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Kyushu 2017 part 2

I finished the blog for part 1 of my trip at the second day, 24th December. And now it's from the 25th onward XD
25th December is Christmas :D and at last, I uploaded my dance cover collaboration video with MinMia <3

And the real V was at Kumamoto XD

I didn't take much photo on the 25th, because I didn't put on any make-up XD
I woke up with red eyes (due to lack of sleep =w= too much excitement at Fukuoka and Huis Ten Bosch XD)
That day was bus trip from Nagasaki to Kumamoto :D

We went to Suizenji Jojuen Garden

So cloudy ////// 

There's a temple inside the garden~

A photo of me (?) 😂

The place was really quiet XD

Errr I really have nothing much to say about the garden 😂

Another reason why I didn't take much photo is because we only went to a garden 😂 

But I had my favorite dango there <3

Only after 3 days being in Japan then I got my favorite dangooooooo <3

But we had 45 mins of free time before dinner time
I...right away searched for Animate (because I know there's one in Kumamoto) and it happened to be 15 mins walk from nearby Kumamoto castle
Though me and my cousin know that Google's '15 mins' is at least 20 mins in real life...we still ran for it 😂

Commemoration photos 😂

And Lashinbang is above ANIMATEEEE ///

Animate opening pre-order registration for ADLIVE17 DVDs ///

We were to gather at 7pm for it was 6.15 ran for animate -> 6.35 reach animate -> 6.55 ran to dinner place....

I'll never ever run during cold weather anymore ._. it was hellish ._. I'm not good at running to start with -> breath in cold air -> it was horrible, as if I may stop breathing 😂 😂
But no regret since it was for the sake of animate /slapped 😂

dinner was buffet~

I love Japanese curry but I don't go for it everyday, though it's available during every morning's breakfast  XD
What I look forward to the most in buffets is karaage <3 I love fried chicken <3
Anddd I had coffee-jelly there, though I dislike coffee. I just wanted to try it because Kusuo likes it 😂

Found Osomatsus XD

The area we ate has this information counter for tourist. and that's where the Osomatsu flyer was~
K-kumamoto is supposed to be famous for Kumamon b-but I went to Osomatsu instead 😂
TBH I'm more of Funassyi than Kumamon 😂 I only like Rilakkuma or Duffy when it comes to bear XD


Various kind of fishes 😂 and the usual cornsoup-misosoup-rice-milk and they had aojiru XD
I love aojiru but I-i'm barely finishing the one I bought from last year ;;

It was only 26th of December, but New Year decoration has taken over Christmas decoration 😂

Christmas is after all not as big as New Year when it comes to Japan >w<
That day I was at Kumamoto, heading to Mount Aso and Beppu, to Oita prefecture, which is famous for onsen <3

Mount Aso...and I decided to just show how cold I am as my pose XD

Yayy Kumamon (?) 😂

Horse meat is a specialty in Kyushu, though I only knew it when the tour guide asked who would like to try it XD
I've been wanting to try Basashi, horse sashimi (as in eating horse meat raw) b-but we ended up only having horse meat for yakiniku TAT.....means I should go back to Kyushu again in the future 😂

Top is horse meat~

Horse meat for yakiniku was a booboo T.T that's my opinion T.T
because horse meat has lesser oil compared to pork or beef, so it was hard to chew T.T
The tour guide didn't consider about asking 'anyone wanna try horse sashimi?' because she was worried that no one would dare to T.T</3

Just another photo of the day XD

My OOTD during the trip was black white black white, especially because my boots and coat are black...1 day I wore pink, 1 day I wore grey (Huis Ten Bosch) and 1 day I wore green (/cough cause I'm a disgusting fangirl XD)

Beppu is a city in Oita prefecture~! And as I mentioned earlier, Oita is famous for onsen, hot springs!
We stopped by this onsen that provides sand-bath (yes not only hot water :B)

No one really stayed outside cause it's cold XD

Beppu is colder than Fukuoka, as it's mountainous area :D
I didn't enjoy the sand bath much 😂 I still enjoy hot water more~

Weeb 😂 had milk twice that day cause milk after onsen XD

That day, we stayed at Beppu, in a hotel that has onsen :D

For dinner, we had Kaiseki :D

We wore hotel's yukata for dinner XD

That day, I enjoyed onsen twice; once at the sand-bath place (because you'd still want to wash-up after burring yourself in the sand :B) and another in the hotel

I enjoyed not only Jaguchi but also outdoor bath. Outdoor bath during the afternoon was better than at night, simply because we can see almost no view at night due to darkness  😂

No, there was no mixed bath :x but there was the 'bamboo fence' that is usually in anime, where guys would try to peek or climb 😂

Onsen is life UwU after all I really do wanna stay at Kyushu for pension 😂 

I had salted cracker and sport drink (made of fruits) because I sweat during the bath
While watching this TV show about Enka :B

This is how our hotel looks like in the morning~

This hotel has a chapel for wedding XD
And after I googled, a number of hotels in Japan do have chapel for wedding *w*

Yayy family photo <3

It was also cold that dayyyyyy

We went to 2 interesting hot springs in Oita :D

First one was blood lake (chi no ike)

This is my favorite XD chi no sadame (?)

