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Hello February!

How has everyone's 2018 been? XD

It's already February yet I haven't finish writing stuff from 2017 😂
I thought of posting 4 blog posts for January but I decided to post something else for refreshing my schedule 😂 I know that this is weird but even though only 3 weeks passed, I was kinda bored with the continuous 'BTS - blog - song cover - vlog' schedule every Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Sunday 😂

So here comes last post of my December trip. Won't tag Fukuoka/Kyushu anymore as my last 2 days in Japan was at Osaka XD

By the way, I posted January and February calendar (the plan was on January LOL) because my 1st of January was at Japan and now is February :B

OOTD for 31st of January

31st January was 'self-tour' day at Osaka. Of course, for me it's FUJOSHI SHOPPING DAY XD

Had Japanese curry for lunch

On the 30th of December, I was rushing for my 'Reflection of 2017 with VIVID GIRL' vlog (after my late night movie XD), so I left the hotel pretty late on the 31st = I had brunch for I skipped breakfast :D

First stop was Kotobukiya~

At Osaka, I went to this area named Denden Town. It's the 'Akihabara' of Osaka. My search for K-BOOKS Mandarake and ANIMATE led me to this area~

The Kotobukiya store wasn't in my 'shop to visit' list for in google map, it was written 'close forever' =_= but I do like to look around Kotobukiya for they do have stuff that are only sold there :D

Kotobukiya sells cabinets for figurines~

I saw the sample back in September 2017 (the one without color) but ended up never buying 😂

This is what I bought XD curry featuring Idolm@ster side M

and it's my lovelyyyy Animate <3

My favorite corners of my favorite seiyuusssss ////

My hell 😂 I mean, the corner where I bought most stuff

Actually I bought most of the stuff already back in Fukuoka though XD but this is the bigger version of DGS corner :B

Small exhibition from Yume 100 Prince the musical <3

No touching but Yes photo XD well..not my fave charas from the game though ._.

I also went to other shops beside Animate and I think this was K-BOOKS :B

Impression of DENDEN Town I said before, never underestimate Japan 😂
Review of DENDEN Town in the internet is 'Akihabara of Tokyo'...For me, Akihabara is not as great as Ikebukuro so I thought I wouldn't shop much but yea, just by seeing the 'seiyuu stuff' I posted, I'm sure it's shown that a lot of my interest is there 😂 
in other words, I didn't expect DENDEN Town to be a great place for fujoshi but it is 😂

There's this shop that sells bread which has collaboration with anime :D

Vocaloid, Gintama, ONE PIECE

DENDEN Town is definitely a place to visit for otaku shopping but it was pretty far from the train station ;; I'm honestly not as fluent as how it is in Tokyo when it comes to the train stations in Osaka so it was a longgg walk =w=.. but one great thing of DENDEN Town is it's not so big = less than a day there is enough :D

a lot of shops in train station area (underground shops) close really early, or almost not open at all on 31st of December. New Year is something big to Japanese compared to Christmas, thus a lot of people close their store to go back to their hometown = it's quiet in Japan on 31st December >o< 
(unless we go to temple, hours before the countdown) 
but in a way, I think it's good for it enabled my cousin to realize something she has been wanting to do, karaoke XD

Osomatsu had a collaboration with Jankara~

I've tried karaoke in Japan before (as well as karaoke using Japanese machine) but my cousin has been wanting to try it since few days ago, like on the 30th, before our movie, we thought of going karaoke first but 3-5 stores we went to, they were all full TwT 
I guess it's because everyone goes back to their hometown / stay at home on the 31st = everyone do their 'end of year' party before the 31st. Of course I was happy that we get to sing karaoke too, especially because IT'S OSOMATSU COLLABORATION XD

Okie there's nothing much but just a little Osomatsu stickers here and there and collaboration menu XD

I tried Jyushimatsu's soda :D

Drink and Ice cream are free in the karaoke but the special collaboration menu definitely need extra charge XD and we received free coaster along with our menu :D

I didn't expect to sing karaoke anymore in 2017 but yes I did it XD

The karaoke chain store that I've been wanting to try in Japan is actually BIG ECHO but I'll keep that for this year XD
The karaoke chain store that I usually go to in Singapore do have the same Japanese machine (DAM) but the one in Japan is more complete XD so yes I was really happy <3

Dinner for 31st of December~

Most store (even restaurant) are closed = ended up eating at hotel's restaurant XD

At first, I thought of spending 'countdown' at temple, to experience the 'Japanese New Year' (ring the bell, eating at outdoor food stall, make a wish etc) but after all, my body was too tired from the walk and lack of sleep XD 
plus train still stop as usual even though it's New Year = I'd need to wait until 5AM for train to go back if I were to go to temple 😂 
I might do it if my flight is not on the 1st of January but yea 😂 and after all, there's 'laziness to go out' once I got back to the hotel XD

