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First Fujoshi shopping 2018 (2)

In my previous post was my whole day trip at Ikebukuro (plus Shinjuku's fujoshi spot)
This time, it's still my fujoshi shopping but on DAY7, because I had normal (?) trip on DAY6 😂

The day was cold because it rained~~~

This is more like an insider (?) thing but that day, on Wednesday, it was the release date of Ono Daisuke's music album

It was kinda rainy on DAY6 too, on Tuesday, a 'flying-get' day where we can buy the 'to-be-released-in-a-day' CD a day earlier

Among OnoD's fans, he is known for a rainy man, for even during his first debut single's release date, it was snowing 😂
Thus for us fans, we are like 'as expected of OnoD, it rained on his special date' 😂

But of course, the cold and rain didn't scare me at all, I'm strong and hard-headed for Tokyo 😂

I visited Ikebukuro's Animate because I saw in twitter that a free newspaper with OnoD's article is available 😂

Again, I'm at Animate for freebie 😂
Actually I was also there to take photo with the standee but there were a lot of people walking by =w=
One thing that Tokyo always surprise me is even during weekday, it's crowded =w=

I dropped by Ikebukuro's BOOK-OFF and found (not buy though~) stuff that caught my eyes

Kanon from Kaminomi~
Actually, back then, when I was still newbie otaku, beside a reverse harem anime, I love checking up harem anime
One of my favorites is Kaminomi!!
Kanon is of course my most favorite girl, because I can find similarity with her too XD
So the weeb part of my name is from this Kanon, not from the anime Kanon 😂

Fushigi Yuugi play------
I wanted to get the DVD ages ago but it's damn expensive via CDJapan TwT
Last time I was excited because one of the actors, the one in the cover, is member of Golden Bomber, Yutaka Kyan~

I was jealous at people who managed to watch the show because my favorite characters were played by beautiful and handsome actors 😂
That's one thing I like from Japan's musicals and plays, the actors so handsome 😂
2D into 3D felt realllllll

Visited PLUCK curry for the first time

I went to Akiba after a 30mins Ikebukuro visit 
I only went to Animate, Mandarake and BOOK-OFF..
I would've spend more time as I wanted to go to KBOOKS but it was close for a few days, only to open a day after I left Tokyo TwT....
I'm happy that at least it was open on DAY5 LOL

It was the only shop in my 'to-eat' list (I didn't even manage to visit Negishi this time ;w;)

I found out about this shop from Oreiya XD
This curry store is well-known for having a lot of seiyuu and people from anime industry visiting before because one recording studio is nearby
(I don't know where but Sugita said so 😂)

PLUCK CURRY specializes in curry

Duh 😂

I'm sorry Sakaguchi Daisuke but the light doesn't like you ;w;

Let's see! The ones I recognize:
- Nakamura Yuuichi
- Mafia Kajita
- Sugita Tomokazu
- Sakaguchi Daisuke
- Yasumoto Hiroki
- Kakihara Tetsuya
- Junichi Suwabe
- Nobunaga Shimazaki

Hmmmm all male seiyuu 😂

I ordered lady's set~!

Normal set is 3 curries, while lady's set only come with 2~

I don't remember which is which but I remember ordering one curry with yogurt and one original curry
The one with yogurt is awesomeeeee because it's more to sweet <3
While the original curry, level 1 of spiciness....was spicy to me 😂

IT's ironic as an Indonesia but yes no spicy for me 😂
But I'd go back anytime for the yogurt curry <3

There were CDs and games placed in the shop~
Followed with commemoration selfie~

The counter where our food is served, self-service~

Self-service as in we pick up our own food once our number is called + we were to return the tray after we finished~
Even ordering was self-service, via the machine at the most right :D

While for the sign...I only recognize Utahiroba Jun, another member from Golden Bomber (who's actually my bias 😂)

More signs~

I sat in front of the counter (not counter seat but in front of the counter area~)
Thus I took quick photo of the other signs that I can recognize at the other end of the room~

The ones I recognize at the bottom 3; Satou Takuya, Eguchi Takuya (with Oreiya logo~) and Ono Yuki~

To Akihabara electric town I went~

PLUCK Curry is like 5-6 mins walk from the weeb area XD

I went to GAMERS because I saw A3 and P5 posters but again, it wasn't for me 😂
The same feeling I had when I entered Ikebukuro's GAMERS 😂

But they had signs of male seiyuu 😂

Akihabara <3

I mentioned before I think that I only need half day in Akiba
But still, it's a good place for fujoshi (well duh I still need half day 😂)

I almost spent a lot on Nyanko sensei crane game----
and I went to the wrong amiami~

One reason why I don't like crane game and gacha and kuji is thissss
I'm sure I said it before but this is a proofffff
Well good thing I didn't get it too, my luggage was full even without that 😂

