Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Bye March~!

April is days away----- I still remember vividly that last year at this date I was freezing cold at Tokyo but this year my Japan trip is next month πŸ˜‚anyway, I have a more fruitful March than expected, that I can't fit everything in one post :x

(PS I'm even removing some more personal update like what games I've tried and what I'm into but ok, I do write such thing in my Twitter now and then <3)

Costested one of my fave girls from 2017; Celestia <3

Another costume that I got last year but haven't got the chance to try and ofc wear xD I can't really find the chance to cos her because I don't have her sword Twt but I love her so much <3 it was love in first sight (I love red hair chara <3)

After procrastinating for a year (ok 4 months? since November XD), at last I tried her cos and I fixed it xD can see the pins around the boob area :x I edited it out in my Fb-Ig-Twitter posts XD

Another point why I really wanna cosplay as her is her partner is voiced by OnoD hahahha /no-good-fangirl πŸ˜‚

April is days away and here's the March entry from my desk calendar LOL

One thing that kept me busy in March!

A collaboration between me and Japan Halal Tour Centre! Our first plan was for 14-18 May (like written) but we decided to change the date to later (after Ramadhan!) because a lot of people commented that the date isn't so ideal......

Well, honestly, no offence, this is truly personal opinion....what to do πŸ˜‚
if it's a trip especially for eating/fashion shopping/otaku shopping, I think May is best for it's not rainy nor too sunny (based on my experience, rainy season in Japan is June and peak of summer is August), of course it's not cold for it's not winter! 
if it's a trip for sakura, definitely end of March-mid of April is best. 
if it's a trip for nice Instagram photo, beside sakura season, October during fall is also very beautiful and of course winter (especially if you don't mind bearing the cold for nice photo /?). 
if it's a trip especially for convention? go during the convention dates (TGC in September, AnimeJapan in March, Comicket in August or December)

But for me, any day is a fine day to go to Japan πŸ˜‚even though I missed Anime Japan (/cries) this year, my schedule is still very packed for my next trip, because there's so much I wanna do /-/

Plus the initial dates of 14-18 May = definitely not peak season = lodging is cheaper..

Anyway I just love Japan and hope that via this trip, everyone can enjoy Japan together with me XD

Received my police officer D.Va costume from <3

Another favorite D.Va's costume of mine <3 my other D.Va cosplay dream is actually the original suit but that shall wait :x

I super love this costume, especially the quality! The material is super nice to wear and accurate details! <3 they even made her super cute badge! Super thankful to and with this costume comes a coupon that can be used for discount up till August <3

I did her shoot on the same week, especially for White Day, 14 March <3

Another thing that kept me busy in March is definitely Putar-Putar dengan VIVID GIRL <3

Recorded the second episode early March 
(for new episode of ours is always at the end of the month!)

Dropped by KFC for lunch before the shoot and I was excited when I see that they have Pepsi Blue πŸ˜‚back in primary school, with Rp 5000, I'd have Popmie Mini and Blue Pepsi everyday HAHA (oops my parents don't know πŸ˜‚they'd kill me if they know πŸ˜‚)

We received delicious bolu (cake) from Resep Nenek Moyang <3 
Putar-Putar dengan VIVID GIRL is accepting sponsorship and endorsement offer! We are super thankful to Coffeenatics for supporting our first episode, Resep Nenek Moyang for the second and Lakeisha Japanese Cheese Cake for our third (which photos will come during next post though :B)

Our second guest was one of the top entertainers in Medan, Mr. Freddy Kesuma <3

Our trip was uber fun and it was one of the days when I laughed till my cheek hurt πŸ˜‚

Did costest as Sakura after a year of not πŸ˜‚

This wig is one of the wigs I wanna sell πŸ˜‚because I really don't find myself suitable as her πŸ˜‚I was tempted to cosplay as her last year (because CLAMP does have really nice costume design <3) but no I'm too old for this cutie loli πŸ˜‚

Anyway, the reason why I took out her wig is for one of my short-song-cover-video in March! I covered Sakamoto Maaya's CLEAR, the opening of Cardcaptor Sakura ClearCard which is currently ongoing! 

