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Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree 2018


I'm a bit surprised that apparently quite a number of days when I was in Tokyo, I wore skirt 😂
something pretty unusual when I'm travelling because I always prefer pants for comfort 😂
Japan just gimme so much motivation 😂
I also properly style my hair when I was there 😂

I mentioned in my previous post that after a day of walking in Ikebukuro, I was pretty tired the next day....
But something made me get up!!!!


I saw a fellow OnoD fan posting this big advertisement in Ikebukuro's station
Thank God I stayed in Ikebukurooooooooooo
Hail Ikebukuro 😂

20 minutes of makeup and contact lensssss 😂

That's one of the few times I'm glad that I'm not a local? 😂

I took quite sometime finding it though 😂
The fan wrote 'north exit' but I found it at East or West exit 😂

Then I went back to Animate, for my greeting (?) 😂

I experienced my first 'flying get' XD

Another new experience since entering seiyuu hell 😂

Flying get is purchasing CD (or getting it after pre-ordering) a day before it was released~
All the CD-Bluray-DVD in Japan usually is released on Wednesday, so the 'flying-get' was on Tuesday~
It's like if I buy CD online from CDJapan, usually they start sending on Monday as they already got the item few days before it was released :D

I don't understand what's the point of flying get but I've been wanting to experience it since I was in visual kei fandom too 😂

On a side note, these photos ended up being my lock screen & home-menu wallpaper......
I think been AGESSSS since I have my own face for my wallpapers 😂
but that's how happy I am with the photos 😂


No photo when we met back in AFASG17, so standee me also happy already 😂

I went to Asakusa~!

The last time I went to Tokyo in September'17, I didn't go to Asakusa so I went this time~

Asakusa's station is one of the most confusing station in my opinion, thus there are not only lots of line (3-4 lines = from one line to another is quite a walk) + a lotttt of exit

The last time I went to Asakusa, I didn't use this exit
I used an exit that right away lead me to Sensoji but this time, my aim was to a shop where my lunch will be
I just followed google map and it led me to this exit~

I like this exit though XD still can feel the Japan-ish <3

The place where I had my lunch

Apparently, my lunch place is behind Sensoji
So I'm behind the temple area of Asakusa~

The one at the right is selling melon bread and had a longgg queue~

My lunch was opposite the melon bread store~

For lunch, I decided to try Halal Ramen Store!

I find the menu a bit pricier but I guess because it's Halal?

While waiting for the food 😆

Here's my Halal ramen~

Means the soup base is chicken~

It's not that I eat Halal only nor against eating Halal but I still prefer original Pork Ramen 😂
It was truly just my curiosity that led me to try that store but I honestly didn't like the store much

Of course I'll recommend the store to people who only eat Halal food but it's just not my preferred store, no offence ✌🏻

Behind Sensoji

This is behind the temple, in front of where I had my lunch~

My friend asked me 'you take camera shoot what', I told him 'shoot bird' 😂

There are beautiful gardens around~

Sensoji from the side :D

From the temple to the famous landmark of Asakusa

The temple area~

The sides are shops for fortune telling (omikuji~)~

I find the big red lantern as the landmark of Asakusa XD

That's why I took more commemoration photos there <3

Aaaaa I love my hair color in the photo 😂
That was like....3 weeks after I dyed it?
Now my hair is more toward yellow already 
(and of course longer, no more cutie round bob mushroom head 😂)

More lanterns in Asakusa~

Last commemoration photo XD

Walked toward the shopping district, because my mum finds the stuff there cheaper than Donki

(I don't know why, because I don't buy stuff there 😂)

Okie I bought stuff 😂

Mitarashi dango!!! Definitely can't miss it!!
I went to the same store I had the dango last year and it was as good as ever!!!
I can't say that I'm in Japan if I don't eat dango at least once (?) 😂

Melon bread~
Got this at the shopping district, not where I had my lunch but both places had quite a queue~

I like Japan's melon bread
but I've never tried this one, which they use fresh cream~
It was good, though I still like mitarashi dango better XD

