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Bring me back to Kyushu~

It's freezing in Tokyo lately and staying indoor with ac is cold enough for me but I do miss Japan XD

Photo taken by Yui~!

Here's continuation of my last Japan trip in 2017! Only a week since I last blogged yet I feel like so much time has passed XD well, almost a month has passed since I came back /-/

My last blog stopped at my last night at Fukuoka

My last 3 days in Japan were spent in another island of Japan; Kansai :D
Thus, from Fukuoka -> Osaka, I used shinkansen~

As I've decided to not have hotel's breakfast + sleep in the train, I stayed a bit later :B

I started choosing footage for my last vlog of 2017, which is Reflection of 2017 part 1 with VIVID GIRL <3

Hakata station

Okie reflection time XD
Even until now, I'm in love with Fukuoka. This city makes me determined to experiencing living in Japan. I know that 'studying' or 'working' in Japan to me refers to Tokyo but this is the city that made me really think 'I wanna stay here'.

I honestly looked down at Fukuoka before going there 😂 Fukuoka is the fourth biggest city in Japan and Medan is third biggest city in Indonesia..that's why Fukuoka felt like 'country-side' to me as the difference between Medan and Jakarta is A LOT in my opinion. But Fukuoka is awesome. I was happy when I learned that for family holiday, our destination will be Fukuoka but I wasn't so hype 😂 one reason is because there's another part of Japan that am interested in but majority chose Kyushu 😂

Before my trip, another thing that made me wanna visit Fukuoka is Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens XD the setting of the novel is 3% of Fukuoka's population is an assassin 😂 of course it's just a fiction and everyone there is super friendly 😂 now that I'm watching the anime, I do miss Fukuoka even more 😂

Now I understand why my friend fell in love with Fukuoka, because I fell in love with the city as well UwU and now I learned my lesson of do not look down on Japan 😂 'level's in Japan is just at another level for various thing 😂 bring me back~~~

hehe the reason why I skipped breakfast is ekiben :B

There are a lotttt of type of Ekiben that I had hard time choosing but at last I chose this one XD
It's delicious but sadly it was cold 😂 may be we could heat it (if we ask the store's staff) but I was in a rush :B

Third ferris wheel during this trip 😂

Fukuoka -> Osaka -> Rinku Factory Outlet...because Indonesian loves shopping 😂
Rinku Factory Outlet is beside this mini mall named Seacle...I was more interested in Seacle than Rinku XD and the ferris wheel is at Seacle :D

I had MOS Burger in Seacle XD

Actually, the burger joint that I've always been wanting to try is FRESHNESS BURGER but of course, MOS in awesome too <3 and first fast food during the trip XD or may be the ekiben is considered as fast food too? XD

A lot of stores for kids in Seacle~

T-that's why I'm more interested in Seacle than the branded goods in the factory outlet 😂

There's a wedding dress shop in Seacle~

A quick snap of Rinku Premium Outlet~

Outdoor premium outlets in Japan pretty much have the same style (and a lot of similar stores XD)

Thennn after factory outlet -> dinner -> Umeda...THERE'S ANIMATEEEEE


I was staying at Umeda area, one of the busy district in Osaka and remembered that there's one Animate in that area XD honestly, there were a lot of impromptu Animate stops during this trip 😂
Reached there an hour before closing 😂 google map wrote 15 mins by walk, and I took taxi because it's Animate 😂


Actually one of the reasons why I diedie wanted to drop by is because when I was checking google map, have one review wrote 'this is a fujoshi oriented Animate' 😂

Here we go~ so-jahsdkahkahda

Lately I'm so in love with SolidS' Burny 😂

One new corner that I saw at every Animate I went that time

ActorsNavi is compilation of actors that work in drama, movie and plays. I'm not into 2.5d musical hell so I didn't spend there 😂

Another corner I've been seeing is Shoujo Manga corner :D

When I first saw this corner at Fukuoka, I was like 'waa they still have stuff from Fruits Basket' which is from my childhood but now I get after I see the corner's name x)

Pocky Boyfrienddddd

For the first time in my life, I bought Pocky from Japan 😂 of course, the reason is because I like 2 out of the 5 seiyuus participating in this project but it ended up as another 'don't look down on Japan lesson' 😂

Koibito wa Pocky (my boyfriend is Pocky) is a project where if we use special smart-phone app, we get to hear the character of each Pocky talk (something like QR code). Inside the box, the snack is divided into 2 packets and each packet have the character drawn on it, with different (love) phrases.