Thus I had countdown in my room with my cousin XD

WE had my favorite dango <3 and sparkling sake Hibiki :B the milk is for morning of January 1 because I won't wake up for breakfast HAHA the yellow thingy is my cousin's vitamin and GREEN DAKARA is just my favorite vitamin water <3

I had onigiri in the airport before my flight

And ended my trip! A month has passed and I still can remember the warmth when I see stuff I like 😂 and how desperate I was for Animate 😂 but after all, I love Japan <3 I really wanna go to more places >o<

New Year cleaning XD

1st of January was Monday. After all, the trip did tire me a bit, thus I took a break from work for a week 😂 and I did spring cleaning!

Since 2015? I've been starting to buy figurine and gunpla, thus I think it's really time to clear up my cabinet to display them. 
The reason why I haven't been displaying is not just space but I've been scared of losing parts (for my Gunpla) and dust but it's like if I don't display them = I won't know what I have = I'm afraid of purchasing double = because I'm the type who once I like something, I'll keep on liking it, might ended up buying the same piece after falling in love non-stop 😂 
plus having my boyfriends, I mean my standees displayed = that part of my room become a 'healing place' XD

I don't display nendoroid, nor figurines with see through boxed but yet I'm almost out of space ;;

And hopefully I won't buy any new gunpla this year 😂

Now it's time for my loots from Japan~

So much Saiyuki 😂

Due to Ishida Akira (and watching Saiyuki's seiyuu event DVD) I'm now in love with Saiyuki again XD my first meeting with Saiyuki was from Animax, but my first Saiyuki series was Saiyuki Reload (season 2 of Saiyuki). I'm sure I was awed by the pretty boys, as usual HAHA but I love Minekura's art in general, thus I bought SALTY DOG (Minekura's art book). 

SALTY DOG is printed in hardcover, up to 9 volumes now, I still miss 2 more volumes but it's really heavy ;; I'm sorry to people who carried my suitcase ///

I found Saiyuki DVD at Mandarake (Fukuoka), which came with the framed photo and now it's in my room..which reminds me so much of my 'dark year (chuunibyou year LOL)', where I'd print anime character to put in my wallet or diary 😂 the DVD is in front of Midorima (most left)

The box beside the photo frame is 8 mini figurines of the Sanzo party, and who they were 500 years ago. It's supposed to be the 'you buy one box and try your luck which character you get' kind of goods but I bought the whole box being I like 4 out of the 8 characters and it's really hard to find figurines from Saiyuki series 😂 I'm a coward 😂

The one beside Saiyuki is Karamatsu nendoroid, the one which I bought the cover first then the nendoroid itself 😂 one thing about otaku shopping outside Tokyo is of course, there are more chances for rare items because not as many people buy /w/ 
the one above is just Jyushimatsu XD somehow I'm quite lucky with Jyushimatsu, because it's the 'you buy one box and try your luck which character you get' kind XD and I got Jyushi in first try XD

The only figurine I bought during this trip is Shintaro Midorima~ I honestly find it hard to find KnB figurine that I like, so I bought that without thinking much..I still have 2 KnB charas that I wish to have the figurine m(_ _)m

Saiyuki and Saiyuki Gaiden Anthology, Saiyuki official twitter log, Jyushimatsu keychain, the bracelet is from B-Project, my most fave chara andddd the Komasan face mask is my very first loot when I reached Japan (beside mineral water and SIM CARD 😂). Found it at Tokyu Hands Hakata

now I have 4 character-face-masks in my room and...I'm thinking of using it for vlog but how? 😂 I think it's a waste to use them without meaning 😂 beside moisturizing my face 😂

GU, is a chain fast fashion store in Japan which is like Uniqlo. They have collaboration with Sailor Moon, and I bought a few of them such as the two bags (black & maroon, almost same color with my bed HAHA) and bag accessories, the one with pink pompom~

In front of the black bag are make-up stuff I bought, mostly for the first time; BB cream, CC cream, clear cream and eye-drop. Clear cream is something like primer? it's to be worn during 'I don't feel like putting on make-up' day, supposed to not give cakey-powdery feel like BB cream or CC cream~

The one most left, still in front of the black bag is from Pokemon gacha~ a gacha from a gacha XD

All the food stuff; 
- 3 POCKY -> my most favorite strawberry flavour for it's not as sweet as the one they make in Indonesia (Kajikyunnn), normal chocolate (it's more bitter than the one in Indonesia ;; Uchida Yuma) and thin chocolate (Sakupyon~)
- Chococurry from chocolate house at Huis Ten Bosch (wrote this on 7th February and typing Huis Ten Bosch felt nostalgic AHAH)
- green tea & fruit blanc choco from chocolate house at Huis Ten Bosch
- idolm@ster side M Indian curry~