When walking back to Asakusa station

The above is a kabuki theatre?
I'm not really sure but looks like where they have play~ with female actors~

When I walked back to Asakusa station, I used the same path I had last year, where I passed by Donki~


I was quite in a rush, so I took the photo very quickly, only to read it after I got back
Apparently it's a restaurant that has set meal collaboration with Osomatsu 😂

After Asakusa, I met Ari at Ningyocho~

Another first experience; visiting Ningyocho~

I've known Ari from 2014 and we met again in Japan for business meeting

Ari is currently under JHTC (Japan Halal Tour centre), where we planned for a collaboration tour but not happening anytime soon yet due to our schedule 😂

But still, it was a great time meeting her after quite sometime of not + greeting and meeting staff from JHTC <3

JHTC's office is at Ningyocho
After I visited JHTC's office, we went to this homey cafe for tea time

There are lotssss of homey, 'nameless' cafe in Japan, especially in quieter area like Ningyocho (or even at Suidobashi)
Quieter as in not filled with tall malls like Shibuya Shinjuku Harajuku, but kind of business centre too~
The cafe is really homey, not really because it's small but there was only one person serving us, who is the master, an old man who is also the barrista

One thing that I need to mention is when we go to Japan's cafe or restaurant, 1 seat = 1 meal or 1 drink

It's not like in Indonesia where if I go out for meal with my mum and dad, we can just order 2 main courses and ask for small plates for sharing
If I were to say more about how I somewhat think Indonesian is rude, we even get angry sometime if the waiter is slow at getting the extra plate 😂

But thattt doesn't work in Japan
3 people in family restaurant = 3 meals
3 people in a cafe = 3 drinks
And I'm not saying this just because of what I think as proper manner but also based on personal experience

When I entered the shop with my dad, the owner right away asked us what we would like to drink
My dad asked whether he serves long black (coffee) or not and he said yes
My dad said yes I'd like to order that and the owner asked 'so, 2 long black?'
I said 'no,'
The owner right away responded, 'I'm sorry but you need to order something too'

I didn't feel offended because I do know that it's how thing is in Japan + he was sincere, he wasn't rude (I have soft spot for the word 'sumimasen' 😂)
Of course I ordered something else, as I asked 'what other drink do you have' and I had red tea~!

This may be a bit of culture shock to Indonesian, or I'd say Medanese because I know it's usual for 2-3 people sitting in a cafe with only 1 drink for hours
Not trying to offend anyone but I like that culture from Japan, because I think it's also a respect to the shop :D

After Asakusa, I went to Tokyo Sky Tree~

First time visiting Tokyo Sky Tree~~~~~
Honestly I've never visitied Tokyo Tower either 😂
Because I truly only go to places based on interest 
(of course unless it's work it's something else :D)

I'm a tourist but I don't have much time to do 'touristy' stuff (like Disney Land or USJ) because of my fujoshi shopping 😂
Anddddd my first visit to Tokyo Sky Tree was also because of my fujoshi heart 😂

My aim is the planetarium, 7th floor of Tokyo Sky Tree~!

Sometime before my trip to Japan, I found out in twitter that one of my favorite music groups, Kobukuro, will be having a star show? (I'll explain more later) 
and the narrator is Ono Daisuke.
This is a precious pairingggggg
Well I'd go because there's OnoD-----
That's why I was at Tokyo Sky Tree 😂

The one at the right was what I contemplated to go or not, until the day I was there
It's also a star show with Aimer's song + narration by Umehara Yuichiro

Right away I went to the 7th floor, the Planetarium area

But I was 1/2 hour too early, so I took sometime to explore the building~

Japan = Hello Kitty 😂

Tokyo Sky Tree's attraction is not just the tower (or the view you can see from the tower) but the shopping area as well
The tower have up to 10 levels? With 4-5 levels of shopping and eating area
(it's considered as a 'family' spot as there is also food court~!)

The photo above is at a level where whole floor promotes more traditional or symbolic Japanese product
There was a store selling ceramic, store selling handmade fan etc
Tokyo Sky Tree is a great place to see Japan's handicraft goods!

There's this store though XD

There were a number of contemporary stores too!

