Thursday, 24 May 2018

First Fujoshi shopping in 2018

DAY5, my girliest (?) day for the year πŸ˜‚
and my favorite milk, my breakfast everyday :D

I thought of writing 'first time wearing skirt in Tokyo for my girliest day' but then I realized that I wore skirt on DAY1 and DAY3 too πŸ˜‚

But it was indeed my 'princess' day', as it's the only day I wore dress + I tied my hair and used ribbon, because it's my otome day, my fujoshi shopping dayyyyy XD
It's the day that I've been waiting for, one day in Ikebukuro <3

Had lunch at Otoya

I had an impromptu visit to Shinjuku, before officially starting my Ikebukuro date πŸ˜‚

Otoya is one of the chain set-meal restaurants that also have branches in Singapore and Jakarta but I've never tried it before, so my virgin Otoya was at Japan XD

Another set-meal chain restaurant I went in Australia is Yayoi-ken...
perhaps for my next trip I'll try it at the homeland :D


Greeted by fujoshi corner =w=

BOOK-OFF in Shinjuku had like 2 or 3 levels and the above is level 2

I mentioned in my previous post that this post will be like a declaration to not look down on fujoshi or fangirls, because I'm going to show how I think fujoshi/fangirls is like the main funder of anime company =w=

I was finding a certain Nintendo Game and I found this

My mum watched Winter Sonata when I was young, the title is a boom (it's popular) though I don't follow the storyline but can kinda guess it....
I wonder how does one play the game =w=

My real intention of visiting Shinjuku!!!!!

First time visiting Shinjuku's Animate, which then I noticed in Wotakoi XD
Like on DAY4, my visit to this Animate was impromptu for a reason

On the right is this list of 'pre-orders' that's everywhere =w=
Japan's craze with 'pre-orders' =w= hehe

This is the reasonnnnn

Okay I'm a disgusting fangirl πŸ˜‚
I saw a fellow OnoD fangirl posting this standee, thus I really wanted to find it.

I went to Shibuya's Animate and apparently it isn't there, which led me here
(because she mentioned this outlet~)

OnoD was at the corner of the cashier area, not at the entrance of the floor, so I was pretty surprised when I found it πŸ˜‚
I know it's there but didn't know where it's placed πŸ˜‚

Above OnoD is promoting Legend of the Galactic Heroes~

The series was in my watch-list for this season but I dropped it after reviewing (?) 3-4 episodes...
Because the anime ended up as my lullaby as I listen only to Mamo and Ume without watching πŸ˜‚

Here's one of the few things that I think 'fujoshi/fangirl' is indirectly related to..
An anime like Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Gundam franchises (especially 00), even though the story is 'boyish' (not trying to be sexist but let's be straight~), I believe the fanbase is pretty filled with fangirls too, because of not only the bishounen art but also the gorgeous (male) seiyuu line up..

Don't underestimate seiyuu fangirls!!
Because it's definitely a way for anime company to make money;

announce seiyuu event -> money from ticket price -> turn the event's recording into DVD -> money from DVD / Blu-ray sales =w=

I think that's why there are more and more (male) sport and idol anime too =w=

Don't even mention real otome anime / game =w=
Don't even mention merchandise sales too =w=

It's the same theory with 'girls watching tokusatsu for the male actors' πŸ˜‚

I sent these photos to my friend and they screamed 'TSUNDEREEEE' πŸ˜‚

I'm very shy ok πŸ˜‚

A lot of first experience gained since the time I entered seiyuu hell πŸ˜‚

I've took photos with posters before but not standees πŸ˜‚

Standees feel more 'real' cause it's the exact height of the artist too πŸ˜‚
So, my heart was beating so fast non-stop πŸ˜‚

I'm like that.. a bit tsundere actually TwT
I may be crazy, have a lot of daydreams but when I'm in front of someone I like, I can freeze πŸ˜‚

Yes even though it's just a standee πŸ˜‚
May be because he's my biggest idol for now but still πŸ˜‚
I had hard time maintaining proper smile πŸ˜‚

I don't know whether this is extra info or what but in the first place, I'm bad with opening up quickly toward stranger, even if he / she is my idol πŸ˜‚

But this tsundere girl is extremely happy when greeted, like during events, and I know that I give off a 'don't talk to me' aura but I'm just a tsundere πŸ˜‚
I'm just bad with human interaction πŸ˜‚

