Thursday, 3 May 2018

Tokyo Odaiba part 1

It's May~

Okie am not so excited about May as I was with April πŸ˜‚
But am leaving Medan again this month 🀭
I gotta get my Tokyo trip backlog clear but I believe it'll go on until the month end πŸ˜†

My last blog stopped at DAY1~

It's time for DAY2, one of the days I've been waiting for because at last, I have 1 full day in Odaiba πŸ˜†
I did so much there that I need to divide my Odaiba post into 2 πŸ˜‚

Last year I spent 2 full days in Odaiba but mainly for ANIME JAPAN so I didn't explore much πŸ˜‚
Odaiba is definitely a tourist spot, thus I also went there ages ago with official tour but I have no recollection at all about it as usual πŸ˜‚

I wore this Tshirt that I received from Gundam Freedom Club Indonesia <3
I've actually been planning to make a giveaway as I received 2 more but I haven't got the time to make my video...nor start building 2 of my remaining gunpla..which increased to 3 after this trip πŸ˜‚

One interesting fact? About Japan's train station is there are cafe or small restaurant around! In other words, food and drink is allowed in the station, unlike Singapore πŸ˜†
I've never had any food in the station (after the ticket gate~) but that day, I had strawberry juice from Honey's Bar <3

Palette Town in front of Odaiba station

Palette Town is an amusement park in Odaiba
it's connected to Venus Fort, factory outlet :D
May be one day for my date πŸ˜‚

Japan sure have a lottt of local amusement park (outdoor and indoor!!) and I think ferris wheel is really everywhere πŸ˜‚
no wonder so many lovers legend in ferris wheel (read too many manga πŸ˜‚)

It was spring~

But I missed sakura TwT...
last year i went to early, still cold..while this year i went a week too late TwT

It was warm the week before I went but it was cold again when I was there πŸ˜‚
idk why it's always windy and cold when I'm at Tokyo πŸ˜‚

But there's this random pink flower tree, so my family and I just treat it as sakura πŸ˜‚

We weeb πŸ˜‚

First stop was life size Unicorn Gundam!!!

In other words, my first stop was Diver City!
Last year during my visit in March, it was still building~ 
and so I went for my first greeting this year XD

So majesticcccc

Flyingggg the skyyyy

nope I should sing something from Unicorn πŸ˜‚Aimer's? πŸ˜‚
I honestly didn't watch Gundam Unicorn though, I couldn't follow the story πŸ˜‚I weeb πŸ˜‚

But of course I was really happy >w<

In my very first photo of the Gundam from the back, there's this Gundam trailer shop and I went there~

Mmmmm I'm a sucker for 'limited editing' item

In other words, I bought one of the two 'Gundam base limited' Gunpla XD
Kudos if you can guess which I bought :P

Gundam cafe is also behind the life size Gundam!

Yayy commemoration photo!

Japan definitely has a thing for food collaboration merchandise -w-..

More foodddd


Apparently the Gundam Cafe here and Akiba is different OwO
The Gundam Cafe in Odaiba doesn't have seat, thus everything is take away!
Because of that, I didn't get any food or drink from the cafe XD

Aaaa was tempted to get this πŸ˜‚

But I only like (or to be exact recognize clearly) Mika and Orga πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I ended up buying 2 stuff, which I'll show in my laterrr posts :D with all my other loots XD

Do you see the crowd in front of the Gundammmm

I came out from the cafe around 1pm, and was surprised to suddenly see so many people gathering in front of the Gundam..
Then I started picking up music and noticed that the Gundam was movinnnnngggg

From one horn to two horns + the chest lit upppp

In other words, it's the Destroy modeeeeee

It's even more majestic *^*

Okie I'm an ignorant fool πŸ˜‚I didn't know that there's schedule for the Gundam to shift mode~ plus apparently there are light shows at night~

I only managed to get a very shaky video of the transformation because I was kinda running from the Gundam cafe to the front but will show it at my upcoming vlog πŸ˜‚

I didn't catch the show at night even though I know that it'd definitely be nicer at night (duh you need dark to see the light 🌚) because I went to other part of Odaiba /w/


Along with the new Gundam Unicorn, THE GUNDAM BASE Tokyo replaced Gundam Front Tokyo that I went last year! 
As expected, it's bigger and...more stuff on sale πŸ˜‚

The trio from Gundam Build Fighter in the entrance, beside display of Gunpla!

