan is also well known the illumination for Christmas but lately there's no more white Christmas even in Tokyo. At first, my cousin and I thought of seeing the illumination at Hakata station but we happened to see one at Tenjin (on my way to Animate from Mandarake, google wrote 15 mins walk but I believe I walked longer =w=)

Animate my love //////

And Animate Cafe is at the same level of Animate :D

The collaboration was with A3....another not an idol series I follow unless they start to make the anime >,<

And it's dinner time~

A dream came trueeeee out of my many dreams XD it's experiencing eating at YATAI (outdoor food stall >w<)

Yayy commemoration photo (3)

YATAI is amazing, because I almost never find one in Tokyo >,< and there's a very very strong 'local' mood. The menu is in full Japanese and the owners couldn't speak English at all...or to be exact they told me 'it's no good (to eat here) if you can't understand Japanese' //// Japanese is truly the only way to communicate there //// like at first, I ordered 'oden' (as it was written in the menu) but then only I was told that I need to choose what I want; egg or radish or tofu etc, in full Japanese šŸ˜‚
The owners (a couple of elderly) felt fierce at the start tbh šŸ˜‚ because they sounded like 'just eat somewhere else if you can't use Japanese' šŸ˜‚ but we still enjoy our dinner because we were cold and hungry LOL we only had dinner at 9 (because fujoshi heart is strong enough to skip dinner for Animate šŸ˜‚)
Later on, the old lady told us 'if you wanna improve your Japanese, date a Japanese' and I do agree to it šŸ˜‚ language is truly something to practice UwU

had Oden (egg and tofu) and ramen and gyoza and beer <3

Yayy commemoration photo (4)

A-ah the reason why I put on contact lens even though I only had 3-4 hrs of sleep (in the place) is because it's more convenient to shop without specs...though later on I realize that it's just dumb of me for I still put on fake specs, as I didn't use eye makeup šŸ˜‚


Japanese breakfast is one of my favorites for I love riceeeeee
Whenever I have breakfast in Japan (hotel), I always go for rice and fish and miso soup and milk but this time since it's always available (I don't remember it being available during my previous trips though, is this like Kyushu limited HAHA /?) I also have corn soup~!
But this time, I actually only had 3 breakfast out of 7-8 mornings there...for I'm still bery bad with mornings //

Kagoshima limited potato chips by Calbee <3 it's pork though but it's UMAIIIII
And my all time favorite yogurt-flavored-water~

I had yogurt-flavored-water almost everyday when I'm there XD I prefer that over the 'tea-flavored' water :D

Tried buying convenient store's Amazake

I actually bought a cup of Amazake during my visit to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and it tasted very good, which made me trying to get one at convenient store but it wasn't as good šŸ˜‚ may be because the one at the shrine was hot, like in anime/manga, the characters have if on cold days when they visit shrines /weeb. the 'ama' from Amazake is 'sweet', which is the reason why Amazake is nicer hot in my opinion. It's the same as how I prefer hot sake over cold, as it's sweeter and the aroma of rice is stronger but I'd order cold one as I have cat's tongue (bad with hot stuff šŸ˜‚)
Conclusion is I won't buy convenience store's Amazake ever again m(_ _)m

Second day, usamimi >w<

I honestly have no recollection when I bought, or may be received this hat šŸ˜‚
When I was browsing for hats while packing, I just found it below my beanies šŸ˜‚

Had Japanese Chinese food~!

I loveee Japanese Chinese food. I love original Chinese food (n-not the one being served in Indonesia..) and I really love Japanese Chinese food, because Japanese version of Chinese food is less oily. 
I do have a friend who likes Chinese food over Japanese food because Japanese food is not as rich in flavor but I love both!
That's why when I saw this restaurant in Tosu factory outlet (on my way from Fukuoka to Nagasaki), my choice for lunch was pretty much decided XD

First visit to Huis Ten Bosch at Nagasaki~!

Although Japan is well known for DisneyLand DisneySea and UniversalStudioJapan, I'm honestly more interested in local Japanese amusement parks šŸ˜‚ b-because anime/manga usually don't show DisneyLand DisneySea and UniversalStudioJapan šŸ˜‚
And it was my first time visiting Huis Ten Bosch, European style amusement park at Nagasaki~!