AD-LIVE17 posters at the wall~ and I took photo in the lift XD

Even Shinjuku's Animate is a fujoshi heaven =w=

I just find it funny to have Hozuki no Reitetsu playing in a screen with PopTeamEpic promotion πŸ˜‚

Fujoshi dominating Animate πŸ˜‚
and to Ikebukuro I returned~

On DAY4, I actually talked with my friend about how I really think 'fan-service' nowadays isn't just for guys and how strong fangirl/fujoshi is, because it ain't easy to be one

Beside anime/seiyuu events, there are anime & game collaborations in a lot of places;
- cafes (this is like all over Tokyo =w=)
- amusement park like idolish7XJoypolis
- even Oedo Onsen collaborated with a lot of fujoshi anime
- and collaboration with fashion brands such as SuperGroupies 

It's getting easier to get 'fujoshi' related stuff like clear bag
(I got mine from WEGO, something like Japan's H&M)

As a fangirl, there's so much money and time needed (to travel to events---)
but a lot of supply (as in a lot of events & merchandise) means a lot of demand for it-----

It's not that I look down on male otaku but don't think that only 'guys' are extreme, girls too πŸ˜‚

Advertisement at Ikebukuro's station is The Thousand Noble Musketeers

I believe it's an otome game, by the number of guys & seiyuu casts

The promotion is....
the anime version will come up in July
I think a lot of otome anime coming up in July πŸ˜‚including SNK πŸ˜‚

I tried Osomatsu VR!!!

Even game centre can be considered as fujoshi heaven πŸ˜‚

On my way to Animate from Ikebukuro station, I dropped by a game centre because I saw a sign of Osomatsu VR available for limited time~

It was my second VR experience~
My first one was last year at J-World Tokyo, for KnB~

KnB was standing, as the setting is I practice shooting with Kuroko and Taiga~
This Osomatsu VR is different as it was seating~
The setting is in a public bath house~
In other words, I get to see the sextuplet naked πŸ˜‚

Another difference is this VR was 360 degrees
so I can spin my chair and look around me as the sextuplet encircle me~
It was great and the sextuplets were cute, especially with their voice extremely clear to my headphone πŸ˜‚

This was cheaper as it was around 600-700yen~
The KnB one was 1000-1200 yen =w=
But it was really short, like 5-8 minutes?
I wouldn't try the same VR twice, but I'd love to try this kind of VR again XD

There was a row or two of Osomatsu related goods in crane games

Of course. there's also 'limited goods' related to the VR game =w=

Collaboration = limited goods = good way of making money =w=

At last I saw main Animate's building~
But I dropped by Lashinbang and KBOOKS first, right outside Animate :D

There were 4 Lashinbang and 6-10 KBOOKS in Ikebukuro

The KBOOKS in front of Animate was selling second-hand goods from Shounen Jump series~

Aaaaa kinda in my next to buy list

I think this is from Lashinbang~
I kinda see this in a number of second-hand store~
This is a drawing by my most favorite character (/cough seiyuu) of Hozuki no Reitetsu πŸ˜‚

Truck in front of Animate is promoting seiyuu show~

The show is Oreiya~
A travel show by Eguchi Takuya with Nishiyama Koutaro~

The truck is a collaboration with Animate Cafe~

Collaboration menu to promote Oreiya's DVD

I didn't order anything though I was tempted~
In other words, I'm sorry but neither Egu nor Torori are my top 10 fave seiyuu πŸ˜‚

I was greeted by Touken Ranbu~

My fave sword had a special anime last year and still his goods veryvery limited ToT
On another hand it's good to not spend πŸ˜‚

Standees from Tada-kun~ and BL manga exhibition at the stair πŸ˜‚

This is how I know that I'm at the correct Animate----- XD

and my fave corner is of course seiyuu's CD area πŸ˜‚

I didn't know that OnoD's standee is also at Ikebukuro πŸ˜‚
In a way my visit to Shibuya and Shinjuku were wasted but I'm still happy πŸ˜‚
Shinjuku's meeting was a warm up (?) πŸ˜‚

Wellll I still tried hard to smile naturally πŸ˜‚

I don't know whether it's expressed in the photo or not but what I want the most from Ikebukuro's Animate (well Shinjuku's too, either is fine πŸ˜‚) is the standee πŸ˜‚
I wanna bring it home though my room is narrow πŸ˜‚

