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Hiya March

Unglam Kizuna Ai ///

It's time for blog update XD We are already entering March but of course, I'll be talking about my February XD

I had my first FS event in 2018 to commemorate this year's V day XD

That's the view? behindthescene? of how I usually take my selfies :B

Didn't (officially?) wear Qipao this year, only once for my song cover video XD

Leftover pictures from Jmedanfest XD

My song (BLISS) was played during Metal Knight's performance XD and thank you to Dini for the guidance during the event :D

Uploaded one of the photos from my shoot earlier in January~

Few days before 14th of February, I did editing for Putar-Putar dengan VIVID GIRL episode 1~

Putar-Putar dengan VIVID GIRL episode 1 has been uploaded to our YouTube channel and am wondering to upload BehindTheScene or Omake video or not .w.
And am currently working on Putar-Putar dengan VIVID GIRL episode 2 :B

I tried Dragon Quest, because it's now available in iOS store

But I quit after 5 minutes because of the picture above πŸ˜‚I think I don't have RPG heart ._. I'm tempted to try a lot of famous older Japanese RPG game (as they are available in iOS store~) like FF, Romancing Saga and ended up trying the first DQ cause it's cheapest πŸ˜‚well don't think I'll be playing any for the mean while πŸ˜‚

Flight time~!

14th February 2018 didn't mean much to me XD well, the day was a relaxing one as I didn't have any recording or editing to do, so I did pamper myself a bit for a visit to the salon but beside that, it's the day I left Medan for my CNY family trip :D

For CNY 2018 family trip, I went to Sydney :B

It has been ages since I last went to Aussie + my first time to Sydney~! I've been to Perth and Tasmania and Melbourne but Sydney was my first time. Kind of 'at last I visit Sydney', cause one of my cousins reside here :B

My cousin brought her Ichimatsu >o< not my top 3 fave Matsu but seeing it kinda made me wanting to collect it too but wallet-kun ;w;
And I saw my dream Gunpla in Sydney /-/

I visited this toy store named Hobbyco and that's where I saw the Gunpla~ may be currency rate is one of the reasons but price of imported item from Japan in Aussie is pretty much the same with Singapore's OwO

One of the 2 remarkable food food I had in Sydney~!

To me, Sydney was pretty much like Bali, a lot of walking and eating but if I were to return, I'd go to 2 food places only XD well, only 1 when it comes to Bali though XD

The photo is Watermelon Strawberry Cake from cafe named Black Star :D the cafe I went is inside Kinokuniya, one of the few shops in my 'to-go-list' XD the mixture of watermelon and cream cheese were uber delicious :9

I've come to the point of searching 'anime otaku collectible shop' in google for the place I'm heading to XD it's like the last time I went to Kyushu, I searched for Animate HAHA and apparently, Kinokuniya is where I shopped the most at during this trip πŸ˜‚I also ate the cake twice :B

Ahhh my dearest /w/

Another thing that made me goes 'at last I'm visiting Sydney' is the fact that a number of my childhood friends are there ///w///

I reached Sydney on 15th February morning and we met up right away at 9.30 pm XD I was honestly quite tired, especially there's '4hrs ahead' jetlag but I was uber happy to meet them XD
The picture was taken on the 16th of February (CNY to be exact HAHA), the second time we met after was at 9 or 10 πŸ˜‚but the food was extremely delicious <3 they were the ones who introduced me to the Watermelon Strawberry Cake as well :9
But I can't lie, I was uber tired that day πŸ˜‚

For lunch, I had umeshu <3 and warabi mochi <3

MY schedule was 9.30 met friends for brunch -> 11 got back to hotel to meetup with family -> 11.30 family lunch...I only had the 2 above XD

After lunch, we went to see Sydney's Opera House~

Alright, I'm not a geography student so I've no idea what's in Sydney beside Opera House πŸ˜‚

I remembered hearing that the design was inspired by orange OwO..