For Winter 2018, I happened to not skip a number of anime opening songs (mainly because my fave seiyuu are the singers πŸ˜‚) and CLEAR is one of my TOP 3 favorite
The other 2 are Endless Happy World, by OnoD HAHA I super love the anime too <3 (especially Saikawa, VA OnoD πŸ˜‚) 

Next is the opening of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, another anime that I love /w/ 
again, OnoD is one of the characters LOL may be that's one reason why I came to like the anime though it's not my preferred genre (it's about assassination :x haha) but I miss Fukuoka so much as I watch the anime TwT
in a good way, it shows how detailed and nice the production is but yea I miss Fukuoka /-/

Back to CLEAR...I think I mentioned it in my last year's FIRST MANGAKA LOVE video that she was the one who aspired me to be anisong-singer.....though later on I learned that she's actually a seiyuu :x but still she's one of my inspiration for she also write her songs <3 
like the original series of CCS, I may come to like CCS' soundtracks more than the anime itself :x haha

One thing I can say is I'll never make a video out of building puzzle anymore =w= my back hurt like hell + it took me 3 takes (and I built it 4 times /-/)

And I realized one thing, puzzle doesn't always end up looking nice because the characters' are being separated by the pieces πŸ˜‚like can see the line on Hijikata's face....may be if the puzzle is bigger (1000 pieces may be? definitely not 10cmX14cm) it'll be nicer but yeap definitely take more time and space and definitely won't be made into a vlog XD

I have 2 1000pieces puzzle but I've truly no idea where to make =w=....

Received this back in December XD well..I do have something unbuilt from September2017 too //

This Chopper was really fun to build >w< the orange hair is another 'to sell' wig, which I used for the first time to give a Nami feel (but I believe it's not there HAHA)

My next performance has been announced!

In May!! I'll be performing for a charity concert by Home Centra Medan + will be collaborating with the great Mr Addie MS! I'll be singing one song with him and another song of mine (Soba ni Ite to be exact :D) this is a big step for this year-----

Well, if the 14-18 May trip was a go, most probably I'll be damn tired + won't be able to perform maximumly for this concert :x I truly thank God for His plan and timing :x

I went to one of zoos in Medan for the first time-----

Did a road trip with my friends in March XD actually I did 2 in March and here's one!


After all, 'bird' is everywhere =w= from the entrance, the first thing I saw were birds HAHA



I think beside tiger and bear, there are monkeys, snake (no I didn't dare to even get near the cage---), horse, deer...crocodile? it felt more like hiking because halfway, there were lots of hilly path =w=

But what mattered was food (?)

I almost never touch street food so the moment I came out from the car, fried tofu was what attracted me the most πŸ˜‚the last time I ate fried tofu was back in primary school ._. 
I'm so glad that I got to eat it (because no one said they wanna buy---- until I said I wanna buy, just few steps away from the carpark πŸ˜‚) and sugar cane is best for anytime <3

New channel (?) πŸ˜‚

My face with food πŸ˜‚

I had one trip planned for March, and it was to Jakarta, where I also planned for 3 shoots :B 

Including this one /w/

Plane to Jakarta

Wore idolish7 tshirt that I got back during AFASG17 XD and DearGirlStories' doll is what I bring to every single trip of mine now for it's just nice; not too big not too small not heavy XD

Had sushi on my first night in Jakarta~!

Enjoyed bath on my first night too!!

The water is yellow because I was using this bath fragrance that I got back in Japan (I think I took it from one of the hotels I stayed at XD)
If photos can give out smell, it'll soothe you ;) /wut-AHAH

Celebrated my mum's birthday~

My first shoot was as Saber /w/

At last I found a dress of Saber that I really love >,< I do like Saber Lily or Okita Souji or Saber maid version but this dress is what made me really wanna cosplay as Saber!!

I can't take full photo with the excalibur though XD

I may consider cosing more Saber as now I have an excalibur + I'm getting used to styling her wig XD but ok idk when (I have never ending cosplan /cries)

My next shoot is as another fave girls of mine, Stephanie Dola <3

Actually, this shoot was planned last year, back in December XD during my sudden trip to Jakarta :B 
it was cancelled because my photog friend had sudden business trip and so we did the revenge in March'18 XD 
after all I'm really comfortable when cosplaying as red hair chara <3 and next comes brown XD

Magical Girl Mei >w<

I'm truly having lesser cosplay material for my pages in 2018 (for I'm having lesser shoots) but still, it feels really good to be in cosplay <3

 We had our photoshoot in a house that was made into a photo studio!

Had a little Dola shoot here

Saber's shoot

Two parts that caught my eyes but didn't shoot :B

Another place for Dola

Place for Mei and Saber

And another part that caught my eyes

Definitely would love to come back again xD the pink bed is actually the changing room, which means the changing room is big >w< super comfy place!

Took selfie while waiting for ride after the shoot xD

Learned that they have Osaka Ohso in Jakarta /w/

But I didn't like the fried rice XD

My first time ordering the omelette fried rice....the fried rice is delicious but I don't like the combination with the chicken soup and egg @w@ usually I'd order set-meal whenever I go to Osaka Ohso in Singapore but it wasn't available that day so I went for something new @w@

Definitely dropped by Kinokuniya (same mall with OsakaOhso) and went for eyebrow service in browhaus!