Poster of an upcoming movie by 5 seiyuus as the main characters

Aren't seiyuu awesome
I mean, it's not just seiyuu though
I've been feeling it since I was in visual kei fandom too
And this goes for a lot of Japanese artists out there

The reason why I love Takeru (idolize as a public figure) is he doesn't only sing, but he also composes, writes lyric, writes book, designs, models, directs PV, dances
The same reason why I have Yoshiki (X Japan) as my role model

When it comes to seiyuu, they don't just stand behind the microphone but nowadays, appearing and showing their face is also part of their job, mentioning the number of seiyuu magazines available and some seiyuu even perform in musicals, have their own photobooks, have TV shows

They always make me feel that 'jack of all trade, master of none' is nothing negative, because I find that using your ability to cover up your flaw is better than only able to do something perfectly but clueless at any other thing
May be it's just 'Asian' being 'perfectionist' but I always think that way

I'm not saying that I should push myself to do something that's out of my capability or out of my genre or force myself to be out of my own character but it's about being able to do almost everything in my job scope
It doesn't need to be perfect, but of course it doesn't mean that I should do it without thinking of quality too
I'm still striving for it

My love for seiyuu or visual kei artists honestly aren't really about 'I wanna date this artist'
It's about 'his hard work is so visible from his work, he is shining on stage (this sounds like Love Live Sunshine's Chika wanting to 'kirakira' but yes that feeling is part of me too HAHA)', like how when I watched SuG's show, it's my dream to stand on Budoukan too
I idolize them for their attitude toward work and they do inspire me

I don't know about wanting a standee of me but it'd be an achievement if I get to be that successful XD

On my way to Otome Road from Animate, I saw a churros store~

Anime collaboration is everywhereeeee and of course mainly at Ikebukuro and Akihabara :D

This churros store is having collaboration with IGIARIIII

I mean Ace Attorney XD

I didn't get it because I was more excited to shop πŸ˜‚
I'm simply at Ikebukuro to fulfil my fujoshi heart from my eyes, not taste πŸ˜‚

I saw the announcement for Q Posket X hide collaboration a few days before reaching Tokyo~

This year happens to be hide's 20th death anniversary, thus the collaboration :D
And it was added to my wish list
If it wasn't for Nagi, this would be my 'virgin crane game in Japan prize', though I didn't get it at Ikebukuro πŸ˜‚

As an almost crane game beginner, I've totally no idea about other way of playing the game beside grabbing the whole box and dropping it to the hole
I purposely uploaded this photo in 'Large' so that I can show that how to play this crane game isn't like that 😭

I almost cried when I saw this crane game cause I'm to push the 'grey' thing that's supported by the white stick by the claw
The crane won't go low enough, nor open big enough to grab the whole box
I tried 5-6 times and left the game centre with a broken heart </3

To those who followed and checked my IG story, I did post that I got it at the end but it's at another place, coming up in my next post πŸ˜‚

Visited butler cafe after a year of not XD

I did reservation this time XD
Actually for one person seat, it's pretty easy to get in without reservation though, but I just did because I kiasu πŸ˜‚

As I reached 20 mins earlier, I got to wait at the inner waiting room~
I went to the Gift Shop for commemoration goods after my meal XD

(PS I actually wrote my whole blog post few days ago but I don't know it wasn't saved so I'm kinda crying while rewriting 😭
but it ain't so bad to remember good memories over and over again πŸ˜‚)

I don't know, no matter what, I still look like a non-Japanese I guess πŸ˜‚
I didn't get to talk much with my butler again TwT
Perhaps because he found out that I'm not a Japanese when I was writing my daily planner (as a note to which places I've visited and planning my schedule after my trip)

I was alone, I didn't bring any book to read, plus cell phone is prohibited in the cafe so I had nothing to do πŸ˜‚
When serving me tea (or placing cutlery), my butler noticed me writing and he asked 'which country are you from'
Well duh, I didn't write in Japanese πŸ˜‚
I'm a weeb but I don't write my sort-of-diary in Japanese πŸ˜‚

But at the same time, my butler also served a lot of people TwT..
I even had another butler escorting me to the ladies' room
He talked more than my butler, about flower and fairy because my bag had flower decoration but I didn't listen much
Plus my butler more handsome πŸ˜‚I'm so badddd but yea πŸ˜‚