From the entrance to the right is all the main Gunpla from all the Gundam franchise, arranged in year~ (like from RX-78-2 to Exia to Barbatos)

Next to it, right in front of the entrance is Gunpla models which have collaboration with creators and singers and seiyuu~

To the left is limited edition Gunpla (only available there) and new products!
Do check out my vlog for the clear image πŸ˜‚

I only managed to take photos of the display at my leftttt

Go mother /-/

My kokoro </3 I'm a sucker for clear gunplaaaaa

I believe it's bigger than the Gundam Front :D

Yayy shopping right after seeing the display πŸ˜‚

After all, they are promoting Gundam Build Diver~ and the unicorn~

ok, confession, after seeing the Gundam transformation, I fall for Unicorn πŸ˜‚oops it's out now what I bought from there πŸ˜‚

Japan's obsession with food collaboration merchandise (?)

I've never seen so many of this kind of Gunpla before 😭

And they have almost all model from Endless Waltz in clearrrrrr 😭

Urghhh I almost bought the deathscythe πŸ˜­
not limited edition stuff but I almost never see it around πŸ˜­
I still feel my heart breaking while writing this blog, around 3 weeks after my visit πŸ˜‚

Of course, a lotttt of SD Gundam too >w<

Aaa my fave seiyuus signature XD

Beside bigger shopping area, something really different between Gundam Base and Gundam Front is the 'museum area'!

The museum area is free for public!

I know that some of friends consider these as 'dream costume' >w<

Gunpla company OwO

Display of World Cup Champion Gunpla~

In Gundam Front, the 'museum' is not free of charge, and the place was dark πŸ˜‚
can watch from my last year's vlog but they focused more on Gundam Seed if I'm not mistaken OwO..

But certain stuff stayed the same, like for example the special room at the right side of my photo, it's a 'building room' where of course, we build Gunpla but we need to pay~ 
I think last year I received free Gunpla from my visit but didn't build it there, instead we decorated the cover πŸ˜‚ 
I don't know about the current one but yes, there are still 'need to pay' sections OwO

Beside Building room is Painting room~

Gundam Front had VR game though, to let us experience? piloting Gundam Unicorn? but I didn't play because of 1/2 hr waiting room =w=

So last year, need to pay entrance fee but free Gunpla + free VR game~
In Gundam Base, no need pay, no free stuff πŸ˜‚

There's a bery big event hall in the middle :D

I think there's YouTube broadcast every week there, because I saw got schedule written XD

At the side of the event hall, beside painting room is the cashier~

They didn't let their guard down πŸ˜‚ 
they put up limited edition and new products near the cashier too

Ahh I still feel the afterglow of being there XD
it's such a happy thing to be surrounded by stuff you love 😌
the sad/hard part is only deciding what to buy at the end of the visit πŸ˜‚

Somewhat I think at this kind of place, money is not the main problem because definitely nowhere sells Gunpla as cheap as there but the problem lies on luggage πŸ˜‚

Anyway I bought the Gundam Base limited Unicorn <3
and 2 more stuff from Gundam cafe XD

After Diver City I walked to DECKS

From DECKS, can see 2 tourist photospots of Odaiba
Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty

The moment I entered DECKS, right away I remembered that I went there before during my trip long time ago, and realized that it was for the 2 photospots XD

There's lego museum in DECKS too OwO

Here comes the reason why I went to DECKS...JOYPOLIS >w<

Another indoor amusement park in Tokyo~!

Main reason of visiting was IDOLISH7 πŸ˜‚

my third favorite male idol anime but still, since I'm already in Odaiba, why not XD

Actually, the poster was almost everywhere; the station, the entrance of DECK and the photo I took is right after I entered Joypolis' ticket gate, to remember that the one of the members' voice greets welcome everytime someone comes in XD

Shopping corner right at the left of the entrance πŸ˜‚

I bought JOYPOLIS' limited goods

Another food merchandise =w=

In the middle of Joypolis is event hall, where IDOLISH7 collaboration activity is held~

It's not like the seiyuu or any cosplayer appear though XD

The machine at the left can be used to take picture with IDOLISH7 character.
If it detects someone, one of the characters would appear and speak something..
I have the video for my vlog too XD

Since the event was at 3 and I reached around 2.30, I walked around the first floor OwO


Last time I liked (actually I also like now XD) to play Initial D cause I used to play para-para and some songs are from the series XD Remember me~~~~

My bias from i7, NAGIIIII

Okie long touching story...
The last time I touched crane game was back in Singapore, 5 years ago
I always find myself bad with gacha crane-game lucky-draw lottery kuji so I'm really against playing such game, especially I'm the type who isn't easily satisfied (I WANT MEANS I WANT /throw-money-while-hearing-my-heart-break) and also easily addicted (LIFE IS A GAMBLE /slapped)
But idk what came to me that day, definitely devil πŸ˜‚

It was a miracleeeeeeeeee
I played 3-4 times and got it O-O

Problem with someone who doesn't play crane-game much like me is, I don't really know the trick.
I think the trick is to use the cane to push the box until it fall....because the crane doesn't open up (to drop) at the end of the game =w=..