I thought ORANGE ended in volume 5 but apparently, vol 6 is about how the world is after Kakeru is saved + how the world is after Kakeru committed suicide, evolving around Suwa......I cried /-/ 
lately I read the Indonesia version of ORANGE manga (for it's available in local book store) and...I cried too /-/ 
I swear that tearjerker genre isn't my type (I even avoid a number of series because people say it's sad....or I just don't end up crying) but ORANGE is good /-/ it touches my soul very much /-/

I was uber happy when I learned that browhaus has opened in Jakarta! It's the only eyebrow treatment store that I trust O_O 
I first came to browhaus when I was studying in Singapore and even after 2-3 years of not visiting the outlet, I went and still super satisfied with the result! 
I'm actually heading to Singapore very soon, which I thought I'd drop by browhaus for my first treatment after years of not but I found it at Jakarta, so I did it first there XD

Wore Aerosmith's Tshirt while only knowing Don't Wanna Miss a Thing πŸ˜‚
Went to bought my personal microphone~

It's not that I like wearing Tshirt of band that I don't really know but I like the design XD viva Uniqlo Tshirt (?)

Visited Coffeenatics for work once I got back to Medan /w/

Received fanarts, I guess for White Day XD <3 the one at the left is from Jonathan Tio <3

 These are from Nur <3

Because I truly have no art sense when it comes to drawing, fanart always touch me so much ;w; 
I think it's just natural to respect someone who can do something that I can't XD

Totally agree, because pizza always make me happy XD

Another road trip in March was to Crocodile park

And I had one of the biggest scare in 2018 😭

I've always been bad with reptilesssssssss especially snakeeeee but Idk why I just said yes when my friend asked me to go for a road trip πŸ˜‚well that shows how comfortable and how I love being around with them XD

Anyway I had my very first shock attack because.....once I entered the crocodile park, the crocodile is already thereeee /cries
The first photo was taken just 5 steps from the entrance, very narrow path with crocodile at my left ;w; 
I guess I entered without proper preparation for my heart too ;w; I almost cried πŸ˜‚
But we stayed less than 1/2 hour? because there were really nothing but crocodile, A LOT of crocodile

There were ages written on each cage

Also got swamp with crocs~

Got dog (?) πŸ˜‚

More crocs ;w;

I don't regret going because I've never been there (though my mum told me I went there back when I was still being carried by her πŸ˜‚) 
the place was also pretty clean and truly, a lot of crocodile that look vigorous πŸ˜‚but nope no second visit for me πŸ˜‚

Next stop was a Catholic Church

The crocodile farm & Catholic Church are like maximum an hour ride from Medan city. Another first visit for me :D

The place is pretty wide :D 

Got Indomie stall too πŸ˜‚

I honestly expected a European gothic? design church so I was pretty surprised when I see so many colors but this is of course nice in its' own way too !

Yayy my dear Varen <3

Totally tourist mood πŸ˜‚

And no trip without food πŸ˜‚the fried tofu at the zoo tasted better though XD

Well, this is how it'd be for Japan trip with me too πŸ˜‚

Last stop was to a friend's house, where we recorded a vlog together XD

We finished recording the vlog in less than 15 mins? that we took more photos than video πŸ˜‚

Ceweks (?)

But nothing can beat candid photo πŸ˜‚

The vlog has been uploaded to Varen's YouTube channel <3

Super love these girls <3

Like always....I update my blog because I have a trip coming up πŸ˜‚I'm going to Singapore this weekend (first in 2018, meeting a number of friends for the first time in 2018 + first concerts in 2018 /w/) so I think I may update my blog again next week (or next next week, because I'm going to Japan after Singapore XD) 
and I have a number of photos from an event in Medan last weekend XD

Lately I'm actually more anti-social than ever? I'm stuck to my phone for games but not sociable games? (like I'm into SIMS but I don't play with anyone πŸ˜‚) 
but I'm really happy still that I have people who I love, friends who may not be closely around me physically but still care about me and of course, everyone who follow up my posts and my family who are around to make me feel that there's meaning in what I'm doing. 
I'll do my best still :D

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  1. Wow~ Never realize that you cosplayed a lot this month~ And the quality of ur cosplay are clearly higher and better than before~ I can't even pick which one is the best since all of it was that good!!! Btw, thanks for putting my fanart up there~ Im honored <3

    Have a great month in April as well V~