During my first visit last year, the cafe was celebration 5th anniversary or something, thus everyone is to spend minimal 5000yen for a set-meal
when I received the bill this time, I was extremely relieved because my meal was only 3000-4000 yen πŸ˜‚

I ordered tea and 3-set-snacks
When I asked for tea recommendation, my butler recommended something with chocolate but I'm not fond of choco so I ordered red tea
He served my tea in a cup with flower decoration, one of special points of the cafe >w<
(I honestly still have butterflies flying in my heart as I'm writing this post HAHA)

The 3-set-snacks, I don't remember every single snack but it was served in 3 levels tray.
My butler asked me which I'd like to eat first, then served it to me (even though it's already on my table)
When I'm done with my first snack, he'd take away the plate and asked again which I'd like to eat, until the third dish
The one that gave me afterglow is the sconeeeeeee

Last year, I bought like 3 scones from the gift shop to bring it back to my apartment and it tasted horrible T_T
But the one (or two) I had in the cafe was amazing
I guess because the scone was already cold when I brought it home + I had nothing to eat it with
On the spot, it was warm + I had strawberry jam and fresh cream
I'd go back to the cafe for the scone only πŸ˜‚

After my second visit, I think once-in-a-year visit is more than enough for the cafe
May be it's different if I have someone going with me but yea..I really like the scone πŸ˜‚

But next time, I really wanna try going on my birthday, though there's the big shame of having everyone in the shop knowing that it's your birthday as all the butlers will say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' while serving but that might be a good first experience πŸ˜‚

One thing for sure, it's a great place to forget about the cold-cruel-outside world for 1.5 hrs πŸ˜‚
Japan has a lot of such places to start with, like the Osomatsu VR I tried πŸ˜‚

Visited Cosplay KBOOKS for the first time~

I mentioned that there are lots of KBOOKS and this is one~

Special corner for FATE

This one row is Touken Ranbu

Kagura's big umbrella from Gintama's movie :o
And my most favorite Sakura's costume >o<

Mandarake was beside Select KBOOKS

Select KBOOKS sell goods from selected titles or manga artists, such as Sailor Moon, CLAMP's works, FMA, the 'olden is golden' titles :D

Saiyuki's corner..I bought stuff from here πŸ˜‚

I was tempted to get Hakkai's dakimakura---- will be my virgin dakimakura but I didn't πŸ˜‚
A lot of Nyanko senseiiiiiiii <3

Historia KBOOKS selling goods from historical anime

Touken Ranbu, Sengoku BASARA, Hakuoki, aka handsome samurai πŸ˜‚

Live KBOOKS selling goods from idol anime~

Say no more πŸ˜‚

Otome and Anime KBOOKS, selling goods from Otome games and anime~

There's special room for Osomatsu =w=


STARRY SKY is this otome game series that I come to love since I entered seiyuu hell
In other words, I love the series because of the beautiful seiyuu cast, because my top 5 favorite seiyuu are in it πŸ˜‚
to be more exact, I love the situational CDs produced by this series πŸ˜‚

Azusa isn't my most favorite character though =w= 
so I gave a sigh of relief πŸ˜‚
(I just googled and apparently only Azusa has a figure =w=........Idk mixed feeling about it HAHA)

Beside Anime & Otome KBOOKS is Lashinbang which sells seiyuu and musical actors' goods~

The yellow goods are Kamiya Hiroshi's XD

There were 2 Lashinbang beside Anime & Otome KBOOKS.
One sells seiyuu & musical actors' goods~
The other sells otome game & anime goods~

I don't remember what's the difference between this Lashinbang and the one in front of Animate =w=

At the end of Otome Road is Animate's building~

This used to be main Animate but changed~
Like what the photo shows, Animate cafes are now in this building~
Acos is cosplay brand by Animate~
Level 4 is Lashinbang for cosplay costume~

The KBOOKS that I've been missing the most, Cast KBOOKS

KBOOKS that specializes in seiyuu and musical actors XD

KBOOKS promoting DGS' event~

On the weekend I left Tokyo, DGS had an event after 2 years of not πŸ˜‚
I missed X Japan who performed days before I reach Tokyo + DGS who performed days after I left Tokyo πŸ˜‚
I'm just patiently waiting for the DVD πŸ˜‚