I know that there's amiami in Akiba but I didn't remember exactly which building
Instead, the one above is their old store, where they sell less on demand stuff and mainly figurine and for guys
Later on I took photo of the real amiami for my own reminder >3

I went to Akiba's main Animate~ and super happy with the situational CD corner

I'm always super happy when the CDs are arranged neatly + got proper separation of which CD is from which series 😂
I'm surprised as it's Akiba (should be more to guys) but thank you for helping fujoshi too 😂

After Animate was Akiba Culture Zone~

Another fujoshi heaven, because Lashinbang is in it 😂

The building had 6 floors with 2 floors of Lashinbang, 1 floor of various second hand stores, 1 floor for Acos (cosplay brand of Animate) + collaboration cafe and the other 2 floors were for card game, survival game etc :D


I remember last year I was stopped from taking video 😂

Behind Acos is good smile X animate cafe~

They were having CardCaptor Sakura collaboration, seats by reservation~

Various second hand goods store at level 3 or 4

See the displayyyy
It's all for girlssssss

First floor of Lashinbang 😂

This was where I got my prince hideeeeeeeee
And Mandarake is right in front of Akiba Culture Zone

I got my hide at this second-hand goods store that sells stuff relating to JPOP (mainly idols)
It wasn't on sale as second hand goods though, it was in a crane game machineeeee
But it wasn't like the one at Ikebukuro, this time the claw could carry the box
I was touched again by the Japanese in the store as he gave me service 😭

After trying 3-5 times, the box couldn't drop into the bottom because when the claws let it go, the corner of the box went down first, making it stuck
The staff was kind enough to pick it up and told me how to play it is use the claw to push the box after moving it nearer to the hole
He did mention that it's a 'service' but still I was uber happy 😭

At first, I thought of getting the other color (non-glossy) and I actually can change it once I got the box out from the machine but after playing, I decided to keep this one
Both are good but this one somehow ended up having more memory 😂

Mandarake in Akiba is definitely bigger than Ikebukuro's but still, there were a lot for girls to enjoy 😂

Beside Akiba Culture Zone is Kotobukiya store~

They were promoting Tales of series~
I have a feeling that the last time I came, they also promoting Tales of but I wonder if it's just my feeling =w=

Aaa mascots of Oreparaaaa

Orepara is this annual live show by 4 seiyuus who are also working as music artists~
It's one of the music shows I hope I can go and watch one day /fingers-crossed

Is that momo in the corner? =w=
Next is just a store I find cool XD

Animate checked
Mandarake checked
Lashinbang checked
Acos checked
Akiba Culture Zone random second hand goods checked
Kotobukiya checked
Two more places!!

Fujoshi's Animate in Akiba; Akiba Girls Station

The Touken Ranbu poster is the same with the last time when I went 😂

See these goods of 2.5D actorsssss

I'm almost in musical hell after watching Osomatsu musical DVD (and I experienced watching real live play during this trip!!!) but I'm still safe 😂

Oreiya's promotion~
At the stair, sign board of Ozawa Ren, filled with 'hustle muscle' 😂

This is how I know that I'm in the right Animate (2) 😂

Nil Admirari something....
Apparently it's an anime series which started as otome game by Otomate /claps
It's one of the anime that I'm enjoying this season but I still prefer code realize <3

Ikemen Pockyyyyyyy
The other 2 that I don't have yet in my collection are not available 😂

At last I found the real amiami store! 
It's at Akihabara Radio Kaikan, very near to the train station!
I saw Umaru's snack at the first floor 😂

Amiami is at the third floor~
The first floor had this store with various 'mainstream' anime title (I saw Your Name's snack /?)

Animate's my first merchandise love, and amiami comes as second~!

Amiami is also the online store I use for Japan's goods~
Somehow they have some products that are either sold out in Animate or may be don't have (due to different supplier?) so sometime, stuff is cheaper in amiami

and yes the announcement that KBOOKS in whole Tokyo is closed on 18th and 19th April TwT

Animate Tokyo doesn't have tax refund if I'm not mistaken...
I know Mandarake has tax refund..
I don't remember Lashinbang and KBOOKS..
I remember Animate at Osaka have though =w=

atre, a mall in front of Akiba's station is having collaboration with Touhou Project

I don't follow Touhou nor Vocaloid but I'm not seeing it around a lot lately /-/

Where do you see firework? from the side from the centre? 😂
Plus CCS advertisement at the station~

Ended my half day trip at Akiba.....
Then I decided to try going to somewhere new, also known for fujoshi's heaven
Lemme present, Nakano Broadway~

Outside of Nakano station

I know that Nakano broadway is known for another otaku heaven but I've never really been eager to go there, because I did ages ago during my first visit to Tokyo
But back then I was in secondary school, so I wasn't as informative as now
But this place totally feels different with Ikebukuro and Akiba