But someone as innocent as me, I only know how to pick it up, which miraculously ended with the box stuck to the crane because of good balance πŸ˜‚
Luckily, one of the staffs were observing me, so he came to me and said 'don't worry, you got it πŸ˜‚'

I could cry man πŸ˜‚he even added 'so skilful, my first time seeingπŸ˜‚
Is it because I'm a libra, I'm good at balancing? πŸ˜‚
But yea it kinda made me addicted, though I didn't play it there anymore, but still only for something I really wanted πŸ˜‚so my crane game story to be continue πŸ˜‚

Selfie after the IDOLISH7 event at the main hall~

Okie it sounds really silly but the 'event' was they showed a compilation video of IDOLISH7 anime for 15 minutes πŸ˜‚
the 'characters' did call and response thingy but no one really reacted πŸ˜‚
there were fangirls bringing light stick though XD 

but yea I wouldn't go for such thing ever again πŸ˜‚
wasted 15 minutes standing in front of a big screen πŸ˜‚

There were also collaborations around the park too~

But I went for the free one πŸ˜‚
when we bought ticket for Joypolis, like how it was with Huis Ten Bosch (omg this name so nostalgic I used to write this a lotttt πŸ˜‚) or J-World Tokyo, ticket is really just entry ticket, while we need to pay separately for any ride/attraction we wanna play~

The photo above is this game where we are being hung vertically and we will be turned and swing side to side, not for someone who can get nausea easily like me πŸ˜‚
The only collaboration part is they play songs from IDOLISH7 during the game πŸ˜‚

Level 2 had festival like games~

Joypolis have 3 floors!
- First floor -> entrance, exit, shop, crane games, event hall, 2-3 rides
- Second floor -> festival game and 4-5 rides

Third floor... cafe and at least 3 haunted house...
isn't really my type of floor, or not a floor I'd really walk alone but I'm alone + something I really wanted to play was there so no choice πŸ˜‚


Because I'm already here, I couldn't miss this XD the only attraction I paid for!

We receive notebook to write down clues~

The Phoenix Wright game is we walked around 3rd floor (no choice but to walk pass the haunted houses /cries) to find 3-4 machines, where clues of the crime we are working on is at. 
In other words, it's like the usual game, where each machine either shows people we can talk to or the crime scene, just that the story's setting is Joypolis~

Passed by Fortune Forest, I think related to fortune telling but got collab with i7~

Cafe~ another i7 collab πŸ˜‚

Japan has a lotttt of collaboration cafe..

Yayy! The seiyuu is KENN (?)

There's this game of life attraction, collaboration with Ensemble Stars

so much Fujoshi related stuff /-/

The machine at the left is where we get our clues from~

The last stop is the court room~!

I'm sure there's something wrong with me πŸ˜‚but I can't help it (?) πŸ˜‚

The game have 3 levels..and I picked the hardest πŸ˜‚even though I'm the type who dislike to read many words (I like Ace Attorney for the story πŸ˜‚) + definitely there are words that I don't understand because the game is fully in Japanese but I still chose level 3 πŸ˜‚

At first, I didn't really know how to be able to play the game, as in buying tix or how the game play is, thus I had one of the staffs helping me..
he tried hard to talk to me in English + showed me the rule in printed English instruction....
I'm sure he freaked out inside when he saw me picking the hardest level πŸ˜‚
I remember the first level had this unlucky girl from Ace Attorney 2nd game...
I can't remember the normal mode but I think I chose hardest mode because I saw Edgeworth πŸ˜‚

Annnnnnd I failed πŸ˜‚I believe only 3-4 questions left until the non-guilty verdict but yea, I also very reckless πŸ˜‚
it's alright, no regret, I had fun πŸ˜‚

There goes half of my day in Odaiba
After that, I went to Madamme Tussauds (that's why I have a lotttt of photos πŸ˜‚) and Oedo Onsen after a year of not <3
I only realized that there's something special, or something that made me long to visit Tokyo's Madamme Tussauds as I walked to DECKS
What is it? do look forward to my Odaiba part 2 post next week!

I'm leaving to Bali on Friday, thus I'm not attending one of the big Japanese culture events in Medan this weekend.
On Friday, it's the birthday of one of my role models, so my short song cover will be a bit biased πŸ˜‚but I think it's a really meaningful song
On Sunday, I'll be uploading my random vlog from my latest trip, mainly footages from Odaiba XD
Stay tune <3

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