First time meeting mr HOHOHO~!

And of course, Christmas decoration is almost everywhere for it was Christmas eve >w<

First stop was Gintama collaboration house at Spooky Area XD

I won't enter spooky area in an amusement park but of course I'd go for Gintama XD
I only reached there at 4pm TwT so I already picked places I wanna go the night before XD


Shinpachi Ginsan and Kagura in Huis Ten Bosch style clothing~

And there's this row called 'Umbrella street' XD

Huis Ten Bosch's main attraction is VR games, like VR haunted house, VR roller coaster and VR KABE-DON BY A GUY but I didn't experience any šŸ˜‚ 
because I only had entrance pass; I need to pay extra 3500 (or was it 3000 yen) to enter any attraction plus didn't have much time...........
But I ended up buying the ride pass, for my fujoshi heart šŸ˜‚ not the KABE-DON for I think the 'guy' is real guy, as in not 2D/3D guy šŸ˜‚ 
I went to Tsukipro's screening~!

6pm and this dark ////

Because it's winter, the day is already dark from around 5.30 orz

Tsukipro screening~

Honestly, Tsukipro is not one of the 2 idol anime that I'm a big fan of (because my fave seiyuu is not there LOL) but I did watch Tsukiuta, so I do know SHAKING SUGAR SUGAR šŸ˜‚ I mean Six Gravity and Procellarum XD

Yayy commemoration shoots šŸ˜‚

All the members appeared specially via a QR app 

A-and I ended up watching Tsukiuta after my trip (after the season ended HAHA)
I actually dropped the series after watching the first episode back in September, because the art is different with Tsukipro...but now I ended up with some favorite songs (especially Burny by SolidS XD)

At the end of the screening, we received a card of one of the characters~ (we chose from a number of unseen cards)
I didn't receive the card that I like and the shop assistant noticed it. She asked me who's my favorite and I only pointed to the white hair guy who I know the seiyuu and always caught my eye (V with her hard time of remembering characters' names šŸ˜‚ it's Shun by the way :D). Then she pointed me a sign board where Shun and Hajime signed XD

2D guys' signatures <3 šŸ˜‚

How was the screening? IT's just like watching the animes' (Tsukipro and Tsukiuta) opening and ending song in big screen šŸ˜‚ I wouldn't spend another 3000yen the next time I come to Huis Ten Bosch for that šŸ˜‚

They showed ShakingSugarSugar (Six Gravity, opening of Tsukipro), LOLV (Procellarum, ending of Tsukipro), the musical of Tsukipro (both Six Gravity and Procellarum), Burny (SolidS), Because you are (Quell), Aliel (Soara) and Mahou no Kizuna (Growth)...everything that can be watched from the anime itself, except the live action musical videos šŸ˜‚
B-but i'd go and spend 3000yen if it's utapri ////

Went to Chocolate museum~

And lastly, game museum~!

Game museum apparently isn't inside Huis Ten Bosch but entrance fee of 500yen is needed to those who don't have the 3000yen attraction pass~
AS the name says, it's game museum and there are games >w<

Of course there's game (merchandise) shop XD


Puzzle and Dragon is my teenage year šŸ˜‚ what doesn't make me sleep lately is Yume100 but back in university, PnD made me sleepless šŸ˜‚
As I'm using iOS (and Singapore store), I can't play it I was really happy when I saw it, though the big screen makes it damn hard to play šŸ˜‚

Arcade gamesss

And I played jojo ////

I recorded what's being shown in Game Museum, so please watch it in my YouTube if you are curious XD
But the game museum, since I never been to one before, I think it's fun, as the retro arcade game is for freeeeee (the newer games such as Time Crisis or Taiko drum need to pay~)
They showed various game consoles and we can take photo with professor Layton andddd I took picture at the Street Fighter area~!

Last photo for this post~!

Thus I spent 24th December 2017 in Huis Ten Bosch~ it was fun >w<
Please look forward to more of my trip; Nagasaki -> Kumamoto -> Oita -> Yufuin -> Osaka
I'll be back next week >w<

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