I think Nakano's shopping district can be considered as 'cheaper' side of Tokyo

This place was definitely one of my aims back when I first time visit Tokyo, for if we google 'otaku shopping' in Tokyo, definitely Nakano Broadway will come up after Akihabara
But I don't remember buying or getting anything anime related (nor memory of any anime stuff =w=) and I guess it's either because I didn't walk all the way until Nakano Broadway or because I didn't know about Mandarake at all
(To be exact I didn't know anything about 'second-hand-goods' shop at all until last year XD)

I found P's first as I walk to Nakano Broadway~~

P's first is one of my favorite stores in Japan because it's a nice smelling (?) pet shop XD

AAAAAAAAAA so mofumofu ;w;

AAAAAAAA when will the day come when I have my own pet cat ;w;

I want a real pet cat, not pet that'll turn into human and end up as my boyfriend 😂

There were at like 10 Mandarake inside Nakano Broadway, in other words it's the source of Mandarake
Now I understand why my friend said that Nakano Broadway is scary yet nice at the same time 😂

There's one Mandarake for idol goods~

The 'buying' area of Mandarake

Some designs of the Mandarake are interesting

I didn't take photo of every single Mandarake I saw nor went it
I think I only went in to 3-5 Mandarake

There's one for cosplay~

This one is for games~

I don't remember what's inside because I didn't go in 😂

This one specializes in dolls

My first time seeing my dear Jolyne's figurine and it's 70thousands yen....
I'm also lucky to have got my hide for around 1200yen (almost 10 times play) for it was on sale for 2400yen 

Nakano Broadway was mainly dominated by Mandarake but there were other second hand stores too, not only limited to anime stuff :D

Store selling second hand pop culture clothing :D

There's game centre~

There were a few small second hand anime shops and I found my favorite....

Lashinbang was at Nakano Broadway 😂

Including the 'buying' sectionnnn

Lashinbang is my second favorite and even with so many Mandarake around, Mandarake stays my number 3 ðŸ˜‚

They have special corner for Saiyuki

This section was better than the one at KBOOKS because it isn't limited to merchandise only 
(because KBOOKS sell anime CD at different outlet, the 'cast' KBOOKS if I'm not mistaken)

I even found the CD single of the song 'Open up your mind' from Saiyuki for about 2000yen
(I didn't buy though, I think it's pricey though I know it's hard to find but I won't buy only for one song ðŸ˜‚)

I love the Lashinbang in Nakano Broadway cause the seiyuu situational CD section is so tidy 😂

I think it's quite a dilemma....
A lot of choice but not neatly organize or little choice but very neat in the shelf....
One is good for finding rare item while another is good for when I'm in a rush
I can't choose ðŸ˜‚

Based on my preference, Mandarake is the least organized in my opinion
I don't know about pricing though, because I did end up buying from the 3 names ðŸ˜‚

I think it's obvious from the photo of the second hand clothing store and the game centre that Nakano Broadway's building isn't as new as the ones in Akihabara or Ikebukuro
I also find the toilet in Nakano Broadway doesn't express Japanese's nice toilet (like for example no bidet ðŸ˜‚not dirty but very simple)

I'm not saying that Nakano Broadway isn't good but I don't think I'll visit it again, because I'm satisfied enough with Ikebukuro and Akihabara (and also Shibuya's Mandarake)
I did buy stuff at Nakano Broadway but still I don't think it's worth to go back unless I'm finding for a title that's really rare?
I wouldn't really suggest Nakano Broadway to non-extreme fan ðŸ˜‚

I went to monja for dinner~

It was actually my last night in Tokyo~
(because my next blog will be about the day before this post ðŸ˜‚)
I decided to bring my family for monja, but with only me cooking cause I kepo /slapped
Okay they didn't know monja nor okonomiyaki too ðŸ˜‚


I went to a monja restaurant near Ikebukuro station and they served the okonomiyaki first :o

This store's monja soup is white~

Iroha was tastier ðŸ˜‚
Or may be because I was with my friend?
But anyway, sometime what makes food good isn't the food itself but the company XD
I enjoyed both meal a lot <3

A little spoiler of my next day?
I did post in IG story that on DAY6, I was pretty lethargic to get up from my bed, may be it was caused by the day before, my whole day walking in Ikebukuro
But something got me waken up!!
I saw a fellow fan posting something
(I'll just be very rough about this so that I can explain everything in my next post ðŸ˜‚)

Ikebukuro stationnnnn

Ikebukuro station is BIGGGGGGGG
And yes!!!! ONOD'S poster is in the stationnnnn
Because he's going on a tour after his album release ðŸ˜‚

Staying in Ikebukuro area, I definitely can't miss this chance 😂

This is surely another first experience ðŸ˜‚
Just like I went to Ikebukuro's Animate a few times to greet him (aka photo with the standee ðŸ˜‚), I also went to the poster a few times ðŸ˜‚

Next blog post won't be so maniac, and it'll be my second last post for this trip ðŸ˜‚

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