There were some KBOOKS that I didn't visit:
- GAME KBOOKS: may be I should've find my nintendo games here, something I regret after I came back to Medan =w=....
- Doujin KBOOKS: right above Swallowtail Butler Cafe. I'm not in doujin hell πŸ˜‚
- SPORTS KBOOKS: I think I didn't enter....I'd only be there for KnB πŸ˜‚

I was already full that day πŸ˜‚

One thing that's bad about me is even though I'm a libra, I can never 'balance'

The above photo is an example
When I feel like eating, I'd eat A LOT
But when I don't feel like it, my diet is anyhow πŸ˜‚

I was honestly full from all my window shopping (Of course I did real shopping too!!)
So I didn't feel like a meal is needed (my tummy wasn't empty after my visit at the butler cafe too~)
But I'm sure if I didn't eat, I'd end up roaming around my fridge 
So I decided to try out Jonathan's

This photo has so much of my memoryyyyy

It was my first time going to Jonathan's, family restaurant
Food wise, I prefer Denny's, as there's more Japanese food choice in the menu
But Jonathan's has drink bar XD
However, that night's experience there was unforgettable for me

Jonathan's was having an event where if one goes for a meal, we get a coupon that can be used for our next visit
The coupon was like a lucky draw as the cashier aunty let me draw one from a box

When I pulled out the coupon (above), her hand slightly brushed mine
It really didn't matter to me at all, but she apologized for it!!!
She sounded really sincere and even bowed

Honestly speaking, there's a big generalization of 'Japanese is extremely polite and friendly, especially in the service sector'
But back in Suidobashi, back in Iroha monja store, even when I was in Singapore, I did meet 'rude' Japanese before

Of course their 'rudeness' is still considered soft but still, even if 'friendly' Japanese make me feel 'as expected of Japanese', I won't say every single Japanese is not rude
I don't find the slight brush on my hand as something rude at all, to be exact I wouldn't even really notice it if she didn't apoligize
But someone like that aunty really made me fall in love with Japan again

That's why I won't forget that night, cause it's like a night where you feel the world is cold but suddenly someone showed kindness and you feel warm
I know this sound weird but it just touched my heart πŸ˜‚

I'm not saying anyone's bad okayyyy
Most of my Japanese acquaintance are really good people that I respect a lot, that still make me wonder sometime why they want to be friend with me πŸ˜‚

When I told my Japanese friend about what happened in the monja store, she even apologized, saying 'sorry that you got to meet someone like that', something I didn't expect at all when I tell my story because I found my experience funny instead
That's also why I still really love Japanese :D

When I came out from Jonathan's on my way home, I found Otomate building

and after googling the brand has 2 buildingssssss
At one point I was sad that I only found it late at night (it was 8.30? anyway, it was closed)
But at another point, I'm amazed to see how big the brand is

I know Otomate from seiyuu hell and I do know that it's a big brand, for there's seiyuu event every year
It's not just the company came out with a lot of famous otome games, a lot of them also became anime series
But the brand is not really in my watch list because my fave seiyuu only appeared in 1 or 2 anime from the brand (I'm so biassss HAHA)
But still man, that's how great an otome game company can become, thanks to fangirls and fujoshi =w=

Seiyuu is of course a big part of 'popularizing' game and anime but one thing I like about Otomate is the anime series have nice songs XD
I really like Kimi no kioku from Hakuoki (even though I'm not fond of the series--), Twinkle from Code Realize
I don't know whether it's because otome anime = I can relate to the lyric but I really love soundtracks from Otomate series XD

Loots time----

Top 3:
I'm not fond of the anime series but after all I fell in love after seeing the life size figure <3
Plus 'limited' is a word that's I'm weak at πŸ˜‚
- Can of biscuit in Zaku design from Odaiba Gundam Cafe
Just for commemoration XD
I bought an RX-78-2 mug, thus I got the Zaku biscuit for different style XD
- Nagi from Joypolis' crane game <3 so much memory in it πŸ˜‚