Freebies from this trip XD and red plum sake from Hell's Pond~

DGS loots 😂

3 from Animate 3 from cinema 1 from Mandarake while the photo most right (Sanzo) is from Animate~ Saiyuki series had a campaign of buying something above 6000 or 8000 yen? and you'll get this photo set of Sanzo party (4 photos in a set). I've been wanting it from the first time I saw it (back in Fukuoka) but I didn't expect to be able to get it at the last day (when I bought the figurine set XD) because the anthology books aren't enough for the photo set XD
The coaster (below Sanzo..or is it a memo pad?!) is just randomly placed to my luggage by my dad/mum 😂

Gintama goods, mostly from Huis Ten Bosch, Osomatsu and Gunpla gacha, Hijikata mayo brief, which is actually a bag from Animate XD
gintama puzzle from Hell's Pond, standees of Tomohisa and Apollo (both by OnoD 😂)

After a week of spring cleaning and unpacking and reading and molesting my loots, I started working XD

Trying out 'good angles' 😂

Now I've learned to take selfies during break time (when my camera take a short break due to overheating 😂)~

First visit to my most favorite cafe in town for 2018~

I had plan to meet my friends and the meeting place was Coffeenatics >w<

I was still in love with the big specs even after the trip XD

My XX with VIVID GIRL vlogs will be all about building 😂
And I bought new cos~

I just finished recording 'Building Chopper with VIVID GIRL' few days ago
The 3 gacha were featured in 'Building Gacha Gunpla with VIVID GIRL'
The food below the gacha, still in my 'to do list' 😂 I'm lazy 😂
The Gintama Puzzle is supposed to be for this week's vlog~ but delayed due to posting for an upcoming event XD
And the BEARGUY will be for March, because I have something in my mind UwU

My fist modelling job in 2018 is with Alter Age Clinic <3

It's the wig above that I got 😂 it's not for Kizuna Ai 😂

Tried playing Fire Emblem XD

B-but I already stop // the art is realllyyy nice but I need to continue playing my other games..

Received controller from FANTECH~

Tried out this alarm clock app named Rocket Alarm

Rocket Alarm is this app to wake us up, for there are games or tasks to finish so that the alarm will stop ringing and one of the tasks is to take selfie while smiling, thus the above XD

but anyway, i'm still bad with waking up (aka i stop using the app for it's irritating = v's extremely in bad mood in the morning 😂)

Had my very first photoshoot in 2018~

Finished Gintama puzzle~ and I've been preserving the Pocky box and plastics 😂

Received this awesome parka from Gunpla Freedom Club Indonesia last year~ 

thought of wearing it later this year (during my next trip to Japan for I wanna go Odaiba HAHA) but after all I couldn't wait XD

Always like that after a building vlog XD

Tried recording a building vlog from another angle, short video uploaded to my YouTube channel too

I've been doing short song cover videos every week~

I think this will last till the end of February but to those who have been following my pages, my weekly schedule is:
- Wednesday: BehindTheScene of my latest vlog
- Thursday: Blog update (my Chinese New Year family trip is coming 😂)
- Friday: short song cover

Actually the hardest? as in the one I need most motivation is the 'vlog' update 😂 but I'll do my best~

Attended PechaKucha Night where my senior was one of the speakers~

It was a great first experience XD

This is the game I'm into lately 😂

Actually, before my Japan trip, I started on Ace Attorney Investigation Miles Edgeworth, finished it in middle of January because unexpectedly I didn't play it at all in Japan 😂 
the game somehow made me miss other games from Ace Attorney franchise, thus I've been playing it and currently finishing the last story, my deadline is next week XD

And I started playing V's route in Mystic Messenger XD

Ah, reason being I had a short trip in January, thus I started playing MM, because I won't do work (as in recording) during my trip but I ended up getting Bad End because I didn't attend enough chatrooms 😂 my January's trip will be next blog post :D

I missed 707 though XD and Zen is woman killer as always ;)

But after all I can't keep up with 'need to open the app every 3-4 hrs' 😂

Another outing with friends~

My diet is not working in 2018 either 😂 

had BBQ buffet, followed with another treat at Coffeenatics for my cousin's birthday dinner~

Tried these two <3

2 weeks passed since my last blog update, which kinda make me regret it now for apparently, my January is quite fruitful that I may need to delay my next trip's blog post by a week 😂 in other words, I had more activity in January than I expected XD of course it's good that my days are filled though :D

So, please bear with me for weekly blog posts still from here on! >w<

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