At first I bought the 'thin chocolate' (most left) and the usual chocolate flavour (red box), because I saw them at convenience store + interest + fujoshi heart can't let it go even though chocolate is not my fave Pocky 😂. I bought my favorite strawberry (which happens to be one of my favorite seiyuu Kajikyuunnnnn) in Animate
And now I regret why I didn't buy the other 2 boxes 😂

Don't look down on Japan lesson from Pocky is....I never buy Pocky from Japan because it's not an extra-ordinary snack, it's something that can be found at almost any convenient store in Indonesia.
But, a bite of Japan's original Pocky opened my eyes 😂 they tasted several times better 😂 it's like the difference of eating ramen in Japan VS ramen in Singapore 😂 the one at Singapore is good enough but it's way better at the original country 😂 okie lesson learned 😂

I always love seeing this kind of pop-up XD

After Animate, I walked all the way to Umeda Burg, a cinema near my hotel (5 mins walk, but 15mins from Animate + getting lost another 10 mins LOL), because I wanted to buy ticket for a movie the next day >w<


I think the last 'first experience' in 2017 is 'watching movie in Japan'.

As expected of Japan, heaven for otaku ;w;

There was a number of pop-up booths (in Japan, they call it 'exhibition') for up-coming or ongoing movies. Umeda Burg was promoting SnK and a few more!

It's not that other country won't have 'exhibition' like I think if Marvel or DC movie is premiering in big city in Jakarta, there are some places where they'll have Superman's statue or Wonder Woman's outfit but in Japan, they show stuff from the anime /////


Girls und Panzer~

The movie I was going to watch will be playing the next day, thus I bought the ticket the day before. At first I was quite scared, as my sister's friend told me that some cinema doesn't have self-service ticketing machine -> must buy online as counters usually close by 9pm. But apparently the was self-ticketing machine (in English too!) and counters were still open even though I reached there around 9.30 XD

Poster of the part 2 of the movie I was going to watch XD

The movie I've been wanting to watch is 'DEAR GIRL STORIES The Movie 3', which has been playing from late October? or November? that's why I was quite pessimistic for a lot of movies in Indonesia won't be available in cinema for a month + it's an 'obscure' movie 😂 as in it's not big title 😂

Another thing that  was afraid of is 'will I have the time to watch or not' for I'm in a tour 😂 plus the movie only play once a day as a month has passed since the premier. 
I'm really lucky that the movie was going to play at 10.30pm (or was it 10.50? I remember bery late 😂) on 30th December, for it played at 8am on 29th December, and no playing at all on the 31st 😂 what a luckkkkk

There were gacha and goods from movies playing in the cinema ///

This is why I said that there were still people in the counter XD

Oh! I experienced something for the first time again, and it's buying 'movie's pamphlet'!
I don't think I can explain this properly but at last, I understand it when Japanese say 'I'm buying the movie's pamphlet' (I see a lot of artist twitting this when they watch movie or play 😂)

Even merchandise sale is not something usual in Indonesia, for a lot of time, we only go to cinema to watch and leave. What we would buy is popcorn or drink. But in Japan, there are goods from movies (and yes I bought a lot 😂)

Movie's pamphlet is like visual guide book or behind the scenes and screenshots of the movie. Now I see how Japanese make money 😂 don't sell the movie only (as in cinema, DVD & Blu-ray), sell goods too (pamphlet, soundtrack CD, poster, sticker and anything that's related 😂)

Back when I was studying in Singapore, my teacher ever said that 'watching movie is something that's quite rare in Japan' for movie ticket is not as cheap as Singapore (and definitely not as cheap as Indonesia). and that day, at last, I feel it too, for I can buy 3-4 normal ticket in Indonesia with the price of one ticket in Japan :x I-i guess that's the reason why 'movie' is for dating too //