Bottom, left to right:
- Seigura magazine that was released like 1 or 2 days before I reached Tokyo~
- Ozawa Ren's photo book, my most favorite musical actor~
I fell in love with him after watching him as Jyushimatsu XD
I'm not in musical hell yet though XD
- Red and Purple squarish thingy are from Animate
The red one is Apollo and purple one is Will, 2 characters that I like the most from Yume 100 <3
Top 2 are Will and....character whose VA is Hiroaki Hirata
Bottom 2 are.... Shuttle? the VA is Midorikawa Hikaru and beside him is Orion

I honestly recognize the seiyuu over the character's name in Yume 100, because there are too many guys πŸ˜‚

- Clear bag from WEGO
WEGO now sells various kinds of clear bag and at last I found one that I like the most <3
It's fully clear, so I can just stuff in my dolls to be seen 360degrees XD
There's no need to put keychain / pin badge too, I'm lazy πŸ˜‚
- Osomatsu and Choromatsu face mask from WEGO
I actually have Karamatsu's face mask that I bought last year but haven't use πŸ˜‚

- Most bottom most left is a free gift from JUMP exhibition that I went back in DAY4
Beside it is the ticket~

- Beside the clear bag is free sticker from Gundam Base~
- Under sticker from Gundam Base is ticket from Joypolis
That's how sentimental I am πŸ˜‚
Followed with Nagi limited standee from Joypolis (because of the collaboration~)
- Beside sticker from Gundam Base is small memo from Joypolis that I got when playing Ace Attorney~
That's where I wrote my clues :D
- Below Ace Attorney mini booklet is this 'Photography tips' booklet from Madame Tussauds
The tips are good πŸ˜‚
- The remaining 6 are post cards that I received from my purchase at Yume 100 Laforet Harajuku pop up store~

I leave them in the apartment, not bringing them home because none are my favorite characters (/cough seiyuu πŸ˜‚)

Most of the CDs here are from DAY4, during my impromptu visit to Shibuya's Mandarake XD
- LISTEN FLAVOR eco bag is definitely from my purchase in the shop~
- The pink thingy at most left is the free gift from JUMP exhibition~
It's a sticker from SLAM DUNK
- Choromatsu fan at the most right was free gift from playing Osomatsu VR :D

My explanation of the situation CDs that I bought will be a bit disgusting and maniac, so feel free to skip πŸ˜‚
- Beside SLAM DUNK sticker is one series of situational CD that I like, 'Kare Igai'
Kare Igai means 'someone else beside (my) boyfriend'
The situation is the listener is cheating on her/his boyfriend with the CD's character
The one in the photo is Kare Igai 2, by Yusa Kouji, where he is our boss in work πŸ˜‚
I actually fell in love with Kare Igai 1, by Ishida Akira, where he is our senior at work and the listener always complaing about her/his boyfriend πŸ˜‚
Because of that I bought Kare Igai 2 because Yusa Kouji is one of my fave seiyuus

It's disgusting that even though I'm not dating nor the situation is not my current situation at all, I feel the CD as 'nusuk', beautifully heartbreaking, like when the character says 'why don't you choose him over me, why are you not my girlfriend' πŸ˜‚

- Beside 'Kare Igai' is 'Karekoe' by Ono Daisuke
The sound is recorded in a way that when we listen to it, it's as if the character is talking to us via phone call
I haven't listen fully so I can't give much review πŸ˜‚

- Most top 2, followed with second row left and last row left are from this series named 'KISS X KISS COLLECTION'
This series is about kisses in various situation by various characters
The ones I have there are by Sakurai Takahiro (this is my cousin's though HAHA), Ishida Akira, Ono Daisuke and Nakamura Yuuichi
I fall in love with the series after listening to Ono Daisuke's which is the second row~
The situation is he is the listener's butler (he is a butler way before Kuroshitsuji πŸ˜‚)
In reality, I wouldn't want such touchy-touchy butler but it's OnoD πŸ˜‚
His nice voice made me forgive him πŸ˜‚

- Beside OnoD's butler KISS X KISS COLLECTION is dating situation CD from STARRY SKY~
This character is by Sugita Tomokazu~

- Most bottom left is a CD that I bought wrongly when I was in a rush to meet my friend on DAY4
One thing I don't like about Mandarake is they categorize the situational CDs based on the series name instead of the seiyuu name
So I was in a hurry when choosing, pulling out and pushing in back the CDs to check the names and I was careless for this one πŸ˜‚