There was Pokemon centre~

It was big with Pokemon's game machines!

There was Disney store

One thing I love about Japan's Disney store is the variety of goods

So much temptation there but I stopped myself-----

LOFT was selling goods from Captain Tsubasa


LOFT is something like Tokyu Hands >w<

I don't watch this kind of show but it's interesting >w<

The entrance to the observation area of Tokyo Sky Tree? the tourist side where you get to see the city view is somewhere at level 6

Toward the ticketing area

I cheapo = I didn't enter the observation area 😂

I find the tower designs in the exhibition real nice and some caught my eyes!

Tsunagu, means connecting, bonding :D

Omotenashi, one of the symbols of Japan!

At another level was this big store, selling stuff from TV

In the map, it says TV Station official Shop :D

I was greeted by standee from Yowamushi Pedal 😂
and Dream Festival R was having collaboration with the store =w=

Dream Festival R is this male idol game which became anime~
The collaboration was of course goods and food 😂
If I stay in Japan I'll go poor because of anime collaborations man 😂

There were anime goods because anime is one of the shows in TV :D

MIRAAAA XD <3 one of my fave anime last season without any favorite seiyuu 😂
And they sell horse version of Jyushimatsu =w=

I like Miira no kaikata because I read the manga before the anime was released XD
And Osomatsu can come up with whatever goods they want =w=

Special shelf for Pop Team Epic~
and more anime food collaboration =w=

The one that caught my eyes (though I didn't buy haha) is the Osomatsu tea, most top beside Nyanko-sensei 😂
The design so good, it's as if we are drinking the sextuplet's pee 😂

Food collaboration with Evangelion~

Definitely one of the big anime titles :D

There were goods from drama and live action movies too~

I clap for Tokyo Sky Tree, and there are more interesting spots that I checked after my star show at the planetarium

Entrance toward the planetarium, there were signatures of Hayami Saori, Umehara Yuichiro and Aimer

The star show is actually watching a 40 minutes show about stars.

The one I watched was a collaboration between the planetarium with Kobukuro as the group has a song title named 'Ryuusei' (Shooting Star)
The movie was about stars like what constellation is where with 3 songs by Kobukuro (beside Ryuusei, they played 'Anata e to tsudzuku michi' and another one that I don't know the title nor remember 😂) plus narration by Ono Daisuke

My seat was super comfy with stuff dolls and blanket is free to use!!
The area is like half circle~

I'm suddenly so bad at describing 😂
Half circle = I almost lay down on my seat, as if watching stars above me~

I ordered my ticket online because I kiasu, and managed to get one of the best seats XD
The seat I sat on is called 'Mikazuki seat', where it's not just a single chair (like the ones at the right photo)
So I could take off my shoes and yes, as if going to sleep
There were 3 Mikazuki seats and mine was in the middle...
The other 2 were 2 couples 😂

Yes I was a bit lonely 😂
But it was a great 40 minutes, especially being able to listen to my favorite seiyuu + listening to my favorite tunes from Kobukuro (I was kinda into them before XD)
I decided to not go for another one

When I was buying ticket for the show online, I saw Umehara Yuichiro X Aimer's show to be 20 minutes after Kobukuro X OnoD's, followed with Hayami Saori'ssssss
Umehara Yuichiro and Hayami Saori are both also my favorite seiyuus, their voices are super healing
That's why I contemplated a lot

But after my experience with Kobukuro X OnoD's, I decided not to
Because in a way, nice seat + fluffy pillow + warm blanket + my favorite seiyuu's soothing voice = the show was very relaxing that I was kinda sleepy 😂
I think if I went for another round, I'd definitely fall asleep 😂
I'd go again for my favorite seiyuu next time but not consecutively XD

Thus I continued roaming around Tokyo Sky Tree after the show XD

JUMP shop! Stuff from Shounen Jump manga!