The writing on top says 'entrance to hell'  XD

IT's redddddd

That's why I like it XD

I was the oniii and I was the caught person XD

koko wa jigoku! jigoku! suteki na jigoku!
jigoku, jigo, jigo, jigoku da yoo!

I'm sorry 😂 my head is full with Hozuki when it comes to jigoku (hell 😂), to be exact Japanese hell 😂

They sold red plum sake~

And I bought one XD

Not as much as 2 years ago, when I went to Okinawa but there are still collaborations with Youkai Watch~

Well, Youkai is evil spirit XD

And Hozuki was thereeeeee

Though there wasn't any special goods or any collaboration, only his poster there but I was still bery happy, since I didn't expect it XD
Hozuki no Reitetsu is one of my all time fave anime but Hozuki not my husbando from the series but still very happy cause he's my second favorite XD

The second hot spring we went was umi-jigoku (sea hell)

That area of Beppu that I went is famous with 'jigoku meguri' tour, which means touring around hell, because of the hot springs~
The reason why I like chinoike is artifical because I like red 😂 while umi-jigoku is famous for being really hot

I find the crabs so cuteeeee

Bought! ....and ate the whole packet all by myself orz at the end of the packet, my mouth felt damn salty HAHA

That day, our trip was Beppu -> Fukuoka
And on our way, we dropped by Yufuin~

Yufuin looked like just a normal Japanese town

Because the sight-seeing spot is this lake, and nothing much around the path from the parking area to the lake

Yufuin looked plain, but it wasn'tttttt
Gratefully we had an hour of free time there....because Yufuin is AWESOME

Cat cafe ////

Place that sells traditional sweet
I wanted to have mitarashi dango (the normal dango with the salty sauce) but it was sold out

I ended up buying mitarashi dango with yuzu on it....I didn't like it orz

Found store that sold traditional snacks and toys~

This store that sells totally cat related stuffff

Apparently the same store is the owner of the cat cafe earlier, and some cat was around in the store ////

And just in front of the cat store is a dog store 😂

I didn't take any photo of the dog store, cause I'm a cat person😂

Why Yufuin is awesome = this location has nice design stores <3

Store for Heidi~

MY only knowledge of Heidi comes from Gintama 😂

Totoro store, store that sells stuff related to sheep, rabbit and more---

There's also small pond with duckie <3

The mood of Yufuin was soooo nice <3 I only had an hour to run here and there for photos and didn't enter the shops ;;; c-can add Kyushu for my honeymoon destination 😂

Had Tonkatsu for dinner at Fukuoka~

Even though I was away from home for 9 days, based on these photos and when I was there, it didn't feel long at all TwT the only time I really miss home is as I bought DVDs CDs and Books, I wanna watch and read them 😂

Met a new friend at night~

Nope I didn't have a friend from Fukuoka before this trip XD
We met for the first time there as we were introduced by a mutual friend!
I'm kinda sorry that she had to drive me (my cousin comes along but I'm the egoistic one 😂) from Canal City to Tenjin Square, because I only found out that K-Books is available at Fukuoka after I left------

Again I love Fukuoka for having everywhere nearby, so I didn't miss K-Books (barely 1.5 hr left until the closing when we reach the store)
Apparently, bus drivers in Japan stop working after 8pm, so we reached hotel at 7.30 -> right away went to K-Books only like 5 mins after 'hajimemashite I'm V'...

Thankfully, she also like anime and manga, though she's more relatable with my cousin; she likes series from JUMP (SNK, One Piece)
Butttt she can also relate to me because her older sister is like me 😂 as I show her idol anime, Osomatsu and seiyuu stuff, she'll keep on saying 'you are like my sister' XD
So in a good way, it wasn't hard for us to have topics for discussions <3

I mentioned this is my Reflection of 2017 with VIVID GIRL vlogs that 2017 has brought me a lot of new experiences and meetings and of course, meeting Yui is one!! 
(and apparently I had first experiences until the very last day of 2017 >w<)

That was our last day in Fukuoka, but I really look forward to going back (for honeymoon or pensions 😂 I won't go there for otaku shopping 😂)
Look forward to my next blog, where I'll write more impression on Fukuoka and my last 3 days in Japan!

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