Commemoration photo

But can't help noticing the uncle πŸ˜‚

I stayed in city area and the Opera House was only 2 train stops away~
I walkeddddd a lot in Sydney because I mainly only go to Westfield, Victoria and The Galleries, malls that are 15-20 mins away from my apartment :B

Another day, I went to Darling Harbour~

Public movie screening XD

I actually went to Darling Harbour on the day I arrived with my friends, but I went again with my parents!

Darling Harbour is 30 mins away from my hotel, still walkable distance :D

In my mind, Aussie = Fish n Chips XD

Darling Harbour at night

I can't help but thinking Darling Harbour = Clarke Quay XD

Woke up early again on Sunday XD

And I went to Alexandria~!

On Sunday, I went to Alexandria, an area which is famous for outdoor cafe, but 'green-house' style :D

The famous cafe is called THE GROUNDS! I actually tried THE GROUNDS at city area with my friends for brunch and it's the other food place that I wouldn't miss if I were to visit Sydney <3 This one at Alexandria is the main branch, focuses on brunch and lunch for the cafe closes at 4pm

I don't know what caption to write πŸ˜‚but as expected so crowded /-/

Piggyyyy /w/

My cousin told me that there's a pig in Alexandria and somewhat it became something to look forward to when I reached there πŸ˜‚to be exact it was the first thing I looked for πŸ˜‚

But as expected, the cage was smelly πŸ˜‚

Photo spots~

There are other cafe beside THE GROUNDS but I didn't try them all XD

I had lunch at THE GROUNDS~

When I reached Alexandria, THE GROUNDS have stopped providing brunch, thus the photos above are from the lunch menu...what still linger in my mind (or tongue?! HAHA) is the brunch though πŸ˜‚sadly I didn't take any photo ;w;...

The brunch I had were King Crab Omelette and basket of pastries..The Omelette was awesome ;A;...I think if I were to decide to go back to Sydney one day, the reason will be the Omelette πŸ˜‚

Commemoration photo~

And how I spent most of my afternoons in Sydney

There are a lotttt of cafe in Sydney, so I took my time relaxing and reading~! 

The book in the photo is one of my loots from Kinokuniya. It's one series that I'm into lately, Koi wa ameagari no you ni <3 at first, I only like the anime cause the tenchou's VA is one of my fave seiyuu but I'm now addicted to the heart-wrenching yet beautiful love story ;w; suddenly I'm into reading shoujo manga again HAHA but yes I mentioned that I shopped the most in Kinokuniya is because I bought all the 9 volumes of the manga πŸ˜‚

Another day, I joined local tour to the countryside~

I went to this place named Blue Mountain but I was pretty tired from the previous days + woke up early for the tour = I ended up most of the day sleeping in the bus -.-.. 
I-I honestly don't have interest in natural landscape too so yeah..I didn't take any nature picture during the trip LOL

We had lunch in countryside~ this place was beautiful to me, thus I took pictures though XD

But yea this place reminded me of Yufuin :x haha

MY weeb-ness too critical already /-/ from only putting 'anime otaku collectible stores' in my 'to-go list' to being reminded on Japan when I'm at other country πŸ˜‚

Family dinner /w/

My friend recommended me this famous ice cream store and I tried salted-caramel+sea-salt soft-cream <3
And the other photo is definitely from Kinokuniya LOL I think taken during my third visit πŸ˜‚

Manga in both English and Japanese are displayed uber tidily in Sydney's Kino O_O honestly I find it easier to find titles I want there than in Singapore O_O and the store's staff write reccommendations for the English titles /w/

Okie spent one of my afternoons updating my blog XD

There's a reason why the photo is blurry πŸ˜‚it's because I just bought new phone but my older phone's case can fit the new phone -> I lazy and haven't got time to buy new case for new phone -> okay reuse old phone's case though to take proper picture, I'd need to take off the case for the camera's position is different πŸ˜‚