I was finding Ishida Akira's CDs but this one is by Ishikawa Kaito, I was careless as both of their names' first kanji is Ishi (石)
Wellllll last time I mistaken Kaito's voice for Akira's so may be I'll enjoy it? (though I'm reluctant to copy it to my laptop πŸ˜‚)

Mainly from Ikebukuro~

- Most top right is MOSUUUUUU
It's one book that makes me fall in love with KBOOKS again <3
Actually, KBOOKS' stuff sometime is slightly pricier than Mandarake and Lashinbang but I just love KBOOKS more TwT First love never die HAHA

Mosu is a book by Ono Daisuke that was released like 6-7 years ago
One thing about Seiyuu book is not much is in the market, so I've been spending the last one year finding it TwT
It was the first thing I opened and read when I reached Medan πŸ˜‚

- Beside Mosu, pink CD is from this series named I LOVE PET
The situation is our pet becomes human and end up as our boyfriend πŸ˜‚
The seiyuu is Kamiya Hiroshi as rabbit, I really like it because he damn cute >w<

- Below I LOVE PET and the other 2 CDs below MOSU are from this series named 'honeymoon'
This one is a bit disgusting honestly πŸ˜‚to the point of I even admit it πŸ˜‚
Like the name goes, it's a CD where we are on a honeymoon trip with the character πŸ˜‚

- Beside Honeymoon is another CD from Starry Sky~
This character is by Nakamura Yuuichi

- Blue thingy and below it, beside I LOVE PET and honeymoon CD are goods I bought at Swallowtail's gift shop for comemmoration~
The blue one is a dinner napkin
I don't know what I'll use it for but it's the same napkin that's being used in the cafe :D
Below it is hand cream XD

I remember the store's staff asked me what I wanted and I asked for recommendation...
I think he recommended the napkin
While the hand cream, it's just what I can use in real life πŸ˜‚

- Beside the blue napkin is a merchandise from Tsukipro for my cousin~
It's a squirrel, mascot of Shiki from SolidS~
The red ribbon, I got it from Select KBOOKS, a collaboration between Sailor Moon and Sanrio~
Most right is Utapri DVD~
Below it is Nyanko Sensei handkerchief that I got from Select KBOOKS~

- Last but not least is AD-LIVE'17~
I've been finding it for one year too..
I think I got it from Lashinbang?
Which kinda made me irritated because later on I found cheaper one at KBOOKS, with a note of 'this item is not on high demand anymore (as many is being sold to second-hand stores now)' πŸ˜‚

I mentioned that I stayed in Ikebukuro, means I didn't just spend one day visiting the otome area πŸ˜‚
On my last day in Tokyo, I spent another half day in Ikebukuro and managed to check out Otomate building <3

The poster is promoting Library Cross, otome game XD

First floor is a crepe store, collaborating with otomate's title

The building had like 3-4 floors~

This is an event hall that is being used as collaboration cafe with Hakuoki

It was at level 3 or 4
Apparently a reservation was needed, so I didn't spend my time inside
(On a side not I also no husbando from the title too πŸ˜‚)

Level 2 is merchandise shop~

The on going sales is from Band Yarouze!
Unless it becomes an anime series, I won't touch it πŸ˜‚

I didn't spend a single cent inside YAYY πŸ˜‚
I'd spend if they have Amnesia but they don't have XD

But instead, I found a new heaven (hell) for my fujoshi heart

The store's name is Stella Worth!!!

Stella Worth is at the third floor of this bulding
The basement floor has a store named GAMERS, which isn't for me, aka the only shop in Ikebukuro that I think is for guys πŸ˜‚

Say no moreeeeee

Stella Worth is actually a company that produces situational CD, and they have a store in Ikebukuro which really focus on otome related stuff /w/

Merchandise, CD, books


I ended up buying some new CDs from the series, because not everything I want is available in second hand stores πŸ˜‚

They have one special corner for anime collaboration perfumes~

I tried Hakkai's and Jyushimatsu's XD

Hakkai's was uncle smell πŸ˜‚
More like cologne, cause yes he uncle πŸ˜‚
I think Jyushimatsu's was fruity....citrus? very fresh XD

I missed updating my blog for a week, thus I'm posting 2 posts at once this time
Because both posts are still about my fujoshi otome trip XD
If you are afraid already of how wild (?) strong (?) fujoshi otome fanbase can be, this is only half of it πŸ˜‚
See you in next post <3

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