Drinks from Boku no Hero Academia~
Boxer from Haikyuu =w=

May be you can become All Might if you drink the green one, the Midoriya one 😂

Tokyo Sky Tree official shop was at the basement, followed with more stores at the first floor

Tokyo Sky Tree building is uber big that it was pretty complicated though =w=

Tokyo Sky Tree was connected by 2 train stops by 2 different train companies
The two stations are far apart = the length of Tokyo Sky Tree + a lot of levels
If I were to really explore everything, I think it'd take a day 😂

Tokyo Banana official store is there~

I bought Tokyo Banana at the airport though, cause I didn't buy enough to keep in my luggage XD

Tokyo Sky Tree from the outside~

The fish flags are there to celebrate Children's Day on the 5th of May~
Kinda early to have it up I think 😂

I had tendon for dinner~

Actually the japanese food that I'm craving the most right now is tendon 😂
I don't know why but I miss nice tempura 😂
May be because I watched Shokugeki no Souma but yes I'm really craving it 😂

The tendon above is from Tenya and it's as good as ever <3

Last stop of mine in Tokyo Sky Tree was Strict-G

Strict-G is Gundam's official apparel store
Of course itt is also available at Odaiba's Gundam Base :D

Last loots photo from my Tokyo trip~

I posted my trip at Akihabara and Mandarake and these were some of my loots (again) that I took picture of when I was packing on my last day XD

- (most left, top and bottom)
Kurama and Levi standee were from Amiami~
I mentioned that there were some stuff that I couldn't find in Animate yet found in Amiami and those two were some! :D

- beside Kurama is a book by one of my favorite seiyuus; Yasumoto Hiroki
I mentioned that seiyuu book is pretty hard to find and yes, I only found it at Animate AKIBA Girls' Station, even though it was published like only a month ago ;w;
I almost gave upppppp but that made my trip to Akiba worth it 😂okay, beside winning hide XD

- beside Levi is Osomatsu stage play DVD, second-hand :D
so far it's the only stage play that I'm addicted with XD
I've enough hurting my purse with being in seiyuu hell so I don't want to venture much into 2.5D actors 😂

- beside the DVD is keychain of Hakutaku, followed with Hozuki from Hozuki no Reitetsu
Another loots I got from Amiami~

The rest were CDs, fan book, game play book from Starry Sky 😂
I don't have PS Vita nor any PC + I couldn't find the DS game of Starry Sky so....
the best solution is....
buy the game book 😂 
that way you know what's the story of your favorite character 😂

I saw this on the road~

A lot of advertisement truck around Tokyo..
Actually this one reminded me of an episode of Osomatsu-san, mainy Todomatsu 😂

I forgot whether I got it from Mandarake/K-books/Lashinbang but there's a booklet of 'wanted' second-hand doujinshi
Plus my fruits from this trip 😂

You can sell the 'wanted' second-hand doujinshi for 10thousands yen...
I think it's quite freakish but I guess that's how Japan treasure art? 😂

My dad who buys records (vinyl) also received such booklet from Disk Union and they offer up to 40thousands yen for rare items..
Idk I think it's crazy but it's good in a way I guess 😂

Mr. Jiro gave us his name card (one in English and one in Japanese) as a novelty after dinner~
JHTC's Kaname-san name card~

BOOK-OFF point card
Lashinbang point card
Animate point card
K-books point card
Gundam basepoint card....
Japan and its' craze for point card 😂
Next I should get t-point card I guess 😂
(for tsutaya, family mart, ok act Japanese 😂)

Last but not least Swallowtail's member card~
I received the 'paper' version during my first visit and this time, it's upgraded to 'plastic' version, with my data written~
I don't know what I can get if I use it but ok, it's my one of my favorite places 😂

I finished my dad's sake on my last day in Tokyo,
because I know he won't drink it in the morning 😂
I ate Zaku's cookie from Gundam cafe at Medan~

Japan's convenience store sells mini sake that we can drink easily~
My friend told me they also have one for Umeshu but I didn't find it ;w;

My next post will be my last post of Japannnnn 😂
To be exact, half will be about Japan, followed with my 'less than 2 weeks' in Medan, before my trip to Bali 😂

I'm leaving again for family trip in less than 2 weeks, but at least I'm happy that I'll be able to clear my backlog by this month 😂

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