I updated my Facebook page's album with photos of my Mulan Cosplay, to commemorate CNY /w/

Photos taken on my last day at Sydney~ this is the place that I went to almost everyday πŸ˜‚

Beside Westfield area being close to my apartment and also the area with most shops, the reason why I always go there is stores in Sydney close early (latest by 6.30 pm), so there are times when I miss out some stores~ 

How to shoot nice buildings while taking selfie XD

the galleries~ my fave spot in city because that's where Kinokuniya is πŸ˜‚

And it's also where THE GROUNDS is :D

Okie please just enjoy more photos of my fave part of Sydney m(_ _)m

Last day at Sydney and my dinner was IPPUDO XD

Honestly, I think I ate more Asian food compared to western food in Aussie πŸ˜‚
In the city area, there are lots of Japanese Korean and Thai restaurants

I still find Japanese food in Singapore better the IPPUDO above, I ordered vegetable ramen, which I tried in Singapore last year and I find the one at Singapore better. 
But when it comes to Thai food, Aussie's Thai food is awesome >w< while...I have no recollection of Korean food since it's not my preferred food πŸ˜‚

View from my apartment~

Somehow I managed to take this picture before I left for the airport XD

McDonald in Sydney's airport is uber cool O_O

Not sure whether it's obvious in the picture but orders are made in the second floor, delivered to the first floor to be served via conveyor belt O_O I've never seen this kind of McD before /-/

Oh! I didn't have a single fast food in Aussie beside in the airport /-/ reason being unexpectedly, there aren't much fast food store in the city area O_O or according to my friend, there aren't much fast food stores in Sydney O_O 
and while I told her my observation is there are a lot of pharmacy around, she replied that 'pharmacy is the fast food store here' πŸ˜‚

I didn't take any picture of my loots because......I bought almost nothing πŸ˜‚this is another thing why I felt that Sydney is like Bali πŸ˜‚I bought more stuff at USA because we went to factory outlet but didn't go to any in Sydney. I honestly can remember even now what I bought:
- Kinokuniya: Koi wa ameagari no youni volume 1-9, Saiyuki Reload Blast guide book LOL, Osomatsu guide book LOL, monthly-Japanese-comic magacine (the kind where in a book, there are numbers of manga that are updated every month)
- Pharmacy: dry shampoo x 2
- shoes from Ruby
- Anime Kaika: Haikyuu kuji x 2, SNK kuji, Jyuushimatsu plate πŸ˜‚
Because my latest family trip was to Japan, where I bought a lot of stuff, this trip felt somewhat 'it has been a whileπŸ˜‚

There were 3 stores in my 'to-go list' when I googled Sydney for 'anime otaku collectible'~
1. Kinokuniya
2. Anime Kaika -> went there twice XD I did Haikyuu kuji (somewhat first kuji ever in my life XD succeed on the second time :B) because the kuji was released sometime's like I bought stuff at Fukuoka because it can't be found in Tokyo due to popularity kind of thing /-/
3. Anime at Abbotsford -> there are 2 stores in Sydney but I went to the smaller one at the city area, didn't buy anything, only went once cause it's further from the other 2 for it's nearer ChinaTown and I find the stuff more expensive O_O but more on figurines and nendoroid

How did I find Sydney? Hmmmm definitely not a place for Otaku πŸ˜‚the trip felt special cause I got to meet people who I haven't meet in a while (beside my family ofc!) but for someone who likes Asian culture, I won't put Sydney in my 'I'd like to go back there' list, just like the places in US that I went, even though I see a lot of Asian in Sydney πŸ˜‚though of course, I'm still grateful that I get to visit Sydney!

I'm leaving Medan again this week and my schedule is kinda pack until June that I'll be missing a number of cosplay events but as long as I am happy and enjoying my life, I guess I'm still in the right track. I'll do my best >w<

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