30th December

Choromatsu as that night, I'll be watching DEAR GIRL STORIES movie XD

For 3 family trips in a row, I've been wearing Osomatsu related outfit 😂
Jyushimatsu parka last December 2016 at AmmanKaramatsu tanktop last June 2017 at US and Choromatsu parka for December 2017 😂 
next one I think is Ichimatsu 😂 I like the design of the new parka everyone is wearing in Season 2 XD

Just a lil bit on DGS, it's a radio show by Kamiya Hiroshi (seiyuu of Choromatsu, Levi etc) and Ono Daisuke (seiyuu of Jyuushimatsu, Sebastian etc). And yes, DGS THE MOVIE 3 means that the radio show released 2 movies already (even though it's a radio show 😂). 
The movie is about OnoD's birthday at his hometown with the whole radio crew. It was actually already broadcasted in 4 parts for 4 weeks but of course, the radio was sound only. They made 2 movies out of their journey and I was to watch the first part. 
The second part's premier was in mid January 😂 I'll just wait for the DVD as it definitely won't be playing anymore when I go Japan again 😂

Nekooooooo <3

On the 30th of December, I went to Kobe :D Osaka and Kobe are nearby (30 mins by shinkansen but I don't remember how long by car XD)
Our first stop was Kobe's chinatown and the pictures were from pet shop, that smelled damn nice ////

Kobe = beef ///

Beef in Japan is damn good that I don't mind only eating beef in Japan and eat no beef anywhere else // it's like I only wanna eat Japanese curry in Coco and nowhere else // it's like I wanna eat only maguro sushi (tuna) in Japan and nowhere else //

Japan is really making me not wanting to eat Japanese food anywhere else but in Japan, for the level is too high up //// Japan is spoiling my tastebud 😂

Had croissant skin taiyaki :B

At the afternoon, we went to Kobe Harborland :D

Ultraman shop //

I'm not an ultraman fan but I'm thinking of watching Ultraman X, because of the seiyuu /slapped 😂

Totoro, or Ghibli oriented shop to be exact

it's everywhere 😂

Calbee store~

They don't have 'Kobe special Calbee' 
and I'm not an avid fan of chocolate so I only took pictures 😂

another ferris wheel 😂

Anpanman museum :D

Kobe Harborland is really a family oriented place, for there are different kind of stores and attractions >w<

I happened to see TOYs R us and I don't know why but I went in
(even though I was in a rush for meeting time 😂)

Ohmyyyy they sell Hina dolls in Toys R us /w/

Came back to Osaka for dinner~

Walked to dinner place via Dotonburi

The crowd made me miss Fukuoka 😂

Osaka Ohso is one of my favorite Japanese food joint in Singapore but I haven't got the chance to try the real one :'D must come back to Osaka for this one day ////

Osomatsu is having collaboration with Jankara, karaoke joint~

This is the 'famous spot' for Dotonbori

The running Glico man to be exact :B

Commemoration photo while waiting for dinner XD

Had shabushabu that night -> went back to hotel -> get ready for first movie in Japan ///

As the movie is at 10+pm, my sister and I sat in a cafe inside the building while waiting

And at last ////

Another commemoration photo to my first experience XD

Yes, it's pure Japanese movie = no subtitle 😂 but of course I understand Japanese + heard the broadcast before though there were some parts that I didn't understand but it was great 😂 as a fangirl, it's awesome to be exact 😂

I've been wanting to go to Shikoku for it's OnoD's hometown (okie major fangirl alert writing from here on 😂) but there isn't much on Kochi in the internet ;; so this movie is a lot of help 😂 plus there are some terms that I didn't understand just by listening (well, sometime V also lazy to research 😂) like for example Katsuo and now I get it because it appeared in the movie (a lot of time 😂) I think it's very easy to understand that I was very happy to watch the movie 😂 I think I even cried at the beginning due to too happy 😂

Only one day left in Japan, 2 to be exact as I left on the 1st of January but my next blog post will be my last blog post for this trip + what I've been packed with in January! As usual, writing about last month in the new month 😂 I'll also be posting my loots anddd see you next week >w<

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